Last To Leave VR Wins $20,000

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Jun 8, 2019




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Comments 71 363
MrBeast 3 months ago
Subscribe or I’ll kick chandler
Frost Raven10
Frost Raven10 6 days ago
I didn't sub
DaDesstroyer 610
Um idk
Epiclolz 2 hours ago
I coulda lasted weeks in this challenge it sounds fun just doing nothing but playing vr games eating and sleeping
Ruby Oppenheimer
Ruby Oppenheimer 4 hours ago
I always have this hope chandler can win ;-;
Camell Clif
Camell Clif 5 hours ago
I only know to ppl that chandler and Chris
The Outwardpoet9387
A warning playing vr more than a hour hurts your eyes and gets gamers devises
Acgjeremiahs Ropeplays Gameplays and other things
Is chan actually.....?
E. O. E.
E. O. E. 5 hours ago
I decide to take a stroll in the comment section and here's what I see; CHANDLER CHANDLER, as though every single comment has to do with chandler. Goodbye and Yeet😐
Necro Soljier
Necro Soljier 6 hours ago
This is the best
Red Ross
Red Ross 6 hours ago
This was so funny 😂
detective bittenbinder
chandler is so bad at challenges 😂
Naomi Yeet
Naomi Yeet 8 hours ago
I have this! It was so fun!
Alejandro Martinez
Alejandro Martinez 10 hours ago
3:42 had me dying 😂
Gacha Emma
Gacha Emma 10 hours ago
Who vapes?!
Neaveh young
Neaveh young 10 hours ago
When chanler was crying it was funny and sad poor chanler
Amy Shearrow
Amy Shearrow 12 hours ago
Someone needs to tell poor Chandler about motion sickness patches!
goopygamer 27
goopygamer 27 13 hours ago
Anyone know the song at 1:48
Power_Roblox 15 hours ago
Me: looking for a vid..'Oh!.. Last To Leave VR Wins!.. Me: enjoying it... Sandbox challenge came.. Me: WHAT I THOUGHT IT WAS VR
THESHOESBAR GT 20 hours ago
Chandler it so sad it make me cry
Alen Bele
Alen Bele Day ago
Aj vond a čelenč
Ross Schoenherr
Senju Clan
Senju Clan Day ago
No..don’t kill chandler sama...
Gustavo Pena
Gustavo Pena Day ago
I wish i can try a challenge and win some money
Lone Libra
Lone Libra Day ago
Chandler is broken after this
LotusPlayz :P
John Coates
John Coates Day ago
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nonono😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
John Coates
John Coates Day ago
Just Wing it
Just Wing it Day ago
Rip Chandler
Vincent Aguilar
You put Chris's name by Chandler.
Ibrahim Family
Please never quite USvid Chandler you have a lot of people that believe in you but I saw the one that you won and I almost cried of happiness
Ibrahim Family
I feel so bad for chandler I'm sorry that you can't win i believe in you you got this. Who ever says chandler is a looser there the real looser
Kurama Ninetails
I would beat that challenge!!! I'd go at least 72 hours! And I'd be good with beat saber!! Kinda😋
Kyla Clarke
Kyla Clarke Day ago
Forget about Chandler I’ll take the money
Jesus Ibarra
Jesus Ibarra Day ago
I want more challenges
J. Boyden
J. Boyden Day ago
Can I health700
Naoise Heffernan
This is vr?
Rayyan Saboor
I could literally do this for ever
Kidzbop4life Aka the cat
Chandler: Who’s Gonna Vomit? Chandler A Few Seconds Later: MEEEE!
cameron cooper
.ikjmbte m v g,,,m. Cam,v
Edward Mitra
Edward Mitra Day ago
make them play in a horror game!! hahaha
TumbleBumble 2007
Chandler playing: The editor: chris's game crashed
maria ranieliza vergara
Shay Ok
Shay Ok Day ago
Plz noooo
Ho Lee Fuk
Ho Lee Fuk 2 days ago
Rip chandler
Vertigo 2 days ago
gabygamer ocampo
gabygamer ocampo 2 days ago
U have to make an easy challenge for chantler cuz he never wins
calven jones iii
calven jones iii 2 days ago
hector paredes
hector paredes 2 days ago
This is how much we LOVE chanler V
KingSpeedster 2 days ago
Chandler had the perfect chance to say "Why Are We Still Here, Just to suffer?"
Luis Nelson
Luis Nelson 2 days ago
Jimmy:it was only 50,000 *crying time stops*
Shaun Randfort Fonseca
Poor canler
Thomas Dillard
Thomas Dillard 2 days ago
Is the cook out I see?😂😳
Destiny Anthony
Destiny Anthony 2 days ago
CowBoyscalper420 youtube
Chandler vapes?
Garnet Sullivan
Garnet Sullivan 2 days ago
im team chandler
Winston Bonbeck
Winston Bonbeck 2 days ago
Hit it fergie
Aidan Seaker Albert
Dude I swear it you look closely they got valve knuckles and that's crazy
Regan Pointer
Regan Pointer 2 days ago
R.i.p Chandler of he wins a challenge I'll give him £10.000.000
Regan Pointer
Regan Pointer 2 days ago
R.i.p Chandler of he wins a challenge I'll go vs him £10.000.000
Rolan D
Rolan D 2 days ago
i wish i had money for merch .-.
Abodd Wardak
Abodd Wardak 2 days ago
I love beatsaber I play it all the time on my vr
Angels Together
Angels Together 2 days ago
Chandler is a brave person!
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