LAST CHRISTMAS Official Trailer (2019) Emilia Clarke Movie

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LAST CHRISTMAS Official Trailer Movie in theatre November 8.
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Aug 14, 2019




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Comments 6 406
Sayara Zaheen
Sayara Zaheen 8 days ago
V always sings this song
Prins Ly
Prins Ly 16 days ago
This movie broke me, 😢
Luis Mendez
Luis Mendez Month ago
just another fightclub like halucination rip off trying to teach emilia a lesson of charity and good will THE END
Marria ben
Marria ben Month ago
Sad story 💔
Mira Ramzy
Mira Ramzy Month ago
idont thinkso
idont thinkso Month ago
well I feel like i just saw this movie in 3 minutues.
Vanilla Thunder
Vanilla Thunder Month ago
Instead of Dragons she is riding an Asian guy 😂
MarLy MarLLe
MarLy MarLLe Month ago
If emily blunt doesn't take the role I vote for her as th invisible woman
Immanuel Kant
Immanuel Kant Month ago
well, i guess it's cool as long as they make the asian guy as white looking as possible.
Anne Wheadon
Anne Wheadon Month ago
seem cute
Lux Meow
Lux Meow Month ago
Apparently bird shit in your eye can blind you! It happened to a girl in my city. You can develop ocular histoplasmosis syndrome (OHS) caused by fungus in the poop, though rare. So wear glasses when you look up! Or best wash your eye out and see a doctor asap. lol
buraysbest Month ago
İ watched this movie and it ends up so sad... And a little confusing... But,i loved it..
AlfmanPlays 2 months ago
I actually wanna see this but it's just another "Querky and arrogant girl meets guy and changes forever" movie, i'm so sick of these.
Username 2 months ago
if i stay but with emilia clarke
Loverzz Bii
Loverzz Bii 2 months ago
So we know now where khalisi is after Jon assasinated her
just a user
just a user 2 months ago
Love coming back to the comment section, reading through the theories people have come up with by watching the trailer x'))
Sama Al-Khafaji
Sama Al-Khafaji 2 months ago
I cried a lot in this movie 😢
Tim Catsman
Tim Catsman 2 months ago
is this gonna be the new Serendipity?
Creative Tube
Creative Tube 2 months ago
Me before you 2?
West Side is da best
The guy isn't real, fight club style, calling it now.
H L 2 months ago
@1:14 I,m Tom. I,m Daenerys of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Protector of the Realm, Lady Regent of the Seven Kingdoms, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons.
PBA2K on DC30
PBA2K on DC30 2 months ago
Mah Queen 👑
Diamonda Star
Diamonda Star 3 months ago
This movie is nothing what it seems ..... :'(
Hugues Laliberte
Hugues Laliberte 3 months ago
So stupid...the relationship between the two is totally not realistic nor does it happen much. This is a Cultural Trainwreak. FLOP flop Fizz fizz
lona karim
lona karim 3 months ago
I watched it worth each second loooive it amazing movie
Bad Attitude
Bad Attitude 2 months ago
Me too
Jessica M
Jessica M 3 months ago
Arthur Fleck's sister
Luigi Quinonez
Luigi Quinonez 3 months ago
She reminds me so much of Rachel McAdams..... anyone else see a resemblance?
Clovis Bordin
Clovis Bordin 3 months ago
Não foi ainda Lançado esse filme a qui no brasil eu Sá GOSTEI. EMÍLIA É Maravilhosa eu vou ver todos filmes dela. Ela me conquisto que ATRIZ perfeita demais. Obrigado Daenerys que Guria.
Zehra B
Zehra B 3 months ago
i saw the movie the guy is not real😭😭
Dafne Gorostieta
Dafne Gorostieta 3 months ago
Excelent movie, USvid.
Junelle Tubania
Junelle Tubania 3 months ago
Saw this film today, very good story. Heartwarming and fun. Highly Recommended. 😉
Nes cat
Nes cat 3 months ago
Last Cristmas song by George Michael, take my money this season !
Nemesis T-Type
Nemesis T-Type 3 months ago
I can't believe Hollywood hasn't made a Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa love comedy movie yet.
Collins Mwaniza
Collins Mwaniza 3 months ago
Such a Love Story Does he bend the Knee in the end?
k tom
k tom 3 months ago
The entire plot in the trailer... Fuck it.
Natalie de lara
Natalie de lara 3 months ago
I swear this movie had such a big plot twist, I love it though
Jeffrey Gillespie
Jeffrey Gillespie 3 months ago
Oh Christ, the Mother of Dragons sells her asshole to the Bridget Jones people.
Xin Sun
Xin Sun 3 months ago
Crazy rich Asian finally fall in love with the dragon queeeeeeeeeeen
The_Teddy _Fresh
The_Teddy _Fresh 3 months ago
Still sore from the game of thrones finale
Sadahzinia In love
Sadahzinia In love 3 months ago
George Michael everywhere❤️❤️❤️
lanaitgirl 3 months ago
michelle yeoh!
sweetboo1022 3 months ago
For anyone thinking that this little trailer covered the entire movie, you have no idea... this movie is amazing. There's so much more to it, its heart and soul and awesome George Michael music and it really is a great movie. I hope you'll give it a chance. Happy Christmas
Axel Rodríguez
Axel Rodríguez 3 months ago
Ruby Rose x kaya scolario
bloo jkl45
bloo jkl45 3 months ago
An Asian guy as the love interest finally!!!
janiceonlyb2st 3 months ago
Nick and his crazy rich Asian mum coming back at us again 😂❤️
Vegas Nights Slots
Vegas Nights Slots 3 months ago
After GOT ends, even the Mother of Dragons has to face reality and get a job.
Vision Shader
Vision Shader 3 months ago
I bet she is imagining the guy and there is no one really there.
AbuSaid Ramahary
AbuSaid Ramahary 3 months ago
Dalavine 3 months ago
This is one of my favorite movies! I'll have to watch it with my mom when I see her next! She usually doesn't like these short films but I think she'll enjoy this one :D
ToasterArtPrime 3 months ago
super disappointed that this is not a Christmas themed HORROR movie, titled Last Christmas. I mean, come on... it should be exactly that.
craisins 86
craisins 86 3 months ago
It looks really bad... Henry Golding is cute so I considered watching but prob won't bother.
Moose6755 F
Moose6755 F 3 months ago
Just saw this with my lady. We love it. Really fucked me up. Thanks for ruining my weekend with this beautiful film.
Xx_Queen Royalty_xX
Xx_Queen Royalty_xX 3 months ago
I already watched the movie he is an illusion because he died and gave her the heart transplant she saw him because all of the drinking she did
Megan Encinas
Megan Encinas 3 months ago
This movie was so good! And deep! I want expecting the plot twist ❤
Lani D
Lani D 3 months ago
I'm guessing the plot twist is the guy is an angel sent down to show her life is worth living to get his wings and hes seems to be wearing the same outfit all time
Martin Ezequiel dos Santos
Gabrielle Dee
Gabrielle Dee 3 months ago
Wait, will the guy die here??
Ashley Mailer
Ashley Mailer 3 months ago
He’s dead
Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey 3 months ago
I think michelle yeoh is his mother
satish8299 3 months ago
An other actress would have been also good, maybe a real Britisch actress from the theater, why always these well known people. Better make a movie of photomodel that does struggle in that world and also accepts the negatives things of being a young photomodel and put then music of George Micheal in this movie.
Sarah A
Sarah A 3 months ago
They filmed this in Alexander palace I-
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