LAST CHRISTMAS Official Trailer (2019) Emilia Clarke Movie

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LAST CHRISTMAS Official Trailer Movie in theatre November 8.
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Aug 14, 2019




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Comments 6 176
gracia leona
gracia leona 34 minutes ago
Khalid Elmekki
Didn't expect to see Michelle Yeoh on this trailer
Meddler bitch
Meddler bitch 18 hours ago
The guy has the girl right
Elisa Idir
Elisa Idir 21 hour ago
why the hell do they show everything in the movie, it's ridiculous.
Toughnut Day ago
She dies in the end.
Natski Chr
Natski Chr Day ago
Hol up what age are you now?
Duncan Sands
Duncan Sands Day ago
Dany..fuck i'm not dead?
Duncan Sands
Duncan Sands Day ago
Dany..fuck i'm not dead?
Wade Lee
Wade Lee Day ago
Jose Francisco Paredes Maridueña
The Winter is comming
Didi X
Didi X 2 days ago
she makes such a great pair with an asian guy afjñalkjdfñlakjs
mr fantastic
mr fantastic 2 days ago
The guy from crazy rich Asians his not cute thou.....
Weird Dude
Weird Dude 2 days ago
1:15 And the nostalgia hits..
littlesmew 2 days ago
Looks agreeably cheesy. Just right for a proper Chrimbo.
MrSonofsonof 2 days ago
Even after Brexit we'll still be Europe's leading exporter of cheesy romcoms - you can't take that away from us, Barnier!
Axel 2 days ago
She plays the mother of the crazy rich Asian guys mom
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen 3 days ago
When the Young family buy a Christmas decoration shop in the UK and their employee slowly falls in love the owners son.
asia viga
asia viga 3 days ago
"is this where you're going to murder me?" she's got trust issues now after her ex literally stabbed her.
Tao Tzu133
Tao Tzu133 3 days ago
Where's Constance Wu? Everyone else from CRAzn is here. Probably for the best since producers don't want to see Emilia and Constance getting into a diva fight.
Sweetzerlandia 3 days ago
YES. PUT HER IN ALL THE MOVIES! GIVE HER ALL THE NICE THINGS! *not capslock. Intentional an unashamed enthusiasm*
theGhoulman 3 days ago
OOhhh you KNOW the Brits do these films and you KNOW you will love it. Fucking Hugh Grant. ;p
Oliver Chimply
Oliver Chimply 3 days ago
Is this the sequel to Crazy Rich Asians? Because it looks like Lazy Poor Caucasians.
DJM 3 days ago
Kate could totally be Bridget Jone’s sister, they are so alike!! 😂😂😂
Maha Aldosari
Maha Aldosari 3 days ago
How different is her character here from that in Me Before You? Can she play anything other than clumsy girl?
Roxette Rojas
Roxette Rojas 3 days ago
Crazy Rich Asians haha
Kawthar Bakhach
Kawthar Bakhach 4 days ago
*WHERE.....ARE ...MY....DRAGONS?!!?*
Paul Bucknall
Paul Bucknall 4 days ago
I would literally prefer to pull my own teeth with some rusty pliers than watch this goddamn Richard Curtis knock-off. Fuck Emma Thompson and her twee, holier than thou bullshit. This movie should be jettisoned into space on a one way ticket to the Sun.
Sabrina K.
Sabrina K. 4 days ago
Yknow.. the moment I saw Henry Goldberg, this imagination came into mind: **Heads up spoiler alert if u haven't watched 'me before you' "ok.. so he divorced with his Chinese wife (maybe cuz of money? Or affair? Yikes. Crazy rich asian yknow.) He moved to Europe with his mum. His mum now owns a Christmas shop. And now he wonders around town, falling in love with Emily Clarke who have not dated anyone since after her first love who died from his illness.. (Me Before You reference) and now.. well, they found new love again. 🤔 hmm could be that. 🤷‍♀️" 😂😂
FreshGirl 3000
FreshGirl 3000 4 days ago
I really really really love her character and how she plays it but everything else in this movie seems so clichee and cringy basically☹️! Good idea wasted..?
Targerian it’s back
Anjelica Foley
Anjelica Foley 4 days ago
U guys I clicked on this video and got an ad... an ad for last Christmas! Lolling so hard rn
MrSonofsonof 4 days ago
Even when I was watching Game of Thrones, I kept thinking "She should be doing fluffy romcoms, not this".
MrSonofsonof 4 days ago
Christmas is coming.
Togrul Raziyev
Togrul Raziyev 5 days ago
Yashika Mishra
Yashika Mishra 5 days ago
Plot twist : he is a figment of her imagination
iceblink mender
iceblink mender 5 days ago
ugh this chick suuucks
Marcus Crassus
Marcus Crassus 5 days ago
/*insert a game of thrones joke here*/
Madison Deitch
Madison Deitch 5 days ago
What does she say @1:32 ?????? Even the captions say, "Why don't you just get saved? I do - no forehead."
Paul Wesley
Paul Wesley 5 days ago
NILAN abcd
NILAN abcd 5 days ago
The female lead resembles an Indian actress known as Alia Bhatt
MARUBA SILAEN 6 days ago
Tavi Filho
Tavi Filho 6 days ago
Oh my queen there u are again....
kherise 6 days ago
Lately they tell you the whole story in the trailer, I hate that!! Just put some idea of the premise, not the whole f... thing🙄🙄🙄🙄
NeHoMaR G.
NeHoMaR G. 6 days ago
Another FULL MOVIE trailer, now I don't need to watch this, bye.
Julia Julia
Julia Julia 6 days ago
I hate everything about this indie movie except for her face
dr Ezzio
dr Ezzio 6 days ago
Dana Al-Basha
Dana Al-Basha 6 days ago
Is she going to die by the end of the movie? I don't want to watch her die again.
Cho Alcazar
Cho Alcazar 7 days ago
TRAILERS nowadays... you can literally watch the whole movie in it.
Никита Ляшев
Mac Classy
Mac Classy 7 days ago
Me before you = guy died at the end Last Christmas = the girl dies?
Lydia Skinnar
Lydia Skinnar 7 days ago
movie companies nowadays: spols the entire film in the trailer everyone in the comments: trying to find a deeper meaning - maybe hes a ghost - it will have a sad ending lol
Ma. Hazel Joy Faco
Crazy Rich Asians meets...Game of Thrones?
iclal eroglu
iclal eroglu 8 days ago
Disgustingly cliche
elvis ibrahimović
emilia is pretty but sadly..not a best actress
Loulou Willis
Loulou Willis 8 days ago
very cute.
Vincent Tavani
Vincent Tavani 8 days ago
Wow that was a great movie
Cristina Romero
Cristina Romero 8 days ago
Emilia ♥️♥️♥️♥️💓💓💓💓💓💞💞💞💞
I have a feeling this gonna be a sad movie! But it's a christmas movie , so they can't make it a sad one ... right? RIGHT?
Kori West
Kori West 8 days ago
That trailer is literally the whole movie. If you can’t convince someone to see a movie with 30 seconds of clips, it’s not a movie worth seeing. Unless she takes her top off. Then I’ll see it
Галина Шубала
It's like new Bridget Jones!)))
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