LaMelo Ball Dominates In FIRST HIGH SCHOOL GAME For Spire! Crowd GOES OFF Chanting "OVERRATED" 😱

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7'7" Rob Bob talks LAMELO ►► ovrt.me/2zDcSnD
Rob Bob Has NBA Dreams ►► ovrt.me/2RF3qr2
LaMelo USA JBA Mix ►► ovrt.me/2qDhVQJ
LaMelo Ball had 21 points in his FIRST GAME BACK IN HIGH SCHOOL! He led a dope comeback with Rocket Watts as Spire Institute got the win over The Hill School. Robert Bobroczky was not in attendance. FULL HIGHLIGHTS
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Comments 100
Overtime 6 months ago
Juanita Dale Slusher
Hahahahhaaa!! Maybe it was the crowd, as that is all I could see.
Discobe 6 months ago
Josh Carnes
Josh Carnes 6 months ago
Terrance Davis
Terrance Davis 6 months ago
Hard to tell at times tbh
demi god
demi god 6 months ago
Overtime In noooookooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Jackson Lorenzo
Jackson Lorenzo 17 days ago
Imagine chino hills vs spire😂😂🏀🏀😵😵
Silver Kahro
Silver Kahro Month ago
Its funny how grown people shouts out overrated, brob only know his name not even his gameplay they are just jealous that he is famous and they want to be seen thats why there is overrated chants
kingzlykeith 2 months ago
I played at the court today
Derrieck Slosson
Derrieck Slosson 2 months ago
Try to get better shots
Eduardo Colunga
Eduardo Colunga 2 months ago
6:07 so we just gonna ignore that travel
Felicia Moniq
Felicia Moniq 3 months ago
Not trolling but how is it that he gets reinstated into Hs b-ball no problem but the girl from Alabama had such grief?
Moska Justine
Moska Justine 3 months ago
Imagine thinking Melo is overrated
Antonio Terronez
Antonio Terronez 3 months ago
Do a spire before lamelo ball video
Morgan Ig
Morgan Ig 4 months ago
He needs to stop walking when his team on defense
Jasmine Renee
Jasmine Renee 4 months ago
Who else got mad when he decided to move next to loudmouth
Black Panda
Black Panda 4 months ago
Dafuq happen to that guy in the intro?
Aidan Dered
Aidan Dered 5 months ago
No one ever said that lamelo was good sides his family. His brother is in the NBA giving him recognition. Even though that he proved himself to the top like many basketball players.
Thalita Clabbers
Thalita Clabbers 5 months ago
I claim my revenge
Kmari Ellis
Kmari Ellis 5 months ago
Is that China hills
Kmari Ellis
Kmari Ellis 5 months ago
Bro he taking lonzo jog
Hollow Bagel
Hollow Bagel 5 months ago
It’s funny to me how people chant “overrated” but can’t even play basketball to save their life 😂
Max Rivera
Max Rivera 5 months ago
Chino hills melo was more dangerous
Abstract_ Stupid
Abstract_ Stupid 5 months ago
How Is he going to dribble like that but dont finish
JACK Neeson
JACK Neeson 5 months ago
Melo looks like lonzo
Stephen Loflin
Stephen Loflin 5 months ago
He plays with no hustle. Very lazy looking. Lonzo is the only one that is gonna do anything in the pros and he is just OK.
Rylee Boy
Rylee Boy 5 months ago
Your lighting it horrible
pyramid architect
pyramid architect 5 months ago
How's he eligible to play HS if he already was a professional getting paid?
Caeden Emerald
Caeden Emerald 5 months ago
#0 can shoot!
Darnel Reid
Darnel Reid 5 months ago
Stop it bro
Terri Wade
Terri Wade 5 months ago
How is he overrated please
AB_Kazzy 5 months ago
Lamelo had 14 not 21 don’t gass it
Sebastian Pineda
Sebastian Pineda 6 months ago
The kids legs look like they gonna brake if he does a wrong move 😂😂
Ramiro Lopez
Ramiro Lopez 6 months ago
He aint the same no more. Young melo scored constantly
Louis Alexander
Louis Alexander 6 months ago
They're chanting overrated but who did they come to see lol
Lay Music Productions
Looks like he's getting taller... His effort is gross though. Making it look easy, and playing hard, are 2 completely different things.
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 6 months ago
You can tell he’s worked on his game a lot you could really see the difference
Troy Lee Newgent
Troy Lee Newgent 6 months ago
Melo would be legit if he fuckin played defense i mean wtf when u play defense like he does it takes away from his overall skill set dude can be so fuckin good if he actually played defense i mean when they r not on offense he might as well go sit his ass on the bench. You have to have a overall game to make it far and just playing offense isnt gonna cut it. To me that shows he really does not play with any heart at all and thats a terrible teammate.
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 6 months ago
1. He DID NOT dominate 2. He IS overrated 3. This cameraman is making me nauseous
NoFuksGiven 6 months ago
Pass the ball to ball
andrew m
andrew m 6 months ago
MAGA 2020
Unknown Sway
Unknown Sway 6 months ago
4:33 legend says that this man is still waiting for that handshake
Unknown Sway
Unknown Sway 6 months ago
He’s a lockdown defender aye
David Mazzini
David Mazzini 6 months ago
That dunk in warmups was sweet.
Timothy Slaughter Jr
SPIRE Loses to Mount Hermon on 11/16/2018 - 50 to 78 uh oh......
ThisIsTheEndPt2 6 months ago
This crowd doesn't realize that Melo has heard "overrated" his entire junior life. He dominated in a euro pro league at 16 FFS.
Ben Amado
Ben Amado 6 months ago
Far from domination
Samuel Swann
Samuel Swann 6 months ago
Melo ball will soon be in the nba just watch
Samuel Swann
Samuel Swann 6 months ago
Melo be out here balling out that's really good
Capt Clutch
Capt Clutch 6 months ago
The high school they are visiting has 10 black students..aka first and second string 😂
Aaron Gates
Aaron Gates 6 months ago
He would be better if his effort level went up. Kinda plays lazy
Gaspar Lopez Cescato
Just clicked here for the 7'7'' kid
Diamond Vision
Diamond Vision 6 months ago
Can I get better light quality?
The Atomic Noobz
The Atomic Noobz 6 months ago
They shouldn’t be chanting overrated it’s against our high school game code of conduct the refs should be kicking people out
Wavii Timm
Wavii Timm 6 months ago
Did y’all see that kid go for a handshake and Alvarado didn’t even notice him 😂
Terrance Davis
Terrance Davis 6 months ago
He looks more like a pass first PG now. Like lonzo now
KEVAN SAMUEL 6 months ago
Where’s Robert boroboscky
Swish CHALLENGE 6 months ago
Where is rob bobrowski
Jack McCormick
Jack McCormick 6 months ago
I live in ohio
Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams 6 months ago
Lol the officer is chillin by the door like.. “forget melo... when’s half so I can get some food?” 🤣🤣💀💀
isaac rendon
isaac rendon 6 months ago
Melo's basketball IQ just as far as knowing what to do when he has the ball always just looks so much better and more advanced than everyone else's on the court
dab savage
dab savage 6 months ago
He along with his bros are mediocre basketball players.
I break ankles 2222
I break ankles 2222 6 months ago
Where’s the tall ass dude rob?
Blue Diamonds
Blue Diamonds 6 months ago
Lamelo u lil bitch u 6:4 stop lying about Ur height
More Chris024
More Chris024 6 months ago
What mf kept turning the lights off
Money Luffy
Money Luffy 6 months ago
5:13 soft touch finger roll, the jelly hangtime waaaaaay tooooo nice
Taleika Smith
Taleika Smith 6 months ago
Camera man sucks
kamikaze - GL0
kamikaze - GL0 6 months ago
im mean he playing with no names and randoms i dont think he was trying but if he does try he will out shine them niggas
Jack Zoerb
Jack Zoerb 6 months ago
Hey camera man, iso. That’s all
Brian Lee
Brian Lee 6 months ago
I see he is passing more now
Grunge lives
Grunge lives 6 months ago
Damn cameraman needs to learn how to lock the focus
Q Crew
Q Crew 6 months ago
This is not dominating
acluv2338 6 months ago
Looks good...he will be better than Alonzo...he just need to strengthen his legs he runs with all upper body...not a good habit he will develop lower back cramps...
jerry hinkle
jerry hinkle 6 months ago
NurseRatchetHo 6 months ago
17 points, 9 assist, 3 turnovers, 1 foul.
Sage Media
Sage Media 6 months ago
This camera man is overrated
Charlie Mann
Charlie Mann 6 months ago
What’s wrong with the lighting
MarshYt 6 months ago
Replayed some clips for that 10 minute mark u not slick
Roy Chen
Roy Chen 6 months ago
no. 0 played much better..
Paupe Aparicio
Paupe Aparicio 6 months ago
Where is Robert?
David Kim
David Kim 6 months ago
Fix your lighting issues bruh
Alvin Ailey 3rd
Alvin Ailey 3rd 6 months ago
Lol goes overseas to be “pro” just to come back to America only to be a high schooler
Max 6 months ago
Bruh i brusted out laughing at the beginning, this nigga melo just looked at him and made him come crashing in LMAO
Keenen Scott
Keenen Scott 6 months ago
Mello run like ah old lady
TRUTHxCJ 6 months ago
Melo sucks
J GrUBbS 6 months ago
It's funny cuz the same people yelling "OVERRATED" are there to see lamelo play😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂
Tyler 8884
Tyler 8884 6 months ago
Where’s that 7’7 kid
childpleaz85 6 months ago
He gotta show that he can play D in college cuz I've never seen him lock anyone up or even attempt the play with passion on D. He is a natural shooter, has length and size, and is a decent athlete but he's gotta show that he is willing to work on defense. Overall, he has all the talent to be a top 5 pick if he bulks up a little and actually plays defense.
Tim Fleming
Tim Fleming 6 months ago
Keep in ur lane
July Stylez
July Stylez 6 months ago
Totally overrated. The whole Duke team is better than him and they are only 1 year older lol
July Stylez
July Stylez 6 months ago
Kermit The Frog He’s 17. Duke new players are 18 yrs old. Can you count? It’s like you never learned to count.
nickxcronin 6 months ago
He's 2 years younger, and would definitely not be the worst player on duke
Ian Gallegos
Ian Gallegos 6 months ago
he's overrated like Julian Newman
Logan Michael
Logan Michael 6 months ago
What the hell did he dominate exactly? Smh
Ninja •
Ninja • 6 months ago
He better than Steph Curry to me
šhàwtÿ łøvę
šhàwtÿ łøvę 6 months ago
Lol lavar ball ignored the guy trying to shake his hand 4:35
Perfect I said Perfect.
Funny how the crowd shut the fuck up.
T Wright
T Wright 6 months ago
This dude be looking lazy asf when he jumps💯💯
BERTRAND850 6 months ago
Dominated? He wasn’t even their best player lol
Gavin Eastman
Gavin Eastman 6 months ago
Where Robert B
Central High East
Central High East 6 months ago
Camera Man: Do not have your Iris or exposure set to AUTO when your filming with open windows in the background! Go on the other side and film away from the windows. Come on Overtime upgrade to photographers with at least some experience!
NurseRatchetHo 6 months ago
cant believe i just watched some mediocre high school basketball.
NurseRatchetHo 6 months ago
8:20 t0 8:32 thinking you slick with the edit to make it look like this bum making all sorts of threes that was that same dam shot.
Jorora 6 months ago
Y’all need a new camera man
Tyler Reyno
Tyler Reyno 6 months ago
Guy is insanely overrated - what about anything in this video makes him stand out from 80% of all HS basketball players???
heylo lp
heylo lp 6 months ago
isn't he the cunt which took shots from midfield and didn't go back to defend his teams hoop?
Kevin Crater
Kevin Crater 6 months ago
#0 dominated
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