Lady Gaga on Her 10-Inch Heels and Performing With Mick Jagger | Met Gala 2016

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Lady Gaga talks to Vogue's André Leon Talley on the Met Gala red carpet about her custom outfit, 10-inch heels, and performing with Mick Jagger.

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Lady Gaga on Her 10-Inch Heels and Performing With Mick Jagger | Met Gala 2016


Published on


May 3, 2016




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Comments 290
Asya Nil
Asya Nil 6 months ago
She is so cute 😭😭😍😍
Rainielle Invincible
here after Met Gala2019
Franky 8 months ago
She speak like a movie character 😁
katy11 08
katy11 08 8 months ago
Can't wait for her outfit on Monday 😍
Juan Vela
Juan Vela 10 months ago
Shes so sweet and gentle
BALENCIAGA ! 11 months ago
She seems like a really chill easy going person, would love to be friends with her
Cyver Elf
Cyver Elf 11 months ago
I can’t watch the fuckin video cause u put too many adds on it👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿
Shen Nung
Shen Nung Year ago
DragonHeir92 Year ago
The heels remind me of when I did see her live, you could see a glimpse of her shadow near the edge of the stage curtain before lights dimmed and the intro started. She knew we could see her, so she sort of arched backwards on her heels (kinda like when she danced with the Stones). I think she almost fell over! The crowd just went NUTS.
Arrent Reyes
Arrent Reyes Year ago
Please do 73 questions with her😍
Benjamin Lopez
He said "Shoe Cam" and she gave a look like she was figuring out if he was with Wendell or not.
Cunty Jackpot
Cunty Jackpot Year ago
what an ugly creature
Late Night Owl
I want her present more than anything : 2018
Frank Tonny
Frank Tonny Year ago
Carlos conde
Carlos conde Year ago
Horrible flop
Mcm Tv Gang
Mcm Tv Gang Year ago
I am a girl
Mcm Tv Gang
Mcm Tv Gang Year ago
Time is runing out turn to god now
Federico Ercole
Very good scenic pop singer..Good bad girl 😇😜
Jesica Van Aertselaere
Lady gaga.very intelligent.funny and great singer😘🌹
Lucas Passos Brazil
EKA SPS Year ago
Who is he?
Andres Esquivel lll
Who's jabba the hut?
Symphony Year ago
Anyone else here because they're sad Gaga wasn't at the 2018 Met Gala?
Gus Althorp
Gus Althorp Year ago
Reminiscing Met Gala tonight May 7th..2018
mehdi nadi
mehdi nadi Year ago
ilove gaga
Doug Pierce
Doug Pierce Year ago
Rhiannon Campbell
love the boots
Rachel Love
Rachel Love Year ago
Is this the fake BS Lady Gaga was talking about that she doesn't find fulfilling?
Dutch Confetti
Such a fake - can’t stand her smug face.
Kika Es
Kika Es Year ago
Best interview ever
mauro benitez
mauro benitez Year ago
Amirah k.
Amirah k. 2 years ago
She’s so classy, I love it
rose rose
rose rose 2 years ago
wearing a swimsuit nothing impressive and hair like crazy person and shoes looks awful she is wired.
Lea Quan
Lea Quan 2 years ago
Bibis beauty palache
Empress 2 years ago
I love Gaga
StefanDot 2 years ago
has been. Bye Flopga
Little Monster
Little Monster 2 years ago
he is so unpleasant!!!
Veintede Orerbef
Veintede Orerbef 2 years ago
It's been a while I don't see André's videos, omg, is he sick or just gained weight? I felt concerned just looking at him. And this is no hate, is just a valid question
Stefani G
Stefani G 2 years ago
Queen Gaga
Diana Muller Thies
Diana Muller Thies 2 years ago
Actually to me Gaga is an example of body decoration and ornamentation and how we can push the human body to new horizons and make it work beyond our natural capacities, she wears 10 inch platforms any day and that takes several practice, to not fall how she never does. It really speaks of how capable we are to go beyond what we think we can do. And it is related to her personal style, so good 😍💗
Miguel Vieira
Miguel Vieira 2 years ago
she is SOOOO fucking badass, cool and ICONIC! I can't handle! Absolutely born to be a star.
Breanna Sumner
Breanna Sumner 3 years ago
my ass be tripping in flats smh
Darcy Béhati
Darcy Béhati 3 years ago
I LOVE it when @Vogue does 30 second to 1 minute videos with iconic and influential people.
eternqlity 3 years ago
0:25 Bella & Abel
K20civicsirturbo 3 years ago
these people should be lead to a slaughterhouse ...shallow as fuck!! its actually so funny to watch lol
Bri Swifty
Bri Swifty 3 years ago
I would be like 6'8 in those heels Jesus.
John Agresti
John Agresti 3 years ago
Baimø Grandé
Baimø Grandé 3 years ago
I love her voice ♡
Paul Barr
Paul Barr 3 years ago
such a class act
Purpletearsdryblue 3 years ago
She's so hot I can't take it!!! Literally goals
Yellow Synth
Yellow Synth 3 years ago
she's 5. 1 right
Carmen Olsen
Carmen Olsen 3 years ago
When she talked about her performance, she had that Countess attitude kind of o_O I LOVE HER!
Adi 3 years ago
yeah I noticed tha same!!
gnogko 3 years ago
who is he?
word 3 years ago
that jacket is Gaga
Mis mis
Mis mis 3 years ago
starting to look like old gaga
TheBigHase 3 years ago
"These are Pleasers!" Hell yeah! ;-) Just wow. I mean how smoking hot she is. And it is true she is a goddess of heels, skyscraper heels even - I hope for new sexy vids from her but it seems she's more into movies now. Stef ur awesome!
Chris Hanson
Chris Hanson 3 years ago
I always look forward to seeing what Gaga is wearing.
Anca Iordache
Anca Iordache 3 years ago
Here she is! My idol!
Kim Bulfa Knutsen
Kim Bulfa Knutsen 3 years ago
Wow I love her. She's just genuine.
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