Lady Gaga makes the show at the 2019 MET Gala

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Lady Gaga strips on the red carpet of the MET Gala revealing three outfits and lying down on the stairs for the photographers
New York City, NY, USA on Monday May 6, 2019
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May 7, 2019




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Comments 26
LINUSTUDIO 3 months ago
I watched thus video over and over and over again
mjbaybgurl 8 months ago
I busted up laughing when the bus rode by and blocked the view...lol
Lily-Ann Ortega
Lily-Ann Ortega 8 months ago
The amount of “YES GAGA’s” is insane
Lapo Lapo
Lapo Lapo 8 months ago
She looks so beautiful.
kookiagurto1994 8 months ago
To the guy that said that gaga is wasting his time and to hurry up. BITCH a single snap of a photo of her can pay your bills! ( 2:00 )
Julia Mimi
Julia Mimi 8 months ago
God what a NARCISSIST. The black dress was the only nice thing here.
lumi 2
lumi 2 5 months ago
Someones a stupid fucking rat and it's u lol
ل 5 months ago
Shut the fuck up rat
demon slayer
demon slayer 8 months ago
Have you seen the others? They were boring eventhough their dress were elegant and creative. Gaga is putting performance on met.
Gisele Solanaceae
Gisele Solanaceae 8 months ago
Shut up! That is why she is the artist/celebrity, and you're the consumer. As much as you hate to love her, love to hate her, you still eat it all up.
Krishna Gunawardena
Krishna Gunawardena 8 months ago
You're such a b**ch
雪之精靈 8 months ago
Listen you bitch
Listen you bitch 8 months ago
Lukas Costa
Lukas Costa 8 months ago
XFXL 8 months ago
Queen of music!!!
kelm00 8 months ago
LOL that "old man" is the award-winning designer, Project Runway judge and bff Brandon Maxwell (young children have asked him if he's the guy from Up tho). He designed the first two dresses here and many others. usvid.net/video/video-vPsFj4BS2Zw.html
iRrEleVanT 8 months ago
4:23 & 4:26 ew. That guy that said that was so ignorant. Disgusting.
lumi 2
lumi 2 6 months ago
@Gisele Solanaceae literal rats of ny
Gisele Solanaceae
Gisele Solanaceae 8 months ago
Listening to the background voices is very disgusting. One complaining that she should hurry up as there are more people coming(wrong, not while she is on the carpet). Another saying she is a camera hoe(how funny, yet you're on the sidewalk watching her)
iRrEleVanT 8 months ago
@S he said "turn this bitch around" then he said "turn this motherfucker around"
S 8 months ago
iRrEleVanT what did he say I didn’t hear x
Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva 8 months ago
MrFabulous 8 months ago
Queen Gretchen
Queen Gretchen 8 months ago
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