Lady Gaga, Kim, Gigi & More Get Campy Inside the 2019 Met Gala | Vogue

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At the Met Gala 2019, Lady Gaga, Cardi B, Kim Kardashian West, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Celine Dion, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Harry Styles, Bette Midler, Hailey Bieber, Jared Leto, Gwen Stefani, Lizzo and more of your favorite celebrities helped stage a camp film classic in the halls of the Met Museum, and you have to see it to believe it!

Directed by Bardia Zeinali
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Lady Gaga, Kim, Gigi & More Get Campy Inside the 2019 Met Gala | Vogue


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May 9, 2019




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Comments 1 564
Oggatha Christie
Oggatha Christie 18 hours ago
Bardia: I'm having so much fun lampooning these luciferian tools lampooning religion... ...now how do I nail their masters?
Derik Eatsbrains
Derik Eatsbrains 2 days ago
Brilliant voiceover
Leondr.o 6 days ago
Lady Gaga is Queen of that era😩
Cris S.
Cris S. 13 days ago
Rocky horror
Mehdii Laghzaoui
Mehdii Laghzaoui 18 days ago
They did such a good job with this, i don't even mind the kardashians in this video, that jessica rabbit vibe... 2019 Met was probably the nicest.
Lala 22 days ago
Eurovision is still more camp than this whole gala.
Maulana Alawi
Maulana Alawi 27 days ago
where the 2018 video?
Delaney Elias
Delaney Elias 29 days ago
If there is an actual movie, I'm gonna die. XD
HUG TO HUG tayo Month ago
lol, instead of talented people tehy put kim and gigi on title for clout
Mukhammetali Yeleubekov
Scream Queens 3 season looks grat
Amy Sepple
Amy Sepple Month ago
gaga is incredible. celebrity of the decade. was always ahead of her time in fashion and aesthetic. she is so unique and creative
Yasa Amijaya
Yasa Amijaya Month ago
So,what a song?
Marsean Deterala
Still waiting for the movie :')
rodrigo 1998
rodrigo 1998 2 months ago
This is the best tarantino’s film ever
Pandu Miharja
Pandu Miharja 2 months ago
I would literally go watch it if it does really happens
garrett snyder
garrett snyder 2 months ago
Mirko Vukoslavovic
Mirko Vukoslavovic 2 months ago
can someone post the list of the songs please ?
yee yee
yee yee 2 months ago
Stan everyone except cardi
Toaster Boy
Toaster Boy 3 months ago
Wait are there nearly all women
André Michel
André Michel 3 months ago
🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️Gaga 😍
MissHorrible09 3 months ago
Best MetGala ever!
faraz hossain
faraz hossain 4 months ago
The video is good 😃, but where's our chief guest Cara Delevingne, Nick I Minaj, James Charles and more...😡???
Odemus 4 months ago
I just died in your arms tonight
Alfonzo Louise
Alfonzo Louise 4 months ago
i thought this was the ahs 1984 teaser, my bad
Andy Van
Andy Van 4 months ago
looks like cardi accidentally drugged herself
creator Space
creator Space 4 months ago
It's done well. blog.naver.com/7heppy7
Willow666 4 months ago
Lady Gaga has always been campy
Mugen Mirai
Mugen Mirai 4 months ago
what about song?
Gabi’s World
Gabi’s World 4 months ago
👀 the genius popped out
澤飛爾 4 months ago
What’s the song at the end? Guys do u know the name ?
澤飛爾 4 months ago
Grebanche thanku dude.
Grebanche 4 months ago
澤飛爾 dont you by Simple Minds
Grebanche 4 months ago
These has been the theme of Gucci
Iyes Kiel
Iyes Kiel 4 months ago
Gaga iconic
OOF 4 months ago
Last years was so much better
OOF 4 months ago
hey sis what’s the tea
OOF 4 months ago
Where are all the celebrities, this is only like a quarter of the big ones that showed :(
OOF 4 months ago
Where are all the celebrities, this is only like a quarter of the big ones that showed up
OOF 4 months ago
Where are all the celebrities, this is only like a quarter of the big ones that showed up
Stacy Gray
Stacy Gray 4 months ago
Turns out... Zendaya died and Kylie and Kendall killed her Case solved by the cast of Riverdale Spoiler alert 😅
Stacy Gray
Stacy Gray 4 months ago
Cardi B died Suspects: #1 Nicki Minaj for obvious reasons #2 Rihanna for getting inspiration for her big train Turns out it was Liza Koshy Murder solved by Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Madeleine Petsch, Charles Melton and Cole Sprouse Spoiler alert 🚨😅
_soft_pink_ angel_
_soft_pink_ angel_ 4 months ago
1:15 "ok sis , what's the Tea " OMG I'M CRYING
Alex Roberts
Alex Roberts 4 months ago
What is that song 1:26 lalalala help pls.
Alex Roberts
Alex Roberts 4 months ago
Γεώργιος Καραμπέτσος thank you so much
Γιώργος Καραμπέτσος
Don't you forget about me / Simple Minds
Nicki Anna
Nicki Anna 4 months ago
1:03 is it Jeffreystar? With white hat
Josiah Hill
Josiah Hill 4 months ago
I actually love the fact that these probably 50-year-old male voice actors are asking these actors OK sis what’s the tea 😂 lmaOooooo
Sandro Ostuni ASMR
Sandro Ostuni ASMR 4 months ago
purple crystal
purple crystal 4 months ago
I'm so confused
Ariko Subumo
Ariko Subumo 4 months ago
Matthew Mendoza
Matthew Mendoza 4 months ago
Rodrigo Tomaseli
Rodrigo Tomaseli 4 months ago
I want to know how music starts the video.
Chinwe Iwenofu
Chinwe Iwenofu 4 months ago
Frank ocean
Andy Van
Andy Van 5 months ago
cardi accidentally drugged her water
Alexander Franco
Alexander Franco 5 months ago
low key would watch this if it was an actual movie
paulo arenas
paulo arenas 5 months ago
I mean on scream queens
emma d
emma d 5 months ago
Can someone send me the video link of the actual met gala video
christopher910226 5 months ago
Nah. Still prefer lana one.
Stella Purwoko
Stella Purwoko 5 months ago
This is like horror film trailer
Nilima Mukherjee
Nilima Mukherjee 5 months ago
Notmatt 5 months ago
It's winner of Rupaul's Drag Race, drag queen Aquaria! Another Drag Race star to be invited to the Gala was Violet Chachki 1:03 (:
Вика 6 months ago
в том году было лучше видео
Rafa Inovero
Rafa Inovero 6 months ago
GAGA!!!!! ❤️
JangleOliver 6 months ago
Came to see Cardi dying
George Ranevsky
George Ranevsky 6 months ago
Celine's part is cringy
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