Lady Gaga - Americano

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May 18, 2011




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Josefa Ana
Josefa Ana 3 hours ago
Desse jeito me deixa apaixonado Poralguem. Hi im theiloving Stafane?
Fabian Holguín
I actually came from Glee 🤔
2 eyed Willy
2 eyed Willy Day ago
Play this song at my funeral
Tee Hamster
Tee Hamster 4 days ago
I just realised this song is in puss in boots
lalaanimations 6 days ago
Day 6 looking for s p Livingston friend Paris: I missed a lot of days my life been hectic but I'll check in here every now and again.
Dicle SÜREKLİ 8 days ago
Dingo ate my kids
I listened to this all the time as a kid
lalaanimations 11 days ago
Day 5 of looking for s.p. Livingston friend: missed alot of days but hello friend it's ahlayia again I'm pretty sure I won't find you Paris but ight , I'll just be on my way.
SmexyLegs 12 days ago
Yes I'm still here.
Facundo Gaspar
Facundo Gaspar 13 days ago
Me recuerda el final de la película gato con botas . Los chancho bailando jaaaaAa
Mo 224
Mo 224 13 days ago
America is named after Amerigo Vespucci, Italian indeed
Sh'Ē is v't
Sh'Ē is v't 14 days ago
San Diego undercover paradoxen'. Sings this song to a Ronald statue. That pirate ship tho.
Isabell 15 days ago
Vanessa Sandoval
Vanessa Sandoval 16 days ago
lalaanimations 18 days ago
Day 4 of look for my old elementary friend(s.p. Livingston): hey Paris just checking in a again I think I missed a day oops sorry sometimes I can't use my phone cause I don't feel good enough to use it. But just saying hey
lalaanimations 20 days ago
Day 3 of look for my old elementary friend(s.p. Livingston): Paris are you even still listening to this song it's been years . Welp I'm 14 now homie , so how old are you? You were pretty cool. Are you even still alive?
King Osborne
King Osborne 20 days ago
Am I the only one who is here because of Glee when Cassandra July sang this song. Everyone else is here because of puss in boots
luciano davila
luciano davila 21 day ago
Thanks to songs like this (La Isla Bonita, Americano and other ones), i don't forget that my language is Spanish (I'm from Argentina). I say this because i only listen to english songs.
Gülden Gürel
Gülden Gürel 21 day ago
00:00 - 0:23 is similar to rosemary clooney's "mambo" song
Arsenij Mizneawski
Кот в сапогах?
Stella Wood
Stella Wood 21 day ago
2020 anyone
lalaanimations 22 days ago
Day 2 of looking for my old elementary school(s.p. Livingston) friend: do y'all think I'll find Paris I hope so. He was awesome.
Slimy Socks
Slimy Socks 22 days ago
Anyone come here from glee??
lalaanimations 23 days ago
Day 1: Im looking for someone named Paris here it's been many years I'm now in highschool since a friend/crush I had in elementary school did a thing in the school talent showcase thing where he showed his flexibility to this song he was awesome . It's me ahlayia from s.p Livingston . In Florida. Are you here? Do you remember me? You hugged me and called my boobs bigger than you thought do you remember :p I got you in trouble for that one sorry.
Nayane Stories
Nayane Stories 25 days ago
2 0 2 0 ?
Simone Pardee
Simone Pardee 26 days ago
Rachel Amber!
David Isaev
David Isaev 26 days ago
Brutto Hund
Brutto Hund 27 days ago
Lesbian rights
Faith Suddarth
Faith Suddarth 29 days ago
4:03 oOOhhHhhhHhH
Linda Elisa Nufer Herrera
The intro of this song remember me Mambo Italiano- Dean Martin
quem e portugues e esta vendo esta musica em 2019 (n precisa responder n viu T-T NEM DA LIKE T-T)
Carlos Alexandre
I love it music
Omar Jeronimo Rojas
Like si vienes por la película del gato con botas
Vicente Morales
Vicente Morales Month ago
Es una importancia el idioma español?? O no?? O es mas el ingles!!
mangle and friends
"I will see you again, Kitty Soft Paws~!" "Sooner than you think..."
catrina podberesky
Ok puss & boots is a male feline & anyone can be named Friday.
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Hi uploader 💔❣💖💗🇺🇸
Pedro Pimenta #StreamK-12
I remember thinking this song was cringy as a kid - *tasteless, I know* - , now I just love it for some reason
Logan Month ago
I love Pussy in Boots! Cute movie. Glad they chose this song.
John Lemon juice
Im here becuse i heard on tik tok
Anya Traczyk
Anya Traczyk Month ago
Oooooooooh... !
Petrushoot Month ago
And Despacito has 5.6B views....
The king tuber
The king tuber Month ago
The bigen looks like LOLA from buy eggy
Aeneass Christian
Blu Natcom
Blu Natcom Month ago
me too, but for me the glee version is better
Hunter Nights
Hunter Nights Month ago
I have not heard this in such a looooong time!
E. S. Miranda
E. S. Miranda Month ago
2019, músicas inesquecíveis
Tatiane Alvarenga
Amo essa música..ela é uma artista que se reinventa!!
Will Atkins
Will Atkins Month ago
I came here from Glee, not Puss in Boots
tresojos Month ago
Gaga's tribute to the MAMBO ITALIANO and her italian roots
tresojos Month ago
@Diego Cárdenas You are right actually. It could have as well been about italian immigrants back in the day given the lyrics. Also the sample song is mambo italiano that's why i took that for a reference
Diego Cárdenas
Diego Cárdenas Month ago
The is about latín american inmigrants LOL
Eve Lewis
Eve Lewis Month ago
My songs are from the re-revolution My heart hurts for my generation If you love me we can marry on the west coast On a Wednesday in the summer in August I don't speak your language, I don't speak your language, oh no (la-la-la-la-la-la-la)) I don't speak your, I won't speak your, won't speak Your Jesus Christ (la-la-la-la-la-la-la) Ah ah ah ah ah American America, ah ah ah ah ah American America I will fight for, I have fought for how I love you (la-la-la-la-la-la-la) I have cried for, I will die for how I care (la-la-la-la-la-la-la) In the mountains, the bells are ringing (la-la-la-la-la-la-la) All the boys (girls) and the boys (girls) are kissing (La-la-la-la-la-la-la)
Omar Aviles
Omar Aviles Month ago
Why does it sound like a french polka but she is singing in spanish and about America?
Ethan Díaz
Ethan Díaz Month ago
Vamos a ver, quien está aquí por el gato con botas?
Gail Mcbride
Gail Mcbride Month ago
I love this song
Hafizh Rizqi
Hafizh Rizqi Month ago
I know her songs, long long before That Puss In Boots used this track as its soundtracks, Hail Lilmons! XD
Armazi Dundua
Armazi Dundua Month ago
Xan Shipstew
Xan Shipstew Month ago
This song is fire
Jan Falkner
Jan Falkner Month ago
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