Kristin and Jen Try Every Trader Joe's Holiday Dessert • Ladylike

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"I'm a king of the castle!"
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Swedish Fish Gummy Candy
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Peppermint Bark
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Sewing accessories and tools for needlework.
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Dec 22, 2018

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Comments 2 961
Sophia Nightshade
Sophia Nightshade 13 hours ago
"Pfeffernüsse" really aren‘t a thing in Germany. Trader Joe‘s literally just made them up
Sydney Luck
Sydney Luck Day ago
You should call this series called food from ladylike
Grace Solis
Grace Solis 2 days ago
Me a person who loves peppermint: 😢😢
Mary Chandler
Mary Chandler 4 days ago
Watching this gives me diabetes and I already have diabetes
melli star
melli star 5 days ago
It’s really crazy 😂 i live in Germany and we actually have just a feeewww peppermints flavored holiday sweets (also very cute how they pronounce lebkuchen 😍😅)
doritos locos tacos
My oma makes pfeffernüsse every Christmas and it’s like the best cookie fr
Layla’s World
Layla’s World 5 days ago
I love how Jen sometimes acts like she’s 10
Grace Nelson
Grace Nelson 5 days ago
Salted caramel is like one of my favorite things so everything you guys say ew to it I die a little on the inside
Zita Kovács
Zita Kovács 5 days ago
The way they pronounced Lebkuchen gave me anxiety
Rachel Reynolds
Rachel Reynolds 5 days ago
"So Joe's Joe's if you don't know know" 😂😂😂😂
Natalie Allen
Natalie Allen 6 days ago
Jen is such a mood
headass 6 days ago
lesbians 4 jen using her knife more often
Niko Lopez
Niko Lopez 7 days ago
Dynamic duo is back for some TEACHING
Clear Waters
Clear Waters 7 days ago
I know this Is from 7 months ago, but is anybody gonna talk about the magestic "SALTY HONEY TOFFE MILK CHOCOLATE COVERED CRACKEEEEEERRRSSSS"
Kali Ann
Kali Ann 7 days ago
Jen whipping out her knife at 5:51 >>
mistic wolf
mistic wolf 8 days ago
Omfg what is wrong with Kristen "I think this is what cockroaches taste like in heaven "
Clara Srour
Clara Srour 9 days ago
I feel like I'm the only one who has never had gingerbread
ava laboss
ava laboss 9 days ago
You should try like all the cookies or cakes or cereal or coffee
Carly Gunter
Carly Gunter 9 days ago
Their friendship is amazing and I strive to have a friendship like theirs
Jen Harasyn
Jen Harasyn 9 days ago
“Govlehgovwnfk chocolate!!!!” killed me
Ayla Garcia
Ayla Garcia 10 days ago
I find it funny that the container for chocolate has the same name as a drug that is in Riverdale.😏
Lippy Jean
Lippy Jean 10 days ago
jen was just eating hot cheetos at one point ok gorl
Sophie Vlogs
Sophie Vlogs 10 days ago
I love it from 7:52
peachy bitch
peachy bitch 11 days ago
Comments: 95%- w a n t m y k n I f e 3%- jIngLe jAngLe rIverdale 2%- *IM NOT MARRIED IM JEN*
Kaitlin Frost
Kaitlin Frost 11 days ago
German holiday desserts (like the cookies) are so amazing. My grandparents are German and they send a whole package box of holiday treats every year.
Zoey Jakubiszyn
Zoey Jakubiszyn 11 days ago
So now we know what jingle jangle is made of (Riverdale fans only)
Kristin Liveoak
Kristin Liveoak 12 days ago
It made me sick just watching
Camryn Knight
Camryn Knight 13 days ago
The German spice cookie box picture is Texas taking on snow and going sledding
Trinka B
Trinka B 13 days ago
chocolate orange...yuk.
amy fallin
amy fallin 15 days ago
kristen i am soo sad get over your hatred for PEPPERMENT THAT FLAVOR IS THE BEST love u guys
Amanda Scheetz
Amanda Scheetz 16 days ago
Omg Jen with her switch blade 😂
Jackie Stafford
Jackie Stafford 18 days ago
I actually REALLY like the chocolate caramel sea salt things lol
Gracie Hadlich
Gracie Hadlich 18 days ago
“Jingle Jangle”?!
Alyssa Vlogs
Alyssa Vlogs 19 days ago
Ok I loved the way she pulled out her knife. I also loved when Kristen was crying and Jen asked if she wanted her knife
Caroline Pelfrey
Caroline Pelfrey 19 days ago
Any riverdale fans flip over jingle jangle? Nope, just me? 😂
L Moore
L Moore 19 days ago
Wait wait wait...I saw the bit about the chocolate orange...please come to the U.K and get Terry's Chocolate Orange (theres multiple flavours including popping candy), and they are AMAZING. Only £1 as well. Pleaseeee if you make a video where you come to the U.K, hunt down Terry's. Mainly around christmas time, but they do chocolate bars all year round...google it for an idea :D x
Hazel Vee
Hazel Vee 19 days ago
The panettone with a little swipe of nutella or soft butter tastes pretty amazing.
* ash arts *
* ash arts * 20 days ago
i agree with kristen. i hate the taste of anything mint, i've always found it so gross. but why is peppermint basically the ONLY holiday flavor? i'd take anything over peppermint,,,, Nasty
evi ksl
evi ksl 21 day ago
You should make more videos with " tiny cooking competition! "
Catlin Gross
Catlin Gross 21 day ago
I hope they do a Halloween Trader Joe's!
Brylee Smith
Brylee Smith 22 days ago
Please do more vids like this
Allysa Grables
Allysa Grables 22 days ago
Jax Steele
Jax Steele 23 days ago
Jen and Kristin are my favorites, especially when they’re put together in a video 😂
Tinkerbellgirl59 23 days ago
I love how jen is eating hot cheetos...and then puts some on the sled lol
Sherbet 23 days ago
Kristen: The dark chocolate collection! Jen: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Jen: *stab stab*
Sherbet 23 days ago
i LOVE peppermint
Kendal Lavigne
Kendal Lavigne 23 days ago
kristin and jen are like bffs and it’s so cute
Monica TheFluff
Monica TheFluff 23 days ago
Space People
Space People 23 days ago
Jen eating all of this food then has cheetos
Clemmy S
Clemmy S 24 days ago
When they said jingle jangle I was like don't do drugz kids (I was thinking of Riverdale)
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