Kristin and Jen Try Every Trader Joe's Holiday Dessert • Ladylike

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"I'm a king of the castle!"
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Comments 100
Ellie wagner
Ellie wagner 3 hours ago
jingle jangle is the name of the hardcore drug in riverdale
Taija Withford
Taija Withford 11 hours ago
Isn’t jingle jangle the name of the drug in riverdale
Alyssa Babich
Alyssa Babich 15 hours ago
i am: very gay
Katie Lunn
Katie Lunn Day ago
One time i had gotten a chocolate orange for christmas and i tried to break it against the wall. it made a dent and i tried to hide it with my book case. my parents still don't know...
Camila Fierro
6:55 jingle jangle from riverdale😂
Sophia Day ago
lebkuchen cookies are my favorite things ever
TatoTimez 2 days ago
jen... is... PEEEEETER AKIIIIIIIIMOTOOOOO! if you get it we’re friends
Karlee Lillian
Karlee Lillian 2 days ago
This just made my crush on Jen 10x harder
Kathryn Riley
Kathryn Riley 2 days ago
Kristen is definitely Jen’s buzzfeed mom
Chisomebi Chuks
Chisomebi Chuks 3 days ago
Is it just me or why is Jen just carrying a knife around
Savannah Hachey
Savannah Hachey 4 days ago
Kristin- I too have an attachment to the chocolate oranges and I think your story is beautiful ❤️
Shelby Mauch
Shelby Mauch 4 days ago
You guys should put bibs on
Sakamoto Asuka
Sakamoto Asuka 5 days ago
listening to Kristin talk about chocolate oranges makes me want to have one again...
Brooke Mullins
Brooke Mullins 5 days ago
When they said Jingle Jangle I only though of Riverdale
Haley Schradle
Haley Schradle 5 days ago
Between 7:50 and 8:00 is me and my friends in the middle of class😂😂
Madikensie Moyer
Madikensie Moyer 5 days ago
Kristen-this is probably what cockroaches taste like in heaven
andrew abutt
andrew abutt 6 days ago
Omg my family always put chocolate oranges in our stock
Ella Bella
Ella Bella 6 days ago
Omg I'm actually crushing on jen so hard right now
Jordyn Madden
Jordyn Madden 6 days ago
Love how jingle jangle is crack in riverdale
Everest Gacha
Everest Gacha 6 days ago
What r u talking aboutttttt????? The soft honey nougat is deeeeeeliiiiccciiiiooouuuuuuussssss
EYE- 7 days ago
*lowkey eats hot cheetos in between*
Erica Webb (ew1742)
we love a hungry Jen
Hondohc Yang
Hondohc Yang 7 days ago
Who freaking loves Jen and Kristen doing videos together?!
Marcie 7 days ago
Is Jen even living or just waiting for the opportunity to use the knife
Faith Griffiths-potter
Isn’t jingle jangle a riverdale drug?
Georgie Wilson
Georgie Wilson 8 days ago
I’m not gonna lie I am literally in love with Jen. Okay that’s it, thank you.
Anailda Ortiz
Anailda Ortiz 8 days ago
In lawrence, Massachusetts we dont got trader joes, we got Market Basket😂😂😂
Candice Leila
Candice Leila 8 days ago
Jen I want to date you and get to know you .. pity that South Africa is faaaaaar from La
mila d
mila d 8 days ago
jingle jangle? you're doing drugs?😱😂
Sarah Janes
Sarah Janes 9 days ago
Comments= 10% jen quotes 10%Kristin quotes 80% JEN MARRY ME!!!!
Dori Ko
Dori Ko 9 days ago
Will you try Korean candies? I think you will enjoy them.
Cupcakeit 9 days ago
6:54 I’m dying, if you watch Riverdale you would know lol
Big Guy Little Girl
I want your knife Jen
Nour saleh
Nour saleh 10 days ago
Jen was such a mood💀💀😂
Penelope Madrid
Penelope Madrid 10 days ago
Lol jingle jangle is a drug in Riverdale...
Lonnie 12 days ago
When they said jingle jangle I thought about riverdale
Dalila And Friends
Dalila And Friends 12 days ago
O my. Go go hahahahahaha
Dalila And Friends
Dalila And Friends 12 days ago
Hahaha Jen said beffbaffbafofa
Mandy Estes
Mandy Estes 12 days ago
All things peppermint are the best 😫.. pumpkin spice on the other hand 🤢
Celyn Blundell
Celyn Blundell 13 days ago
Pfeffernüse and Lebkuchen are my FAVOURITES, I had so many of these every christmas as a kid(I'm from the UK but my Grandma's German), I had no idea they sold these in the US
Aisling Campbell
Aisling Campbell 13 days ago
Hears jingle jangle, thinks of Riverdale
taco_lover_9000 14 days ago
Kristen and jen is the best duo everrrr
Brittney Benavidez
Brittney Benavidez 15 days ago
Jen makes me laugh so much
Pink Heart
Pink Heart 15 days ago
I don't care I would love all these during my period 🤣
Amelia Evans
Amelia Evans 15 days ago
Jen- trader joes, you crazy girl! Jen- continues to mention her knife all throughout the video Also in Riverdale jingle jangle is a drug...
Jessica Segal
Jessica Segal 15 days ago
Umm jingle jangle is a drug
Kyeira Bunch
Kyeira Bunch 15 days ago
I’m the end of the day u can eat what ever u want - Jen as she eats hot Cheetos
Kyeira Bunch
Kyeira Bunch 15 days ago
“Just ok is not ok “- T-Mobile So guys the just ok is horrible
Concert Travels with Happyheartslee
There should be a shirt that says - do you want my knife? hehe
Cianna Paul
Cianna Paul 16 days ago
I do the same thing with the chocolate orange
Heather K
Heather K 16 days ago
I enjoy the raindeer's "hat" XD
BTS ARMY 101 17 days ago
"Its just chocolate with a bunch of noise" 😂😂 I'm crushing so hard on jen!
Sharon Ramirez
Sharon Ramirez 17 days ago
OMG I seriously laughed so hard at this time 7:59
KrioThea 18 days ago
kristin: wow, im really gonna start crying because of this chocolate orang- jen: you need my knife?
Caroline Howell
Caroline Howell 18 days ago
Jen- WOOOHOOHOO trader joe you crazy girl. 😏
xmamam2x 19 days ago
11:55 i Trader Joe's fzcked up Lebkuchen I'm suing
samantha dannie
samantha dannie 20 days ago
Jen: please be good boys and girls Kristin: we're talking to the desserts. Jen: MHM! AHA I CANT W JERN LMAO
Maryam Alsaffar
Maryam Alsaffar 20 days ago
"this is what cockroaches taste like in heaven." How many alcohol chocolates did you have??😂😂
geek girl 145
geek girl 145 21 day ago
jen: * very casually * need my knife??!! Kristen: I DON'T NEED YOUR KNIFE!
Sama Noor
Sama Noor 22 days ago
7:26 killed me😂😂😂😂
Lemon Essence
Lemon Essence 22 days ago
Jen and Kristin: I HATE PEPPERMINT Me: *eating straight up peppermints as I watch this*
Belen Rivera
Belen Rivera 22 days ago
Does anyone recognize jingle jangle from riverdale
Bella 22 days ago
We need a Jen funny moments video 😂😂
Anam Mansuri
Anam Mansuri 22 days ago
6:54 riverdale?!!?!
Sophie Ricearoni
Sophie Ricearoni 22 days ago
Do you need my knife
Vidade Ava
Vidade Ava 24 days ago
I died when Jen shoved the marshmallows in the mouth
x Igniss x
x Igniss x 24 days ago
I'm 100% sure that Kristin would change her mind about gingerbread cookies if she could try my mom's Christmas cookies - they're nothing like cardboard and almost fluffy
Yellow Umbrella
Yellow Umbrella 25 days ago
Is Jen *high* 😂😂? My spirit animal
Roses Garden
Roses Garden 25 days ago
Helena Katherine Ann
How can one not love bark?
Phoebe Salisbury
Phoebe Salisbury 26 days ago
"Kristin is married. IM JEN". 😂
Lili Reinhart
Lili Reinhart 26 days ago
Umm I don’t know if any of you watch Riverdale but Jingle Jangle is a drug in the show so.......
maureen -
maureen - 26 days ago
no but seriously now, Jen's expression while cutting the pretzel box open looks so freaking sexy, i'm done.
TheVampireRay Msp
TheVampireRay Msp 26 days ago
*need my knife?*
Julia Bruno
Julia Bruno 27 days ago
Yo I love Peppermint JoJo’s, those are my go to holiday dessert, they deserved better! ;-;
Shawty Blu
Shawty Blu 27 days ago
Shawty Blu
Shawty Blu 27 days ago
*"Do You Need My Knife?!"*
PlayingWithLizzie Kitty
Sydnee Cromer
Sydnee Cromer 29 days ago
My dad got a chocolate orange for Easter and I tried to explain how to open it and when he and my mom asked how I knew that I didn’t know what to say except “Trader Joes” and “you tubers”
Lauren Ng
Lauren Ng 29 days ago
I need a hoodie saying "Do you need my knife?"
viva 29 days ago
“ah, the peppermint crem-ays, no thank-emay.” ~Jen 2018
Kynzie Lee
Kynzie Lee 29 days ago
1% of the video *trying desserts* 99% of the video *"do you want my knife"*
Lumos & Nox
Lumos & Nox Month ago
I loved Jen constantly offering her knife for literally anything. Also I love Jens shirt in the second half of the video.
mother trucker
mother trucker Month ago
Kristin: **exists** Jen: *dO yOu WaNt mY kNiFe?1!*
Charlize Wen
Charlize Wen Month ago
Kristy:*crying about a choclate orange Jen: Do you need my knife?
Ava Smolar
Ava Smolar Month ago
Kristin: *starts crying about chocolate orange* Jen: n e e d m y k n i f e ?
《Bøbä Pändä》
Kristin: Jingle Jangle snack mix Me: HiRaM lOdGe PuT jInGLe JaNgLe In TrAdEr JoE's •^•
Larkiaquail Month ago
"This is probably what cockroaches taste like in Heaven" I DIED
Maisie Olding
Maisie Olding Month ago
This was just an excuse for Kristen to babysit Jen 😂😂😂
Its GG Gamer
Its GG Gamer Month ago
9:35 welcome
Its GG Gamer
Its GG Gamer Month ago
True Woman American
on my period. .
Taylor Poirier
Taylor Poirier Month ago
6:02 even though pretzels are technically men (god I hate myself for this French joke)
XoxoBeautyoxoX Month ago
Lebkuchen cookies are amazing we get about 4-5 boxes each year we absolutely love them
really regular
really regular Month ago
Kristin said Mollows 😕
Kitara Month ago
Really awesome that you liked the german holiday desserts (Pfeffernüsse and Lebkuchen) so much
Pastel Jellybean
*spiced cardboard*
Max Leong
Max Leong Month ago
huh..I'm pretty sure this video contents have more animation and censorship than when it was initially released. wonder if it was re-uploaded? and if it is, how is it that the amount of likes/views not affected? :S also, i feel the overall tone looks warmer than the initial release which is cooler, and some parts were edited like zoomed in or of a different angle than previously? i guess it's cause occasionally, i have these videos randomly playing, and i have seen re-runs of it to notice the changes.
Bambi unicorn
Bambi unicorn Month ago
Lebkuchen and pfeffernüsse are like the best desserts i know. Also in Germany we have them from september until february or sth
Omg, In riverdale there is drugs namede jingel jangle. 🤪😂🤣
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