Know Your Bro with Chris and Scott Evans

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Chris Evans and his brother Scott take turns putting on noise-cancelling headphones while Jimmy asks them questions about each other and challenges them to match each other's answers.
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Know Your Bro with Chris and Scott Evans


Published on


Nov 5, 2019




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Comments 3 154
Zodiac 6 hours ago
They both dont and do look alike
Google It Yourself
Google It Yourself 7 hours ago
Yum to the brother! 😍
Oliver King
Oliver King 7 hours ago
I am going to be 30 in 12 days and since I was 16 I knew I was gay. I’ve had the biggest crush on Chris since around this time watching the Perfect Score... I’m just finding out NOW that he has a gay brother who’s GORGEOUS!!!???!?!?!? WHAT. THE. HELL! UGHHH I mean I could NEVER. BUT- I mean anything’s possible... lol jk but serious. 29, just finding out now. They’re great! I love them both. I just found another sibling and he’s immediately my fave!
Brodsta01 Land
Brodsta01 Land 7 hours ago
Is it just me or does Scott Evans look and sound somewhat like Jimmy Kimmel🤷‍♂️
alonam alo
alonam alo 8 hours ago
Chris is so damn hot 😩😩
Tera Lima
Tera Lima 8 hours ago
MAKE THIS INTO A DRINKING GAME! Everytime he touches his jacket, i lost count!! wtf
Ayen Lim
Ayen Lim 8 hours ago
They both kept flapping their jackets the same way like the true brothers they are
AJ 77
AJ 77 9 hours ago
And then Scott become a Joker and kill his bully brother and Jimmy Fallon in talk show. The end.
Dorotea Dori
Dorotea Dori 9 hours ago
Jimmy:"No one is gonna watch." Well Jimmy 4.1M people doesn't seem to agree with you
Li Na
Li Na 10 hours ago
I want Chris's "Oh NO! This is gonna be AMAZING!" as my ringtone XD
Li Na
Li Na 10 hours ago
True siblings, all the way XD Gosh, I forgot the last time I laughed so much over a talk show! XD
Daniela Dundel
Daniela Dundel 11 hours ago
scott wouldnt ve told it... a blind could c he is totally in arsefuvking
immortal soul
immortal soul 12 hours ago
I don't know why and its so random but i want loki and thor to do this.
Jack Dolah
Jack Dolah 12 hours ago
His brother gay??
yana_helmi yana
yana_helmi yana 10 hours ago
Jack Dolah yes
Pendragon Love
Pendragon Love 12 hours ago
Moody ASMR
Moody ASMR 12 hours ago
Chris Evans is the best Chris
Ruby Luna
Ruby Luna 13 hours ago
Hemsworth brothers please
ItchyPilauBoto808 13 hours ago
I didn’t know Cap had a gay bro.. lol
5foot Giant
5foot Giant 13 hours ago
Some of y'all didn't know about Scotf before and it shows But in all honesty, I think this is my favorite segment of this show
It's Rion
It's Rion 13 hours ago
Chris: Dont tell mom!!!! Scotty: *tells the whole nation*
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy 13 hours ago
I love when Chris’ Boston accent comes out during the poop story
MrMoustacheNinja 13 hours ago
I love these two together 😂😂👏🏻❤️
Johnny Senjaya
Johnny Senjaya 14 hours ago
Chris you looks no good with the beard, prefer to see you without it like when you are in Capt America, kind of awesome.
Yaquelin Sanchez
Yaquelin Sanchez 14 hours ago
These two brothers playing this game is AMAZING
David Garcia
David Garcia 14 hours ago
Omg does perfection and beauty run in there family
Diana Aherne
Diana Aherne 15 hours ago
I never knew chris evans bro was gay !
siddharth vinod
siddharth vinod 15 hours ago
He even gave hint that he could not hold
Ayaan Kamran
Ayaan Kamran 15 hours ago
Ok boomer
Anonymous A
Anonymous A 15 hours ago
i didn’t even know his brother existed he’s so funny 😂😂
c3rita s3nja
c3rita s3nja 16 hours ago
I'm like chris evans, I'm from indonesia 🇮🇩 Good luck chris evans ❤
Isaias Bello
Isaias Bello 17 hours ago
so fun
I Don't like you
I Don't like you 17 hours ago
Is Scott married?
SplashCash Boy
SplashCash Boy 18 hours ago
Jimmy: No ones gonna watch this As I’m watching 4Million Views
Dian Sari
Dian Sari 19 hours ago
I hope Chris is straight
Renanda Ayu
Renanda Ayu 19 hours ago
I want to see their Mom's reaction to this confession..!!! 😂😂😂
Rana Mo
Rana Mo 19 hours ago
is this a repost?
Zodiacpluto 19 hours ago
I'm obsessed with this !❤️😂
Usagi Dango
Usagi Dango 20 hours ago
Kudos to you both for your honesty and participation 👍😆 awesome video !!!!
The Last Human
The Last Human 21 hour ago
Chris Evans is hot but he looks like he’s high.
note2owns 10 hours ago
Unfortunately when you are pale you get mistaken for being high a lot. I can relate.
Sofia B
Sofia B 22 hours ago
Chris is adorable but man Scott Evans is HOT!
Gembabe123 23 hours ago
You can hear Chris accent.
aram yafa
aram yafa 23 hours ago
Scott is gay , right?
Sofia Tassinari
Sofia Tassinari 23 hours ago
“This is gonna be amaAaAaAaAaAaAzing” Chris you are too pure
RestHeres ThePresent
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 23 hours ago
someone doing the same thing 30 years ago
Nessa W
Nessa W Day ago
damnn i really wanna FUCK chris evans lmaoo
Domexpo Day ago
second child is always gay, cuz science
Repka Kepka
Repka Kepka Day ago
You just know their mom is going to be like “You two did what?!”
April D.
April D. Day ago
His brother is hotter than him IMO
Fabio 97
Fabio 97 Day ago
Scott is more cuter than Chris,but the latter has more hot physique
Erica Rachel
Erica Rachel Day ago
Why don't you just murder? - Chris Evans 😂😂😂 OMG they are so cute!
Rnz TV
Rnz TV Day ago
What’s up with Scott’s stylist
Mieshal T
Mieshal T Day ago
0:01 both did the exact same thing
lol they both talk with their hands so much !
Raksa Sambath
They are the same person ;-; same personality like literally
Rafea Rafikh
Rafea Rafikh Day ago
*Every second of this video seemed like pure bliss!!*
Rumi Adhikary
Scott : YOU CRACKED MY HEAD OPEN. Chris Evans: AAAA.......SHOTT😡🤣
Nancy Ann
Nancy Ann Day ago
2 poop stories for the price of 1! 😂🤣😂🤣😂
İrem Koç
İrem Koç Day ago
Scott looks like Armie Hammer
chanandler bing
When a guy can casually say "Oh yeah, my boyfriend-" on a tv show and it's completely normal.. It's still amazing to me how far we've come in this department, can't imagine someone doing the same thing 30 years ago
Harry Houghton
Syncronicity at the very start of the video. This existence is crazy.
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