Kirk Jay Astounds Again with "In Case You Didn't Know" - The Voice 2018 Knockouts

The Voice
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Team Blake's Kirk Jay performs "In Case You Didn't Know" in The Voice Knockouts.
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Kirk Jay Astounds Again with "In Case You Didn't Know" - The Voice 2018 Knockouts
The Voice


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Nov 6, 2018




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Comments 3 743
The Caribbean Chick
Man his voice is amazing...... 💕
Cora Goss
Cora Goss 2 days ago
Wow!!!..He wasn't even singing that to me and I believed him!😄
Summer Williams
Summer Williams 3 days ago
Just WOW!! ❤
Ethan LaFountain
Ethan LaFountain 4 days ago
Unbutton that top button TO MUCH STRAINNNNNN pleaaseeeeeeeee
Linda Holland
Linda Holland 4 days ago
This is why I love country music his voice is amazing
Anulka1305 4 days ago
I want this song on iTunes!
Jori Haar
Jori Haar 5 days ago
beautiful, you can really tell he's not giving a damn about performance or the audience, he's really into the song itself, just singing and nothing else matters :)
Prin Cess
Prin Cess 5 days ago
Haha i was one of the singles that hoping someone will going to sing to me the way kirk sings it.😂
liezl quiacao
liezl quiacao 5 days ago
Oh my god 😭 I'm crying!
taylornicolemc14 5 days ago
I’m still upset he didn’t win
A. Kalantar
A. Kalantar 5 days ago
agnieszka Ondycz
agnieszka Ondycz 6 days ago
Wow that is Big Talent 😍💖
PerisFaith Job
PerisFaith Job 6 days ago
1:04 goosebumps
Datu XS
Datu XS 7 days ago
I cry while hes singing. Nice voice men
Chrisco Nathaniel
I watch this everyday, 4 times a day 😂
Zion Barnett
Zion Barnett 8 days ago
The ending run had to be the most beautiful sequence I’ve heard on the voice.
Grace Lalnunhlim
Grace Lalnunhlim 9 days ago
I've watched this million times in case you didn't know..lol....😘😘😘😘..aw😘
Martin Brady
Martin Brady 10 days ago
The girl singing the harmony makes the performance! Do these lame-o judges always say stuff to the singers while they are singing?
Yulee Salvarita
Yulee Salvarita 10 days ago
for me, he should have won. he's one of the best and he's good at it.
Back the Blue
Back the Blue 11 days ago
so beautiful
Pjay Pomare
Pjay Pomare 11 days ago
This man added soul to a country song, too good
Peaceful Warrior
Peaceful Warrior 12 days ago
Crying dude
Baby Faiumu
Baby Faiumu 12 days ago
The best cover of "IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW" I've heard so far
Shimqiirara Supremee
Hes so good
MrHoCkeY16 14 days ago
I’m sorry but this was better then the original 🙌🙌
Stephanie Menkins
Stephanie Menkins 16 days ago
Love this song every since he sang it 🖤
Travo Guto
Travo Guto 17 days ago
Not to say he can not sing because he can but keep in mind this is not country old school country not having it
Jazmine Jefferson
Jazmine Jefferson 17 days ago
my husband sent this to me in a message and when i listened I was speechless because this is how he feels about me and I love him so much for that. Thank you Kirk Jay
Mylene Socuaje
Mylene Socuaje 18 days ago
Pls put this on spotify !!! 😍😍😍
Ray Ridhuan
Ray Ridhuan 19 days ago
holly renee
holly renee 20 days ago
he sang that so beautifully.
Pressed MV
Pressed MV 20 days ago
they way he ended, so nice
Beautiful Pain
Beautiful Pain 20 days ago
Whaaat 😩😍
Malou Eyas
Malou Eyas 20 days ago
His vocal is amazing
Daud Aur Yahudy
Daud Aur Yahudy 20 days ago
This real talent for sure
Cassie w
Cassie w 22 days ago
From Essex UK .. Literally in love with this song I wish country was big over here
kallybloome 22 days ago
Sally bright
Sally bright 22 days ago
When a song is this good on the show I don't care for the original version... cuz it can't top it... he brought tears to my eyes and feelings in my soul 😍😍
Don Don
Don Don 22 days ago
I love this. He spoke it...I believed it. Going to play this for my wife.
Sixties Ford Econoline
Tell me that he won that voice thing.
jad chahhal
jad chahhal 25 days ago
10 times better than the original.
joe f
joe f 25 days ago
where is this man country album I need it
dream ville
dream ville 26 days ago
I didn't know zion could sing lol
Philly Son
Philly Son 26 days ago
Just "WOW"!
Aaron Grubb
Aaron Grubb 26 days ago
In case you didn’t know... this man deserved to win.
DjNextLevel Soundz
DjNextLevel Soundz 27 days ago
Sing my brother....
Edward Jacobs
Edward Jacobs 28 days ago
Still amazing
tooklongenough 28 days ago
The dislikes are from the people I don’t like in life. I just want y’all to know that. If there were a dislike button to your dislike I’d press it.
Kim Garcia
Kim Garcia 29 days ago
favorite ng dean namin to haha skl
Xmeroa twitch
Xmeroa twitch Month ago
Judy Haga
Judy Haga Month ago
Fab voice, he can sing right into your heart. I wish he had won. He was better than Chevel.
aande126 Month ago
Long time country music fan here and he smashed this!
Angela Allen
Angela Allen Month ago
I'm not a country music fan at all, but Kirk Jay would make me listen to country music. I'm just sayin!
andre chagas
andre chagas Month ago
I love voice i love you
David Bergman
David Bergman Month ago
Kirk Jay is just the BEST. I hope Blake takes him on tour as his opening act. You listening, Blake?
Potlake Seroka
Potlake Seroka Month ago
I love how jennifer favours every contestant
Eko Candra Hadijoyo
Oh my good...😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
RosaLia Shah
RosaLia Shah Month ago
to me, its the best version of this song ))) beautiful..
Priscilla Taylor
The problem is that we don't see the black men and women that sing country, they are from south with country accent. Its a shame that we as a nation is so divided, yet God is not. God Bless him and I hope he does not endure to much hate and discord on the tour with Blake. God Bless Kirk and Blake and put angels around them both for protection.
Louis Payne
Louis Payne Month ago
Best performance of 2018, across all countries.
Michael Bell
Michael Bell Month ago
Wow his country skills are mint
Shay & Nicole
Shay & Nicole Month ago
You can see his pain :(
Brittany Simmons
Why isn’t this song available on iTunes?!? 😩😩
Jason Scheuring
Jason Scheuring Month ago
he brings a soul to a country that is amazing.
Dropkick Murphy
Dropkick Murphy Month ago
That woman needs to stfu! What an incredible voice.
Manuela Muniz
Manuela Muniz Month ago
I love his voice and he's awesome
Rishina Blount
Rishina Blount Month ago
Beautiful song
Chan hiu ying
Chan hiu ying Month ago
I actually love the part Jhud reacts to him >3
Tonya Pye
Tonya Pye Month ago
After watching this episode live and knowing his reason behind singing this song, just makes it that much more pure! You can hear the emotion in his voice! He loves that girl, whoever she is!!
Jadson Ferreira
Jadson Ferreira Month ago
linda morgan
linda morgan Month ago
Just marry me already 😒
Malaki Ki
Malaki Ki Month ago
My favorite 🥰❤️
Tahou Sigata
Tahou Sigata Month ago
1:17 i love that nod blake gave him..... Go on son!! 😁 its like he approves of the performance and thats how he shows it .
R Kraus
R Kraus Month ago
As beautiful and unique as this is, he has a nasal and grating sound that Chevelle just doesn’t have. Kirk has so much more skill. But chevele has something that affects the vocals that is temporal. Youth. Someday her voice won’t sound as pure. Take Whitney for example, a hard life etches the soul and the voice is first to go.
B Carp
B Carp Month ago
I don't even listen to country music but I've played this joint at least fifty eleven times lol
Marie Møller
Marie Møller Month ago
Micheal Phelps
Micheal Phelps Month ago
Jennifer steals my heart everytime she says "Tell her"
Aman Rokade
Aman Rokade Month ago
1:51 This is what you really came for
Lady Mezz 🤪✌🏾😘
He should of won man!!
Alexis Smith
Alexis Smith Month ago
Wow, you have an amazing voice, it was beautiful and I loved it so much.
jennevaa Month ago
magic. He can sing more than one note blended, at a time.
jennevaa Month ago
as perfect as perfect gets.
John Pachuau
John Pachuau Month ago
Better than the original..
Marco Hanser
Marco Hanser Month ago
Everyone who didn't like this song is stupid...
Tina Klette
Tina Klette Month ago
Absolutely AMAZING voice!!!!! I am blown away
Nolae Sharee
Nolae Sharee Month ago
I’m in loooovvveeee with this song because of him❤️❤️
Marva Swepson
Marva Swepson 2 months ago
I need to here him on the Radio Station like Now please
Lisa Graae
Lisa Graae 2 months ago
Love him!!!!
B Bond
B Bond 2 months ago
Oh my goodness ❤️
Jimmy Chris
Jimmy Chris 2 months ago
Cahya Syahputra
Cahya Syahputra 2 months ago
Pls do studio version
Sani cristin
Sani cristin 2 months ago
omg he's voice so metl my heart 😢😢
Maria Claraa
Maria Claraa 2 months ago
Não me conformo que não ganhou!
Luke Daniel
Luke Daniel 2 months ago
Damn!! His voice
C J 2 months ago
Kirk Jay wow!!!
Bridgette Peredia
Bridgette Peredia 2 months ago
Anna Maria Michael Labok
Brett Silvernell
Brett Silvernell 2 months ago
So now I have to weed through FLUFF videos to look at my videos? I do not watch these shows or care to. Thanks USvid.
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