Kirk Jay Astounds Again with "In Case You Didn't Know" - The Voice 2018 Knockouts

The Voice
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Team Blake's Kirk Jay performs "In Case You Didn't Know" in The Voice Knockouts.
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Kirk Jay Astounds Again with "In Case You Didn't Know" - The Voice 2018 Knockouts
The Voice


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Nov 6, 2018

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Comments 2 529
Sisig Na Puso
Sisig Na Puso 31 minute ago
Ohhhhh it hurt so bad, yet this is soooo goooood. 💔❤
Kira Salvatore
Kira Salvatore 45 minutes ago
This left me in tears 😢😢😢
Warren W
Warren W Hour ago
What an honor it would be if he could sing this at my wedding before I said my Vows to my bride. ❤️
prince akil
prince akil Hour ago
Just amazing soul 😍
Wes McC
Wes McC Hour ago
I hate when the judges talk during the performance
Gennifer Baker
Gennifer Baker 2 hours ago
He's been my favorite ever since his audition!!!
Jimmy !
Jimmy ! 2 hours ago
And the winner is.....
Carl Dave
Carl Dave 2 hours ago
My favorite singer in the voice.
Rhonda Greening
Rhonda Greening 2 hours ago
I love this guy. ...he's real. crystal clear vocals. amazing
Shane Farley
Shane Farley 3 hours ago
.. Jennifer ruined it... if that's even possible 🤦‍♂️ keep quiet while someone is performing a ballad.. especially if u have a damn mic
joshua rodriguez
joshua rodriguez 3 hours ago
the song is beautiful i like it
Raïssa Reype
Raïssa Reype 3 hours ago
My favorite 😍
Joey Gurley
Joey Gurley 4 hours ago
Shout out from Atmore al man oh man special magic heart felt performance awesome job guy.
dean gerald
dean gerald 5 hours ago
His voice very beautiful
티샤Tetia 5 hours ago
I have listened to this so many times every note is memorized.
Sam Wood
Sam Wood 5 hours ago
Kirk and whipping post guy are my favs
edomç 5 hours ago
I like the way Jennifer’s feeling it
Mr Orga
Mr Orga 5 hours ago
We got our champion for this season
Nicklas Svensson
Nicklas Svensson 7 hours ago
I will buy his album thats for sure. Wow!
Ina Yahn
Ina Yahn 7 hours ago
Love his voice. So much better than the original ❤️👍
Gabriel Gore
Gabriel Gore 7 hours ago
Hes going to be a huge country mega star I just love his voice. Its like you feel his pain in every word he sings.
Tantau lent
Tantau lent 8 hours ago
Omg that feeling's 💔💔💔
Yubelin Runtuboi
Yubelin Runtuboi 8 hours ago
Amazing voice bro
Princenel Matulis
Princenel Matulis 9 hours ago
Damn! Zion Williamson my goodness.
Aida Smith
Aida Smith 9 hours ago
claim the victory! you are already a winner! you are so blessed to have that wonderful talent that God gave you ❤🏆
roy holmes sr
roy holmes sr 9 hours ago
Kirk version is much better then the original..his pain and hurt truely in that song and he sang it to his ex... BEAUTIFUL
Facxt TV
Facxt TV 10 hours ago
I love this !!!!
Seleaveya Bailey
Seleaveya Bailey 11 hours ago
I want this version on iTunes
Monica 11 hours ago
Perfection ❤️ He will win this season 🎶
Jasmine Le
Jasmine Le 12 hours ago
He bettter winnnnn this season!!!!! Love him
Timothy Simpson
Timothy Simpson 12 hours ago
Best on the show in my opinion.
Clementine and Lee kenny and AJForever
1:00 Damn perfect!
Rogelio Paulino Jr
Rogelio Paulino Jr 13 hours ago
I'm crying. 😭
Caden Anderson
Caden Anderson 13 hours ago
Jennifer is low key kind of annoying
Darren Sawian
Darren Sawian 13 hours ago
He's winning!! What a beautiful voice!! Great control !! I'm in love with this song sung by this guy!! 👊👏
Chanel Martin
Chanel Martin 14 hours ago
He owned this song I can’t even listen to the original or other covers comfortably. Sheesh 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Sydney Harrell
Sydney Harrell 14 hours ago
Mmm Mmm WOW!
Andyn Lina
Andyn Lina 14 hours ago
so beautiful 💘
Eddie Casas
Eddie Casas 14 hours ago
raidel miano
raidel miano 14 hours ago
My favorite song
chloe james
chloe james 15 hours ago
In case you didn't know,Kirk can win this season
KaAliyah M
KaAliyah M 15 hours ago
Blake may get his 7th win with Kirk 🙂🙂 then he's definitely going to be bragging next season 😂
Clara Carter
Clara Carter 15 hours ago
Sophia Paige
Sophia Paige 15 hours ago
Watched this over and over again, I’m so in love ❤️
uhuh 15 hours ago
Wow that was rubbish
Grei Petz
Grei Petz 15 hours ago
u rubbish
HeatherMJ78 16 hours ago
Wow 😲 I want his album
Leona Fraser
Leona Fraser 16 hours ago
I've watched this 52,345 times now
Sarah Bryant
Sarah Bryant 17 hours ago
win it all
Stephen A Gomit
Stephen A Gomit 18 hours ago
Well...thats blake answer for kelly’s chevel🤣🤣. Stunning kirk...👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Nivia Waterson
Nivia Waterson 18 hours ago
Can you please sing at my wedding 👰🏽 🥰 💒💍💏
Miguel E. Rivera
Miguel E. Rivera 18 hours ago
Sharina Bridgers
Sharina Bridgers 18 hours ago
How did he get 304 dislikes? Damn haters 🙄
Crystal 19 hours ago
Just marry me now 🙌🏽
Corey Mason
Corey Mason 20 hours ago
Bro really legit I swear got goosebumps after every note...I hope this man win
meeshell 20 hours ago
You better smile at yoself!!!!
stevetdeacon 20 hours ago
Cant wait to download his album!!!
kel m
kel m 21 hour ago
Allison McBride
Allison McBride 21 hour ago
these are the kinda people we should be hearing on the radio....
Justice San
Justice San 21 hour ago
For some reason his voice sounds looks alike phill Collins .. I can’t 🛑 listening to it . I love it
pepper jack
pepper jack 22 hours ago
i feel that man..
lizzyelvitap tap
lizzyelvitap tap 22 hours ago
I will marry this man some day
Mitch Brewer
Mitch Brewer 22 hours ago
BRING BACK STUDIO VERSIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Titesheia Shermannorwood
I don't listen to country, but Kirk makes me want to! This is beautiful!
Diana O
Diana O 23 hours ago
Cub Cariboo
Cub Cariboo 23 hours ago
Damn he is good!
Martha Is Real
Martha Is Real 23 hours ago
Him and my bro know each other
victor naga
victor naga Day ago
Wow..just amazing
Jennie Sedgley
Amazing voice #JayKirk
don at fair S
Love it
Staci Shields
You are amazing!!! Country needs you!
Maggie Love509
This guy ready Legend
Maggie Love509
Can someone help me because I cannot stop watching this
Mark Baltazar
His voice is so fvcking good. Rooting for you man. Keep it up 😊
Douglas Rocha
Diferenciado!! Um dos favoritos! Ele venceu ??
joy morgan
joy morgan Day ago
I can't stop listening. Beautifully done!!😶
Jessica jaycieqa
I end up replaying this like 10x.. 😢😢😢😢😢😢.. 💔
Isaac Javan
Isaac Javan Day ago
Kirks voice absolutely comes from the spirit of a worshipper! He has an advantage that most singers on that show do NOT. He was born in that CHURCH! You can hear the emotion through every song he sings he is a worshipper!
krishna T.
krishna T. Day ago
So genuine and pure
Katie Stanback
He’s going to win.. I can definitely see him being on the radio, and that’s when they win!! He’s the only one this season that sounds like he would be on the radio, so he’s definitely going to win!!
Rodreeka Sanders
I really thought KirkJay sings gospel music . Because all of his videos I saw on Facebook were gospel but who cares
vaga faalavaau
Carol Lachance
Now this is pure music I can truly enjoy I frankly don't care for performances that are way over the top like you're listening or watching acrobatics because that doesn't impress me.
Mai Anh Vũ
Mai Anh Vũ Day ago
the most beautiful performance that I've ever seen on The Voice
fauziah mahmud
Beautifully sung Kirk. Leave me in tears...❤❤❤
Agness Banda
Agness Banda Day ago
He better win
Amir Khani
Amir Khani Day ago
good job, He really has a soulful voice.
lucy stephanie
his voice is so emotional.. im falling in love w this song because of him
Alidia Joseph
His first performance got stuck in my head for a week..
meithya prasetya
Country Soul?
Jade B
Jade B Day ago
Reign Lhyt of Gratitude
Jennifer's yelling like a proud mama and Blake looking like a proud father. I'm emotional and my ears and eyes feel good like a proud girlfriend☺
Reign Lhyt of Gratitude
I like this song and his voice. What's the name of the artist he's covering?
Edgar Volkov
Edgar Volkov Day ago
Brett Young
David Brown-Rodriguez
The tambor in this man's voice is captivating. I can see and hear this on the Opry stage. He was born to do this!
sorush Freeman
He is not only the winner of the voice He is also a new born 🌟 ! Go Kirk you are on the right direction!👍👏
Kritacul Day ago
He being a country artist would bring a whole new dynamic with the soul he brings to it. Him and Abby Cates are the most talented on the show right now and I could see either one of them winning.
Lenise Roberts
I didn’t know this song until he sung it and probably would not have ever listened to it until hearing him
MJ Evans
MJ Evans Day ago
Damm is my favorite song all the time:)
kiks lilo
kiks lilo Day ago
This is the voice. Let's end the show.
Boobletown Bobby
Wow! Amazing voice
MurphysLaw95 Day ago
Very pretty. Reminds me of the country I miss.
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