KING OF THE ARCADE Challenge w/ Click!

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Join Click as we compete against each other in arcade games!
Thanks to Archie Brothers: bit.ly/2zwRz6Y
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Double Click USvid | bit.ly/DOUBLECLICK
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Click Roster:
Muselk | usvid.net/u-MrMuselk
Loserfruit | usvid.net/u-TheLoserfruit
Crayator | usvid.net/u-Crayator
BazzaGazza | usvid.net/u-BazzaGazza
Marcus | instagram.com/marcus_/
LazarBeam | usvid.net/u-LazarBeam
We have opened a PO Box! You can send your letters or packages to all of us here at Click for a chance to be featured in a future video:
PO Box 183
Pyrmont 2009


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Jun 9, 2019




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Comments 8 029
Mohamed Arda
Mohamed Arda 10 hours ago
Josiah Escamilla
Josiah Escamilla 16 hours ago
Claw machines are a f****** scam. I hate them so much. I’ve lost so much at the hands of those diabolical contraptions. They’ve taken everything precious to me. My money, my happiness, my stuffed Domo that was mine by right.
Damonta Robinson
Damonta Robinson 18 hours ago
I I vote for Marcus
Luiz Eduardo dos Santos Rezende
Fnaf :hi Pepla:☠️
GoofyGoober Will
GoofyGoober Will 2 days ago
Really Down the clown I play that every time I go to the arcade and get usually 600
ShyQuis Moore
ShyQuis Moore 2 days ago
"fuck you dory, YOU BITCH"- A QUOTE FROM LazarBeam
Dalen McCoy
Dalen McCoy 2 days ago
Elon musk is out in the first
random mixes
random mixes 3 days ago
Master Guy
Master Guy 3 days ago
Lazar and Muselk are wearing Lachys merch, they want him in to join click
Fizzy Jay
Fizzy Jay 3 days ago
I went to this place
Brandon Neville
Brandon Neville 3 days ago
lazar is thiccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc
Khan Robust
Khan Robust 4 days ago
Why is Muselk whereing Lachlan’s merch
Ryan Singh
Ryan Singh 4 days ago
There bad at the clown part I'm 13 and I got to 250
Jonathan Recendez
Callum Wittenbrink
I have this trampoline park called Flipout near m and they have an arcade. There’s a machine where you have to throw balls into holes and we just climb on the machine and place the balls in the holes. And when you get say 3, 4 or 5 tickets then pull them in and out of the ticket machine I got 75 out of 3 doing it
David Howard Crown
I tried the button pressing game and i literally got 100 how is this possible
Yeet Wolf
Yeet Wolf 5 days ago
YouTube Trepz
YouTube Trepz 5 days ago
I wanted lazarbeam to win :(
Envy Btw
Envy Btw 5 days ago
Self promoters:Hęłłø į hàvé ã gręãt çhãñńęl ÿôu śhøūłd gø wãtçh Everyone else: like for blank comment for blank who is better
Peak Golden
Peak Golden 5 days ago
Do a prank on Kath by every one dresses up as clowns and scares her
Fusion Tomato
Fusion Tomato 5 days ago
Tran 6 days ago
Thats AMF
Gacha God
Gacha God 6 days ago
I never seen Lazer in the little picture in the bid probably cause he will get them donitize
Spark Sounds
Spark Sounds 6 days ago
When cray went first I thought he would break the machine
Beta Cummins
Beta Cummins 6 days ago
FaZe Mobile
FaZe Mobile 7 days ago
there is halo fireteam raven in the back round which is pretty rare
Keagan McMahon
Keagan McMahon 7 days ago
Lazar beam is the best USvidr in the world
Kryptic Kool-Aid
Kryptic Kool-Aid 7 days ago
Cray I want more points
Michael Eskander
Michael Eskander 7 days ago
You should have just had 1v1 air hockey for the finals! 🤦‍♂️
Believer Beaver
Believer Beaver 7 days ago
Funniest vid ever I’m still laughing
3litesquad420 7 days ago
Who else laughed so fucking hard when Lannan walks across the screen like: “We’re rolling balls”🤣
Fishman Gaming
Fishman Gaming 8 days ago
fu mueslk
Aujakapo 8 days ago
Comment if Lazarbeam is cool.
XXMaddieWolfXx Wolfy
Kath:Dumb clowns your not funny your just scary Elliot:ahh freak you dory Lannan:GIMME THE FREAKING DORY OR LET IT GO OR LET IT GOO *SHAKES *SHAKES Markus:Thia is the one *WINS*
Christian Gabud
Christian Gabud 8 days ago
Cray the professional ass slapper!
anthony ramos
anthony ramos 9 days ago
Aspex 9 days ago
One time on a cruise there was a claw machine and it had watches and I won one
Joshua Edmonds
Joshua Edmonds 9 days ago
Your full of shit Elliot you said that you had to pay it’s Timezone ffs
Kyle Spears
Kyle Spears 9 days ago
WhAtS gOiNg On GuYs
Supreme Bot
Supreme Bot 9 days ago
Ash Kotzen
Ash Kotzen 9 days ago
I got 490 in down the clown before
Xandapanda Gaming
They are at Archie Brothers Arcade (I think)
terrablade n stuff
terrablade n stuff 10 days ago
I wonder why loserfruit is scared of clowns
tyleatha naumann
tyleatha naumann 10 days ago
9:18 I couldn’t stop laughing
Aaron Valencia
Aaron Valencia 10 days ago
Lazars the best
jDub1607 YT
jDub1607 YT 11 days ago
Ya'll bots. I have gotten 45,000 on ski ball before.
Divya Sailesh
Divya Sailesh 11 days ago
What lannan said: we're gonna shoot basketballs.......... What I actually heard: we're gonna shit basketballs...............
HIPHEN12YT 11 days ago
Anyone else notice the power shirts
Devon Gardner
Devon Gardner 11 days ago
Devon Gardner
Devon Gardner 11 days ago
Now we know it really happened in
YT__ Harry
YT__ Harry 11 days ago
My dreams r to be in click
L Burchfield
L Burchfield 11 days ago
Why does Lanan look drunk
Mc Muffins
Mc Muffins 12 days ago
0:09 just 0:09 describes my career
Reed Chan
Reed Chan 12 days ago
lannans shaming the warriors
Braulio Ocampo
Braulio Ocampo 12 days ago
claw. Machine Rigged sometime man
blue laser992
blue laser992 12 days ago
3,2,1 go ran into the wall
Elise HALL
Elise HALL 12 days ago
I play baseball ⚾️! 😃😃😃😃👍👍👍👍
arafa abdullah
arafa abdullah 12 days ago
lazar beam
Tom Stillwell
Tom Stillwell 12 days ago
Loses basically $400 then earns basically x4 the money they lost. (No hate )
Seth Vazquez
Seth Vazquez 12 days ago
Video: *Muselk wearing Lachlan merch*
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