Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Tony Ferguson...Someone is NOT coming to the table...

Chael Sonnen
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Chael Sonnen wonders what's holding up Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Tony Ferguson on this episode of Beyond the Fight.
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Sep 21, 2019




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Comments 2 256
Aishoo Bilal
Aishoo Bilal 6 days ago
Khabib fears only Allah and his father chael. . Tony and Khabib should fight ufc 250 and can’t wait to see king Khabib mauling tony!!!
James Martin
James Martin 15 days ago
Tony is the type of guy that scares the cage so bad that the gate won’t open.
James Martin
James Martin 15 days ago
Chizzel, what are you saying brah? Dana doesn’t want the fight to happen because there is bigger draws out there like Connor/GSP?
The Luminous One
The Luminous One 20 days ago
FERGÚS is caward
Frank Rigal
Frank Rigal 20 days ago
There is more money for the UFC in doing Mc Gregor Khabib first and the winner vs Tony later. In order to do that Dana will first anger Tony with "if he accepts the fight" talk, then offer him too little money so that Tony will turn the fight down. My advice to you Tony is: keep tranquilo, accept even a low pay, accept any conditions. Then either the fight happens or Khabib (Ali in reality) will have to be the one to pull out and you take on Mc Gregor first, then Kabib later for real money. Suerte bro, tranquilo
NY ZX14R 21 day ago
Shut up 🤐 Chael your voice is annoying!
Jonathan Gonzalez
Connor is going to KO Justin then win the rematch against khabib 🤷🏽‍♂️
Anders 20 days ago
conor is a joke
Ничего Себе
Tony wants to get paid before Khabib beats him and end his 155 career
Elio Rios
Elio Rios 21 day ago
They should pay Tony Ferguson whatever Dana paid Connor in his last fight or more ,,Ferguson is worth much more ,,he has earned much more respect, Without a doubt..
pelevizo Angami
pelevizo Angami 21 day ago
If chael iis saying someone is not coming to the table then someone is not
Buttsore In84
Buttsore In84 21 day ago
Tony wants part of the ppv sales to be added to the purse.
Ayanda S Madeira
Ayanda S Madeira 22 days ago
Dana is not coming to the table...honest truth!
theonly man
theonly man 22 days ago
Khabib isn't fighting again until feb or march. I say strip him of the belt. There's never been a champ that sits out this long between fights except maybe Woodley.
kK kk
kK kk 21 day ago
STFU!! 😂
Sigi from dem dar Hillz mon
How does that shirt exist in reality?? Mind bending. Its too bad the modeling world is so so anti gun
Gabriel Orozco
Gabriel Orozco 22 days ago
khabibs manager is being ass
Shaun wyllie
Shaun wyllie 22 days ago
Tony's the type of guy to be walking to the table just to trip on a cord
bigandfatty1 22 days ago
Tony Ferguson will smash him
ThunderGoatz 22 days ago
It's Ali. That fucking rat will not stop until the integrity of the whole sport is ruined
J Email
J Email 22 days ago
I SERIOUSLY cannot stand this moron!!!!!
Huveneers Productions
Dana wants the Conor rematch. Tony is just not getting paid. He is not gonne fight for almost nothing. I think dana doesnt want Tony-Kabhib next
mat knight
mat knight 22 days ago
Tony Ferguson is the type of guy that when ghosts sit around a campfire they tell tony stories #boogieman
fisheresque 22 days ago
Nice subtle shout out to the Patriots! 😆
Ahmed Abdullah
Ahmed Abdullah 22 days ago
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to give khabib corner advice between rounds on how to beat Tony Ferguson
Always Watching
Always Watching 23 days ago
Khabib says a lot, but it's his management that makes decisions like that for him.
BAY 8TH 718
BAY 8TH 718 23 days ago
Khabib cannot lie.i dont think he would do that.
xmark99x 23 days ago
Cheal plz stop constantly interrupting you yourself
Ikenna Onyegbula
Ikenna Onyegbula 23 days ago
The challenger may never turn the fight down, but Tony does not believe he is the challenger. He thinks he is still champion and has said so many times himself and he still carries his belt around. So, if he believes the UFC is underpaying him for this fight, he may very likely not take the offer.
Douglas Hernandez
Douglas Hernandez 23 days ago
Its Ali everytime he gets asked by the media or anyone he always dodges the tony match always if.you think I'm lying.check.out tmz and the arial aerial interview Its ali
Le-Ric Triegaardt
Le-Ric Triegaardt 23 days ago
they"ll probably announce it at the adesanya vs whittaker fight do a promo or something
Leshreddur Mitchell
I'd guess Khabib wants more money. I feel like Tony will take the fight no matter what, period, end of story. Pretty sure they won't give GSP a shot because he probably won't defend the title should he win. He's stated, he's retired and only wants fights that are big money and builds his legacy.
Paul Alderman
Paul Alderman 23 days ago
Khabib wants gsp next , it a WAY bigger fight . Money n fans . That's the next fight
Abzi 23 days ago
Chael stfu
Fiergeist 23 days ago
But.. you failed to answer the most looming question of them all. Just where does Kevin Lee fit into all of this?
Billy Raynor
Billy Raynor 23 days ago
Khabib don’t want tony!!
James Frisa
James Frisa 23 days ago
Chael,chael, chael, sherlock Holmes you are not. Khabib says he wants the fight in russia.Jeremy Stephens whom just trained with T -Ferg sayed when they would take a break they would watch Rocky 4. The UFC is trying to work out the details of a russia card imo, BEFORE they announce it. Relax lol.
unexpected things!!!!!!!!
Khabib is taking rest tony wants him for UFC 245
stephen michael
stephen michael 23 days ago
To see that fight happen in the future, both of them need to stay undefeated, but I'm afraid when the time comes, eventually one of them will be defeated by other fighter and the dream fight will be over.
Kevin Myers
Kevin Myers 23 days ago
I personally think it's that rats snitch terrorist promoter of khabibs
kK kk
kK kk 21 day ago
STFU you dirty rat!! 😂
Around The Verse
Around The Verse 24 days ago
Chael can you please speak out louder next time I can’t hear anything you say
Kayla Carter
Kayla Carter 24 days ago
Chael!! THIS COMMENT IS A MUST READ!! .. i'm a guy don't mind the chick name.. But could you do a video about... why using jui jit su & counter striking is a bad strategy cause i noticed if anderson silva hadn't had relied on counter striking and jui jitsu so much he'd probably still be a champ ... idk but i know you'll know what i'm trying to point out.. ppl who rely on ju jitsu get out pointed everytime.. pls repl yes or no so ATLEAST know you saw this comment .... Love the channel
USAFDeathFromAbove 24 days ago
Tony Ferguson is the type of guy that would walk from L.A. to New York on his lunch break.
Jonathan wyatt
Jonathan wyatt 24 days ago
Maybe new England doesn't show up?? Name a team that has showed up at more super bowls. I'll give you a while, because there aren't any.
Dj ZoO
Dj ZoO 24 days ago
C'mon Dana, PAY Tony the amount he deserves so we can watch this goddamn fight already!
tim lee
tim lee 24 days ago
tim lee
tim lee 24 days ago
When you have the volume up too loud while Chael is talking, and you're away from the mouse doing something else, and the neighbor calls the cops thinking it's a domestic thing, you answer the door to the cop and end up debating with him for 5 minutes on "whose not coming to the table"..
azah quinn
azah quinn 24 days ago
well I assume you've seen Tonys latest tweet Chael, Who do you want to blame now for not coming to the table, I have a feeling its khabib whos holding back as Tony wants Dec 14th, so stop dogging on Tony please Chael "the Fail" Sonnen and do some real research
Dylan k
Dylan k 24 days ago
Tony has been calling for that fight for years Chael. He left Paradigm management because he thought Conor was getting the fights Tony was calling for. Khabib is the one talking about fighting GSP for the sake of his legacy, talking about fighting Mayweather in boxing, etc. I feel if anyone isn't coming to the table it's Khabib, he has everything to lose and nothing to gain against an absolute monster.
Strawbs1969 24 days ago
Tony has already sent Khabib longitude, latitude and coordinates! Khabib needs to finish that burger already!
Shane Perez
Shane Perez 24 days ago
Colby's somewhere watching this crying a bit
D. Figer
D. Figer 24 days ago
it's all about keeping the door open for Conor.
fordy 24 days ago
tonys not backing out???khabibs got so much more to loose and he knows tony will cause him more problems more than anyone else.
Taskin Munna
Taskin Munna 25 days ago
Tony is the type of guy who comes under the table and signs the contract
devon sikuka
devon sikuka 25 days ago
If Coner Mcgregor comes back he should fight Nate (if he wins) for the BMF belt bc that makes it a main event, a trilogy and then I get to see Coner lose to Nate again
sbarmiueenl 25 days ago
Chael, the type of guy to pressure Tony to sign any contract Dana would put in front of him.
ABF 25 days ago
It’s his team and his sleaze-bag manager
Mike Barker
Mike Barker 25 days ago
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to make the table come to him
Nathan Wyn Evans
Nathan Wyn Evans 25 days ago
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to make a submission tap..
Julkarnein Kazal
Julkarnein Kazal 25 days ago
Khabib just fought yesterday and you're saying already that you have options if he doesn't come... 😂let him breath man, tony will be next for sure, they are just cooking you up guys, although gap vs khabib is the most till khabib has the zero, so there's a big if TF wins the gsp fight loses the weight, so you're losing one big fight. In contrast if khabib fights gsp now regardless the outcome then tony will always be there and both fight would happen and it'll be massive, bcz even if khabib loses to gsp then it wouldn't much change the picture of khabib vs TF
Didush Ez
Didush Ez 25 days ago
Khabibs manager is the problem He said Tony doesnt deserve it Smh
hogi99 25 days ago
Kabib says Tony's next but his manager comes right behind and angles for a GSP fight. Not hard to figure out who's ducking who! Of course Dana is trying to screw everyone over by booking the cheapest and not the best fights.
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