Key & Peele - Obama Meet & Greet

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President Obama has a meet & greet with group of onlookers after giving a presidential speech, but not everyone receives the same treatment.


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Sep 24, 2014




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Comments 9 927
julie robinson
julie robinson 11 hours ago
Tuck it in...I'm in there!.😅😅😅
julie robinson
julie robinson 11 hours ago
Emily George at 0.35 🤣🤣🤣🤣 no hugs 4 u babee!😂😂😂😂
NorthernN54's 19 hours ago
you know this!
Budget Madam
Budget Madam Day ago
01:19 baby dressed in blue “She is so beautiful” 😂
Ill will Ill will
Nice to meet miss rougie🤣
Lecia Costa
Lecia Costa Day ago
Marshall Joseph
Marshall Joseph 2 days ago
1/8 black
Aceman 2 days ago
I nearly died when he left the others hanging at the end.that was cold.😆
Sep Cobain
Sep Cobain 2 days ago
"1/8th black" , i dieded
Big D
Big D 3 days ago
Key and Peele need to do a family fued episode with Steve Harvey, the show usually pins White family against black family, and Steve always cuts up with blacks and ignores the whites.
mrsnakeis 3 days ago
But if a white person made the reverse of this it would be racist. But y'all ain't ready for that yet
Knightfallprotocol 22 hours ago
Have you not seen boondocks? That's Uncle ruckus' entire character.
Lemur Boy
Lemur Boy 3 days ago
1:01 had me dying bro
chucky cromers
chucky cromers 3 days ago
Racist president
Rodrick Bernstein
Implying Obama was even black
Willee85 4 days ago
I dont get it, why is he only hugging and high fiving the black folk?
RoronoaYazid Fitrratullah
Yeah Black always racism
Mcspazatron 5 days ago
NBA Cares visit sent me.
Сергей Нерезиновск
E-Man5805 5 days ago
The lady going for the hug gives me life.
xLiLDuke 5 days ago
Anyone here from the fantasy football video?
an Kamal
an Kamal 5 days ago
Hahahaha. So true!!!!
Cjstyles97 5 days ago
Live footage from the NBA cares visit
Apong Yana
Apong Yana 6 days ago
Starting from the bottom lol
Big Dire Wolf
Big Dire Wolf 6 days ago
Lmao little do black ppl know Obama wasn’t for you at all 😂
LGKids 6 days ago
Bring it in! Peace!
DieselMan88 6 days ago
I’ve seen Obama act like that. #Trump2020
chendaddy 6 days ago
Who else is here after watching him greet all the NBA Cares workers at All-Star Weekend?
John Mogaji
John Mogaji 3 days ago
chendaddy me!!😭😭😭😭 ‘how you doing, you’re doing great man’ 😂
47 til infinity
47 til infinity 7 days ago
I came here after i seen obama meet all the NBA players😂😂
Eskeee Hamilton
Eskeee Hamilton 7 days ago
Here cus he greeted the nba players and coaches and other people
4465press 7 days ago
Hundredbwoi Usagi
This skit proves me right that Keegan Key is the whitest black guy in the history of bi-racial lmaoo. Even Logic(the rapper) could out-black Key lol
angel 0f dea1h
angel 0f dea1h 7 days ago
Bit racist is it not?
angel 0f dea1h
angel 0f dea1h 5 days ago
@Little Normani no its racist if a white man would hug a black man/woman but would a white man/woman he would be ridiculed forced to leave office and have his career ruined forever.
Daquan Vincent
Daquan Vincent 7 days ago
Couldn’t Help But Watch This After Obama’s NBA Cares Visit 😂😂
Onur Tepe
Onur Tepe 8 days ago
Anyone here after the NBA Cares visit
Kenny Wright
Kenny Wright 3 days ago
Me 😂😂😂😂
Tamisha Richardson
Me 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jimmy Kiddo
Jimmy Kiddo 3 days ago
Sipho Mudau
Sipho Mudau 5 days ago
Yes lol!
ambhelena 5 days ago
Onur Tepe omg literally
Daniel Júlio
Daniel Júlio 8 days ago
Is this racist? for sure. Is it funny? hell yeah, because it is a f*** scketch. If this happened in real life by a real head of state it would inapropriate to say the least, but this is the best part of humor. You can make fun and have some laughs about a real issue. it reveals the hypocrasies of the world in some ways
hassan ullahsatti
Green Giant
Green Giant 9 days ago
I wouldn’t expect nothing else from a racist.
Kelvin Sebastian
Kelvin Sebastian 9 days ago
He’s too good a actor all these roles they play all together they are amazing
Kelvin Sebastian
Kelvin Sebastian 9 days ago
0:40 that was some black connection too smooth
DOJO Batman
DOJO Batman 5 days ago
The shit was beautiful
Pavle Mitrovic
Pavle Mitrovic 9 days ago
if a white man did it, it would be racist
kikiwest2001 6 days ago
Pavle Mitrovic do what? Shake peoples hand
Last First
Last First 9 days ago
Bodyguard: 1/8 black Obama: Nice to meetcha man!
Uganda knuckles
Uganda knuckles 10 days ago
I notice he disliked all the white people 😂
Movies Clips
Movies Clips 10 days ago
You spread wrong image of Obama
Mike Quinlivan
Mike Quinlivan 10 days ago
Afternoon my octoroon has to be one of the funniest sentences ever said! 😂
zeem estino
zeem estino 10 days ago
hahaha he will only greet white people
Wes Desilets
Wes Desilets 10 days ago
Actually a politician at his best..lol.
Manuel Barro
Manuel Barro 10 days ago
If Bush was Black
Tim Pollock
Tim Pollock 11 days ago
Emily George Nice to meet u lol
badman893 11 days ago
im here again from the conan podcast
jaz singh
jaz singh 11 days ago
He told the baby’s mother, I want another one lol
Sophia M
Sophia M 11 days ago
The Legend of Zelda and Dragon Quest versions of this are even funnier.
Ogeezy Jim Pickens
Ogeezy Jim Pickens 12 days ago
I'm in dere
tyrone williams
tyrone williams 12 days ago
"Never forget about that, because that's all we got."
Les Vegas
Les Vegas 6 days ago
tyrone williams 😂 😆 that had me weak!
Michael Mars
Michael Mars 12 days ago
This really happened just not with Obama.
GoldenJaguar 12 days ago
*Nice to meet you*
Johny L.
Johny L. 12 days ago
YOU know this 😂🤣😂
Eli Andrade
Eli Andrade 13 days ago
nice to meet you ms.rujee.
Maria Georgiou
Maria Georgiou 13 days ago
This sketch never gets OLD 😂😂😂😂😂
fernando quiñones
fernando quiñones 13 days ago
So this is the original source where countless of memes videos have been created by
WorldWarHulk 14 days ago
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