kermit's 9th birthday

julien solomita
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Jun 21, 2019

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Comments 7 948
Trevor Mayfield
Trevor Mayfield 10 hours ago
I know that this is late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY NASTY 🎂
summer & Crystal TV
summer & Crystal TV 14 hours ago
Happy birthday to cremt♡
Chelsea Bear123
Chelsea Bear123 16 hours ago
I ment Kermit
Chelsea Bear123
Chelsea Bear123 17 hours ago
Happy birthday cermit by the way I know when his birthday is it is the 27 June
Gillian Rupp
Gillian Rupp 17 hours ago
No offense but you look like my uncle that raped my cousin...
Mimas Music
Mimas Music 19 hours ago
Today i have too Birthday (13th).
Thanos' wife Akima
loving the Disney ariel singing at the beginning
Roxanne Morgan
Happy birthday kermit
schmidt schmidt
Of course kermit is a cancer
Beth Meyers
Beth Meyers Day ago
One month later the paint is sratched off the door frame and the bell is destroyed.
Ashley The Band Nerd
The face that Kermit makes when Julien is holding him is literally what my phone sees all day😂😂😂
Maxx Ryde
Maxx Ryde Day ago
You guys love them more than my parents love me
Going from this to the video when Jenna got Kermit, I'm like, almost crying.
Samantha Hirsch
Bunny is so sweet asdfhjsllk
T DMJ 2 days ago
I want a Cermit kiss!
Dubious Seed
Dubious Seed 2 days ago
Kermit's theme song is Pity Party and you can't change my mind.
AppleRaple 2 days ago
Yiu should teach the dogs to touch a post stick note with their nose and then put it in the doorbell thing and everytime they touch it give then a treat and open the door. And slowly start to make the post stick note smaller. Would be much easier for them :)
Elizabeth Hogan
Elizabeth Hogan 2 days ago
I keep replaying the video to hear the "iz my birf" song.
Universe Milkshake
When Kermit dies. We are ALL going to turn into Nasty bois!
anayah anthony
anayah anthony 2 days ago
Jenna marbles singing Happy birthday to Kermit reminds me when Betty sang Jughead happy birthday
Stephanie Awesomeness
Happy birthday Kirmit 🍰🎁🎂🎈🎉🕯️
Veronica L. Brümmer
Happy Bday Kermit🎂🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 We love you!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩
Beate Svenningsen og Liv Solemdal
I love how happy marble is ❤️
SherryGaming 2 days ago
Kermit needs to aim
grrrystal 2 days ago
0:35 The entire beginning of the video, Kermit is just like, “Finally! It’s MY birthday!”
soggy cupacakes are still good
_i want to be your dog_
katie wence
katie wence 3 days ago
12:19 kermits face haha
Awkward_lil_ potter head
This is the first video ever where Kermit’s not crying
Zara Suvi
Zara Suvi 3 days ago
Kermit is literally my spirit animal
Nick 3 days ago
Kermit could have blown out the candle himself with his wheezing
into the mystic
into the mystic 3 days ago
How did I miss this?!!!
Jordy the meme man
Her dogs are soo God damn cute
hhhnguh 4 days ago
this sparked joy
Jaicob Perez
Jaicob Perez 4 days ago
The Meable airplane 7:27
OUSO OnTheBeat
OUSO OnTheBeat 4 days ago
9:00 No touchie must get snac
Kek Cat
Kek Cat 4 days ago
Kermit's like in his mid 50s now,,,,but he's been having life crises for so long
Morales R
Morales R 5 days ago
Omg kermit's birthday was before mine 😇😇❤
• Topaz • Indigo
*he used to be the puppee of le family but now he ol man*
out side the box out side the box
very good x usvid.net/video/video-8WJsIj05Rx8.html
Teecup 5 days ago
Is Kermits birth. Buys bunny toys.
Daisy Daily
Daisy Daily 5 days ago
This was posted on my birthday 🥳🥳
HemorrhagicPanda 5 days ago
Jenna: “Is it your birth?” *mango and Bambi making out intensely behind cermit* Cermit: *cries*
Τίγρη Kogo
Τίγρη Kogo 5 days ago
Marbles has stolen my heart 😭❤️
Philippe Micheli
Philippe Micheli 5 days ago
Cant believe kermit is 9!
Sarah VanSickle
Sarah VanSickle 5 days ago
Happy birthday Kermit
Wilson Castillo
Wilson Castillo 6 days ago
You guys barely paid any attention to kirmet and it's his birthday not trying to be rude
Ana 6 days ago
it's kermits birth
Braylon Gretencord
Is cermet going to grow?
saba 6 days ago
watching dogs learn to do things by association is so cool
Nattyboo 06
Nattyboo 06 6 days ago
Thank God cermet didn't rip his face off
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