Kelly Price, Luke James & More Sing Verse For Verse In This Cypher | Soul Train Awards 2018

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Erykah Badu, Kelly Price, BJ The Chicago Kid, Luke James, Queen Naija, Robert Glasper And Thundercat show out in the soul cypher!
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Nov 27, 2018




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Comments 6 154
Bruce Harrington
Bruce Harrington 11 hours ago
I wonder if Luke did his verse off the top!!!
Trxckz TV
Trxckz TV Day ago
This is on constant repeat - this will never get old
Chanty Curtis
Luke James and Kelly 🔥🔥🔥
Michael Dean
Michael Dean Day ago
BJ impressed me the most here. He ATE his part. Pure soul.
Oscar Myers
Oscar Myers 2 days ago
Who else was waiting for miss Price to enter and execute🔥
Da'Yonce Mayberry
😍😍😍 a song w/ them!!
Trin Trin
Trin Trin 3 days ago
Queen look beautiful asf😍😍😍
Rocky P
Rocky P 3 days ago
Bj’s voice 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️
that boy T
that boy T 4 days ago
I still listen to this once day 😍
Destiny Hammons
Destiny Hammons 4 days ago
First of all I’m in love with Luke 😩
ooh_laa_la_cassy 5 days ago
Watch this often!!!!! Black talent baby!!!!!! Love you Kelly Price!!!!
Rome Legeai LLC
Rome Legeai LLC 5 days ago
2017 was better
Cameron Johnson
Cameron Johnson 6 days ago
Vocal power
Leslie Rich
Leslie Rich 6 days ago
i want a Kelly and Luke collab track
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown 7 days ago
I loveeeee Kelly Price’s part. She KILLED it as always!! 🙌🏽🔥
Iris E
Iris E 7 days ago
Luke James is in the movie Little. Man, when he sings that low note 😍.
K B 8 days ago
I always come back and go straight to Kelly Price’s verse ❤️
Ma-trix Game_changer
This shit would've went crazy if tone stith was here his vocal range is wild
Shakera Stevenson
The 1st guy can sing!!! Like his tone just chills and Kelly price girl no words 🔥🔥🔥 honorable mention to Luke i like queen Nija but must have had a off day
Sarah Armani
Sarah Armani 9 days ago
I love queen naija she sounds like zhavia❤️
Jenna McNellage
Jenna McNellage 10 days ago
Kelly held back too! She would have murdered them
Dhk4 11 days ago
0:39 go off BJ!!!!!!!!!
La Toya Champion
La Toya Champion 11 days ago
Amber Evans
Amber Evans 11 days ago
I wish Luke James let everyone have they moment lol but everyone did good 💯💯💯
allen green
allen green 11 days ago
Who else heard that church riff glasper hit at 4:32
Erykah Gray
Erykah Gray 12 days ago
Brittany Leslie
Brittany Leslie 12 days ago
The first guy was the best!
Mike 13 days ago
Can we have more of these
Nesa Joyner
Nesa Joyner 14 days ago
I love u Luke!!!!!!!! U the best baby
April 2019??
rebecca luster
rebecca luster 14 days ago
I wish Erykah's part was longer
Destiny Jasmine
Destiny Jasmine 15 days ago
Can we talk about how cute badu’s make up and lip gloss was?! Like she’s the Queen of style and originality 🔥🔥
Keyira Francis
Keyira Francis 15 days ago
Bj we felt that baby 👌🙌❤
Sherell Bains
Sherell Bains 15 days ago
Lawd, we miss Kelly...
Keyira Francis
Keyira Francis 16 days ago
Queen Naija-Karma... I love that song ❤😍
Zai Self Defense.
Zai Self Defense. 16 days ago
Miss Kelly Price and BOTH dem Brothas Took off on this !!!!
Johnnie Moore
Johnnie Moore 16 days ago
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown 17 days ago
This cypher legendary!!!#kellyPrice
Obbie Chalwe
Obbie Chalwe 17 days ago
Luke James big up. I like the vibes
smearymoch9 18 days ago
Who is still watching this after Nipseys Death🙏. "If only you knew how much we do love you"💔💔 praying for Lauren and the rest of the family💓💫🙏
Adrian 18 days ago
Bj the chicago kid, was gifted with a amazing voice.
Marie Robinson
Marie Robinson 18 days ago
Ms. Kelly Price!!!!!!!!!
kulemucho 19 days ago
I feel sorry that no one is mentioning Queen Naija in the comments lol i see you girl you did your thang sis
MsYoVon ItsG
MsYoVon ItsG 19 days ago
It was a mistake to put QN on stage with a powerhouse like Kelly Price
Yvette Williams
Yvette Williams 20 days ago
Kelly and Luke need to seriously get in the studio and do a COLLAB!
Rhanji 2n8
Rhanji 2n8 15 days ago
I thought the same 💜
Doris G
Doris G 20 days ago
BJ the kid is straight up FIRE!!!!!! His voice is so soulful with that natural smoothness, BJ should be named the King of R and B!!!!
B MOORE 20 days ago
I really wish Amber Riley performed in this and didn’t just do the red carpet.. doe would’ve killed this
Taylor Stevenson
Taylor Stevenson 21 day ago
Johnnie Moore
Johnnie Moore 22 days ago
3/30/2019 😎
ExotikZBoy17 22 days ago
All these underrated singers
T Rogers
T Rogers 22 days ago
Yvette Williams
Yvette Williams 22 days ago
There were all blazzzzzzing!
So You Mad
So You Mad 22 days ago
The really put Kelly price in a cypher wtf soul train do u not kno shes a legend like they so disrespectful.
Yvette Williams
Yvette Williams 22 days ago
One of the best ones evvvvvvva! love them all, LUKE IS A BEAST!
Ashley Collins-Patterson
BJ just preached to yawl and you heathens didnt hear the message!!
Bernice Hudson
Bernice Hudson 23 days ago
Luke James is a beast
Mike Fields
Mike Fields 23 days ago
Kelly Price wasn’t playing around...
Raul Torres
Raul Torres 23 days ago
All I have to say is Luke James & Kelly Price killed it!!!! They both need to do a song together ASAP!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Lia M
Lia M 23 days ago
Yes ms kellyyyyy, so effortless
Dana Macklin
Dana Macklin 24 days ago
Daynisha V
Daynisha V 25 days ago
When he said “ohh no she wasn’t” ❣️
T. McIver
T. McIver 25 days ago
Jalissa Taylor
Jalissa Taylor 25 days ago
I love Kelly Price so much ❤️💕😍
Stace T
Stace T 25 days ago
Kelly P needed her own cypher....but BJ snapped Chitown we in here
Jazmine Cook
Jazmine Cook 25 days ago
Shout to bj and kelly they all killed it
Mallory Fields
Mallory Fields 25 days ago
BJ is a walking ministry!!!! Cause child I just ran watching this!!! He just completely ministered to my soul in 30 seconds! #GodGivenTalent
Jon FX MasterMinds
Jon FX MasterMinds 26 days ago
Luke bro! 2:10
Jon FX MasterMinds
Jon FX MasterMinds 26 days ago
Jaden Fillius
Jaden Fillius 26 days ago
Kelly price just killed everyone 💯
sidthekid456 26 days ago
ROCHELLE B. 27 days ago
WTH!! Thumbs down Really guess everyone has a right to say..
Adrane' Alexander
Adrane' Alexander 27 days ago
All the beats just scream zhavia to me😂, but ❤️❤️❤️!!
Tanisha W
Tanisha W 27 days ago
Fammm that bj guys voice 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
CrazyShyt 28 days ago
I need brandy
Q Snipes
Q Snipes 28 days ago
Damn I Love Kelly Price
Tonya Amos
Tonya Amos 29 days ago
Kelly Price killed it
The Trend
The Trend 29 days ago
I knew it was Thundercat without them saying so
Nakita Gittens
Nakita Gittens 29 days ago
Yes you know where you wanna go
Nakita Gittens
Nakita Gittens 29 days ago
Hi bj!!!!!! HMU
Kee Melody
Kee Melody 29 days ago
Luke James is the MVP!!!! The way he announced Queen Kellz tho!!!!
Johnnie Moore
Johnnie Moore 29 days ago
Johnnie Moore
Johnnie Moore 29 days ago
The P
The P 29 days ago
Luke...... you can sing man.. but.. you gotta chill out. You doin too much . We wanna hear KELLY not you....
Dee Rich
Dee Rich 29 days ago
He was just excited by her gift and couldn't sit quiet. It moved me too..but I stayed quiet. You feel it in your soul and It makes you want to sing too!
Joyce Month ago
You don’t understand how much I adore these performances ahhhh❤️😍😍
David Avalos
David Avalos 27 days ago
Them simple pleasures Joyce.
chell Month ago
I'm really mad that they had Queen on there did they not rehearse so they could've seen what she sound like now don't get me wrong at one point I loved Chris and queen Queens two songs that were the hottest on the charts but they could have got anyone else shit little mo would've killed it Lauryn Hill even though I know she wouldn't have did it she's above a lot of things she's on a different level but Fantasia would've blew that out the park don't get me wrong Queen can sing and she grew up in the church but she don't sound like know Lil Mo Fantasia etc all of the old school singers singers I'm talking 90s singers SWV Faith Evans Escape they could have got anybody I'm not hating but Queen's performance was garbage
Vel Boone
Vel Boone Month ago
Vel Boone
Vel Boone Month ago
John Doe
John Doe Month ago
Music excellence with an ole stool twist.
Keelin Johnson
Keelin Johnson Month ago
Kelly price better be on the next Soul Train Awards
johnathan Franklin
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Johnnie Moore
Johnnie Moore Month ago
Kelly price and dude from the begging keep bring me back man its march of 2019 this is so dope love kelly price
Trelltoowild Month ago
I can say about 400000 of those views are me cuz I be watching this all the time
Nic Jackson
Nic Jackson Month ago
The Grammys could never put this together.
Ayo Rell
Ayo Rell Month ago
Kelly took everybody to school on this one
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson Month ago
Everyone on this stage has range, pitch, and vocals !!! Especially Queen E. Badu.
Tobi kavelli
Tobi kavelli Month ago
Queen and luke 🤟🏻🤟🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🤟🏻🔥🔥🔥
Ngelemar Weapons
I'm so in love with this Miss Badulla Oblongata 😘
feefeelaflare Month ago
I had no clue BJ could sing like that 😲😲😲
Tiv Smith
Tiv Smith Month ago
That “took all I had” had me shouting!! 💯💯💃🏾💃🏾
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