Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Royce Gracie

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SoftBank presents Dynamite!! USA in association with ProElit (02nd, June 2007 / Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, U.S.A.)
[ MMA Rules / 5Min 3R ]
Kazushi Sakuraba (Japan) vs. Royce Gracie (Brazil)


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Dec 17, 2009




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Comments 6 317
Adam Macias
Adam Macias 4 hours ago
I'm going to get hate for this but the truth is Gracie Jiu Jitsu was not meant for sport, it was meant for the street. You can't slam someone's head on concrete, bite, pull hair, twist a sack or anything like that with rules, gloves, a referee and judges. That's why the Gracie's struggle so bad with fights like this. It's not their game anymore. Their training is revolved around the streets. Which is amazing but it's not reflected in fights like this.
Romildo Silva
Romildo Silva 8 hours ago
Jiu Jitsu
renato lopes
renato lopes 12 hours ago
Gozado 1 km de vantagem pro sakuraba passou um trem em cima dele esses gringos tem que ter uma coisa que se chama noção.
xavier lopez
xavier lopez 19 hours ago
Damn I miss great Japanese fighters
Henrique Santos
Henrique Santos 2 days ago
I like his fighting style. It is not about win or loses, it is about how to put energy in fights. It is about to be the best... but your best, improve every day, every battle, step by step. Training hard :) Saku is my favorite fighter.
Федор Фуртов
Победил сакуши хотя грейси на стероидах как всегда
Edil Artiaga
Edil Artiaga 3 days ago
Years are gone by ..every one is getting smarter..no more floor . Summation .....plus he is not cheating holding his uniform. Like he is done in the past..
ebaymotorhomes 4 days ago
I didn't watch the whole fight but it looks to me like Gracie won. Also everybody's on steroids in this game so cut Gracie a break, he's skinny as f*** to begin with. anyway
Jay T
Jay T 4 days ago
I guess he was that desperate to get the win on sakuraba...
Helloween 4 days ago
Royce monstro oss!!
Michael Williams
Michael Williams 4 days ago
Professor Teacher
Essa foi mais uma das inúmeras armações da família Gracie. Royce apanhou muito.
Bronze Rhyme
Bronze Rhyme 5 days ago
Ozzy Ur daddy
Ozzy Ur daddy 6 days ago
Im a Gracie fan, and I gotta say he didn't win this 1.
rocket queen
rocket queen 6 days ago
Lizard's family lost that night
Lion 8 days ago
4:00 the way sakuraba predicted and countered that punch was beautiful.
Private Joker
Private Joker 8 days ago
So we all know that this is actually a loss due to steroid use. It doesnt matter what the books say, sakuraba won this and the Gracies will live in shame for the rest of their lives because of it.
Nick Anon
Nick Anon 8 days ago
All the SOBs booing.... Literally makes 0 sense. This isn't BOXING. If you wanna watch BOXING then go watch BOXING. This is more technical than BOXING. If you're confused about the difference between MMA and BOXING, then go watch BOXING FFS!!!
Platoon 2114
Platoon 2114 8 days ago
The guy yelling at the crowd can seriously go fuck himself
Bendamin Veganson
Upload the gracie loss
Mitchell Johnson
Mitchell Johnson 8 days ago
"The Gracie Killer" has got to be the most badass nickname in MMA.
Mitchell Johnson
Mitchell Johnson 5 days ago
@boiiii they both work 😂
boiiii 5 days ago
The Gracie hunter*
Jesus Rey Pingkian
Royce Crazie won this fight??? Hahahaha
Dombaili 10 days ago
Holy shit Royce rode the dick of sakuraba while on steroids? How bad is he??
Sean Oxborough
Sean Oxborough 10 days ago
Win by huggs
Knarf Trakiul
Knarf Trakiul 11 days ago
Lol he didn't gain any muscle mass from steroids how did it help him
Митя Плотников
Мой дед также пиздится бухим тоже из грейси наверное...
SomeKinda DruidDude
Royce Disgracie
Juan Carlos Castaneira
A lot of Royce hatred in here,if you see Kazushi won this fight you need some glasses. First a Second round Royce got does rounds with high kick to the head, legs and buddy now 3 round was even.
Marcelo Jimenez
Marcelo Jimenez 12 days ago
Gracies fixing fights as usual.
Pikachu 14 days ago
It’s crazy how Royce used steroids for his fights but somehow y’all find a way to defend him... we obviously know what the Gracies have done for MMA, but steroid use is unacceptable and deserves to lose credibility for it. Don’t be saying “oh other fighters used it too” that’s a dumb argument
Nick Anon
Nick Anon 8 days ago
@Bendamin Veganson Bullshit. Prove it.
Bendamin Veganson
Everyone gets discredited for using steroids the same way
Nicholas O'Neal
Nicholas O'Neal 9 days ago
Well the thing is Royce denied that he used steroids. Also, they point is people don judge other fighters as much for steroid use
abc z
abc z 14 days ago
royce trying to break dance but sakuraba keep trolling him.
gatot irfan
gatot irfan 14 days ago
Kazushi is the killer Gracies family. Royce never win if fight with Kazushi. Kazushi have skill better than Royce Gracie..
Daniel Moore
Daniel Moore 14 days ago
Kinda bullshit. But they seemed evenly matched. Royce was very aggressive. I figured on a draw or maybe split decision win for Royce. But unanymous? Especially that one judge's score had Royce way ahead, like it wasn't even close. But it was in LA. Sakuraba had to win more decisively to get the win where Royce lives. Kinda like how a close fight won't strip a champion of his belt.
Leopold Robatche
Leopold Robatche 14 days ago
Sakubara is a noble fair fighter ! That's all!!!
Silas Murphy
Silas Murphy 15 days ago
Really: a boxing ring (ropes) this match needs the octagon
Silas Murphy
Silas Murphy 12 days ago
@Marcelo Jimenez OK but I see they about to fall through the ropes
Marcelo Jimenez
Marcelo Jimenez 12 days ago
Silas Murphy people use the cage to defend takedowns too much. I preferred PRIDE and K1 back in the day and most MMA fans did.
emerson marthins
emerson marthins 15 days ago
Sakuraba sempre sakuraba
Alberto Mendoza
Alberto Mendoza 17 days ago
peleas de adeberas las hizo el gran maestro MAS OYAMA ese si se le pueder llamar un peleador estos son putitos al lado de mas OYAMA
Alberto Mendoza
Alberto Mendoza 17 days ago
Realmente eso no se puede llamar un ganador
Reflex 17 days ago
I was actually there that night. So cool to relive this moment from 12 years ago.
Mario Bojorquez
Mario Bojorquez 15 days ago
Reflex exactly
Reflex 15 days ago
@Mario Bojorquez proof that I was one of the tens of thousands of people that bought a ticket for a fight? A ticket anyone could have bought? Lol.
Mario Bojorquez
Mario Bojorquez 15 days ago
Reflex proof
Eric Nielsen
Eric Nielsen 19 days ago
Bunch of Sakuraba dick riders..he did nothing to clearly win this fight. It was very defensive on both sides..if was so great, he should have took it out of the judges hands.
CoachMikesFilmRoom 16 days ago
actually he did. he didn't take roids like Royce did. lol
J R Deckard
J R Deckard 19 days ago
The people who say Gracie didn't win this fight are on roids.
Captain appletits
Captain appletits 20 days ago
Jeeezzz sakuraba had insane strength
jp787 20 days ago
I think sakuraba got richer with This fight. I'm pretty sure they paid him to lose.
Josuegomes Gomes
Josuegomes Gomes 21 day ago
Luta lixo
squiziph 21 day ago
Thomas O'Dowd
Thomas O'Dowd 22 days ago
It seems that Gracie just knows how to cling on until you're bored to death. Sakuraba should have won.
Lourival faro
Lourival faro 22 days ago
lutador brasileiro calma kkk
D. Tarkwon
D. Tarkwon 23 days ago
This fight sucks
Errol Torres
Errol Torres 24 days ago
Sakuraba dominated. Fixed fight?
Sargento Hugo Stigletz
Roubaram legal!
Só tabefe no pé da urear kkkkkroice
Lucrecio Paiva
Lucrecio Paiva 26 days ago
Contra imagens não a argumentos sempre ouvi que sakuraba havia derrotado a todos os Gracie e hj vejo a verdade o cara e bom mas o vencedor foi roice
José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici
Achei a decisão meio roubada .
Ruan Lacerda
Ruan Lacerda 26 days ago
Masahiko Kimura e kasushi Sakuraba duas lendas ..luta muito roubada ,Sakuraba dominou totalmente o Royce
Carlos Reghis
Carlos Reghis 28 days ago
Have rematch in the cage or octagon.
CoachMikesFilmRoom 27 days ago
why? Saku dominated the first and Royce roided for this one.
Rusty James
Rusty James 29 days ago
Bunch of bullshit
S O 29 days ago
30 27 ok
Apaixonado por artes marciais.
Royce se aponsentou sem ganhar do Sakuraba! Ele e a família....
Carlos Castanheiro
Wow the people in the comment section are so stupid lol. You don't know how to fight stfu. It was an amazing fight, Royce clearly won that, both fighters were really good for a fight with rules obviously. If there were no rules and they could use elbows, it would be much different and much more dangerous , but much more spectacular too. The people in the comment section acting like they know better is pathetic , respect these two legends.
Esperanza Sánchez
El JiuJistu no lo es todo!!
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