Juventus 2-1 Verona | Ramsey Scores First Goal For Juve! | Serie A

Serie A
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Ramsey and Ronaldo goals secure win over Verona.
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Sep 21, 2019




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Comments 1 886
Emrah Arijana Bercw
Pijanic ronaldo
john milla
john milla 10 days ago
Goals a goal. Even though it was a deflection from the common rear end 😂.
BLUBOT 24 13 days ago
Aaron Ramsey:scores a goal Every Celebrity:Im in danger
THE JOSE 14 days ago
Alguien sabe quien murió ? Por el gol de Ramsey
The inky Squid
The inky Squid 15 days ago
Take a bow Veloso, what s goal
sayyam zahid
sayyam zahid 17 days ago
Mark Miliani
Mark Miliani 18 days ago
PENALdo !!!! like always !! ...easy goals shouldnt count ...overrated player !!
Themike game896
Themike game896 19 days ago
Rip Jose Jose
sartono sartono
sartono sartono 20 days ago
Sopa Maruchan
Sopa Maruchan 20 days ago
En mexico murió hace dias un cantante famoso.
tlakyto _
tlakyto _ 20 days ago
Jose jose :(
Joel T
Joel T 20 days ago
Murió José José porque Aarón Ramsey porqueeeeeee
Armando Esteban Quito
ok some one died
Erick Bv
Erick Bv 21 day ago
José Jose Is death
Emanuel Vega
Emanuel Vega 21 day ago
Mataste a José José pinchi Ramsey
Gustavo Alberto
Gustavo Alberto 21 day ago
R.I.P José José
Esteban Cervantes
José José Rip
CRISTO 56YT56 21 day ago
Hoy 28 septiembre murió jose José la maldición de Ramsey sigue
Said 7u7
Said 7u7 21 day ago
Soy sub :v
DINOKET ALV 21 day ago
Ahora la víctima fue José José
david09955 21 day ago
Ya murio JOSE JOSE
jose antonio jaime linares
Q.u.e.p José José por el gol de ramsey
Brandon Rodriguez
Con razón falleció el cantante mexicano José José
Rene Matute
Rene Matute 21 day ago
Jose Jose just died, thank you Ramsey
Dannery Martínez
José José dies.
Emiliano W Salazar G
4L3X YT 21 day ago
U mean pimonte calcio
Victor Gonzalez garcia
Te pasas ya me mataste a jose jose
velascaux 21 day ago
RIP Jose Jose
Cesar Sach
Cesar Sach 21 day ago
RIP: José José "Príncipe de la canción"
Christopher Gonzalez
Se murio jose jose :v
Retro Gaming
Retro Gaming 21 day ago
RIP José José, mexican singer. Ramsey goal?
Andres Vilchez
Andres Vilchez 21 day ago
No ; 22 september chef carl ruiz restaurant cubana
joseph Williams
joseph Williams 21 day ago
So no ones gonna talk about the first goal? Okay then
Youtube GAMER
Youtube GAMER 22 days ago
Merih Demiral VS De Ligt
Станислав Телегин
Great respect to both legends. Hope Buffon will not spoil his honor by continuing career for too long, it would be terrible to see him playing bad
Roj Jabrael
Roj Jabrael 22 days ago
Ok, Ramsey made the deal done. The former French president Jack Chirac has died.....
misolou fout
misolou fout 22 days ago
Forza juve ⚪⚫♥️
Juventus Italian
Juventus Italian 22 days ago
Hello welcome you tube I LOVE YOU JUVENTU$.
Imad Rachidi
Imad Rachidi 22 days ago
Ramsey scored, Jacques Chirac died.
Curious BO
Curious BO 23 days ago
Falleció uno de los productores de los Simpson y rick and morty.... Así que.... Ya van un famoso
misolou fout
misolou fout 22 days ago
Rambo 🔥🔥🔥💯
Luizinho Lyon
Luizinho Lyon 23 days ago
CR7 Maior Finalizador de todos os tempos.
Mr. Sundar
Mr. Sundar 23 days ago
Ramsey scores! I vote Trump!!
Tanaad Tv
Tanaad Tv 23 days ago
Treat to watch him play.
afutla qian
afutla qian 24 days ago
Karen Romero E435
Karen Romero E435 24 days ago
Forza Juve arriba Juventus 🏆🏆🏆⚽ ⚽⚽⚽⚽
Bijay Tamang
Bijay Tamang 24 days ago
Which Celebrity Died??😁😁 #RamseyCurse
CrunkKing232 24 days ago
Miguel Veloso! Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time
afutla qian
afutla qian 24 days ago
If a ball comes off the bar on a pk I thought an opposing player had to touch it before you can rebound. Can anyone clarify this for me?
Puppet lover
Puppet lover 24 days ago
Türkler burada mı? Demiral🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Xpl0dingLee 2k
Xpl0dingLee 2k 25 days ago
So happy to see Ramsey playing with players of his quality
MemeGod 25 days ago
Rip real madrid
arif mark007
arif mark007 25 days ago
I love Juventus
Puppet lover
Puppet lover 24 days ago
Demiral making WWE type tackle😮 No offense to Buffon but Juventus need to younger keeper for present and future 🤔 Ramsey goal by deflection 🤗
we humans need nothing but Peace&joy
Finaly Dybala gets game time⚽💪
Michelle O
Michelle O 25 days ago
Having Ramsey & Szczęsny on the same team again
Deep hug
Deep hug 25 days ago
Aaron!!! With ❤️ from Arsenal
JVERSE254 25 days ago
Rambo 🔥🔥🔥💯
Umut Yagci
Umut Yagci 25 days ago
David Faitelson
David Faitelson 25 days ago
Ramsey scores , J. Michel Mendel dies incredible
Deep hug
Deep hug 25 days ago
Ramsay Arsenal 🤣🤣🤣 Quadrado Chelsea 🤣🤣🤣 Ronaldo Real Madrid 🤣🤣🤣 Disposed bt recycled well
Ryan Nethro
Ryan Nethro 25 days ago
Well. The productor dies.
Zeb Coff
Zeb Coff 25 days ago
Which celebrity has died then?
MUO muo
MUO muo 25 days ago
NIKA - I very love s*x :* TAP ON MY PHOTO
very cooll, guy ;)
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