Justin Timberlake: 5 Second Rule 'The Ellen Show' (CC en Español)

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November 4, 2016

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Nov 5, 2016




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Comments 546
MrNikkimaxine 7 hours ago
See I have
Jaime Currie
Jaime Currie Day ago
Ellen and Mario’s discomfort when Justin references an R Kelly song 😬
LiXiao Long
LiXiao Long Day ago
Hi Mario,
Hunter Andrews
Hunter Andrews 2 days ago
The girl to the left at the very end looks very unimpressed. Need a screenshot of that face as a reaction meme lol
Serena Violante
Serena Violante 4 days ago
Just a small side note U people can sat Italian words even without sounding like supermario
Brianna Ellison
Brianna Ellison 10 days ago
Justin Timberlake was so offended
MrNikkimaxine 14 days ago
For my father tall that for me I didn’t for my mother as well so what to saying to Willy for me do now I will do something I did to my mother as well she got lucky 🍀
Kaitlin 15 days ago
Justin has left the chat
Andrea Bell
Andrea Bell 28 days ago
Omg the way he says de nada is just perfectly dreamy.
Sam’sbookieparadise !!
They literllay we r letting mario speak
Terry Dooley
Terry Dooley 29 days ago
I used to like Mario Lopez until he opens his mouth politically now I don't see him the same way just like when Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah's sofa never liked them ever since
jaymee ningthemcha
jaymee ningthemcha 29 days ago
Dimple guy vs sweet voice guy!!
Mumondo Month ago
JT and mario in one room Britney army: TEA
Шукрона Раджабова
Who is from 2019???
Florin Dragomir
Florin Dragomir Month ago
Justin like a male version of ellen!
r u scared of snek
"In the front on top and on ma head" Amazing. Just simply amazing.
outsidespace Month ago
what does that mean
my god this guy needs so much attention !! I am glad he is not relevant anymore
Masher Lauren
Masher Lauren Month ago
Justin my love what r u wearing??
Cassandra Frantz
I cant believe he said britney
Lv Garcia
Lv Garcia Month ago
He didn’t mentioned JC!
Nana Slots A-Lot!
Awesome clip. I love her show ❤️
Duck Sick
Duck Sick 2 months ago
Justin and Ellen dress alike.
TrinityHostile 2 months ago
Lol my husband has a device that works as a bite guard and keeps his jaw locked so he doesn't snore lmao. I wear night retainers so I guess it's the same 😂
Jay 2 months ago
Ok. That's adorable.
Alisha khan
Alisha khan 2 months ago
Aww he's so cute😅♥
River Bound
River Bound 2 months ago
2:44 Props to Mario Lopez for the proper response to Gracias. ...also why is JT saying Aguilera with an Italian accent?!?! It's a Hispanic last name.
Independent 2 months ago
In front, Up top, And on my head =😍😍😍
boukharrouba mabrouk
Didn't get it ?
Reena Roy Choudhury Bhuyan
ridhima ridhi
ridhima ridhi 2 months ago
😂 😂 😂
Brian Gallacher
Brian Gallacher 2 months ago
Anyone else think he said bike guard
allan bujanda
allan bujanda 2 months ago
Has anyone seen the crazy documentary about the guy who made both insync and backstreet boys?
allan bujanda
allan bujanda 2 months ago
I love justin
Golden Mailah
Golden Mailah 2 months ago
Love him😍😍😍😍😍
Gloria Alorwoyie
Gloria Alorwoyie 2 months ago
1:53 wtf
Gloria Alorwoyie
Gloria Alorwoyie 2 months ago
Gloria Alorwoyie
Gloria Alorwoyie 2 months ago
NakiaSimone 2 months ago
Mario and Justin on tv together again lol
Tori Benser
Tori Benser 2 months ago
1:50 I died lol
Michael Schweigart
Michael Schweigart 3 months ago
Justin cheated...twice with the bell
S Olea
S Olea 3 months ago
Justin Sang Cher's song so well in the beginning... wow.
crazy fun
crazy fun 3 months ago
He switch the buzzer before saying 3 things... 😒cheating
Joanne Espejo
Joanne Espejo 3 months ago
Poor Mario Lopez they didn’t let him speak.
debi terrell
debi terrell 3 months ago
Love Justin he's a hoot & he's cute. Thx Ellen love these games
Danmark er mit fædreland
Who is Justin..? 🤔
Canned Feelingz
Canned Feelingz 3 months ago
I HEARD YOU SAY MOY BIEN MARIO..BE MY FRIEND (me whenever someone speaks Spanish.. even if it's hola soy Dora! Lol)
Reena Chacko
Reena Chacko 3 months ago
Love Jusin
Tammy James
Tammy James 3 months ago
I'm a grinder too.
Anupama Sharma
Anupama Sharma 3 months ago
Justin is everyone's best friend
gavi Bvuma
gavi Bvuma 3 months ago
Justin T is so handsome 😘
INSANE 3 months ago
Justin Timberlake is literally pressing the button before he says the third word
Pretty Kitty
Pretty Kitty 4 months ago
He said Britney Spears!
Goldine Saintil
Goldine Saintil 4 months ago
Mario was like same lol
Jd Brunette
Jd Brunette 4 months ago
bite guard, cause he still sucks his thumb, and all the dicks he sucked in hollywood to get to the top. Its a fact the man who founded and produced his first band is a convicted pedophile and it was found out he molested most of the young men he brought into the business.
Agirl123 123
Agirl123 123 4 months ago
Justin timberno
Daisy Flower
Daisy Flower 4 months ago
He said Britney Spears 😯😯
Julyvette Pacheco
Julyvette Pacheco 4 months ago
0:01 - 0:03 🤣🤣🤣❤❤
Ilhan Tele
Ilhan Tele 4 months ago
Not a fan of Timberlake
skateuse _s
skateuse _s 4 months ago
Aquarius and Aquarius
TangibleTerror 4 months ago
Aww they tried to hold hands
hybrid butterfly
hybrid butterfly 4 months ago
I didn't realize until I watched this that I'm really attracted to Justin Timberlake. Personality counts for a lot.
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