Juice WRLD Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Juice WRLD goes Sneaker Shopping at Kith in New York City and talks about how he got his style from Tyler, the Creator, A$AP Rocky and Lil Wayne, growing up playing basketball, and how he used to skateboard.
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Apr 22, 2019

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Comments 12 982
Complex 2 months ago
What's the most you've ever spent at a sneaker store?
Saif Safadi
Saif Safadi 5 days ago
30 dollars close enough
Ashley Lewis
Ashley Lewis 5 days ago
About 150 close to 200
Wyatt Brother
Wyatt Brother 10 days ago
TheRealCactus 12 days ago
SpartanBuc 12 days ago
$130 on a pair of cleats
Ali Dalle
Ali Dalle Hour ago
40k on shit wtf
Blazehero Hour ago
Who just skip to the part to when he buys the shoes
Jimena Vasqueztuja
Jimena Vasqueztuja 2 hours ago
I wanna be a skater wit the vans thoooo 😂
A Lost YouTube Comment
Baby ears
Fuck me juice wrld bought a shiton of stuff he's got to be making racks to afford all that stuff
Ibrahim Salman
Ibrahim Salman 12 hours ago
Complex can you please start censoring the cussing words like you used to pls do it I would appreciate it thx.
Orb Finster
Orb Finster 12 hours ago
2020 anyone😂
Buggy Bugson
Buggy Bugson 13 hours ago
This guy is two years older than me and spending more than my net worth on shoes
take care
take care 21 hour ago
42k, bitch lol
Temper Vortex
James Charles just kissed u in the cheek 👇Like to undo
FloodSZN Day ago
damn juice wrld boy you reckless
Noor Omar
Noor Omar Day ago
Ami the only one that’s like wondering why his nails are blue in the beginning
Noor Omar
Noor Omar Day ago
Ami the only one that’s like wondering why his nails are blue in the beginning
A1BELLS Day ago
Complex get Floyd Money Mayweather up on here and he’ll show you how it’s really done
Vassix Day ago
Lil skies next
J Money1864
J Money1864 Day ago
This shit remind me of when in mycareer you unlock all the shoes and go ham
Adonis Hendrix
That was a brand new car😂
BigPoppygaming 13
Make this button blue to put Ninja on this 😂
Yo main Hypeman
Yo main Hypeman 2 days ago
I spent 187,698 and 90 cents once
SEVVANS 2 days ago
bruh he really spent a salary in kith
Aiman PTI
Aiman PTI 2 days ago
He bought them without asking the prices
Evan Watling
Evan Watling 2 days ago
He just wanted to get to 420
TSGTragiiKz 2 days ago
mans spent even more than lil pump thad’s a surprise
Fabricio Oliva
Fabricio Oliva 2 days ago
broke nigga alert
kennedy arriaza
kennedy arriaza 2 days ago
Where does he all this money
Saveliy K
Saveliy K 2 days ago
Margielas are the best
Fwight Dairfield
Fwight Dairfield 2 days ago
Why is juice associated with drugs so much
frosty 6GD
frosty 6GD 2 days ago
lionslife 3 days ago
Me: is juice high everywhere he goes Everybody: 42k is more then I get in a year
hd _4kt
hd _4kt 3 days ago
He resembles slumpgod
pink and purple l
Why is nobody making memes about “I’ll take these as well “
Daniel Baker
Daniel Baker 3 days ago
Get Fredo Bang
Syphe Xeon
Syphe Xeon 3 days ago
He ain’t gonna wear all of dat
ivette vera
ivette vera 3 days ago
how he spent that much his net worth is 3 mil.... no he's worth 2 mil and change ...
Elmar Basim
Elmar Basim 4 days ago
His ears though 😦😦
Meka Wynn
Meka Wynn 4 days ago
Juice is the only person on this show to have that items (wow)
Mr Shovel
Mr Shovel 4 days ago
Juice wrld has some small ass ears
Lawrence Menez
Lawrence Menez 4 days ago
He just bought a car worth of cloths smh🤦‍♂️😂😂
Brittany Lewis
Brittany Lewis 4 days ago
I. Love 💕. You. Juice ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Raspberry Juice Entertainment
None of the stuff he just spent 42k on is gonna bring him happiness 😢
LzR Pockyy
LzR Pockyy 4 days ago
Casually just spends 42k
HMKAaron Vlogs!!
HMKAaron Vlogs!! 5 days ago
8:12 juice is definitely in tune with meme culture
Jaydan Ruble
Jaydan Ruble 5 days ago
Stop playen wit me 42 gs on clothes and shoes.
JakeDaBoss703 5 days ago
Humble guy
Thibault Axel Habineza
Roses are red Viloets are glue If u like Juice Wrld Turn my button blue But... If you are gay Then leave it gray
Ashton Angeledes
Ashton Angeledes 5 days ago
He's sound weird without like the auto tuning with his songs and stuff.
Orlan Nunez
Orlan Nunez 5 days ago
“Broke nigga alert, broke nigga alert” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Rowdy Daigle
Rowdy Daigle 6 days ago
Bruh when his total popped up he looked at the camera like he knew his momma was gonna say he needa put somma that stuff back
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