Jrue Holiday can be an MVP like Steve Nash, according to Pelicans EVP David Griffin | High Noon

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Bomani Jones and Pablo S. Torre discuss Kevin Durant wanting the Golden State Warriors to give up a first-round draft pick in his deal to the Brooklyn Nets that sent D'Angelo Russell back to the Bay Area. They then (1:40) discuss New Orleans Pelicans EVP David Griffin saying he believes Jrue Holiday can be an MVP the way Steve Nash was with the Phoenix Suns.
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Jul 14, 2019

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Comments 463
Mr Moseby
Mr Moseby 10 days ago
What is you talking about jrue holiday is the MVP the pelicans haven't been surrounding him with the talent he deserves in the past few years and he's been in the shadow of Anthony Davis who gave up on the pelicans because he wasn't playing his role correctly as the MVP for the pelicans he was focused on creating a dynasty on a whole different team now jrue has quality talent like zion, favors, Ingram, Reddick,Hayes, ect. He is now in position to play that role he is an amazing two way player and a awesome defender he is a perimeter shooter when he has to be and can get to the rim with ease you don't have to be able to shoot from half court or have godly handles to be considered an MVP he just needs to focus on putting on amazing numbers which he can do now that Anthony Davis is not catching every single alley and the game can be played better
Bailey Thibodeaux
I can't stand jones
Terrence Johnson
All I’m staying is, Holiday gets the Pelicans in the playoffs this season. He is in the conversation!
Tim Dupes
Tim Dupes Month ago
Nobody even gonna talk about the disrespectful comparison. 😂 Nash was one of the best ever to never win a chip. Clutch too.
coldskin1 Month ago
Expect nash didn't deserve the mvp and even hard know since their is more super stars
Jeff Berg
Jeff Berg Month ago
Holy fuck how do people so inexplicably stupid get on tv? The Nets didn't want a first round pick? Seriously? This was about vanity as opposed to business? Seriously? How the hell does this idiot keep his job? The Jarret Jack of sports talk. Lucky he's buds with Bomani.
KB24sTaTuS Month ago
its called motivating your star player
Justin .Credible
Lonzo better get used to sitting the bench then.
Lanre Akerele
Lanre Akerele Month ago
I wish for Jure Holiday to have a best of his career in the NBA, and get an award,like Steve Nash did.
Jesus Soto
Jesus Soto Month ago
Jrue Holiday can do what kawhi did
Idgaf PIRU D.M.B
A lot of you so-called fans are speaking from emotions and most of y'all are fans of these other high-profile players but make no mistake about it jrue holiday plays defense every damn game this guy really is first team all-defense even though they gave him second teamm if you watch that Portland series when they won that is jrue Holiday playing defense n yes he plays way every game not to mention averaging 23 points per game this year I'm pretty sure that number is going to get a lot more high so how can he not be a MVP candidate being on the all-defensive team and averaging probably right about 26 points per game he will be a MVP candidate
Saucy McSqueeze
Saucy McSqueeze Month ago
What position is Jrue even gonna play? PG or SG? like him lonzo or jj reddick are gonna have to be on the bench who is taking that cut, jrue is the vet, and they have alot invested in Lonzo & JJ
Nicholas Golden
Nicholas Golden Month ago
The initial argument doesn’t make any sense. If KD was simply concerned with the idea that he is worth more than Russell then the Warriors would’ve gotten the draft pick not traded it.
jason sherman
jason sherman Month ago
Jru Holiday is a bad man.
youngfig1 Month ago
pels winning 45 games dis yr and makin the playoffs fuck da haters ya herdme
johnnycakes8300 Month ago
This world we live in is just harsh no love
King In My Own Mind
Jrue is nice...seeing how the Alexander-Walker kid plays what a great Vet/Rook pairing for them...If Pelicans get to a 6th seed as constructed why not look hard at Jrue? Can't wait to see them play...Still hate the Pelicans name...terrible to have a monumental talent come to a team and you are selling merchandise with 'Pelicans' on it...tough
Anthony Banks
Anthony Banks Month ago
So he is going to be an All-Star then make All-NBA this year😳
White Walker
White Walker Month ago
How did KD stick to the warriors ? 😂 wtf he got them a 23 year old all star for a 1st round pick basically cause everyone knew he was leaving way to stick it to them now they prolly gon flip D-Lo for a pretty good haul of role players to help them win good fuckin job KD dumb asses
JD Month ago
Complete bull
Geo Ortiz
Geo Ortiz Month ago
They say elfrid peyton was going westbrook last year
Tone Desh
Tone Desh Month ago
David Griffin needs a drug test...IMMEDIATELY.
A D Month ago
Camden Gregware
Camden Gregware Month ago
who are these clowns get them off the air
Killa Bees
Killa Bees Month ago
Lego Pelicans
Dixon Cider
Dixon Cider Month ago
He's putting alot of pressure on Jrue
Meester Chris
Meester Chris Month ago
If he can, then I gotta be on the ballot for 6th man of the year.
Ray Cain
Ray Cain Month ago
I am a pelicans fan, he is a good player and always have been, but Holiday won't win a MVP in the western conference... Too many pgs over there that can get you 30 a night.. He never seen a all star game since he's been in the west. Though that could very well change this year being he's NOW the best player there since he's been there and probably now has all the green light in the world such as the other high usage western conference PGs
David Cornejo
David Cornejo Month ago
????? Durant was asking for the Warriors to send MORE assets in order for the to Nets get a better deal. This is not about his value. Durant could have just signed straight up. If he had balked about his value, the Nets would have had to send MORE to the Warriors, not the other way around.
FallopianJones Month ago
This is the same guy that gave Tristan Thompson and JR Smith 30 million a year because LeBron said they're his friends. Just because he won the lottery this dude thinks he's HOT fuckin shit. David is among the worst GMs in the league.
Terrance White
Terrance White Month ago
What is with everybody being on the pelicans bandwagon. This team is not winning team yet. You got team full of guys that hasn't been on a sub .500 team. But now there suppose to break threw. Btw not one of these guy are on AD skill level period. But Zion Williamson fat ass suppose to come in dominate the league. No shot to speak of in a conference stacked with all-star. And really good players battle to be a all-star.
Ali S
Ali S Month ago
Lonzo > Jrue all day every day.
Black Month ago
and Ben Simmons will become the next Steph Curry
Jacob Sailes
Jacob Sailes Month ago
Jrue holiday is not a scrub
swag lord
swag lord Month ago
If nash have anthony davis are u kidding me ?
Miguel Magallon
Miguel Magallon Month ago
Y’all clowns for this one ESPN
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas Month ago
A lot of people on here showing how little they know about Jrue. It’s understandable because pelicans games don’t get a lot of exposure but let me say this. I have watched Jrue Holiday absolutely annihilate some of the best players to play the game. He is WAY more talented than the people in this comment section are giving him credit for.
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas Month ago
It’s sad that the media climate is such that, “because he is Jrue Holiday and he plays for the Pelicans” is an acceptable answer. Now I hope Jrue does get MVP.
InTheCommision '
If that's the case we should be hearing clippers fans say they got 3 potential MVPs on their squad lol
aridf Month ago
I am pretty that dude that talked about KD got the wrong idea. They didn't even do their homework on their own questions.
Paco A
Paco A Month ago
because if A.D was able to do it! LOL hell no he wont!
Glen Welch
Glen Welch Month ago
4:20 is the perfect length for this video because whoever thinks this dude can be MVP must high as hell
5StarFilmz Month ago
Jrue Holiday can do it...
Offtopic K
Offtopic K Month ago
This show is trash
Joel Breh
Joel Breh Month ago
Would love to see jrue holiday go to the raptors
James Winny
James Winny Month ago
Jrue is a really awesome human being, he’s a fierce competitor and I will take him all day on my team but the only thing I question about him is the name Jrue, lol, I still can’t get comprehend this name, it’s almost like Jaquanda or LaKwisha cmon man
joeman Month ago
Stay off the weed
big scoof1201
big scoof1201 Month ago
Ik it's weird but low-key,.if he works hard, in a few years he could be an mvp
Jarvis Manning
Jarvis Manning Month ago
MVP. LMAO!!! JuRue Holiday. LMAO!!!!! Like Steve Nash. LMAO!!!!!!
Steve J
Steve J Month ago
Yea, no
Na je
Na je Month ago
Man even jrue don’t believe that
KiddMAX Month ago
Dan 3
Dan 3 Month ago
I think he can be an all nba and near mvp caliber level player if he’s very LUCKY. The guy could average 24-25 ppg and 8 assists along w playing defense if he gets the ball more. I don’t think he’s an MVP level player, but he can certainly get close.
BigBody Rico
BigBody Rico Month ago
The day jrue holiday wins mvp would be the same day shaq makes 100 freethrows straight before he leaves the gym.
Nathaniel Dugas
Nathaniel Dugas Month ago
I am a Pels fan. I love Jrue Holiday. One of the most elite defenders in the NBA. The leadership he displayed last season keeping the Pelicans together and competitive through the whole Anthony Davis ordeal was nothing short of incredible. He gets a massive boost this season in overall team talent and bought in players. Do I think Jrue can lead New Orleans to a potential playoff berth this season...yes(we are talking fringe 7th-8th seed) Do I think Jrue can maybe make 1st team All NBA Defense...sure but most likely 2nd team based on how voters operate Do I think his PPG can marginally improve as the no.1 option now...yes but not some type of seismic jump Do I think the Leader of a fringe playoff team, in a small market, in a conference that features LBJ, AD, Kawhi, PG, Curry all in California, Harden, Westbrook in Houston has any chance of winning MVP something CP3 nor AD could do in New Orleans with some monster seasons and better seeded teams...NOPE however I do love what Griffin is doing and I think Holiday will play his brains out this season.
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Month ago
Hes trying to get that paul george return for jrue holliday
Alexander Butler
Uh what the actually fuck is espn anymore. Y’all say the most fuck shit I’ve ever heard
Creux Month ago
*Lmao fire that GM ASAP, he's mentally unstable.*
kXngZay97 Month ago
Well he SHOULD say that about his player but c'mon now
Hichem Boubegra
Hichem Boubegra Month ago
the guy is 30 and they still talkin about him as potential mvp.
Idgaf PIRU D.M.B
LeBron damn near 40
lonzo maggard
lonzo maggard Month ago
He is underrated but prolly not mvp unless he does really great
Larri Lindsey
Larri Lindsey Month ago
They smoking pure dope! He is not that caliber of a player. He is a plus 1. Lonzo or Brandon Ingram will win it before he does
Better Call Saul
Romona a sexy ass penguin. I would let her put that nose in my ass.
Cameron Palmer
Cameron Palmer Month ago
That would mean the pelicans would have to shape the offense around him and with zion coming to town that shit ain't about to happen. Sorry not sorry
Selfish Stockton
What’s with the background music?
Selfish Stockton
He’ll be lucky to even win Most improved player... this is blasphemy
mrhoopfan Month ago
Love Nash, but someone tell me how great he was without D'Antoni??? An all star...not a consistent top 20 player
mrhoopfan Month ago
Maybe.....if Gentry plays him at point and runs the D'Antoni system
boof's2cents Month ago
Jrue holiday is the second best PG in the league. Jrue>Dame Jrue>Kyrie Jrue>kemba Jrue>Westbrook Jrue>CP0 Jrue>Wall
NanaBisa1 Month ago
I would take him over all of them
Mac 26
Mac 26 Month ago
hes a shooting guard...
How are they suggesting that this was motivated by his desire to be seen as being worth MORE than Russell if the pick is being packaged WITH Durant? The Warriors' willingness to throw in a pick attests to how much they value Russell, not how much anyone values Durant. If anything, it makes him seem like he's worth LESS. Did Durant say that this was his reason, or are these talking heads just assuming that he's that stupid?
クズケン Month ago
Lol just stop
Jan Nelle
Jan Nelle Month ago
Top 5 point guard. Top 3 defensive guard
Hawaii Ball Express
1- 20 - 7 LG
1- 20 - 7 LG Month ago
Y'all obviously have nothing to talk about, lmfao.... I can come up with a better NBA topic on my back porch with the homies, lol.
Boss Lax316
Boss Lax316 Month ago
He had the potential to be at one point, but its absurd to say that now
ZoBi Kuzdle
ZoBi Kuzdle Month ago
All these dumb mf don't even know wtf they talking about!!! KD made warriors give the nets a pick because , basically, the warriors were gonna lose Durant regardless, and they ended up getting Russell, so KD said fuck that, give us a 1st rd pick...dumb ass mfs
munkymun Month ago
I’m not buying a 110 dollar shoes from kd maybe 40
Crypto Dwayne
Crypto Dwayne Month ago
Really Pelicans gonna win 58-63 games in the western conference lol
New Outlook
New Outlook Month ago
KD is a total bitch, such a sensitive pussy
Dragonspheres Month ago
You can't be serious lol. Holiday is solid but he has done nothing that says MVP
Nash is cleary the much better offensive player , but unlike Nash , Jrue holiday actually plays defense
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