JRE MMA Show #76 with Terence Crawford

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Joe is joined by current WBO Welterweight champion, Terence Crawford and his coach, Brian “Bo-Mack” McIntyre.

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Aug 20, 2019




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Comments 3 068
Chris Canterbury
Chris Canterbury 7 days ago
Gar are awesome eating! Fry it like catfish. Cut the head off, cut down the belly and filet the scales off. Left with nice backstraps. Cool to see bud on the show, Hes a cool ass dude. I'm also from omaha, Nebraska. proud of our champ!
goodtimes9501 7 days ago
Like watching paint drip
Logan Bopp
Logan Bopp 8 days ago
bud is the goat!
Sweet- P Delgado
Sweet- P Delgado 21 day ago
Bud vs Garcia bob arum gtfotw
Richard Mullins
Richard Mullins 24 days ago
50:54 good question.
Uameamalositagata Nofoalii
Going to the Hall of Fame on resume now? Not exactly Henry Armstrong, Roberto Duran or Alexis Arguello
quinnstastic Month ago
Crawford: I can only say a certain thing for so lerfngggj!!! FOR SO Leeeerng
Karl Convey
Karl Convey Month ago
Azumah Nelson when on to fight Pernell Whitaker in America in 1990 while his wife!!! Was die-ing of cancer in Africa
Karl Convey
Karl Convey Month ago
Best pound for pound fighter or today
Diomedes22 Month ago
Joe changed the subject immediately when Crawford mentioned that ufc fighter are getting ripped off.
Kevin87 2 months ago
Sucks that Crawford is only able to fight b rated fighters. The promotion politics is holding him back. He has what it takes to be #1 P4P but people are ducking him plus the promotions politics his screwing him. Top Rank needs better welterweights for crawford.
Raymond Espinoza
Raymond Espinoza 2 months ago
His coach looks like Mrs. Pat's brother.
1Me 2 months ago
Funny .. Ruiz got schooled. All the nonsense about Ruiz was just that, nonsense in the end. Any heavyweight knows how to deal with Ruiz now. His been found out. Fat is ok, until they all know how to deal with fat, sad for him, but also true.
James Goas
James Goas 2 months ago
Joe needs to take Coach for a ride in his TESLA and film it...the acceleration on them cars is something you cant explain.
Born Winner
Born Winner 2 months ago
Terence Crawford is an amazing boxer. He has mentality of a winner. It is truly a fact, that successful people makes right choices in their lifes. And Terence is one of them. He seems to be cool guy as well.
Tropical Terrarium
Tropical Terrarium 2 months ago
Crawford is charismatic, smart as they come and a master in the ring. Truly an impressive individual.
Ali gHD
Ali gHD 2 months ago
I love it when joe refers ggg vs canelo as a type of fight, makes it easier to vision. put it like this, you take 2 fighters, who nobody can imagine losing... the best of the best and the elite in their division, what happens when you put them in a ring together? That's the same as Crawford vs spence
BlaKie ChaN
BlaKie ChaN 2 months ago
Crawford talkin like he’s fought a bunch of big names 😑
Rico Ladronn
Rico Ladronn 2 months ago
BlaKie ChaN you’re talking like he isn’t top 5 pound for pound in the world 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️
Shane Harper
Shane Harper 2 months ago
Go Bud! Unbelievable I missed this. Treat the boxing aficionados to Prince Naseem someday! Both Mac is this cool.
Mark Biancazzurri
Mark Biancazzurri 3 months ago
For Rogan:Anthony Joshua is tested by VADA since before Vladimir bout.
AR Kisaminabipour
AR Kisaminabipour 3 months ago
My Illiterate 80-year-old grandmother who is from the villages of you run knew the story
The Hunter
The Hunter 4 months ago
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Jeff Hargrove
Jeff Hargrove 4 months ago
How can he not comprehend that if he only gets two of his balls in and loses he lost the bet
ThroughMyEyes 4 months ago
33:50 “I train to never get tired” Damm best advise ever.
James Shelton
James Shelton 4 months ago
Never seen Joe look stupid until bud get him. If he beats you Joe and you still got 5 of ur balls left, you owe. 🤦🏾‍♂️ lol 😂
steveninthe 4 months ago
Crawford vs Pacquiao, winner fights Spence... we need this in 2020
Pro Fights Info
Pro Fights Info 4 months ago
I watched this on August 19, 2019!
japneet singh
japneet singh 4 months ago
Hagler could switch stances in between exchange s which is insane no one can do that Till this day!
AnalThrasher69 4 months ago
God Joe, you've got your retard moments lol
Karl Kindle
Karl Kindle 4 months ago
crawford the goat.. my favorite fighter.. stay on ur game bro
King Nick
King Nick 4 months ago
1:04:00 Joe went full retard
-][][- 4 months ago
I love how bud says the truth.... No matter how ‘awkward’ it may be. Gotta respect that.
daniel jimenez
daniel jimenez 4 months ago
You can just see how smart Terence is.
freddie morin
freddie morin 4 months ago
Such a great boxer!
Malcolm Dotson
Malcolm Dotson 4 months ago
Joe Rogan knows better than that. He knows Arum and how he gets down.
scrambo mills
scrambo mills 4 months ago
leonard beat hagler thats it
Don Jaxx
Don Jaxx 4 months ago
Joe cool as hell...Professional and down to earth...Bud and Bo Mac Hall of fame.
Amas Bansal Art
Amas Bansal Art 4 months ago
So you've had Crawford, of course Fury, Wilder and Ruiz. But Joshua would be a riveting conversation and WATCH!
CharlieSerbia 4 months ago
height 5′ 8″ / 173cm reach 74″ / 188cm my god this man is an octopus and a perfect technician and also is a cool ass guy
octobersgenius 4 months ago
Only people in Omaha understand Terrance and Bomacks response to the Question about people showing up talking shit at his gym while training lol ... “Naahhh”..that’s not flying in Omaha 😂
octobersgenius 4 months ago
This conversation is hard to listen to.
Blaque Reign
Blaque Reign 4 months ago
Heard both of those rumor in Country F-uck Tennessee ..Were Old AF !
lebeR Ogun
lebeR Ogun 4 months ago
If you can listen to this under 1.75 you are in fact a GOAT
Brian Schaible
Brian Schaible 5 months ago
I want to fight PacMan and I'm not even a boxer. Love to be in the ring with him. Maybe I can get at least one shot in. God bless Pacquiao.
Reed Thompson
Reed Thompson 5 months ago
He so humble ....Gotta love the ensemble of guest Joe has on his show all walks of life for real
Alec Powers
Alec Powers 5 months ago
I like that pool bit
Gilberto Valente
Gilberto Valente 5 months ago
Tarence still fighting bums. call out manny pacman the true 👑 at 147 see wat hppns lay low bro we all no ducking going on
Prophet X
Prophet X 5 months ago
Gilberto Valente Pac-Man ain’t never seen nothing like this man. Just like Capt. America everything special bout pacqiao comes in a bottle
Elviis Atak
Elviis Atak 5 months ago
I'd like to see Pacman on JRE. The legend has a lot of interesting stories everyone would love to hear. Send him an invitation, Joe.
Ken Calip
Ken Calip 5 months ago
I switch 2 something i just fill natural lefty with a strong right jab and when you got a weak slow opponent feels better to box strong hand and put him down fast...but a manny or spence you Have to keep em guessing ,good style Crawford keep it up...if you wanna beat Spence watch his olympic fight he lost and study his opponent style it a little sharper and more movement then crawford as a amature fighter but worth a look Crawford ....kazakhstan boxers dont fool around...
Ken Calip
Ken Calip 5 months ago
Joe you gota get Spene in there 2 ...
The Bronze Bomber
The Bronze Bomber 5 months ago
andre berto
andre berto 5 months ago
i cant believe that joe rogan always speaks about pool and he doesn't get what bud is saying about the 5 balls on the table
Kristian Martinez
Kristian Martinez 5 months ago
Great fighter
anthony rodriguez
anthony rodriguez 5 months ago
When Terrance Crawford gets a big ppv fight this will blow up
Jolnichek 5 months ago
Rogan is a cool as bish. I like this bro.
DocteurScrein93 5 months ago
42:20 till this day!
Mando Jr
Mando Jr 5 months ago
I wonder how Crawford would do against a strong welterweight that can impose his strength. It's not so long ago that he was a lightweight
Mando Jr
Mando Jr 4 months ago
@DaMarco Childres The thing is this, I think Crawford is hands down the best boxer (skill wise) at welterweight. I just don't think he's a big welterweight, and that's a big advantage for a big strong welterweight like Spence. Size isn't everything, but it is an advantage
DaMarco Childres
DaMarco Childres 4 months ago
Only one who got a chance in hell is Spence... He'd destroy anybody else. And I'm a huge fan of Spence and would hope for him to win but I think Crawford would figure him out and outbox him. His only problem is that Crawford spends the early rounds feeling people out and he tends to lose them on scorecards.
daz6704 5 months ago
Indigo man...the black Rambo...Marvin hagler
te 5 months ago
Need Julian Edelman on here !
daz6704 5 months ago
Earl Spence’s people don’t want the fight, never mind earl
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