Joyner Lucas - Revenge Intro/ADHD (official video)

Joyner Lucas
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Written and Distributed on Tully: bit.ly/2BFcGEV
Stream Now: orcd.co/adhdsingle
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Dec 13, 2019




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Comments 22 020
Matt Wright
Matt Wright 44 minutes ago
I HEar you bro. ;(rip context
Brokanbusted Gaming
This intro slaps harder then most rappers songs @_@
savage_pat2k 2 hours ago
lyrical genius
Mr. CU NT 3 hours ago
How are people still sleeping on this man in 2020? Too many people say they’re a hip hop head n but dont know who Joyner Lucas is
Robbie 3 hours ago
Yo I got this fucking song on repeat
Chrxstian Siraveni
Chrxstian Siraveni 3 hours ago
Omzzy Stormzy
Omzzy Stormzy 6 hours ago
Fortnite is a cure for ADHD, it help me focus.
Dominik Piś
Dominik Piś 6 hours ago
Does anybody know what hoodie is that? from revange intro
Irish Noynay
Irish Noynay 7 hours ago
Pills addicted😭💯🔥🖤
Puncaek 2.0
Puncaek 2.0 8 hours ago
every one be a mf movie jesus
Andre Essie
Andre Essie 8 hours ago
Only people who have adhd or had it will understand
denis yerosh
denis yerosh 8 hours ago
Ze rK
Ze rK 12 hours ago
explaining what happened in 3:34 . People like me who have adhd, tend to forget these small things like wallet, car keys, here jacket. Its not a suffering as if u channelise ur energy into something productive.
itz Duke dawwg
itz Duke dawwg 12 hours ago
Published on friday the 13th on my birthday. Thank you joyner.
Laryn 15 hours ago
I’m hoping everyday on Spotify to see if he dropped his new album
William Martindale
William Martindale 16 hours ago
The opening hits me every. time.
Reece Widdows
Reece Widdows 21 hour ago
Fuck yeah go joynah
Skripty Rekt
Skripty Rekt 22 hours ago
Joyner is honestly the most talented hip hop individual out there and is so underrated😔
TeamMoneyUp CTNB
that ADHD song hit me hard I can relate so much
It's funny he has ADHD and so do I and it's so funny
Whitney Evans
Whitney Evans
Traon Ally
Traon Ally Day ago
Who here after Eminem song darkness
Asmr Brady
Asmr Brady Day ago
Shits fire
norma smith
norma smith Day ago
Joyner lucas rip
Clara Alvizzz
Isso é que é um trap foda
TampaOutlaw Day ago
This nigga gonna save rap
wonka0210 Day ago
This man is the truth finally a real rapper. I got to give my respect to him
malik Day ago
wheres revenge full song??
ayush khare
ayush khare Day ago
History in making
Jexi Day ago
I love burritos Mexicano
Bruh Bruuuhhh please release the full version of revenge
Yoshi Gomez
Yoshi Gomez Day ago
Definitely can relate I'm a single mother of 3 little boys . The shit I've been through my whole life . Having to take pills for my ADHD ,Anxiety , Depression, insomnia. I didn't feel as myself so I did stop taking . Always having thoughts as to why I'm still here why I haven't died . My life always has to be so miserable why I always get so hurt and stepped on like I'm nothing . This song makes me cry out my emotions. Smoking is the best way for me atleast I can still comprehend to what I'm doing in my everyday life . Everyone tells me I need help when the help that I got was just take more meds and stronger every time getting to the point that I wasn't even able to be there for my boys. Only thing I could do is fight these demons and keep my head up high.
EvoRyann Day ago
Ryan Wilson
Ryan Wilson Day ago
You can't overplay this song... It's that amazing.. #talented
JENUiN Official
Please bro we need some new music jeeez please bruv shit
Kacey Nembhard
Drop revenge
The Messiah KOI
If you have ADHD throw away the medication. Big Pharma was created to profit off its patients. The Messiah is here to save Humanity. The King of Israel and King of Jerusalem is here.
Jake Bradley
Jake Bradley Day ago
Joyner: revenge video is coming soon Me: so in the next two weeks? Joyner a month later: .........
b3LikeMike Day ago
12 million views and at least 1 million are my own
Snic R.
Snic R. Day ago
Apoyame bro!
Jessica Haines
Jessica Haines 2 days ago
This song says alot to me lyrically. After 9 brain surgeries and Dr's trying to use me as a lab rat for drugs. Taking pain killers, opioids, and as a test tube for research drugs. My neurosurgeon wanting me to sniff meds up my nose even.....its sad that so many people have become numb to how we are all suppose to be treated like humans with equality
Abel Yanez
Abel Yanez 2 days ago
6k haters ? Wow
kking1777 2 days ago
ADHD makes him pour cereal on the floor it's not his fault guys.
Hunter Setzler
Hunter Setzler 2 days ago
And people say 1917 is the best single take film
Combative Carpet
Combative Carpet 2 days ago
ADD and ADHD right here, this shit hits hard Fucking love this
oh no 2005
oh no 2005 2 days ago
Phil Laude
Phil Laude 2 days ago
Ti Lewis
Ti Lewis 2 days ago
The first part the best part
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown 2 days ago
a track to go home to
FiendshipDaily 2 days ago
I like his fire arms
Tied Noose
Tied Noose 2 days ago
I wish the intro was on the song on spotify
ACE_ X-ecution
ACE_ X-ecution 2 days ago
Anyone wish that he would of continued the beat from the beginning?
Evolved Tactics
Evolved Tactics 2 days ago
When do we get this on Spotify with intro Joyner!
Nyla's World
Nyla's World 2 days ago
Did y'all peep that kind of British accent or just me?
norbert ZNX
norbert ZNX 2 days ago
Soooo underrated Best song so far
RaGo Gaming
RaGo Gaming 2 days ago
All those dislikers are pharma companies
Rob I
Rob I 2 days ago
Great can't wait 4 revenge
Paulius Siniauskas
ive watched few interviews with joyner, he's a real dude, i do like him, hes a person you would love to have around you
phantom _z
phantom _z 2 days ago
This masterpiece has 11mil views and fuckin creeper awman has 200 wtf 😐
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