Jorge Masvidal and Darren Till Cross Paths Backstage At UFC 244

Jorge Masvidal
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After Jorge Masvidal beat Nate Diaz and captured the Baddest MotherF**ker Belt, he and former opponent Darren Till ran into each other backstage.
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Nov 5, 2019




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Comments 1 694
Al Pacino
Al Pacino 9 hours ago
Darren till would beat the fuck out of masvidal
Jinn Chang Yap
Jinn Chang Yap 9 hours ago
Who thought he want to give him 3 piece of soda
Joe Stroud
Joe Stroud 11 hours ago
I don't understand why people dislike Darren or Gamebread. Both real dudes. A rematch here would be pretty great but I'm glad to see Till fighting at his natural weight class or closer to it anyways. I think Adesanya vs Till is on the distant horizon.
Spaghetti Horror
Spaghetti Horror 12 hours ago
This was all fine and dandy but did you know that 10 years ago Brian Ortega was given a choice?
Miesha I choked my friend Holly unconscious Tate!
I wonder what they said to each other
Scott Drew
Scott Drew 14 hours ago
oh i thought it was gonna be some wwe shit
Kat Yept
Kat Yept 15 hours ago
I'm starting to like Darren Till after he said *fk Romero he's a beast, i don't wanna fight him*
Its Abusion
Its Abusion 17 hours ago
Always knew till was great guy
nic neary
nic neary 17 hours ago
Class act both guys
Edwin Rivera
Edwin Rivera 19 hours ago
Darren till super nice guy now
victor valenzuela
victor valenzuela 20 hours ago
Hercules Steel
Hercules Steel 20 hours ago
I was Askren's fan but you've won me over bud
MUSIC GOD streets approver
the thumbnail is mad suspect, you a""holes, good job dude
Steve Wall
Steve Wall 21 hour ago
Refreshing to see Masvidal have a nice backstage interaction!
Edmar Pedraza
Edmar Pedraza 21 hour ago
If you see Masvidal put his hands behind his back you know the heat 🔥 is coming
Danny Hodges
Danny Hodges 22 hours ago
00:09 Darren Till “ I love you too mate”. I couldn’t make out what Jorge said, but the respect 👌🏼
thanks maybe
thanks maybe 22 hours ago
I use to be a hater but damn Jorge grew on me
tomflynn1974 22 hours ago
2 real men showing respect, not like those 2 USvid cunts KSiI and Logan Paul, what an embarrassment they were. Love to UFC 💪🏻
artattack jack
artattack jack 22 hours ago
Bff title
Ally Cupples
Ally Cupples 22 hours ago
Darren Till is a top fighter, role model and top guy Respect
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy 23 hours ago
Masvidal is such a humble dude 👊
Adil Ishaq
Adil Ishaq Day ago
Like my boy khabib says! 'Respect Sport!'
Сергей Коренской
Вот реально слёзы наворачиваются, когда вижу такое уважение между бойцами!!! Спасибо за великолепный пример для подражания!!!
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy 23 hours ago
Masvidal went in to try and get a blow job Till but Till couldn’t get it up!
Rescate 137
Rescate 137 Day ago
Jorge es un gentleman , Darren , también . Me encantan los dos , estos , están en el mejor momento para evolucionar más y más ... Sobre todo me gustan las personas , luego va el luchador . Un saludo Jorge
Chris L.
Chris L. Day ago
Hey Jorge, just wanted to say how much I respect you and let you know I’m a big fan. I’m so glad you decided to put your killer instinct to the forefront and started looking to end fights as violently as possible. Most fighters in the UFC could learn something from watching your career take off this past year. The people have spoken, and we want Gamebred!!! Anyways, much respect, bro. I’m so glad you’re finally getting that shine! It’s well deserved!
Dean the Machine
Masvidal vs. Khabib would be 🤤
Joness Villanueva
This is the wholesome content I come here for
ByeUK Day ago
Great to see.
theinfidel Day ago
Masvidal is just a cool guy
deuce of spades
John Benedict
The MMA Brotherhood 👌
zeejbuono1 Day ago
Stay humble 👌
Random7seven Day ago
Darren Till has always been a good bloke... UFC just pushed him to the deep end too fast... I admit only Conor has succeeded in the fast road... I give Conor that... he succeeded on his easy path... which is why he has fans... Darren Till sadly failed... but his bouncing back... hope Till succeeded.. Conors head is messed up from his easy road... he actually thinks his good
don jensen
don jensen Day ago
Jäeger S.
Jäeger S. Day ago
Good shit boys 🖤
Maikol Day ago
eres una máquina te mereces lo que te está pasando. saludos desde España
Jn Saleh
Jn Saleh Day ago
Who cares??
Burrito4real Day ago
Till was doing work on Masvidal till he got caught shit happens tills still the better fighter
kidagave1 Day ago
Masvidal went in to try and get a blow job Till but Till couldn’t get it up!
Michael Madrid
I used to think Till was a cocky you know what, but after his last fight I have come to love him!
Shane Stewart
Darren Till is pure CLASS.
Titora Matrix
I hope u become welterweight champ
Andrew Mckeown
Straight Goods
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu Day ago
How I know jorge is for real... He's wearing chanclas.. This guy is legit!
Dante Covarrubias
real recognize real.
David Smith
David Smith Day ago
That's so cool
RJ B Day ago
Till and masvidal won me some serious cash last Saturday
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu Day ago
Love that respect
Jr Alaniz
Jr Alaniz Day ago
This the rematch
Arthur Dhillon
Mystic kenyny
One of the realest humans on this planet
Ryan Fox
Ryan Fox 2 days ago
Nothing better than good sportsmanship
Cain Bradley
Cain Bradley 2 days ago
They didn't cross paths, by the looks of it street Jesus went to visit till in his locker room
MMA Zone
MMA Zone 2 days ago
Darren till looks so bigge
Reski Rahab
Reski Rahab 2 days ago
They fought before and knocked each other down though it was Jorge who proved himself to be the better fighter. Then they met again at the backstage of another event and got along well. This is how true warriors behave.
Lil Scabby Mane
Lil Scabby Mane 2 days ago
Real shit
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy 2 days ago
The thumbnail makes it look like they were gonna fight.
michael murillo
michael murillo 2 days ago
Good thing darren didnt talk shit because he knows what happens if you do
Mir Hamza Sagzai
Mir Hamza Sagzai 2 days ago
no one got punch wtf why did i even watch this lol
herb soto
herb soto 2 days ago
That's one thing you got to respect about the guy he's a good sport he's really good people just don't piss them off. N get on his bad side
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy 2 days ago
Till humble cuz he realized he could've been the fastest ko. Instead of askren
karoly 2 days ago
Till was winning but his ego thats what keod him, imagined can take all the shots whithout any problems, last combo of masvidal just putted him away, but the hardest 2shots was before knockdown, both shots was to the side of head, right over the ear
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