JOKER Full Movie Breakdown! Easter Eggs You Missed!

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Joker Movie gets a scene by scene breakdown and in-depth analysis! What Batman Easter Eggs and classic film influences did you miss in Joker (2019) starring Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck? What hidden clues throughout the film foreshadow the Joker final scene? Erik Voss breaks down the deeper meaning of the Joker film. What famous film characters inspired this Joker? How does Joaquin Phoenix's Joker pay respect to Heath Ledger's Joker in The Dark Knight?
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Oct 7, 2019




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Comments 1 561
Shaun Train
Shaun Train 8 hours ago
In a nod to Superman, who can defy gravity by flying, Joker goes up and down stairs while resisting gravity. Joker also speaks English in a nod to William Shakespeare.
6Kubik 8 hours ago
His surname "Fleck" is german and means "spot". Like dirt on a shirt. Maybe it is a symbol for Arthur standing out of society in a negative way.
angel2901 9 hours ago
Thomas Wayne could have had an affair with Arthur’s mom. That doesn’t mean he is his son.
Daniel L
Daniel L 10 hours ago
Gacy didn't lure boys in using his clown costume at all. All the victims were teenagers or older and were too old for clowns. He normally hired them for part time work.
D Laws
D Laws 10 hours ago
Maybe the "Send in the Clowns" singing was all part of how Arthur saw it? He likely knew he was about to be jumped. So maybe that song was in his mind as the three goons approached him. But then he snapped back to reality when they asked what he thought was funny, then he was jumped. Arthur was full of self pity and resentment towards others based on how he was treated, so it was likely the last straw resulting in him committing the triple murder.
Gregg Filler
Gregg Filler 11 hours ago
From the various reviews I’ve seen, Arthur’s walking down the hall with bloody bootprints indicates both his killing the psychiatrist AND his Joker alter-ego killing his downtrodden ego identity once and for all.
jimmy miff
jimmy miff 11 hours ago
I just thought of a joke.... u wouldn't get it
landon shea
landon shea 11 hours ago
Wheee do you guys get all the footage
landon shea
landon shea 11 hours ago
Sorry where ?
Gregg Filler
Gregg Filler 11 hours ago
One added detail to the Excaliber movie reference, from another Joker reviewer I saw: Arthur is a modern-day (1980’s at least) King Arthur.
depress0coffee 12 hours ago
My take on Gary: Joker didn't kill him because his life is a comedy, midgets have always been the butt of many jokes, so I took it as a bit of a 'nod' that midget jokes were always good to him, and so he let him go.
The Don
The Don 12 hours ago
Oh yeah yeah this movie was good oh yeah yeah
The beast Boss
The beast Boss 13 hours ago
To me it is the best movie ever
What is this?
What is this? 13 hours ago
I thought Garry was a reference to jokers first sidekick Gaggy
Zelaya 13 hours ago
Luckly i have seen the movie but what a DICK move for putting that thumpnail in the video, instead of simple screenshot from the trailer.
Maria Victoria
Maria Victoria 13 hours ago
Everytime they had writting on the screen I wanted to pause it.
Jalen Robinson
Jalen Robinson 14 hours ago
Bruce had a baby out of nowhere so maybe Thomas Wayne too I wouldn’t put it passed him
Michelle Booker
Michelle Booker 14 hours ago
I played with my high school band at the same theatre the Waynes got killed behind.
TaRUN rAj 15 hours ago
From Where did you get the clear print of this movie??
G. Anthony Benjamin
G. Anthony Benjamin 15 hours ago
Arthur does not use the same fingers (index fingers) to put a smile on his own face in scene 1; he later uses his thumbs to put a smile on the young Bruce Wayne’s face... might as well say he uses the same fingers to put on his clown makeup or he uses the same fingers to shoot the “Wall Street” guys on the subway... (what are the odds that both Gotham and NYC both have streets named Wall Street, with the same sort of business trading going on?)
Kurtis Mills
Kurtis Mills 15 hours ago
Remus shuns Clowns
Jaws Dan
Jaws Dan 17 hours ago
Didn’t anyone else think that Gary later becomes gaggy? No? Just me??
Mr R
Mr R 17 hours ago
The Ratcatcher appears as a boss in Batman: Dark Tomorrow. While attempting to infiltrate Arkham Asylum through the sewers, Batman is confronted by the Ratcatcher and a pair of giant rats.
Orel Evr
Orel Evr 18 hours ago
What about the Joker's first sidekick before Harley ... GAGGY the midget!?
mifunnu 18 hours ago
is that Sophie in 2:51?
Daryn Voss
Daryn Voss 19 hours ago
Debra Kane is a character from the books, not an original character
Spaghetti.png 19 hours ago
“They couldn’t hold a tune to save their lives” *why are you booing me I’m right*
Hi I’m A Stranger Things Fan
The Warner bros logo at the start is the 1981 company logo
David Sowards
David Sowards 20 hours ago
Also, the Smile song was written by Chaplin, his tramp character a major influence on the Joker
Santiago Mayer
Santiago Mayer 21 hour ago
I can almost guarantee I saw a clown wearing makeup that resembled Ledger's joker.
Random Person
Random Person 21 hour ago
Anyone else waited until the end for the post credit scene?
Rob Ruitenberg
Rob Ruitenberg 22 hours ago
Not feeling this chattery resumé but: can someone explain to me the following scene: the scene after arthur flex gets his mom's folder ; and then the scene after wards when that women sits across the cop, and goes through the abuse and neglect crime and arthur is sitting there; i kinda don't get that one. * I think i get it , he went through the files and found a transcript of a police interview and is picturing how that must have went?
S Dey
S Dey 23 hours ago
joker used express vpn
Brison Crow
Brison Crow 23 hours ago
Was the gun given to him by a Co worker?? Later in the movie he said he never did it. I have no idea what is real
Katan Akuma
Katan Akuma 23 hours ago
Joaquin Phoenix' Joker movie is an insult to the comics and everything else that's ever been made about the Joker. It's a despicable representation of the Joker himself. At least Jared Leto was able to do the job without looking like; and celebrating, a Serial Killer who raped, tortured and killed 33 young boys.
Jo S
Jo S Day ago
The forced finger smile has a lot of meaning. The first thing I thought of was a tribute to Heath Ledger. I saw in a behind the scenes interview with a make up artist that he would scrunch his face while having full make up on to give texture. Phoenix does that here as well
Ms.Bubs4fun Day ago
It were giant sized rats running in the background as Bruce Wayne tood over his dead parents' bodies.
Hail Hydra
Hail Hydra Day ago
I started freaking out and crying when I saw the the Wayne’s leave the monarch rheater
Elie BECHARA Day ago
Get out of here
Flu Day ago
Never taught I’ll see another Fantastic Movie 🍿 🎥
Adam l
Adam l Day ago
Great movie !!
Reggie Nixx
Reggie Nixx Day ago
The midget is gaggy
Pranav Meraga
I think joker is the dark knight one.
Omni ControversyTV
The waynes death is a mirror image to the batman v superman scene. I believe this joker is part of the dc cinematic universe, Jared Leto joker is a fraud inspire by the original jokers events portrayed in joker 2019 (this movie). this theory puts validation to some scenes from suicide squad and batman v superman.
F W Day ago
14:24 Super rats were also mentioned at the beginning of the film in a news report
Jérôme Jenkins
Wtf happened at 15:59?
Mary Light
Mary Light Day ago
*Confession time* Anyone else laugh at the Dwarf - Door/lock too high part? (Like for yes, comment ‘no’ if you’re a goddamn liar)
poetic313 Day ago
Did anyone else catch the other glimpses of "super rats"? There was at least one in he beginning when he was in the phone booth I think.
James Murphy
James Murphy Day ago
God this is just like a walkthrough of the movie. See ya
Angel Bak
Angel Bak Day ago
There is also a sign in the cinema for murder of the midnight because the waynes are gonna die in while
Rob StrickeN Feary
I recommend everyone to research Charles Manson PROPERLY and you will understand this movie a whole lot more and how he and the Joker character isn't insane but society itself. Our governments know this, keeping us all insane helps us to be controlled. One way of doing it is through mass hysteria and i believe that's what's happening now with "mental illness" ...believe it or not, the whole of France danced itself to death because of mass hysteria.
Arah Davis
Arah Davis Day ago
Frances Conroy is the best mother to crazy men. Ie Dandy Mott
Sharon Bhosle
The origin story is not origin story but a fantasy sequences suggesting joker =randon/chaos, so joker pranked us, again !!
Lenin DC
Lenin DC Day ago
Why do people keep saying Phoenix lost 50 lbs when he himself says that he lost 15 lbs (in Jimmy Fallon)?
Eddie Dantes
Eddie Dantes Day ago
Thanks for ruining no country for old men
Beereads Day ago
I don't believe in the whole thing being his imagination theory
Dominic Sharkey
Hold on, you said that Joker gets given the gun by his co-worker outside an amusement park...he doesn’t. I’ve seen the movie twice now, and he gets given the gun in the changing rooms, right after he stretches out his boot. Are there multiple versions of the film? There can’t be!
tonyk421 Day ago
He only Murders one of the "Wall St. Bros, the first two were justified.
Robert Crist
Robert Crist Day ago
Phillips didn’t mention in his ‘anatomy of a scene’ video, but a nod to the line by Nicholson’s Joker “Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight” when Joaquin dances in the bathroom after murdering those three bros
monzx3 Day ago
I was blown away by how dark this movie is.
Mikayla Pasterfield
I think that the scene when he looks directly into the camera after shooting murry is also a subtle nod to Jerome Valeska tbh
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