Jojo Rabbit Review - Taika Waititi, Scarlett Johansson

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Taika Waititi plays a very unusual version of Adolf Hitler in this thought-provoking WWII comedy.
This is an advance review out of the Toronto International Film Festival.
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Sep 13, 2019




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Comments 481
ben eadie
ben eadie 8 days ago
i have no idea how they got away with this movie in 2019
robert freedman
robert freedman 9 days ago
Plenty to satirize today in 2020 without falling back to Hitler's Nazis. After all look who's in the White House.
Max Burgerhof
Max Burgerhof 10 days ago
Amazing movie
Keelan Hogg
Keelan Hogg 11 days ago
What is the age for this
Alwyn Owen
Alwyn Owen 12 days ago
Unfortunately I didn't find it funny
James Chris
James Chris 12 days ago
You absolute ingrates. It is not in bad taste to mock the Nazi's. What in the actual F is wrong with you? Do you support what the Nazi's did? No? Then rethink your choice of words. Your subservience to the idea that offending people is the worst crime imaginable literally just led you to claim that it is wrong to mock evil. Sort your lives out over there at IGN.
Neill Martin
Neill Martin 18 days ago
This movie is incredible, do yourself a favour watch no trailer & just turn up & you'll have a blast. This film blew me away.....
guilherme siqueira
guilherme siqueira 27 days ago
Funny is what makes people listen. Rare talent.
Lian Beyers
Lian Beyers 28 days ago
If I wanted a synopsis I would just read the wikipedia. Thanks for nothing IGN
The Lavian
The Lavian 28 days ago
That was more a broad coverage of the plot than a review - IGN should stick to gaming.
Thomas Baker
Thomas Baker Month ago
People of youtube: Don't watch reviews before you've seen the movie. Go in fresh!
Fart Tony
Fart Tony Month ago
Yeh guys don’t watch this ‘review’
Dynamic Voltage
Dynamic Voltage Month ago
JoJo Rabbit is a masterpiece
Alessandro Jones
Imagine if a white man played Nelson Mandela. But it's okay, whiteface is fine..
Nune Yolyan
Nune Yolyan Month ago
Great movie, so sad of the poor box office (((
schmoab 2 months ago
This is a summary not a review.
Oneiros 2 months ago
Wow, you guys literally spoiled the whole movie...
Roger Carl
Roger Carl 2 months ago
The movie is great; but this is not how it should be reviewed. Too many cliques to describe truly original scenes.
Erick Rangel
Erick Rangel 2 months ago
I would avoid this review. It’s crazy how spoilery this is. Who allowed this to go up?
moop 2 months ago
IGN messes up again by spoiling the movie
K K 2 months ago
Thanks for warning me guys I stopped the video before I can get spoiled
AXL Law 2 months ago
Funny how this movie made me binge watch Downfall Parodies again. Thanks again, Taika
TheLonelySpider 2 months ago
Captain K is lowkey the greatest character in the whole movie.
Peter Eastwood
Peter Eastwood 2 months ago
Absolutely! He is the hero in the closing theme song, IMO.
ClockWork 2 months ago
Me and a friend watched the movie the other night and it's terrible it just screams of a low quality propaganda movie and only a simpleton would laugh at the mediocre humor.
Zardo Naz
Zardo Naz 2 months ago
Is this a critique or did you just need to take a dump?
manofsan 2 months ago
Taika Waititi is like a Mark Twain doing Huckleberry Finn on the Rhine instead of the Mississippi
MarvelMex 2 months ago
I finally watched it last night - Great movie, funny and *heartwarming* at the same time !
Pranavanathan Yoganathan
This film was exceptional and one of the best I've seen this year. Watiti has great comedic vision and the cast is phenomenal. Jojo Rabbit was wierd , funny , heartwarming and heartbreaking and I think its definitely worth the watch.
Hugh Fraser
Hugh Fraser 2 months ago
This is actually an amazing movie and I hope it wins Best picture
Ingrid rodriguez
Ingrid rodriguez 2 months ago
Hugh Fraser, The joker is going to win.
Lady Vengeance
Lady Vengeance 2 months ago
This movie deserves a way higher score
Dave Davis
Dave Davis 2 months ago
Seeing movie though.
patricio tan jr.
patricio tan jr. 3 months ago
Looks like a Wes Anderson movie.
Your Mother
Your Mother 3 months ago
This Movie is so disrespectful
K J 3 months ago
Taika doesn't disappoint
sonsolar 3 months ago
Yes what the hell kind of a *review is this supposed to be
Lee Everett
Lee Everett 3 months ago
hey! It’s the guy from cinefix lol
Matthew Fuller
Matthew Fuller 3 months ago
I’ve just been told the whole movie no reason to go see it 😂
Aaron Taylor
Aaron Taylor 3 months ago
Skip it, watch The Tin Drum from 1979 instead.
K 3 months ago
Poor taste. Would you do the same with slavery???
Nick Laffy
Nick Laffy 3 months ago
“Flirting with bad taste.” Oh please.
Baseball Sandwich
Baseball Sandwich 3 months ago
Now I'm going to wonder what everyone else's imaginary friend is now? 🤔
KiroIshi 3 months ago
Hmm we might see strohiem
A Hungry saber That calls you mastah
Isnt this part 1 Shouldn't he be using hamon instead of stand?
Ovrlrd Unknown
Ovrlrd Unknown 3 months ago
Sunguluez456 3 months ago
“With fascism and extremism on the rise all over the globe” oh jeez here we go.
Tigrus879 Archives
Tigrus879 Archives 3 months ago
@Sunguluez456 Red herring
Sunguluez456 3 months ago
Tristan where? Orange man bad?
Tristan 3 months ago
Lol but sadly it's the truth.
Willskull 3 months ago
Beyond pathetic! Humanizing a genocidal monster, well is Disney so...
Can my channel get 30,000 Subs
Is this movie on Netflix or hulu
AlvesH12 3 months ago
Wait when does this movie come out im sooo excited for it especially with taika waititi and scarlett Johansson in it
heartsofgoldenrod 3 months ago
Yorkie reminds me of Archie’s Jughead.
Osian Coleman
Osian Coleman 4 months ago
Rlly wanna see this
BobtheCommunist 4 months ago
It's a German versions of *I'M A BELIEVER* not I want to hold your hand...
Jinni Moo
Jinni Moo 4 months ago
They are talking about the opening scene of the actual movie. It features 'I wanna hold your hand' by the Beatles.
JHUNTER626 4 months ago
Man this is a spoiler heavy review
Ben Schoemann
Ben Schoemann 4 months ago
Jesus, spoilers!
Peter E
Peter E 4 months ago
Jesus should I even bother watching the movie? You’ve pretty much explained the whole thing
SandboxArrow 4 months ago
Is this a JoJo reference?
Tanks4Nuthin 4 months ago
I miss comedy like this. If you think this is problematic, trust me you’re the problem with society, not the comedic geniuses that wrote this.
Aisllan de Paula
Aisllan de Paula 4 months ago
Seriously? Thanks for the spoiler free review...now i know i would have enjoyed it way more without watching this crap.
Giga byte
Giga byte 4 months ago
The Jewish don't like this movie
Brandon Booth
Brandon Booth 4 months ago
This review doesn't have any more spoilers in it than the trailer does.
Ariel Malsi Real
Ariel Malsi Real 4 months ago
Spoiler Alert: It’s Already Bizzare Adventure Film! Me: Aww That’s Cute! *[SMILES IN HELL]*
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