Joey Gallo: I protected Bryce Harper in our 8-year-old baseball team's lineup | MLB on ESPN

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Joey Gallo gives an interview during Texas Rangers batting practice, talking about his 2019 MLB All-Star Game home run, the art of bunting, growing up in Las Vegas playing for Kris Bryant's dad and alongside Bryce Harper, when he had his growth spurt, his batting practice strategy, possibly participating in a Home Run Derby, and more.
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Published on


Jul 14, 2019

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Comments 159
L Loaas
L Loaas 10 days ago
I remember meeting Kris Bryant’s dad and brother in Las Vegas during spring training, both amazing people
Tr Hem
Tr Hem 18 days ago
That was soooo awkward, them knowing nothing about gallo or the rangers
Sid The Kid
Sid The Kid 24 days ago
He’s ripping the interviewer so harddddd
Team Dirt
Team Dirt 26 days ago
Who is the reporter
Banta Claus
Banta Claus 27 days ago
This interviewer fucking sucks
Yonaton Kadosh
Yonaton Kadosh 27 days ago
I love his personality
Yonaton Kadosh
Yonaton Kadosh 27 days ago
Was the teamate he talked to in middle of the interview nomar mazzara
Adam Palomino
Adam Palomino 24 days ago
Jack Burke
Jack Burke 27 days ago
“Nomar hit “505”, do you feel the need to beat that?” “I already did.”
Feathers 27 days ago
Yous A Bitch
Yous A Bitch 28 days ago
The goat himself
Chi Sox
Chi Sox 28 days ago
Least hyped growing up but now he's the best of all three in the MLB
Spy Bro 32
Spy Bro 32 28 days ago
Bryant is better
Joe Giants
Joe Giants 28 days ago
Chi Sox Bryant is better but gallo is better than harper
Scopes 29 days ago
This dude almost sounds like swagger souls
Sterling Brown
Sterling Brown 29 days ago
God, If I didn't love this guy enough he fucking CALLS OUT ESPN LIVE
Toxic Vortex334
Toxic Vortex334 29 days ago
Wait the next All Star Game is in LA but where Angels stadium or Dodgers stadium
Edward White Sox Fan
Dodger Stadium bro
David Mayberry
David Mayberry 29 days ago
Imagine having those guys on your little league team.
Bar North
Bar North 29 days ago
Bro he was clowning the reporter
Joe Waring
Joe Waring 29 days ago
Is Gallo ever gonna get his infected molars removed or what ?
Vic H
Vic H 29 days ago
Joey is the best
Gabi Kraines
Gabi Kraines 29 days ago
hot take: gallo > cody bellinger lol
Gabriel Coria
Gabriel Coria 29 days ago
Gabi Kraines L
wa tr
wa tr 29 days ago
정다훈 29 days ago
Such cringe @4:18
Soowoo22 29 days ago
This is so cringy jesus
cacable7 29 days ago
ESPN can relate, since they've been protecting Bryce Harper by pretending he's a superstar since he was 17.
Hayden Eden
Hayden Eden 29 days ago
One of my Fav Sluggers
BaseballNasty 29 days ago
I love Joey gallo
TeamoJr Month ago
Jaiden Rivera
Jaiden Rivera Month ago
Imagine Joey gallo, Bryce Harper, and Kris Bryant all on the same team rn😭
josh knix
josh knix 25 days ago
Galvanic Rah22 he’s actually hitting .258 with an .850 OPS.
Galvanic Rah22
Galvanic Rah22 25 days ago
josh knix he also hitting 210
josh knix
josh knix 25 days ago
Sal V correction, he’s had 2 amazing seasons and a few good season.
josh knix
josh knix 25 days ago
daniel ryan he has a career .894 OPS and he’s still young. Come at me when you have a better argument.
Amy Moore
Amy Moore 26 days ago
josh knix his regular stats look bad which is why people assume he’s overrated but his overall stats are pretty good
Brett Powell
Brett Powell Month ago
As a Rangers fan who was never been that big of a fan of Gallo, I'm really proud of his increase and maturity. I always thought he was okay. Enjoyed watching him hit bombs, but the fact that he has worked so hard this year and offseason has really paid off and I'm extremely happy for him. If he can hit .250 with 40 hr and .350 OBP, I'd be extremely pleased.
Austin Rose
Austin Rose Month ago
@MLB can you buy those bp shirts? I've been looking for a Cincinnati shirt but have not found one.
PlasticPellets Month ago
feces music in the background prevents me from watching the entire video
ATalkingBadger Month ago
Joey Gallo, Bryce Harper, and Kris Bryant, Las Vegas is looking pretty damn good!
Prosper Hypnxtic
Prosper Hypnxtic 27 days ago
ATalkingBadger and fuzzy
Brayden Month ago
He did not like y’all lol
top ramen
top ramen Month ago
Lol the clickbait is real with this one
Jace Month ago
Like if Gallo is the GOAT
Eric Brito Fitness
espn needs more baseball content its actually fun
Kyle Vacca
Kyle Vacca Month ago
It’s called joey Gallo sucks
Terry Thomson
Terry Thomson Month ago
Who’s Joey Gallo?
Jack James
Jack James Month ago
I would like to see Gallo do you really well. He's one of the coolest, down to earth guys in the MLB. "When's the last time you bunted?" "Literally the last game. Sunday. Thanks for keeping up." lol
Michael Tierney
Michael Tierney Month ago
The only reason I tapped on this video is because they are using Bryce’s picture from when he was on the nats.
Andy G
Andy G Month ago
Hahahaha Ripping the New York yankee suckup media subtly to their face, or actually without the eye contact
Sam Doherty
Sam Doherty 28 days ago
Yea true the media would make more money if they covered 10 GB Rangers instead of the Yanks
dcricelovers Month ago
In the thumbnail. Gallo looks like Nick Wright on roids
2k G.O.A.T
2k G.O.A.T Month ago
dcricelovers I see it 😂😂😂
John Bevans
John Bevans Month ago
Haha at 1st i thought he was wearing a twins cap.
andrew woltmann
andrew woltmann Month ago
Gallo is built like Paul bunyon
Moises Zavala
Moises Zavala Month ago
what a sweet swing
Jake Medicoff
Jake Medicoff Month ago
Where’s gallos leg kick
Whyinem Month ago
Crazy how they all knew each other for years
DaGoatNamedCole Month ago
Gallo,Kris,and Bryce all team up. Lit 🔥
Treycoyne12 Month ago
“When’s the last time you bunted” “Literally the last game” Awkward silence lol
Jay Eff Ess
Jay Eff Ess 27 days ago
Great research. What a retard
Dan Shilkett
Dan Shilkett 28 days ago
Long and awkward.
Jeremy Feeley
Jeremy Feeley 28 days ago
Internal Screaming
Stephen Perez
Stephen Perez 29 days ago
Treycoyne12 Shows that they don't pay attention to Texas. Then act like they are being funny trying to get him.
Russell c
Russell c Month ago
GAllos dad was my pitching . Greatest coach I ever had.
Nathan Kohler
Nathan Kohler Month ago
Go Rangers!!!!!!!!
Shaun Sweeney
Shaun Sweeney Month ago
Joey is funny! Thanks for keeping up! Hahe
BDN Roll
BDN Roll Month ago
This is so awkward for ESPN he called them out. Why Harper in Nats hats?
Diet Poweraids
Diet Poweraids Month ago
Please do more stuff like this. I feel like simple videos like this could easily help grow the MLB. I love these
Justin Ostrander
Justin Ostrander 25 days ago
Diet Poweraids bro yes
Yous A Bitch
Yous A Bitch 28 days ago
Diet Poweraids yea
Triple G
Triple G Month ago
0:45 And I oop-
Shooter Sanoff
Shooter Sanoff Month ago
This guy is so down to earth pretty cool
Damian Leyva
Damian Leyva Month ago
Gallo Harper and Bryant on 1 team god
smithfan22 Month ago
At least Gallo is honest. He played really dumb his first two years relying on just god given power. Now hes playing smarter and learning the game. If he reaches his full potential he could be special. Time will tell
CanadaMMA Month ago
@Luke Carney For some players, it means a lot more than others. When you're a three true outcomes guy like Gallo, it's not that important. However, look at a guy like Jose Altuve. A career BABIP of .337, well above the league average for the time he is playing in. This season though, his BABIP is down around .275 and his production is suffering as a result. BABIP is useful when you can look at a players career BABIP over a long enough sample size, and then compare it to a short term change. It can tell you what type of hitter they are, and whether or not they might be injured or getting unlucky.
Luke Carney
Luke Carney Month ago
@CanadaMMA who cares about BABIP? That stat is pretty much meaningless. Mike trout has a career low BABIP this year, yet he's having his best year. The stat is completely random.
CanadaMMA Month ago
He really seems to have taken a step forward in pitch recognition this season. He is still a three true outcomes guy. He is never going to be a BABIP monster. But he is getting onbase this season at a .400 clip, and might crack 40 HR for the year. I'll take 9 of those guys please.
Luke Carney
Luke Carney Month ago
Very true. His numbers are scary this year and he's only 24. Kept the power while also hitting for good average and a good OBP. He still strikes out a lot, but who doesn't these days. Still not sure if he'll be able to keep this up, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.
ThA MAN C MAcK Month ago
Heck yea he should be in THRD. Hitting Bombs is what he does best. Vegas Baby, VEGASSS!!
trichome333 Month ago
But how does this affect the LGBTQIITBQON community?
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson Month ago
More of these please.
anthony alvarez
anthony alvarez Month ago
I took him to win MVP off the bench during the ALL-STAR game smh gave it to Bieber who struck out the side but Chapman did the same to win the game by 1 run which was Joey’s Homerun ...
The Josh O Show
The Josh O Show Month ago
Wishing whoever is reading this an amazing day. Be well ❤️ -Josh Otusanya
Edward White Sox Fan
Michael Perez
Michael Perez Month ago
Thanks Brotha
GodlyGamer _
GodlyGamer _ Month ago
Thank you
ray jay
ray jay Month ago
Looking for attention?
Eddy Davis
Eddy Davis Month ago
The Josh O Show you too bro
Tobin Bilotta
Tobin Bilotta Month ago
That’s just a diss having bryce in the thumbnail wearing a nats hat
Feathers 27 days ago
@Anthony Joines still, low for a $330M guy, they expect .329 AVG, 47 HRS, 109 RBI, 1.021 OBS.
Anthony Joines
Anthony Joines 27 days ago
@Feathers .260 actually
Feathers 27 days ago
@Anthony Joines and hes hitting .250
Feathers 27 days ago
Anthony Joines
Anthony Joines Month ago
@Elon Musk no I still would , harper was one favorites even while he was in Washington
Drew Goddamn Brees
Lol bring that Sports drama! Let's go
Zenigundam Month ago
You didn't protect him from anything. Sick of this b---- Gallo acting like he's big time. Just because you can hit a home run doesn't make you powerful. This fragile woman gets injured every other day.
pm 1014
pm 1014 29 days ago
J. Rust
J. Rust Month ago
You’re calling him a bitch but can’t even type it without censoring it lmao shut your booster seat having ass up
The Berg
The Berg Month ago
Zenigundam Gallo is a fucking beast. He killing right now.
Stratton Sneedon
zenigundam shut the fuck up ugly ass looking clown
Katrize Marie
Katrize Marie Month ago
Someone didn't make little league🤭🤭
Be Great
Be Great Month ago
Busy watching the Yankees LOL
Noah Qasim
Noah Qasim Month ago
Bryce Harper is a stud
Kyle Vacca
Kyle Vacca Month ago
Zachary nice joke
XzX LilBoat XzX
XzX LilBoat XzX Month ago
Zenigundam 😂 🤡
Zachary Month ago
No he's not Gallo is better
Brian Rodriguez
Brian Rodriguez Month ago
Harper wasn't even a allstar.
L. Ron Gardner
L. Ron Gardner Month ago
But NOT a superstar.
Braden Stama
Braden Stama Month ago
Joe Buck is a feen
Cutie Acacia
Cutie Acacia Month ago
lmao wut
Arshdeep Singh
Arshdeep Singh Month ago
Gallo>Harper don’t @ me
Night Bot
Night Bot Month ago
This year yeah for sure
ray jay
ray jay Month ago
think panzer
think panzer Month ago
Protected him from the yankees? ?
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