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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Is Clemson the team to beat next season?
stone cold cowboy
* a whole team of 5 stars
Frank Lyles
Frank Lyles 3 months ago
How Bout Tracy Weber Yee Haw 🤦‍♂️
Bert Hughes
Bert Hughes 4 months ago
+s torres I like the guy, I was with him all the way til he started insinuating that Dabo prepared all month for Alabama, and just knew they'd beat ND and 'Bama would beat OU. That's nonsense. I have no doubt they saved some looks on D and motion/formations on offense for a rainy day. Then pulled out everything for the NC game, regardless of whether it was 'Bama. No rigging (seriously? That's next to impossible), no overlooking the #3 undefeated team, and no disrespecting ND or OU, bc even tho Clemson and Alabama were certainly better, no win is automatic
Bert Hughes
Bert Hughes 4 months ago
Yes they will be. But hopefully the pollsters put us at #2 all year.... that seems to be motivation for us, and also #1 loses in the playoff every year lol
Andrew Mann
Andrew Mann 19 days ago
They werent outcoached until middle of the second quarter. When they were running the ball they were successful. Tua is garbage against solid defenses, and thats what happened. Saban made bad calls once he got desperate which has been rare since he has been at alabama, but at LSU and Miami you saw this Saban alot more
Philippines - Darrell Cheeks
@4:30 Tua played bad because of the Clemson D
stone cold cowboy
bama can have a whole time of 5 stars BUT you have got to know HOW to use what you have!!! LMAO saban and his boys did not know how to use what they had BUT maybe THEY are gonna LEARN FROM Clemson and from the MISTAKES that the bama boys made going up against a TREMENDOUSLY BETTER COACHED TEAM, LIKE Clemson!!!
Humble Warrior
Humble Warrior Month ago
Skip respectfully Tua wasn’t scared or flinching period. Clemson defense came prepared which was great coaching by them..... but last night game wasn’t nothing more than preparation over presentation cuz Alabama didn’t really think about Clemson until after the final zeros hit the clock against Oklahoma. Shannon and other analyst repeatedly said it and you saw just that as the game went forward. Plus on our defensive side they exposes ONE major element in our defensive unit BD’s which they targeted Savion Smith the entire game
Jason Andrews
Jason Andrews 2 months ago
Give me joel and shannon to talk ball all day man
David Greenshield
David Greenshield 3 months ago
Give credit to Clemson everything they did this season was geared towards beating Bama. The biggest decision of course being at quarterback. There is no way they would have won this game with Bryant at quarterback. There coaching staff offensive and defensive staff completely out schemed the Tide. Much credit has to Dabo and his staff.
Tiger Macc
Tiger Macc 4 months ago
Will riker from Hoover alabama played for the hoover bucs. And the insane thing is he was on my little league team the Hoover Raiders. Before I moved out of al
Big Poop
Big Poop 4 months ago
I’m not sure how you get beat so badly by a quarterback who can only throw to one side of the field
Jalil Johnson
Jalil Johnson Month ago
Big Poop what QB is that tua?
x1990x 4 months ago
Skip is a Nick Saban hater but I actually think he made some great points in this video about the adjustments Saban does or lack there of.
Hankerson Photography & Video
I guess Skip doesn't care for Saban.
Jeff 4 months ago
what it would have been any different if Nick Saban had taken out Tulligiuliva as quarterback early on, and put in Jalen Hurts?
Bray 4 months ago
Obviously shows like this exist on drama, and Skip is the king of drama and stupid statements, but this man has lost his mind if he or anyone else believes that Saban's legacy has taken a hit because of 1 game. 6 Nattys and THIS game defines his career? Psh that is stupid to even think about. And another thing, anyone who believes Alabama won't be back and as strong as ever next year, get ready. Anyone standing in their way will get bulldozed. No feet off the gas this year. But Kudos to Clemson, they showed up and showed out this year.
Tj Adams
Tj Adams 4 months ago
First Time I agreed with all three of them. This was bad
sarge1231 4 months ago
Can we all agree that Dabo and Clemson can not get anywhere near the ROY bus now.
Masen Eric
Masen Eric 4 months ago
This Clemson game was the worst thing to happen to Alabama since Brown vs the Board of Education
Bert Hughes
Bert Hughes 4 months ago
Been a Clemson fan since I was a kid, with whole family of Gamecocks fans, I had to be different. Born in '82, so wasn't even around for the '81 championship and never thought I'd see my Tigers win a Natty, much less two! Super proud, but I don't want this to go to their heads. Alabama got blown out bc they just expect to make plays and win just by showing up. Dabo and Brent out coached Saban, Clemson out played 'Bama, and the players just wanted it more. I don't want them to become complacent like 'Bama seems to be. And I really like Klatt, but the idea that Dabo allowed his team to overlook Notre Dame and prepare for 'Bama is absurd. You could argue that ND and Alabama are similar scheme wise (NOT talent wise), while Clemson and Oklahoma are not, and that helped Clemson prepare better, sure. But to insinuate Dabo brushed off ND is insanity. Last but not least, I hope this puts to rest the idea that ND didn't belong. Clemson beat Alabama by more than they beat ND. So in hindsight, the Irish were right where they should've been #GoTigers #Allin #NationalChamps
Mark Leopard
Mark Leopard 4 months ago
The Sec was exposed by Clemson and Texas.
Captain Galaxy
Captain Galaxy 4 months ago
Add to that, his team was outplayed, outclassed, out maneuvered and outmanned. Defeat was thorough, all-encompassing. You pick the category, d- or o- The Tigers had the advantage.
illtrollurmom 4 months ago
"SeC Is thE BesT ConFErEnCE" - Retards
willie broadnex
willie broadnex 4 months ago
Exactly everybody saying Alabama lost on purpose. In every single aspect Clemson just out coached and out played Alabama bottom line. Bottom line!!
Clinton Cross
Clinton Cross 4 months ago
He can't get the job done
Clinton Cross
Clinton Cross 4 months ago
Nick when he is big game
Randall Madison
Randall Madison 4 months ago
Lmfao. I don't even like Saban, but these fair weather analysts are a joke. They have loved Saban for years. Saban has a system. He believes in that system and it has brought championships. Rush the quarterback and play press coverage. Clemson receivers won the battle. Clemson offensive line won the battle. What has been the formula is now criticized? Tip your cap to Clemson. DBs will have more experience next season. And Saban will rush the quarterback and play press coverage.
Clinton Cross
Clinton Cross 4 months ago
Nick got NFL in game
Aaron George
Aaron George 4 months ago
Listening to Skip is like listening to a cat tell a dog how to bark
4thlord51 4 months ago
I think Nick Saban should be on the cover of Madden with drake. I know his team isn't in the NFL but I'm just saying he'd look good on it. After a terrible ending to his season, he needs to improve his image.
Jamey Terry
Jamey Terry 4 months ago
I always thought tua was overrated.... hurts would have won the game if put in at half
Jalil Johnson
Jalil Johnson 4 months ago
Nope he wouldn't have stop it
bamafencer12 4 months ago
I know Skip hates Saban, but it’s hot to his reputation?!? Skip what are you drinking? If anything that Defensive coordinator’s reputation has taken a hit. He didn’t have any answers for the QB.
Captain Galaxy
Captain Galaxy 4 months ago
No kidding, Joel. Shows you watched the game intently. I did, as well. And finally, it was a thorough thrashing with no let up. Important, you don't want to give an opponent a chance to breathe, a way to get back in the game. The Tide deserved something like this, not just a loss of ten points or less, as was the case in the past several seasons. No, this one was thorough. Complete. My story, the Tide deserves this at least once every year.
Justin Stergar
Justin Stergar 4 months ago
Does she ever talk?
Jeremiah Atkinson
Jeremiah Atkinson 4 months ago
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RODEO CINEMAX 4 months ago
Skip: “Oh thank you I’ll take this... to da HOUSE!”
CJ18 videos
CJ18 videos 4 months ago
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Sean Wilson
Sean Wilson 4 months ago
Its doesn't matter who wins. BAMA GONNA BE FAVORITE. It'll change but now......
Keeping Up With Miss.G1994
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David Boyd
David Boyd 4 months ago
Of course Saban was outcoached just as he's outcoached many othets in the same situation. He had a bad game - it happens.
brooke arrowood
brooke arrowood 4 months ago
Everyone but Clemson fans doubted the tigers....but now you know what we know. Clemson football is on another level🐯🏈💯 Alabama fans haven't been this mad since they moved the Sudafed behind the counter. Go Tigers!!
DeMario Thompkins
DeMario Thompkins 4 months ago
nless 4 months ago
sub to dimsful on yt
Laborer in the field
If you do not repent of your sins you are totally outcoached!!!
mauricio krebs
mauricio krebs 4 months ago
i love skip take on this
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance 4 months ago
Hello, Humans. Blade: Oh, I get it. I see now. You've been training for two years to take me out, and now here I am. Whew! [shivers] Blade: Ooh, so exciting, isn't it? ~Blade(Blade 2) TERRANCE OUT
Yee erick Rodriguez
Yee erick Rodriguez 4 months ago
Global Tech Gadgets
Global Tech Gadgets 4 months ago
Daniel Quinn
Daniel Quinn 4 months ago
These games can be pretty unpredictable at times.
Moro Space
Moro Space 4 months ago
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Kevin Ramirez
Kevin Ramirez 4 months ago
Nick Saban isn’t a motivator but a strategist. It works but Dabo has heart and inspires his boys
Kevin 4 months ago
Saban's overrated. Not so easy to win when you don't outnumber the other team with 5 star recruits
Drakon 4 months ago
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Jackwee Long
Jackwee Long 4 months ago
Matthewk00lkid 13
Matthewk00lkid 13 4 months ago
Tua isn’t going to be great just good in the Nfl
aznfratboy1 4 months ago
Clemson returned an entire D-Line of first rounders, three of which would have been first rounders last year, not to mention an LT that would have been a Day 2 guy, Renfrow who will play in the NFL and has the best QB prospect since Luck. Clemson played well, but Skip is portraying it as if Alabama was a Division 2 school.
Neha Srivastava
Neha Srivastava 4 months ago
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ArmaniForever 4 months ago
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Wiley Watts
Wiley Watts 4 months ago
Zay's Clipz
Zay's Clipz 4 months ago
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ricksduman 4 months ago
FSU 13-0 First Undisputed National Champions 2013-14.
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Kevin 4 months ago
I want New Year's eve Jenny
Caulin Whitewater
Caulin Whitewater 4 months ago
from the thumbnail, I thought Joel was Mark Harmon from NCIS
Brehon Mills -The Stock Investor
How could Tua's NFL stock take a hit? He's a sophmore.. He has plenty of time to get even better..
Gunpackingsaint 4 months ago
Factory VS family... Definitely on point.
The v8 Freak
The v8 Freak 4 months ago
Yeah who cares just make petscop 2
A H 4 months ago
Don't act like this will happen next year lol
Jack Friday
Jack Friday 4 months ago
Did anyone notice ex vols coach on the Alabama sidelines right along side Saban at one moment in the game?I was like, who is that guy. Took me a couple minutes to figure it out... Clemson looked well prepared on defense?
gary mcfall
gary mcfall 4 months ago
He is the worst analyst in college football.
Gandalf The Gray
Gandalf The Gray 4 months ago
Maybe it's not a factory it's just a bad company and no one wants to work there. Family is sometimes hard to deal with, but guess what?? Still family. CLEMSON IS FAMILY!! Look at the difference of how many Clemson Alum were on the side line compared to Bama. Think about it!!
Random Dude
Random Dude 4 months ago
Nick Saban got schooled in one game out of the all the games he’s coached, it means nothing, just one game.
MrPcoz 4 months ago
Get off it 4 years in a row of facing the same team. They are recruiting and gearing their game to play each other. It 2-2. See you next year for the Clemson/Alabama Invitational(CFP)
Jed Cable
Jed Cable 4 months ago
OU has the #1 QB recruit in the nation this year who won the elite 11 I don’t think OU is gonna drop off I think they’ll have almost an identical year next year. Crazy numbers on offense and a horrible defense it just depends on if Texas can keep improving and win the big 12 instead of OU
Christian Andre Fermin Chong
Georgia gave you a small tease of what could have happened
positive functioning motion
G3ekbox 4 months ago
i don't get it...Everybody's saying Tua played terrible this game. Did anyone not see that Tua had the same amount of incompletions as Lawrence (Tua: 22 of 34; Lawrence 20 of 32...both 12 incompletions). The only difference is Clemson in position to get Interceptions and Clemon's Wideouts with Circus hands to make off throws look amazing. I know it's the popular thing to pile on the loser, but Tua was not terrible. Now, the Bama's Offensive pass protection was terrible and Clemson's D-Line was Excellent. Tua did what he could under bad circumstances.
G3ekbox 4 months ago
Richie Woods huh?
Richie Woods
Richie Woods 4 months ago
G3ekbox that's called better qb play dumb*ss run tide
B E 4 months ago
This is the best assessment from klatt all year. Saban was outcoached. Bama wasn't prepared for Clemson. And most importantly, the coaching staff is completely out of sorts. Saban has lost too many. You can clearly tell the Bama players arent as drilled as previous years. Saban even admitted that he noticed it in preparation for the game but it was too late to coach them up.
Cody Ingle
Cody Ingle 4 months ago
Joel Klatt needs a show!
Nicholas Russell
Nicholas Russell 4 months ago
dustin miao
dustin miao 4 months ago
Spencer boutta turn up next year
Tothineown Selfbetrue
Finally someone said it. You have to strategize and recruit for Bama. It's no reason for him to run through the SEC like that!!! Start planning now LSU, A&M, and Georgia!!!
SmithN' Wesson
SmithN' Wesson 4 months ago
I don't agree with Skip often but hes right. Trevor Lawrence looked amazing.
DV8 4 months ago
Top 4 teams should play each other out the gate every season... It would be a very interesting playoffs!
D Woolf
D Woolf 4 months ago
Although this is a good result, playoffs need to expand to 8 to get some fresh blood to the championship. It's the only way to stem the tide(no pun intended) of a few schools getting all the best recruits....IMO.
Nancy Butler
Nancy Butler 4 months ago
Wow saban didn't get 6st title in ten yrs fire him he lost his mojo bamas done they may never win another game oh lordy lordy
Go big Orange
Go big Orange 4 months ago
Saban looked like a used car salesmen, he was about as prepared as one last night. What a disgraceful performance for a SEC representative. Congratulations to Clemson
cacable7 4 months ago
Shannon's a little less obnoxioulsy urban & loud about Alabama and St Nick today... Alabama got "thrown" off the field because they're used to running through a league that's full of retards playing QB and struggle when they face a competent offense. Since the 2014 Sugar Bowl, they've given up 30 + points in 6 bowl / playoff games, and 40 + in 4 of those.
devin johnson
devin johnson 4 months ago
Tua got hurt more than saban by far, Tua doesn't have 5 titles with so many of them being blowouts
XAVIER G. BAILEY 4 months ago
Jake russell
Jake russell 4 months ago
Lawrence is unbelievable, looks like a great dude hope he has major success.
jeffrey pierre
jeffrey pierre 4 months ago
They should’ve put jaylen in the 3rd quarter tua was choking so damn bad
New Warleans
New Warleans 4 months ago
Tua our their trying to play fancy trying to look pretty on the field. He’s not better than Murray or Lawrence. And this game proved that he’s not really all that. Good job Clemson 🏆
vMercyy 4 months ago
Skip has a point I didn’t think of it that way. How do you give up 30 unanswered points and not score with the championship on the line
38kal 4 months ago
Everything that Klatt said applies to all teams.. excuses excuses excuses...
Breezo G
Breezo G 4 months ago
Dabo iz gonna get his ham smoked......
HemanParkFilms 4 months ago
5 titles in 10 years and these idiots are questioning Saban's legacy. Stop!!
Shane Pleasants
Shane Pleasants 4 months ago
My favorite part was the Clemson players doing the Death Row Recruitment pitch
Hug Savage
Hug Savage 4 months ago
What "family" if coach makes 2 or 3 million to just call offense I wouldn't leave either hahaha
Shane Pleasants
Shane Pleasants 4 months ago
ACC better than SEC we already are the best basketball conference might as well take the throne in football also
Lil Wayne Carter
Lil Wayne Carter 4 months ago
Tua sucks against actual defenses
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