Joe Rogan Reacts to Jordan Peterson Checking Himself Into Rehab

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Taken from JRE #1355 w/Mark Normand:

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Sep 21, 2019




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gee 2 days ago
The love for JP and his family is incredible. Just shows you how many lives hes touched. Get better soon!
TS 2 days ago
I dont wanna imagine a world without jordan peterson
sebastian langley
Bezo's make me get suicidal idealisation when its leaving my system. Their a two edge sword man, diazapam can really help you but then leaves you in a void when you come of them.
Karnage 2 days ago
Rip Jordan Peterson😔
Jhon Famo
Jhon Famo 2 days ago
Kolonopin is Xanax with a longer halflife
Trumpty Dumbty
Trumpty Dumbty 3 days ago
Therapists first meeting with JBP. 'This is gonna be easy, any psychologist dumb enough to get on the longest-acting benzo for more than two weeks over grief-induced-anxiety is a fool. Psychiatrist "you weren't on more than 0.5 mg/day were you?" "Ah, yes." "And this was obviously not a Canadian psychiatrist - Hollywood per chance?" "Yes" "And you trusted them?". "That was the matrix of meaning I found myself in". "You do realize Hollywood is a fucked up place?" "Well, I've been living in USvid for the last 10 years so it seemed quite normal". And then I simply let him talk until he feels he's cured himself and has his next "brainwaves". Or I could set him straight when he's talking non-sense but that would probably screw him up even more.
P fireball
P fireball 2 days ago
"hey trumpty, how long has JBP been on meds?" Trumpty "I have no idea". Which meds has he been talking and for how long" Trumpty "I'm not sure" "What about the exact dosage?" Trumpty "how would I know" "Would you happen to know anything about the doctor who prescribed the meds that he's been taking?" Trumpty "no" "Did you know that you can't spell 'dumbty' without 'dumb'?" Trumpty "oh?".
Trumpty Dumbty
Trumpty Dumbty 3 days ago
Jordan Peterson is a tool. I was hoping his climate-change denying ass would have disappeared for good down a Klonopin hell-hole.
P fireball
P fireball 2 days ago
Ahhhh....so you're the poster boy for the'resentful' left.
Trumpty Dumbty
Trumpty Dumbty 3 days ago
Jordan Peterson is a tool. I was hoping his climate-change denying ass would have disappeared for good down a Klonopin hell-hole. It's like Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It's all about the greater good RIGHT NOW. And the big problem is the so-called "chaos" at the Universities, lol. Forget the universities and that diversionary tactic Joe it's about the fucking species dick head.
Trumpty Dumbty
Trumpty Dumbty 3 days ago
Jordan Peterson is a tool of the right. I was hoping his climate-change denying ass would have disappeared for good down a Klonopin hell-hole.
Trumpty Dumbty
Trumpty Dumbty 3 days ago
Jordan Peterson is a tool of the right. I was hoping his climate-change denying ass would have disappeared for good down a Klonopin hell-hole and reemerged with a balanced perspective.
Juventus Ventuno
Juventus Ventuno 4 days ago
Peterson is a man child. story is over. what a beta boi
pat mctabish
pat mctabish 4 days ago
I have suffered anxiety, it can be the cumulative effect of your life environment, personal & work until it finally manifests itself & bubbles to the top. Take care of yourselves people. Anxiety medication is well known for its addictive potential.
Human Psychology Explained
He should have known better than to turn to pharmaceutical drugs with his professional qualifications. Clearly his own advice "take your dam pills" isn't just wrong it's deadly wrong. I used to respect Jordan until I realised exactly who he is and what he's doing. He's a wolf in sheep's clothing and is gaining huge financial wealth from manipulating his audience, a lot like Jordan Rogan does. Joe wouldn't like to be analysed by a psychologist who will show him exactly who he is and why he is the way he is. Joe's used to forcing and battling his way through things rather than looking at himself properly and knowing what's curtailing his psychological disposition. Take his MMA for example there's a very specific set of reasons he took up MMA and it was absolutely nothing to do with self defense I can promise you that. He took it up because he wanted to project himself as physically strong and capable of hurting people should he choose to and that's because of fears within himself because he knows he's extremely vulnerable psychologically. It would be easy to take him to the individual he was born to be but that of course means taking him back to his childhood and that's a place he doesn't like to frequent because it overwhelms him.
First name Last name
Peterson is making rehab look more acccessible and taking the stigma away from it by going to rehab himself
PAPA BEAR 3 days ago
Bullshit he is a con a weak-minded hypocrite nothing but a fucking junkie
Seb C
Seb C 3 days ago
No one should be ashamed if they want to go to rehab. It should be seen as a strenght, not a weakness.
MultipleEggs 5 days ago
"That's no Xanax" That's basically exactly what it is... Just lasts longer.
David Stewart
David Stewart 5 days ago
I think this is good for people to see. One of the most intelligent people alive showing he’s just like is with issues and things to solve himself. He’s a strong man he will come back and teach us even more.
PAPA BEAR 3 days ago
A weak-minded con hypocrite more like it, he made millions teaching incels how to cope with life and the moment life hits him he crumbles like a little bitch.
campsite a
campsite a 6 days ago
This may explain Jordan Peterson's vague beliefs in a higher power... maybe not the christian version of God but perhaps "god" in general.
EAchank 7 days ago
Lol this white guy at work loves JP n hates drugs n the ppl who use them...no wonder hes been so quiet lately
PAPA BEAR 3 days ago
A Better World View
The doctor should have set up a reasonable weaning regimen! Also, with the situation - it is not surprising or shameful to have anxiety re the health of his wife. He has fully admitted over and over to how difficult life can be. So really? I applaud his honesty and openness. An example for us all of how we can open up - and be the most powerful influence - and still be human. There is no perfect - other than being as perfectly ourselves and perfectly authentic.
Lynn Mccabe
Lynn Mccabe 7 days ago
A clinical psychologist, whose arrogance, ego, who has manipulated stupid people and educates others on addictoons, who pretends to be an expert is a total complete fraud! He is so weak to turn to drugs when his 2ife needed him and so quickly needs rehab. BULLSHIT, HE IS A FRAUD
PAPA BEAR 3 days ago
Exactly....... he is a con
lesterclaypool1 7 days ago
Clonidine is what they use for opiate/opioid withdrawal. It lowers the heart rate and helps with sweating. They also prescribe it for menopause. Clonazepam is a long acting benzodiazapine prescribed for extreme, acute situational stress.
James Cole
James Cole 8 days ago
i think the cure for someone who is listening too much to Jordan Peterson and someone who thinks like him needs to listen to Alan Watts. If you are looking for a balance i highly recommend him. Peterson opens you up to alot and i think for a certain type of person can make you more anxious. Watts is the cure.
Bianca blast
Bianca blast 8 days ago
Didn't this guy Peterson on your show say he stayed awake for 25 days and you didn't question him on it..I knew this guy was a junky
PAPA BEAR 3 days ago
@Anil Palan Yes he fucking did, when he was talking about Apple cider and his impending feeling of doom. If JP is in rehab is because he developed an addiction to medication that makes him a junkie, you can try to twist any way you want but the truth is he is a fucking junkie
Anil Palan
Anil Palan 6 days ago
1. He never said that. 2. You didn't know that. 3. There's a difference between taking prescribed anti-anxiety medication for your anxiety because you wife is having cancer, and being a junky. Are you incapable of understanding common English or did you just ignore the entire video?
Savage Shot
Savage Shot 9 days ago
Damn. Poor man... His wife dying of cancer and he cant handle it. Fuck thats sad.
PAPA BEAR 3 days ago
Weak-minded clown that is what he is
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood 9 days ago
The guy was on meth, maybe benzos too but definitely meth. He said in jre appearance that he was awake for 25 days straight.
valley emm
valley emm 9 days ago
klonopin is a benzo that has been prescribed for almost half a century. all benzos, not just klonopin, should be tapered or titrated off slowly, and being under a doctor's care is essential. benzos are probably the most difficult drug to stop taking as the withdrawal can and has killed people. peterson was smart to go to rehab.
Mike _Boyle
Mike _Boyle 9 days ago
Ide just like to wish Dr peterson the best of luck with his struggles ..this guy really helped me through one of the darkest times in my life , just by having these videos on USvid, I think and hope he must have helped 100s possibly 1000s of people just like me and for that he deserves our esteem. Thank you Dr Peterson and keep your chin up like you taught me to again.
Mike _Boyle
Mike _Boyle 3 days ago
@PAPA BEAR piss off dick
PAPA BEAR 3 days ago
Grow up kid
Devendra Singh
Devendra Singh 10 days ago
My sympathies to the Peterson family. May they get back to happy times.
Pamela Lee
Pamela Lee 10 days ago
It's a long lasting benzo. It's basically Xanax but it last longer than a Xanax does.
Slug Paste
Slug Paste 10 days ago
White Aziz Ansari in the house.
wil cashen
wil cashen 11 days ago
wow i guess jordan looks like a huge hypocrite now with all that commentary he makes on stuff while not having his "house" in order. maybe he is just a guy with no real handle on things like the rest of us. why is he famous?
PAPA BEAR 3 days ago
Yes, he is a weak-minded con.
wil cashen
wil cashen 10 days ago
@CYYLEE yet he has made an entire carrier out of preaching the opposite. he says you should be manly. i understand his situation, and he is a normal guy, but that is not the way he sells himself. he speaks on many topics he has no education in and speaks like an authority. yet he says if you complain about society you have to have you life in order first and he clearly projects an image of himself that is untrue. he has been dodging Richard Wolff forever in sneaky ways to avoid backing up the stuff he says. his wife getting cancer doesn't excuse him being an asshole his entire career. Joe Biden isn't qualified to be in office and he should't be famous either and does bad things. Biden's son died of cancer and just like Peterson, that doesn't make his career ok.
CYYLEE 10 days ago
The guys wife has cancer... He almost lost his daughter too and he seems to be an extremely emotional person.
Ebony Hayes
Ebony Hayes 11 days ago
Much respect
64kdwg 11 days ago
Jordan Peterson did so much for everyone, helps millions of people, and he suffers so much.
PAPA BEAR 3 days ago
he is a bitch
Vapletrichs Gne
Vapletrichs Gne 11 days ago
Who is that dumbass in the suit.
jeremy lee
jeremy lee 11 days ago
Benzo withdrawals can kill you. Puts you in seizures and shit. Same with alcohol. People, do not withdrawal from these two substances alone. Hospitals will take you in and help.
Michael Eric, See Mayer of a Lost Tribe
This world chews up and spits out the good people who are sensitive and empathetic. Over time all the one's I knew ended up popping pills or dying before their time. Good people need to stick together and help one another through this mess.
Michael Eric, See Mayer of a Lost Tribe
I'm glad Doc Peterson went into treatment. Kicking those benzodiazepines could easily be one of the seven levels of hell. Those are one of only a few medications that will kill you if you try to quit cold turkey, so he definitely did the right thing by getting medical help. I'll never forget how sick I was when I kicked. Blah!
aboates 11 days ago
Klonopin is absolutely horrible to get off of. Quitting smoking was a walk in the park compared to quitting it. Further, the six months I was on it, are gone from my memory...cannot remember a single thing from that time period at all. Avoid at all costs!
yew 2oob
yew 2oob 12 days ago
Drug addict Jordan...telling everyone else how to live their lives...where's his Judeo-Christian, Western, Capitalist, Archetype to save his consciousness from the inevitable chaos, bringing into order the dragon and turmoil of being...blah blah blah? Drug addict white male becomes a millionaire while being a hypocrite. Glad this youtubevangelist showed himself to be just like all the others of his ilk.
CYYLEE 10 days ago
@scott b lol, yeah man, his wife has liver cancer, no big deal, what a fuckin *PUSSY*
scott b
scott b 10 days ago
@CYYLEE ...Whaaaa!! My wife's sick, I'm going to become a drug addict, whaaaaa!!!
CYYLEE 10 days ago
yeah bro, your wife having cancer is no big deal, what a pussy, right?
jonnyares1 12 days ago
I would be on all kinds of anti-anxiety meds if I were touring and speaking and meeting hundreds of people a day, helping people with their problems. His actions to get help are consistent with what he’s been saying to people all along. Seems to me he’s practicing what he preaches
Tom Sawyer
Tom Sawyer 12 days ago
There are thousands of people committing suicide all over the world, especially the USA! Many take them as prescribed for insomnia! Stopping cold turkey is very dangerous!!
Real Fast English
Real Fast English 12 days ago
Who the fuck is this shallow fucking cunt cracking jokes during this conversation? Drop the stand-up persona, lose the god-damn interjections and empty comments--and show some fucking respect. This is Jordan Peterson we're talking about. Not one of your vegas coke-buddies.
Kimberly Jordan
Kimberly Jordan 12 days ago
Joe, I love you.... But really?! Stop already!!! Your conversations about meds are so totally uniformed and the dude sitting with you is behaving like a child in a school yard. With the amount of people you influence (regardless of whether or not you repeatedly say that you don't know what your talking about), is seeping into the minds of people that clearly have lost their ability to think independently. If you choose to walk the line between misinforming the public about a topic or person and disseminating actual information, please either have legitimate professionals discuss this with your audience or zip it. No matter what you say about, "oh, if you don't like it, don't listen....", that is a hard pill to swallow (no pun intended). I know personally, I opt to give you the benefit of the doubt, just like others I may or may not agree with in any given topic. You are blessed to have this and other access to influence in a most positive way.... And inform correctly. You know yourself that the vast majority of the information that is hawked to the public as "truth" is Anything But! Please don't continue to add to that heap of nonsense!! You're better than that Joe! And whatever you do, stifle that man sitting across from you!!!
Alejandro Morales
Alejandro Morales 12 days ago
He’s a great man, that leading by example. I hope his wife and him continue to live a long happy life.
Rich Making Stuff
Rich Making Stuff 12 days ago
He must’ve been popping em like tic tacs.
JUSTIN MOORE 13 days ago
Dude doesn't know what he m's talkin about. Xanex is way stronger.
Mamma Grace
Mamma Grace 13 days ago
I hope Jordan Peterson and his family receive all the love and support from fans, friends, etc as they have lived their lives by not taking the easy path but the narrow one and because of there willingness to share their knowledge and Love and to be honest which is difficult in the public eye.....I hope they know how much they have done for so many.....what can we do for them? I will be praying for all of you. My husband died of cancer after 25 years of marriage O have been on monsoon since I was in my early 20s and valium and Xanax before that. Diazepam for over 35 years....I'm praying he will be just fine. He has given so much of Himself and they the Biblical series mixed with theory w archetypes and confronting the evil we can be but then dealing with it...I'm finding flashback to God and realizing after struggling with my faith was because I was listening to people who didn't think about what they were reading in the Bible. Peterson is willing to be used as a vessel for truth. You can not be strong enough to stand for the truth unless you love. I believe he is much more of a Christian than people who call themselves Christians. Whatever the case, I will be praying for him and his family and I hope others will too. Protection,healing,grace,joy,and much love to the Peterson family, in Jesus name...Amen..
Kevin Golson
Kevin Golson 13 days ago
Just in case anyone's confused: You go to DETOX to get over withdrawal symptoms. You go to REHAB to get treatment for substance abuse. Detox lasts a few days and then you're discharged. It's been three weeks and Peterson is still in REHAB. He's a substance abuser/addict. End of story.
Prisoner 13 days ago
30 secs in and I already hate the interviewed
AnotherKS 13 days ago
Joe really needs to read that Canadian bill. Oof
The One
The One 13 days ago
druggie peterson
dr dolittle
dr dolittle 13 days ago
Anyone in the world could go to a doctor during a stressful life experience and with out knowing anything about the dangers of benzodiazepines get thrown into a torturous withdrawal after a few weeks. (Anyone) It happened to me. It is so horrific. I went back to the doctor and told him i am in the worst state and i can't function. And what happened next was worse than anything that i could ever describe and im almost positive that its going to eventually end me. The doctor doubled the dose and sent me home. I took 60 pills in August last year. I mentally and physicaly exploded into pain. That was 12 months ago. Everyday is like going through a battle of survival. 4am wake ups in full blown panic attack states. Suicidal ideation is on full bore. Head and body agony all day. Like bees are stinging my brain, deep waves of intense pain inside my brain, nerves on fire. Chest palpitations , reading, writing, doing simple things is like a massive challenge, electric current running through my arms, back and neck. walking is a struggle. This is all coming from a guy who a year ago was in a gym 5 days a week. Running a business. I could run long distance and loved running on the hills in my city. I just turned 40 and nobody at all including my doctor has ever heard of protracted benzo withdrawal. I have spent thousands on trying to save my life. This drug might help half the people who take it but the other half like me pray everyday for the pain to end.
blueflower 13 days ago
Klonopin isn’t stronger than Xanax why is he talking out of his ass
Lingering Light
Lingering Light 13 days ago
Must've broken every bone in his body (falling from a horse that high).
Clean Green
Clean Green 13 days ago
Humble yourself. Or life will do it for you.
Jeff Camsell
Jeff Camsell 14 days ago
Clonidine is the drug he's thinking of.
Healthy Fatima
Healthy Fatima 14 days ago
Jordan Peterson = Yet Another drunk pseudo-intellectual non-celeb who professes the answer for everyone else, but fails to get out of bed in the AM without getting drunk/popping mood candy. Nothing to see here folks.
Colm Mac Diarmada
Colm Mac Diarmada 14 days ago
I got his book. I think he has said a lot of very smart insightful things but He's been on the edge from the start. The brutal truth is that if I want a guru or even a psychiatrist I'm gonna want one that hasn't been to rehab recently. He's only human and the mantle that many have placed upon him is too big. He suffers too much for his work. You need balance.
Colm Mac Diarmada
Colm Mac Diarmada 11 days ago
@Will Steele I'm sure it is the main factor for him seeking treatment and the resultant rehab but I still feel the same way, Maybe the mantle of guru is placed on Jordan unfairly and I'm not saying I or any other ordinary person would not need the same treatment in the same circumstances but there are countless people out there who get through without the help of drug treatment. The brutal fact that he needs it will effect his role as a mentor or guru in the eyes of many people who expect their mentor or guru to be extra ordinary. Jordan never asked for the status of guru but I think he has it. I've thought a lot about this and I am very fond of Jordan. I think I'm angry at him for not looking after himself and taking too much upon himself and thinking he could handle it. His wife's illness has devastated a man who was already taking on the troubles of the world. He needs to stop everything for a few years and just write and be with his family. He's done more than enough to deserve his age of quite contemplation without feeling pressured by the needs of others..
Will Steele
Will Steele 12 days ago
Good points. However, his wife having liver cancer has to be the main factor. That type of cancer is almost a death sentence.
Clean Green
Clean Green 14 days ago
B-b-bbut meat cured him of all his psych problems, right? Jordan Peterson being a lying fraud drug addict made more sense to me than any news I've heard this year. Now if Joe "I'll Inject Anything To Prove I'm Healthier Than Vegans Who Only Take B12" Rogan would just come clean about his boat loads of drug use. Coward and fraud.
Eric Moore
Eric Moore 14 days ago
Wait I thought that Jordan Peterson knew everything? So why can't he get himself off of drugs?
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