Joe Rogan Experience - Fight Companion - November 10, 2018

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Jason Sheets
Jason Sheets 8 days ago
glad it was my bday!! ;)
Jason Sheets
Jason Sheets 8 days ago
learned soo much from you... priviledged to teach you something too!!! ;) lol
Jason Sheets
Jason Sheets 8 days ago
happend to metallica... bassist of metallica, BOOTED!! for Cliff Burton... come on now guys... smh...
Mxlvie R
Mxlvie R 11 days ago
I watch this and wear a headset to pretend I have friends🤦🏻‍♂️
Tony Garcia
Tony Garcia 25 days ago
cool jacket queer.
M!sfit Month ago
Joe "100%" Rogan
sad dreng
sad dreng Month ago
Tbh eddgy is right regarding the straight girl in a mma gym. I see it and I'm in Denmark
C Month ago
Ignorance, stupidity and micropenis rules this Joe podcast.
Dingospo 2 months ago
Eddie busted, again feg story....
Game Time Mojo
Game Time Mojo 2 months ago
I'm a ex Lacross player. Vancouver BC Canada. Lacross used to be our national past time. But it's back to hockey again. You think field Lacross is brutal 😂😂😂😂 I played real man Lacross. Box Lacross. Go watch those games. The fights and the hits once boards come into play. Faster surface on the rink floor. Gets crazy. I have many crazy Lacross fight and brawl stories. Lol. Me and alot of my football buddies used Lacross as our off season sport. Soccer also for cardio reasons.
Game Time Mojo
Game Time Mojo 2 months ago
Since Perry back with psycho horse face his games shit again. She was around him all his last fight and backstage with him everywhere. She's poison. Not just saying that. I've had some amazing gamer days. Bedded my fair share of dimes. 43 and no the hustle. That broad hes with can confuse younger dudes. Shortly after his loss there he is back online crying about breaking up. Dudes to much a drama queen like that.
Aposka poska
Aposka poska 2 months ago
03:08:11 Yair Elbow KO
hudson 3 months ago
JOE, STOP shutting Eddie down, he is quite obviously more intelligent than you. Stop trying to "protect" your fame and reputation just because your good friend questions everything.
Ace Freely
Ace Freely 3 months ago
Beatles are a conncpiracy, Eddy
Rodney Diamond
Rodney Diamond 3 months ago
eddie bravo answering his phone during tthe middle of the podcast lol for techincal talk about a fight
Rodney Diamond
Rodney Diamond 3 months ago
i think that scientific word he is thinking of is Tribalism which isnt a scientific word =) but maybe he was thinking of a different word
HertZ gaminG
HertZ gaminG 3 months ago
You guys need to learn to listen just talking over each other its not a competition
Michael Kulidjian
Michael Kulidjian 3 months ago
Patronizing and narcissistic guy is eddie, get rid of him. Look for it near the beginning. your mission if you choose to accept it..
CaptainLog 3 months ago
If Eddie thinks a white dude in blackface looks like “a regular black guy” brother has smoked himself...special? We’ll say special.
Lou V44
Lou V44 3 months ago
What were we just talking about? “ chicks with dicks and orgasms “ oh yea, LOL
Lou V44
Lou V44 3 months ago
Always the best!
Simo Shakur
Simo Shakur 3 months ago
what's up with the timer in the bottom left corner?
inscrutable 4 months ago
2 minutes in and Eddie is totally right about the Beatles (specifically about money being spent to make them seem bigger in America for TV) and Rogan shutting him down with misinformation. Exactly why I hardly watch jre anymore. Shut this one down half way when Eddie left thanks for the heads up from other comments. "Fiat - fix it again Tony" Eddie Bravo
Arthur Morgan x
Arthur Morgan x 4 months ago
I was watching this online while listing to joe and Brendan but I muted them 30 seconds before the final knockout and I’m glad I did because the video was 30 seconds ahead of the actual fight for me. Fucking epic #imdrunk
ali 4 months ago
what is the countdown on the bottom left for?
Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis 4 months ago
Needs less Eddie Bravo.
Jessus Christ
Jessus Christ 4 months ago
Damn. Brenda is rocking a cheetah... And i dont mean cheeto santino boy. Gang gang
CaptainLog 4 months ago
Does Eddie still think Phrenology is real?! Face symmetry?!
zain haider
zain haider 4 months ago
Joe"Were gonna get taken of USvid"Rogan
Ryan Roland
Ryan Roland 4 months ago
Hey Eddie Ben Askren is really Ryan Reynolds... Look into that.
Jaden Pearce
Jaden Pearce 4 months ago
It’s work, stress, our food Is terrible compared to the rest of the world, (FDA is a joke)and societal norms that aren’t normal. that’s why people are so sick mentally and physically . People aren’t made to work all day everyday, in the past we didn’t work this much ever. Even slaves didn’t work as much or as hard as we do today. They used to have naps in the mid day.
CGANY ! 4 months ago
Ye I’m from north cal them fires were no joke
S Alajmi
S Alajmi 4 months ago
is Joe faking alot of shit?
WildSandwich 4 months ago
"Steve Nash with tits" LMFAO
TheManWithNoInsides 4 months ago
This whole fight companion sums up 2018 Joe Rogan.
Prophet Over Profit
Prophet Over Profit 4 months ago
“Jamie you got an A” 😂 Eddie so petty
Justin Alveranga
Justin Alveranga 5 months ago
These guys really fear being politically incorrect
josh 5 months ago
Why do they turn Eddie's mic on? The $h!t that comes out of his mouth just... SMH... Fuck it, you do you Eddie
J iKon
J iKon 5 months ago
Eddie Bravo makes the podcast.
Otniel Manary
Otniel Manary 5 months ago
2:19:04 joe just stares into my soul 😳
Ted Bear
Ted Bear 5 months ago
3:16:30 I've said for years the best shots to use as an equalizer are spinning backfist and spinning elbow that KO was nnnnnnnnasty
David Johnson
David Johnson 5 months ago
Eddie Bravo has to be the Stupidest Person ever put on Joe Rogan's Podcast.
KenROCK1330 5 months ago
1:34:20 Eddy drinks his pain away. lol "I GOT NO FRIENDS!"
bat map
bat map 5 months ago
Listen up idiots in California. Stop building wooden above-ground houses. You live in a part of the world is about to become desert, like the Sahara before Atlantis (Eye Of Sahara, Chinguetti, Mauritania), something like 13k years ago. The Sahara also has very nice weather and not enough water to support the population.
Ernest Hobbs
Ernest Hobbs 5 months ago
Shawn Rhoden won the Olympia, not Big Ramy
Joshua Alden
Joshua Alden 5 months ago
Yup, PTSD sucks. Those kids growing up in those homes end up with C-PTSD which is way fucking worse. That's long term trauma. Abusive homes and abusive streets. These kids are in hell.
A.J. Khaos
A.J. Khaos 5 months ago
Eddie "Must be a conspiracy" Bravo
Uria85 5 months ago
I like how Rogan loved Eddies conspiracy theories now he blocks him before he can even get started. When Eddie is not around Joe it's funny as hell and he enjoys it but when he's there its like no we are not going to entertain this idea.
Justin Alveranga
Justin Alveranga 5 months ago
Joe Rogan criticizes lacrosse "its a great sport if you like concussions". But he's in favor of bare knuckle UFC. I get the elbows and knees arent protected but thats where it should stop. No need to make a dangerous weapon (fists) more dangerous
Justin Alveranga
Justin Alveranga 5 months ago
Bare knuckle shit and Joe Rogans idea of it being a good idea is fucking dumb. So since you can hit a guy with elbows, we need more shit for him to get seriously injured by. If the gloves cushion the punch, Even barley, they stay. Joe rogans a smart guy and a good guy but sometimes he doesnt make any sense at all
Eye of the Tiger [][][]
2:35:00 Brandon Schaub's dream has finally come true. Alone with Joe Rogan, analyzing other men's asses. #FuckingQueers
John Karra
John Karra 5 months ago
Eddie is the goat.
steven sparkz
steven sparkz 5 months ago
What's up with the count down clock on the screen? What is it counting down?
Mario Maleski
Mario Maleski 5 months ago
Especially after looking into Enough conspiracy theories, u should know much more than "the truth" matter, it being convincing matters more.. even when the entire point is about seeking truth, it still matters more that its convincing.. thats why every con. theory is out of context af, if someone Any time once said, "So you're fkn crazy to think they want to run the world" theyll show u the clip saying, "...they want to run the world". Not 60, not 80, more like 99% of them are garbage
igster tele
igster tele 5 months ago
Eddie was speaking truth about depression 🙏👌
Aaron Latimer
Aaron Latimer 5 months ago
I love than they're drinking Olympia beer haha. Had no idea you could find Oly outside of Washington.
inyourfacedunk 5 months ago
Joe wears his headphones backwards. L on the right ear. A true contrarian.
Bubba Capazzola
Bubba Capazzola 5 months ago
Listening to eddie bravo makes me want to snip my nuts off and eat them
Planet Mars
Planet Mars 5 months ago
I came for Eddie bravo
Simple 5 months ago
Fucking Brendan is gay lol
the Real Ken Brown collector
Edgy brah!!
Bella Andrade
Bella Andrade 5 months ago
What is USvid doing with this occasional countdown?
Mashan Huss
Mashan Huss 5 months ago
Joe Rogan podcast appeared in the movie Bright starring Will Smith. The movie was all about new world order shit
Joseph 5 months ago
Joe “upper left hand corner” Rogan.
PabloWan 5 months ago
jay446944 5 months ago
My buddy worked on the clean up crew for the Middletown fire. The firefighters said the oxygen sensors in the engines shut the cars down when there is too much smoke in the air to protect the engine. That is why some of those cars shut down in the middle of the road and completely burned.
Manchild Woo
Manchild Woo 5 months ago
Loved the lack of fight talk! Honestly here to listen to Eddie
Sean Kramer
Sean Kramer 5 months ago
You all fan'girling over Theo Von made my night. I couldn't agree more with any of you and felt so vindicated hearing you share so many of my opinions about him. Great show, so far, overall. You turned around a dark arts kind of night!
Members Only
Members Only 5 months ago
“ my mouth was watering ......like a crackhead” 😂😂😂😂😂
Blogan Gaybeard
Blogan Gaybeard 5 months ago
Eddie "that's fake blood" Bravo
Justin Amborski
Justin Amborski 5 months ago
Well, Eddie bravo is never going to be on this podcast again unfortunately
ZitaoisLife 5 months ago
8:38, Brendan was talking about Jonghyun wasn't he?
Caligula Rex
Caligula Rex 5 months ago
Paradise evacuee here. Our car was just a skeleton when done. Was going to fix the alternator but autozone messed up on the part order so I couldn't get it until Thursday. Too late, Autozone.
Jose Davila
Jose Davila 5 months ago
Eddie "is she a lesbian" Bravo 😂😂
Michael Ritchie
Michael Ritchie 5 months ago
haha "seriously bro we're 5 minutes in" Eddie: "I'm drunk" F yea man i love these podcasts
Walker Clan
Walker Clan 5 months ago
Joe "they didn't even have books back in the 1960s" Rogan
Thomas Gray
Thomas Gray 5 months ago
I love the MMA podcast
Ibra V
Ibra V 5 months ago
pwnmonkeyisreal 5 months ago
whoa, Eddie knows about Baby Metal...
Adapt Thrive
Adapt Thrive 5 months ago
1:31:50 "you mf'er don't grind my shit"
Patrick Harlow
Patrick Harlow 5 months ago
"I chew gum all day bro. When I want to stop I don't." 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
mxdmxd111 5 months ago
"She'd be dodging that shit like the Matrix" - Eddie Bravo
Sarah Lanier
Sarah Lanier 5 months ago
That Russian guy made trt vitor look like a bitch let's be real lol
Sarah Lanier
Sarah Lanier 5 months ago
Yall should look up the article about the dead tree in cali that were a huge contributor to the fire like 100 million dead tree
josh 5 months ago
All I can say is PG&E...
Sarah Lanier
Sarah Lanier 5 months ago
Joe: man switching from Male and female during conversations it could be true it could be crazy That's called split personality disorder....right....
Matthew Hewett
Matthew Hewett 5 months ago
@paulytoon do this one :D some much ass
Andres S
Andres S 5 months ago
Congrats on 15 years Eddy!!!!!!!!!1
Barry Watson
Barry Watson 5 months ago
49:00> And the kids that grow up in war??
Minnow Is From Mars Podcast
A real Sober October Should Consist Of: Joe Rogan Lance Armstrong David Goggins Cameron Hanes Now THAT would be a very fun to see how it ends up!
Vincent Licari
Vincent Licari 5 months ago
One and a half minutes in, Eddie bravo "conspiracy!!!"
Abi Madison
Abi Madison 5 months ago
Hey I just started a gofundme at @t to help me play lacrosse this year!! Any donation are welcome and appreciated :)
The HardTruth
The HardTruth 5 months ago
LOFL Joe : Quit with the conspiracy shit... lol
Whoeven Knows
Whoeven Knows 5 months ago
I'm not mad at the pattern Brendan but wearing a logo shirt under it? That shit is unforgivable. Step up your game son.
Nicola 5 months ago
Eddie "she'll be dodging that shit like the Matrix" Bravo
Cody Ingram
Cody Ingram 5 months ago
Eddies ultimate jujitsu skill is to kill the brain cells of those hes around.. just by talking to them!!
Adan Cristobal
Adan Cristobal 5 months ago
Joe “They didn’t even have books” Rogan
Christian Reed
Christian Reed 5 months ago
"PRETEND THAT IT'S NOT RETAR... oooh I nearly said it again" 😂😂
miles kinkead
miles kinkead 5 months ago
I like how much joe Rogan talks about how important and how much more exciting it would be to not have gloves but Schaub jokingly suggest he gets involved with that promotion and he gets all serious and uninterested
b0ris360 5 months ago
One minute in and Eddie is already starting with his conspiracy theories. I remember why I can’t listen to podcasts with him on.
Matty Mccolgan
Matty Mccolgan 5 months ago
What's up with the count down
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