Joe Rogan Experience - Fight Companion - November 10, 2018

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Joe sits down with Eddie Bravo & Brendan Schaub to watch the fights on November 10, 2018.

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Nov 11, 2018

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Comments 4 947
steven sparkz
steven sparkz Hour ago
What's up with the count down clock on the screen? What is it counting down?
Mario Maleski
Mario Maleski 4 hours ago
Especially after looking into Enough conspiracy theories, u should know much more than "the truth" matter, it being convincing matters more.. even when the entire point is about seeking truth, it still matters more that its convincing.. thats why every con. theory is out of context af, if someone Any time once said, "So you're fkn crazy to think they want to run the world" theyll show u the clip saying, "...they want to run the world". Not 60, not 80, more like 99% of them are garbage
igster tele
igster tele 6 hours ago
Eddie was speaking truth about depression 🙏👌
Aaron Latimer
Aaron Latimer 8 hours ago
I love than they're drinking Olympia beer haha. Had no idea you could find Oly outside of Washington.
inyourfacedunk 2 days ago
Joe wears his headphones backwards. L on the right ear. A true contrarian.
Bubba Capazzola
Bubba Capazzola 2 days ago
Listening to eddie bravo makes me want to snip my nuts off and eat them
MarsxBoss 3 days ago
I came for Eddie bravo
Simple 4 days ago
Fucking Brendan is gay lol
pop culture collector
Edgy brah!!
Bella Andrade
Bella Andrade 5 days ago
What is USvid doing with this occasional countdown?
Mashan Huss
Mashan Huss 5 days ago
Joe Rogan podcast appeared in the movie Bright starring Will Smith. The movie was all about new world order shit
Joseph 6 days ago
Joe “upper left hand corner” Rogan.
PabloWan 6 days ago
jay446944 7 days ago
My buddy worked on the clean up crew for the Middletown fire. The firefighters said the oxygen sensors in the engines shut the cars down when there is too much smoke in the air to protect the engine. That is why some of those cars shut down in the middle of the road and completely burned.
Manchild Woo
Manchild Woo 8 days ago
Loved the lack of fight talk! Honestly here to listen to Eddie
Sean Kramer
Sean Kramer 9 days ago
You all fan'girling over Theo Von made my night. I couldn't agree more with any of you and felt so vindicated hearing you share so many of my opinions about him. Great show, so far, overall. You turned around a dark arts kind of night!
DarkProphecy 9 days ago
I never realized how much these guys obsess over every little physical thing. Talking about men's asses for 15 minutes as grown heterosexual men. So strange
Members Only
Members Only 10 days ago
“ my mouth was watering ......like a crackhead” 😂😂😂😂😂
Blogan Gaybeard
Blogan Gaybeard 10 days ago
Eddie "that's fake blood" Bravo
Justin Amborski
Justin Amborski 11 days ago
Well, Eddie bravo is never going to be on this podcast again unfortunately
ZitaoisLife 12 days ago
8:38, Brendan was talking about Jonghyun wasn't he?
Caligula Rex
Caligula Rex 13 days ago
Paradise evacuee here. Our car was just a skeleton when done. Was going to fix the alternator but autozone messed up on the part order so I couldn't get it until Thursday. Too late, Autozone.
Jose Davila
Jose Davila 13 days ago
Eddie "is she a lesbian" Bravo 😂😂
Michael Ritchie
Michael Ritchie 15 days ago
haha "seriously bro we're 5 minutes in" Eddie: "I'm drunk" F yea man i love these podcasts
Walker Clan
Walker Clan 15 days ago
Joe "they didn't even have books back in the 1960s" Rogan
Thomas Gray
Thomas Gray 15 days ago
I love the MMA podcast
Ibra V
Ibra V 15 days ago
pwnmonkeyisreal 15 days ago
whoa, Eddie knows about Baby Metal...
Adapt Thrive
Adapt Thrive 15 days ago
1:31:50 "you mf'er don't grind my shit"
Patrick Harlow
Patrick Harlow 15 days ago
"I chew gum all day bro. When I want to stop I don't." 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
mxdmxd111 16 days ago
"She'd be dodging that shit like the Matrix" - Eddie Bravo
Sarah Lanier
Sarah Lanier 16 days ago
That Russian guy made trt vitor look like a bitch let's be real lol
Sarah Lanier
Sarah Lanier 16 days ago
Yall should look up the article about the dead tree in cali that were a huge contributor to the fire like 100 million dead tree
Sarah Lanier
Sarah Lanier 16 days ago
Joe: man switching from Male and female during conversations it could be true it could be crazy That's called split personality disorder....right....
Matthew Hewett
Matthew Hewett 16 days ago
@paulytoon do this one :D some much ass
Andres S
Andres S 16 days ago
Congrats on 15 years Eddy!!!!!!!!!1
Barry Watson
Barry Watson 16 days ago
49:00> And the kids that grow up in war??
Minnow Is From Mars Podcast
A real Sober October Should Consist Of: Joe Rogan Lance Armstrong David Goggins Cameron Hanes Now THAT would be a very fun to see how it ends up!
Vincent Licari
Vincent Licari 16 days ago
One and a half minutes in, Eddie bravo "conspiracy!!!"
Abi Madison
Abi Madison 17 days ago
Hey I just started a gofundme at @t to help me play lacrosse this year!! Any donation are welcome and appreciated :)
The HardTruth
The HardTruth 17 days ago
LOFL Joe : Quit with the conspiracy shit... lol
Whoeven Knows
Whoeven Knows 17 days ago
I'm not mad at the pattern Brendan but wearing a logo shirt under it? That shit is unforgivable. Step up your game son.
Nicola 17 days ago
Eddie "she'll be dodging that shit like the Matrix" Bravo
Cody Ingram
Cody Ingram 17 days ago
Eddies ultimate jujitsu skill is to kill the brain cells of those hes around.. just by talking to them!!
Adan Cristobal
Adan Cristobal 17 days ago
Joe “They didn’t even have books” Rogan
Christian Reed
Christian Reed 17 days ago
"PRETEND THAT IT'S NOT RETAR... oooh I nearly said it again" 😂😂
miles kinkead
miles kinkead 17 days ago
I like how much joe Rogan talks about how important and how much more exciting it would be to not have gloves but Schaub jokingly suggest he gets involved with that promotion and he gets all serious and uninterested
b0ris360 17 days ago
One minute in and Eddie is already starting with his conspiracy theories. I remember why I can’t listen to podcasts with him on.
Matty Mccolgan
Matty Mccolgan 17 days ago
What's up with the count down
Patrick Boian
Patrick Boian 18 days ago
How much weed did Joe have 3 hours in lol?
Kluk Ztopolovky
Kluk Ztopolovky 18 days ago
Libertarian is a white guy with the gun? Well let me tell you ladies and gentlemen there are way more non Libertarian guys with guns in my home town , I can see them stretched on gurneys just about every evening on the TV news broadcast.
Bam Bam
Bam Bam 18 days ago
14:45 its called democrats joe. And u know it.
Bam Bam
Bam Bam 18 days ago
14:45 its called democrats joe. you and know it
Google_ It
Google_ It 18 days ago
Whats with the big ass white timer bottom left? What is that timing?
Marcus Perez
Marcus Perez 18 days ago
Its timing the fights that they were watching real time. I found out myself a while back bro.
DPWDPWDPW 18 days ago
Fucking mess. I couldn’t hear a thing with them all talking all over each other.
Ultima Reborn
Ultima Reborn 19 days ago
brendan shaub, contain your gayness.
Hannoverfist 19 days ago
Baby metal to Illuminati....in less than ten seconds.....*golf clap
James C
James C 19 days ago
Same thing happened to Nirvana though
Nigel Higgs
Nigel Higgs 19 days ago
brendan schaub is running a conspiracy to rally eddie bravo up to boost his rating so he can plug his comedy/showtime events, spread the word. #truth #lookintoit
Rudy Cruz
Rudy Cruz 19 days ago
3:08:16 sounds like Ben Stiller walks in
Ready Red
Ready Red 19 days ago
Joe “Whiteface isn’t the same as blackface” Rogan
Jack 07
Jack 07 19 days ago
The worst of JR’s podcasts are with these two...they’re his friends, but God they’re stupid
Sol 1
Sol 1 20 days ago
There's a desalination plant an hour or so from your studio....
Ty I
Ty I 20 days ago
Backstreet boys, nkotb, Bieber, they're all not even close to the Beatles. It doesn't matter what genre you like or when you were born or your race, gender, none of that matters. If you lived on this planet at any time after the Beatles became the Beatles you know their music and you're a fan. Nobody else in history has ever been so loved from every single person from every walk of life. It's seriously insane to try to wrap your head around the number of humans that have sang along or hummed to a Beatles song. It's seriously billions upon billions of people.
Jason Aloi
Jason Aloi 20 days ago
A direct energy weapon?!?
nutsafloppin 20 days ago
Snoops leg looks like a black twizzler
Marcus Perez
Marcus Perez 18 days ago
Fr, and them shits is nasty as hell bro.
Mick Wakefield
Mick Wakefield 20 days ago
I sincerely love Eddie. Such a genuine guy considering how rich he is. Speaking of melting tyres. Have you seen the pics of the cars next to building whatever it was that were totally unharmed by the fire. The fire which was supposed to melt those steel supports. Got look in to it.
Richard Clark
Richard Clark 20 days ago
haha 90 seconds in an Eddie straight in with a conspiracy....legend
Joseph Diaz
Joseph Diaz 20 days ago
Next jre mma ep should be eddie bravo n tony ferguson would be sick.
Dena Redford
Dena Redford 20 days ago
It’s not a good time idiots . Open eyes , wide shut .
Domzdream 20 days ago
You know? Fuck USvid for penalising people playing other USvid clips on ffffucking youtube! So stupid!
John GT
John GT 20 days ago
Eddie is fucking nuts but funny.
Josh Perez
Josh Perez 21 day ago
Eddy seems like he could be related to alex jones lol
steve58133 21 day ago
Don’t bring Eddie back. Enough of his “we’re all brain washed” bull shit.
COACH SHUAN 21 day ago
Funny thing Eddie was right the forest fires were started by someone in a helicopter
Jim Assalone
Jim Assalone 21 day ago
The Beatles didn’t like the attention Pete Best got. He was better looking and Charimatic but didn’t write or sing.
OmarsDad 21 day ago
Eddie is losing his freaking mind
OmarsDad 21 day ago
Eddie is losing his freaking mind
Cody Seifert
Cody Seifert 21 day ago
I am so happy Eddie leaves early..Yung Jamie and Ari should replace Eddie's dumb ass self and Bryan Callen respectively for all future Fight Companions from here on out..maybe sprinkle in some Joey Diaz.. yeah and REALLY get down on this shit like some true doctors..what y'all think???
ColorblindMonkey King
You have to Love Eddie :D
Kerrie-Ann Scott
Kerrie-Ann Scott 22 days ago
God I've waited so long for a fight companion 🙌🙌 I've missed eddy, 2 minutes in an dropped the conspiracy bomb 😂😂
Kirk Richter
Kirk Richter 22 days ago
Must suck having to hang out with a Illuminati sell out Satan worshipping puppet joe rogan. Eddie I know your just tip toeing around to get the message out but it’s got to be painful!
Adam Campbell Campbell
I don't miss eddy
Danny Smith
Danny Smith 22 days ago
When you go to the comments to check Eddie bravos been talking about conspiracy’s.
Rich Golden
Rich Golden 22 days ago
Eddie should Co-host, and do an episode with Tony Ferguson that would be awesome. Btw can someone in please give me the correct spelling for the grappler that they said could fight khabib? Honestly before I die I want to meet Eddie Bravo, to me he is 1 of the most inspirational guys, even imo up with the Gracie family. Honestly though all these guys are a huge influence on the sport.
robert fouch
robert fouch 22 days ago
God damnit Eddie 3min in
Uniqueillusi0nz 23 days ago
Tong Po?! Fucking Schaub
Michael ortiz
Michael ortiz 23 days ago
Haha is he still dicking girls down lol
Mexico City
Mexico City 23 days ago
Who is this "Zair" they keep mentioning? Is it the ghost that threw that elbow?
Marcus Perez
Marcus Perez 18 days ago
They are referring to Zair Yagomedsharipov
walter kerr
walter kerr 23 days ago
Eddie is on some wild shit. Gotta love that guy
Joseph Sandoval
Joseph Sandoval 23 days ago
His titties hahahaha
Nick Dwyer
Nick Dwyer 23 days ago
Eddie is fuckin annoying
Nadir Noon
Nadir Noon 23 days ago
i cant understand how anyone has a serious conversation with eddie bravo.
TheMaddogron 23 days ago
Big Ramy did not win 2018 Mr Olympia, Shawn Rhoden did.
The SickTruth
The SickTruth 23 days ago
Schaub knows the UFC doesn't care about gay guys fighting because they hired him.
Nicki Bateson
Nicki Bateson 23 days ago
Eddie Eddie Eddie oh wow man really
Samuel Munoz
Samuel Munoz 23 days ago
Dorian Yates is a top 5 most said name on these podcasts
Marked Man
Marked Man 23 days ago
'Full Retard' and Eddie on the show. The irony is breathtaking.
Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith 24 days ago
2:33:18 MASSIVE
I'm Johnny
I'm Johnny 24 days ago
"Base on the symmetry of your face"
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