Joe Rogan Experience #1409 - Joey Diaz

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Joey “CoCo” Diaz is a Cuban-American stand up comedian and actor. Joey also hosts his own podcast called “The Church of What’s Happening Now”.

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Jan 14, 2020




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Kevin Christensen
John Lennon wrote benny and the jets.... lolol. ELTON JOHN. Love you uncle joey
T Callen
T Callen 10 hours ago
Joe “Joey ‘Coco’ Diaz” Rogan
1776 Style PATRIOT
1776 Style PATRIOT 11 hours ago
Subi's are the best! Opposed Cylinder Boxer Engine and Symmetrical AWD!
bigbadbri08 12 hours ago
I’ve had shits bigger than that car
Can R a rotary to 10k like a bike
Hey that's not the RX-7's fault, man
Mitsubishi made the Zero like BMW made the V-2
rayz0101 16 hours ago
I fucking love diaz, hes just a good dude, and you know there isn't any fake filter there.
KTS 18 hours ago
Joe and Joey are a better duo than lungs and air.
Andy Bailey
Andy Bailey 18 hours ago
1:24:33 new senior quote 😍
Rasa III
Rasa III 18 hours ago
Bro how many times can throw this episode on when I'm doing shit around the house lol its crazy
AJ3K 18 hours ago
As a car guy, it’s cruel to listen to them talking about cars 😂
Andy Bailey
Andy Bailey 19 hours ago
It's been a month. Bring him back, once a month of Joey Diaz would be like the best period of all time. Just bleed out the bs of today with Joey's smooth buttery voice dropping knowledge.
Cruel Kindness
Cruel Kindness 11 hours ago
Just go watch his podcast lol
Kent Jose Mateo
Kent Jose Mateo 20 hours ago
Joey: "In his mind he is the coolest guy in the f*cking world. That guy is thinking he is Ricky Gervais!"
The Shitstorm Starter
joey the most italian looking hispanic man.
Johnny Anguiano
Joey getting thin like a grape drying into a raisin
Thomas O'Haney
pot heads that doesn't know how to roll a blunt or even break down a cigerello is strange and almost unbelievable , California potheads are weird all vapes, and edibles...I cant imagine how many blunts ive rolled in my life. its not old schoo herel in the south where im at, its just more of a southern/black thing so yall might not see them much in that area.
Gabriel Filippa
“My dick just got hard”???? With your daughter??? I know what he meant but just not a good description Joey. Weird man.
AS J Day ago
Joe Rogan takes care of like 10-15 people. Respect.
Pandora 2426
Pandora 2426 Day ago
I love you all
Dylan Berk
Dylan Berk Day ago
Ford makes Lincoln. GM makes Chevy, Cadillac, GMC, Buick and Pontiac before they discontinued Pontiac. Dodge makes Chrysler and Jeep.
Christopher Fagan
"The War for Independence...." Do you mean the Revolutionary War, Joe???
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen Day ago
Iam doing diaz vinyl n weed ritual, come home from work, heat up some mac n cheese n put on some dark side of the moon n rolling a spliff. Lift off. N chill
Matthew Burke
hoe Oregon
Tyler Mathis
Tyler Mathis Day ago
Joey don’t know shit about cars lol.
KalKing03 Day ago
Joey is such a bullshit artist he still acts like a used car salesman, talking about the amazing Subaru and death machine Mazdas and in the very next statement he says Subaru is the only company to mount an engine transverse, in other words sideways rather than front to back........what? Then he claims Mazdas are death machines because one time when he was loaded on drugs that alter someone's mindset and lost control of the only car at the time with a perfect 50/50 front to back weight distribution being one of the MOST capable handling sports cars of it's time but Joey thinks it sucks because when he was high it scared him. Ugh. Please don't take any advise on cars from Uncle Joey, love him to death but he's just soooooo wrong
KalKing03 Day ago
Joe: have you seen the new Lincoln navigator? Theyre amazing! Joey: whatever happened to Lincoln, are they still in business? Wow
Peter Sudol
Peter Sudol Day ago
Go back and watch bullet woundz by Steven cop drama for you 🤙
Christian Cooks
Christian Cooks 2 days ago
30:07 lesbian car I’m dead
Man Cal
Man Cal 2 days ago
"Hey Joey, Joey Zaza. Up your a$$" 🤣 Looks like Joey D stopped working out again.
Cactus Carter
Cactus Carter 2 days ago
As a car guy I feel weird watching this
Jaeyk G*59
Jaeyk G*59 2 days ago
"one of the rare times in history where 2 companies have the same car" Subaru, Toyota and Scion: let us show you the brz, gt86, frs
Shim Bro
Shim Bro 2 days ago
Joey is looking fantastic these days, looks like he lost 100 pounds!
Don toth
Don toth 2 days ago
I switched from audio to USvid just to watch uncle Joey call people ratards.... 😂
RW D 2 days ago
Joe “They dress like fucking wizards" Rogan
Joni Turunen
Joni Turunen 3 days ago
Joey ''oval engine container'' Diaz
Rahul Ravipati
Rahul Ravipati 3 days ago
I cannot listen to Joey Diaz at work and keep a straight face
hammondo7 slaymaker
It's a transverse engine joey.
Jakob Erhard
Jakob Erhard 3 days ago
R.I.P. Mayweather
Shane Arbato
Shane Arbato 3 days ago
14:30 😂😂
Holum 3 days ago
They're talking about boxer engines during the Subaru discussion
BIT COIN 3 days ago
nikolaimc76 3 days ago
Mazda rx7 mates brother in law driving got airborne, car snapped in half on landing killed him his mrs and another dude, mate survived the crash
nikolaimc76 3 days ago
Deirdra Robin
Deirdra Robin 3 days ago
Been a minute since I've listen, had to start with Joey D
Satsuki Obsession
"Black ice" Well tbh it didnt ask to be in Colorado.
Bob Jones
Bob Jones 3 days ago
John Ry
John Ry 3 days ago
Joey is a big fat disgusting Italian slob and the dummies love him. Yep.
Einzelgänger 666
Christ, I had to skip through the whole car talk in the beginning. It's clear that neither of them have any fucking clue as to what they're talking about on that subject.
Lazy Chips
Lazy Chips 3 days ago
Joey “sorry ‘bout that fart joe rogan” Diaz.
formerly known as hijodechago
Sadly its come to the point that these two will cover old territory
Ramiro Martinez
Ramiro Martinez 3 days ago
Damn also the shit they talk about r kelly shit is deep
Ramiro Martinez
Ramiro Martinez 3 days ago
Roger Rinkavage
Roger Rinkavage 3 days ago
No shade on Joey, But I stopped the podcast early when he started talking about cars Subaru did not have the first boxer engine they were certainly the first to transversely mount an engine 😂 they DO have an excellent AWD system tho
Mario Roa
Mario Roa 3 days ago
im jealous man, that 964 porsche he owns is my favorite car to date, the sounds, the steering, and if you wanna take it one step further, check out RWB porsche akira nakai san. first time i saw one my jaw dropped. ill take an rwb over these crazy million dollar cars that people dont wanna put miles on. its a joke. another great podcast by the way. I detail porsches for a living and only porsches as they are my passion, but when i come across those air cooled engines, i really take it in and savor the moment
Runar Kvamme
Runar Kvamme 3 days ago
Wannabe mafia dude🤣😂😂😂....what a fucking tard.
Lord Sehoner
Lord Sehoner 3 days ago
I admit it, I just got back from a Miley Cyrus rabbit hole because of this video.
Joe Budden's beard
How come people think? Did the public wouldn't react to a woman raping a young boy. It's just as bad as a guy doing it to a girl. If you ask me. The boy will be sexually confused for probably the rest of his life if he has sex with an older woman at a younger age. Tell me in what way will that boy ever be satisfied after fucking with someone 20 years older than him?
easyonthebeans 3 days ago
I come from the podcast app just to see the comments
Stewy Smacks
Stewy Smacks 3 days ago
Joe the mid engine corvette is not the best corvette ever made they make 440 hp they made it super conservative but the 2r1 makes 750 hp and 750 ft ibs of torque and way better than a mustang on the track
Stewy Smacks
Stewy Smacks 3 days ago
Audi is the best awd system lol
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