Joe Rogan Experience #1338 - Roy Wood Jr

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Roy Wood Jr. is a comedian, writer, and actor. He has served as a correspondent for The Daily Show on Comedy Central since 2015.

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Aug 22, 2019




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Comments 2 357
Christian Slater
Christian Slater 13 days ago
First topic of the podcast: 1st World Problems
Unknown Ytuber
Unknown Ytuber 29 days ago
also Roy Wood always remembers his roots! Birmingham! its a great city
Unknown Ytuber
Unknown Ytuber 29 days ago
prostitution should be legal, its ridiculous-supply and demand at its core
TheUltraVolt Month ago
We do live in society.
Robert Edward
Robert Edward Month ago
I got to call this guy out and say the fact he says his son might get punished differently for fighting in school because he’s black is retarded, I don’t know any school in America where it’s like that, none I’ve been in, so stop with the bs about skin color, teach your son to be able to fight and not start fights, it’s that simple, no need to allude to non existent racism in American schools
WonMeal WonDay
WonMeal WonDay 2 months ago
Joe "I didn't know how to fight until I learned how to fight" Rogan
nowaiman 2 months ago
Battlefield Vietnam was a hit game, it just was pre-twitch
Jennifer Blake
Jennifer Blake 2 months ago
Love this interview
Jayden Alvira
Jayden Alvira 2 months ago
"How you doin man :-* " 😂😂😂😂
Special k
Special k 2 months ago
Joe "you have a certain amount of bandwidth" rogan
Billiam Sanders
Billiam Sanders 3 months ago
Has anybody else noticed that every white person on this show has over a million views, and most of the black people have less than a million views?
Kasey Berry
Kasey Berry 3 months ago
There are plenty of white people who have less than a million views. People with more name recognition have more views. Mike Tyson is a cultural icon and has 9 million views. Neil deGrasse Tyson is very well known and two of his interviews are Joe's 5th AND 6th most viewed video on this channel.
The Poor Homie
The Poor Homie 3 months ago
Sike call of duty black ops 1
Patrick 3 months ago
I thought I didn't like this guy
Jonathan Kilbourn
Jonathan Kilbourn 3 months ago
My personal email account on yahoo is the same one I have been using since 1995.
The SPIRITLIGHT Surround yourself with
luvya roy its why im here but @2:15 droned into techy stuff lol & im like REALLYok you two peace-roy catch u later bro-
Jarred Bradley
Jarred Bradley 4 months ago
This is not happening
Cody373 4 months ago
Apple makes such shit products yet Joe gets on his knees for them.
Quincy Grim
Quincy Grim 4 months ago
Cisco Cabs
Cisco Cabs 4 months ago
Roy "got" wood jr
Muffin_Gamers 4 months ago
18:07 Tom Segura seems to have fallen into this. He’s hilarious but you can see him always looking to his wife like “was that okay did I offend you?” Instead of just being funny
Bee Yang
Bee Yang 4 months ago
when they were talking about apple i almost spat on my my pc. but i realize that it was a pc and not a apple so i hugged my pc.
Bee Yang
Bee Yang 4 months ago
@Lone Demon also, I almost did. So maybe almost have my hand cut off but at the last second turns me into a Terminator of free will
Bee Yang
Bee Yang 4 months ago
@Lone Demon lol, I was recently thinking about that. If robots had memories.
Lone Demon
Lone Demon 4 months ago
Good good..your pc will forgive you, but not forget during the robot wars. I see your pc riding on the shoulder of giant robot, saying "No, not this one, he apologized after spitting on me. Just take his left hand!"
Honor in Treason
Honor in Treason 4 months ago
Excellent episode!
Pro Fights Info
Pro Fights Info 4 months ago
I watched this on August 22, 2019!
Exist N Nature Media
Roy Woods spoke nothing but the truth through-out this entire conversation...
Simon Tuman
Simon Tuman 4 months ago
after contemplating it for a while, I have signed up for my first open mic. thanks @PowerfulJRE
Ann Marie
Ann Marie 4 months ago
@Simon Tuman That's so awesome, dude! Nothing better than making people laugh.
Simon Tuman
Simon Tuman 4 months ago
@Ann Marie It wasnt too bad. Nerves were there, but I got some laughs and some good feedback. Hoping to make it a regular thing
Ann Marie
Ann Marie 4 months ago
Okay, so... How did it go??
MikeAB1985 4 months ago
@Simon Tuman solid. Tape it so you can improve. Work through the nerves and go have fun
Simon Tuman
Simon Tuman 4 months ago
MikeAB1985 after listening to enough of these podcasts I realized I’ve had bits for years so I started scribbling down notes of things I can talk about. I have what I believe is a solid 5 minute starter, so we’ll see!
Marklar3 4 months ago
Rats are cute. I don't see the problem.
erik greeno
erik greeno 5 months ago
5:50 who else thought of OG MACO when he said that
Emman 4 months ago
erikgreeno just you and I
Joey Rahmati
Joey Rahmati 5 months ago
You should have Eric Thomas ( ET The Hip Hop Preacher ) on
ateyourfood 5 months ago
Damn I thought this was the artist for a bit. haha
Ron Emile
Ron Emile 5 months ago
This is a master class in comedy.
M. Daniels
M. Daniels 5 months ago
excellent show!
Great Raikage
Great Raikage 5 months ago
I need to set up a new goal so I can shoot some ball...
BenjerminGaye 5 months ago
6:46 dude is talking about Microsoft Flight Sim and the new one is about to come out
Lincoln Microphone LLC
Taylor Figliozzi
Taylor Figliozzi 5 months ago
Wasn't one of the Black Ops based in Vietnam?
Thunder Hawk
Thunder Hawk 5 months ago
Why would you have Roy on here after the ari shit come on joe
Dk 5 months ago
During the homelessness issue talk Roy brought up a great point about the reasons as to why the opressed are not helped. He is 100% correct. Joe attributes altruistic intentions to people far too often. Especially people in power. Establishment dems and Repubs alike don't want the downtrodden to ever have power because then some shit would actually change.
thadudejrify 5 months ago
" She keep pushing us over our cell phone minutes " lol
thadudejrify 5 months ago
Roy was better on here than he's ever been on stage
Sladjan Ristic
Sladjan Ristic 5 months ago
Ask him about Stosic
Michael Martin
Michael Martin 5 months ago
Rising storm 2 Vietnam is pretty popular...
Branden C
Branden C 5 months ago
The people in India are smart. They feed the rats so much food that they keep coming back. It becomes a primary food source. Then you can control their diet. No disease. No threat. That's how they can coexist so domestically.
Kevin Z
Kevin Z 5 months ago
or you could be a famous shitty comic by being friends with Joe Rogan cough**Brendan Schaub**cough**
Mk Danon
Mk Danon 5 months ago
Ipod touch in 2001? I'm pretty sure they came out around 07 Roy... The sidekick would not have been a thing if so...
thadudejrify 5 months ago
Ipod was out 2002.
Kevin Z
Kevin Z 5 months ago
Joe saying "that's a hard L" is the cringiest thing I've ever heard in my life.
Cheshire Cynic
Cheshire Cynic 5 months ago
You've clearly never talked to an anti-vaxxer...
bob1881 5 months ago
36:40 pain, suffering, abuse and the vicious cycle
kiragumanyara 5 months ago
1:28:48 Joe: Matt Lauer... is there a way back for that guy? Roy: oooo i don't know about that one. Joe: AHAHAHAHAHA Roy: That's white women.
Patrick Foster
Patrick Foster 5 months ago
Guys, I know most people probably consume this through their podcast app w/out video, but can you PLEASE start consistently showing us the shit that Jamie looks up online??? It drives me crazy when I can't see what you guys are looking at. Thanks!
SHAMON DAE 5 months ago
Great interview, Roy is one of my favorite comedians
schlafanzyk 5 months ago
Sad that The Daily Show is completely unwatchable now... never get to see Roy
Johnny Stirstick
Johnny Stirstick 5 months ago
Wtf... you make your kids go to bed at 8pm joe.... you got some fucking sheltered control issues bud. Your gonna fuck those kids upppp and create a monster.
Dankman9 5 months ago
Joe's headphones are on backwards.
dustinseth1 5 months ago
How is he sayin that engineering that meeting wasn’t his “finest moment?” That shit is awesome. People deserve humiliation when they do that sorta thing.
Mitra Germershausen
Mitra Germershausen 5 months ago
Roy Wood Jr. just earned a lot of fucking respect from me after this interview. A comedic black belt indeed. I really hope this propels him to the next level, he deserves it!
Jake Drustrup
Jake Drustrup 5 months ago
Wow going into this episode wouldn’t of though it would of gone as deep as it did. Great episode
Two Wheel Motoring
Two Wheel Motoring 5 months ago
Errrhm Battlefield Vietnam was a big game, it just came out long before twitch. If it came out now it would Be on twitch no doubt. We used to set up LAN party days for that game.
The IO1
The IO1 5 months ago
Don't undoe my puzzle bro!
ZigZagButtCrack 5 months ago
I'll always love Roy's prank calls! He's a fucking legend!
CHIraqMVP1 5 months ago
thats not true
Theo G
Theo G 5 months ago
43:00 LISTEN TO THIS! Rogan just straight up taught Roy a lesson. Roy is such a brilliant strategist! Ah, another great podcast. 👍🏼
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