Joe Rogan Experience #1338 - Roy Wood Jr

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Roy Wood Jr. is a comedian, writer, and actor. He has served as a correspondent for The Daily Show on Comedy Central since 2015.

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Aug 22, 2019




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Comments 2 350
erikgreeno 2 days ago
5:50 who else thought of OG MACO when he said that
Joey Rahmati
Joey Rahmati 3 days ago
You should have Eric Thomas ( ET The Hip Hop Preacher ) on
ateyourfood 3 days ago
Damn I thought this was the artist for a bit. haha
Ron Emile
Ron Emile 3 days ago
This is a master class in comedy.
M. Daniels
M. Daniels 3 days ago
excellent show!
Red Barbarossa
Red Barbarossa 4 days ago
I need to set up a new goal so I can shoot some ball...
BenjerminGaye 4 days ago
6:46 dude is talking about Microsoft Flight Sim and the new one is about to come out
Lincoln Microphone LLC
Taylor Figliozzi
Taylor Figliozzi 4 days ago
Wasn't one of the Black Ops based in Vietnam?
Thunder Hawk
Thunder Hawk 4 days ago
Why would you have Roy on here after the ari shit come on joe
Dk 6 days ago
During the homelessness issue talk Roy brought up a great point about the reasons as to why the opressed are not helped. He is 100% correct. Joe attributes altruistic intentions to people far too often. Especially people in power. Establishment dems and Repubs alike don't want the downtrodden to ever have power because then some shit would actually change.
thadudejrify 6 days ago
" She keep pushing us over our cell phone minutes " lol
thadudejrify 7 days ago
Roy was better on here than he's ever been on stage
Sladjan Ristic
Sladjan Ristic 7 days ago
Ask him about Stosic
Michael Martin
Michael Martin 8 days ago
Rising storm 2 Vietnam is pretty popular...
Branden C
Branden C 8 days ago
The people in India are smart. They feed the rats so much food that they keep coming back. It becomes a primary food source. Then you can control their diet. No disease. No threat. That's how they can coexist so domestically.
Kevin Z
Kevin Z 8 days ago
or you could be a famous shitty comic by being friends with Joe Rogan cough**Brendan Schaub**cough**
Mk Danon
Mk Danon 8 days ago
Ipod touch in 2001? I'm pretty sure they came out around 07 Roy... The sidekick would not have been a thing if so...
thadudejrify 6 days ago
Ipod was out 2002.
Kevin Z
Kevin Z 8 days ago
Joe saying "that's a hard L" is the cringiest thing I've ever heard in my life.
Cheshire Cynic
Cheshire Cynic 7 days ago
You've clearly never talked to an anti-vaxxer...
bob1881 10 days ago
36:40 pain, suffering, abuse and the vicious cycle
kiragumanyara 10 days ago
1:28:48 Joe: Matt Lauer... is there a way back for that guy? Roy: oooo i don't know about that one. Joe: AHAHAHAHAHA Roy: That's white women.
Patrick Foster
Patrick Foster 11 days ago
Guys, I know most people probably consume this through their podcast app w/out video, but can you PLEASE start consistently showing us the shit that Jamie looks up online??? It drives me crazy when I can't see what you guys are looking at. Thanks!
SHAMON DAE 11 days ago
Great interview, Roy is one of my favorite comedians
schlafanzyk 12 days ago
Sad that The Daily Show is completely unwatchable now... never get to see Roy
Johnny Stirstick
Johnny Stirstick 12 days ago
Wtf... you make your kids go to bed at 8pm joe.... you got some fucking sheltered control issues bud. Your gonna fuck those kids upppp and create a monster.
Dankman9 13 days ago
Joe's headphones are on backwards.
dustinseth1 13 days ago
How is he sayin that engineering that meeting wasn’t his “finest moment?” That shit is awesome. People deserve humiliation when they do that sorta thing.
Mitra Germershausen
Roy Wood Jr. just earned a lot of fucking respect from me after this interview. A comedic black belt indeed. I really hope this propels him to the next level, he deserves it!
Jake Drustrup
Jake Drustrup 14 days ago
Wow going into this episode wouldn’t of though it would of gone as deep as it did. Great episode
Two Wheel Motoring
Two Wheel Motoring 15 days ago
Errrhm Battlefield Vietnam was a big game, it just came out long before twitch. If it came out now it would Be on twitch no doubt. We used to set up LAN party days for that game.
The IO1
The IO1 15 days ago
Don't undoe my puzzle bro!
ZigZagButtCrack 16 days ago
I'll always love Roy's prank calls! He's a fucking legend!
Kevin Ryan
Kevin Ryan 16 days ago
Interesting as hell podcast.
CHIraqMVP1 16 days ago
thats not true
Theo G
Theo G 17 days ago
43:00 LISTEN TO THIS! Rogan just straight up taught Roy a lesson. Roy is such a brilliant strategist! Ah, another great podcast. 👍🏼
Juan Morin
Juan Morin 17 days ago
Bring on trevor noah
DasItMane 17 days ago
Love this! Please have Roy back on
Hana 18 days ago
wow roy wood jr is way more awesome than the daily show portrays him
eric whatley
eric whatley 18 days ago
GS Roy Wood Jr. and JRE 😂😂😂
william jones
william jones 18 days ago
I remember roy woods from prank phone calls back in the day
Eric Parish
Eric Parish 18 days ago
Roy, where are these 3am strip clubs in Birmingham?? For research purposes.
burntliketoast 1
burntliketoast 1 18 days ago
Matt hoffman stays killing it
Nihilistic Nachos
Nihilistic Nachos 19 days ago
I haven't started watching this, but I'd bet he asks Roy about DMT.
Virtual-clipz 19 days ago
11:50 someone tryna undo your puzzle? The equivalent of that time I got my friends Xbox turned off mid game by some prick back in jr.high? Gotta watch our for that type
Tim Geurts
Tim Geurts 19 days ago
michael tacconi
michael tacconi 19 days ago
man, Christian bale in shaft was such a fuckin POS ...I havent liked him since
Michael Welsh
Michael Welsh 19 days ago
You ride that river Roy
xSABERx 19 days ago
That’s a grind! What can you tell someone that had that much resolve?
gamerguy69 420
gamerguy69 420 19 days ago
Michael Welsh
Michael Welsh 19 days ago
I love you Roy, you always make me laugh
Steve Barnes
Steve Barnes 19 days ago
Joe “you cant pay for someone to suck your dick” Rogan
Chimpanzee Plastic Surgery
Don't know him.. like his thoughtful outlook.
Achak Brooks
Achak Brooks 20 days ago
Since 2011 (8.5 years), Final Cut Pro X upgrades have been FREE (and still are.) the application is connected to your apple account. When you buy a new apple computer and log into that same account you have all the previous software you purchased available to download and use. FCPX = $300USD (3years = $100/annual or current 8years = $37.5ish/ annal and falling every year) What company gives you FREE updates to the software for that long? ADOBE??? Adobe Premiere = $252USD/ annual SUBSCRIPTION!?! (so you lose the license when you cancel the subscription) WTF was RW.JR. (people) taking/shilling about? 2019 the peak of apple hate train or the introspective/overt view a (vocal) section of the Apple user base knowledge of tech that made PC enthusiasts cringe.
DomManInT1 20 days ago
It is not a matter of chance that a person winds up in a crappy neighborhood in Chicago. The responsibility is on their parents for having sex there.
Joshua Meyer
Joshua Meyer 20 days ago
Some people don't want to be helped...some people don't know how to be helped...Roy Woods sounds defeated and makes me depressed the more I listen to him
revt2da 20 days ago
Roy wood Jr is utterly hilarious
Bryce Leonard
Bryce Leonard 20 days ago
I play thrill of the fight all the time, I 100% agree
Justin Last
Justin Last 20 days ago
No Hit Level games from Vietnam? Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater was entirely in Vietnam. Metal Gear Solid has revisited Vietnam multiple times
Aaron Hernandez420
Aaron Hernandez420 20 days ago
Andriod baby !!!!!
Aaron Hernandez420
Aaron Hernandez420 20 days ago
Dam how i miss this !!!!
Cj C
Cj C 21 day ago
Joe “Hibi jibies” Rojan
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