Joe Rogan Experience #1315 - Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell

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Bob Lazar is a physicist who worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, and also on reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology at a site called S-4 near the Area 51 Groom Lake operating location. Jeremy Corbell is a contemporary artist and documentary filmmaker. Watch the documentary "Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers" now streaming on Netflix.

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Jun 21, 2019




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S-4 Janitorial Supply Co.
He took so long to answer some of the questions he had time to do a physics degree.
Old Wives' Tale
Teach Jeremy how to use a microphone in the first podcast..... Teach Jeremy all over again how to use a microphone in the second podcast... Third podcast nobody there to teach Jeremy again.
Ryan Dorough
Ryan Dorough Hour ago
"Give an Orangutan a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach an Orangutan to fish..."
Old Wives' Tale
...show Joe an orangutan video.
Chew Chew Train
Chew Chew Train 6 hours ago
IF SPACE ALIENS ARE CRASHING their spaceships, what chance do we have with self-driving cars?
noneyerbidness 6 hours ago
Jeremy Corbell: 25:47 "they first fabricated four atoms" **holds up three fingers** yup, pretty smart fella.
chic1488 6 hours ago
“I don’t like attention” drives his rocket car to work every day..... yeah ok ,Lots of money in the ufo business #fraudsters
I'm Cheech
I'm Cheech 6 hours ago
Funny how everyone else who ever spoke out has ended up dead or committed "suicide", a lot even committing suicide by multiple shots to the back of the head, however THAT happens but I digress... Yet here sits Bob Lazar opening his guts and people don't stop for a moment to think why he's allowed to speak out? Okay.... 👍
Chew Chew Train
Chew Chew Train 6 hours ago
MY FIRST QUESTION when Lazar gets inside the alien craft... "Was there anything to eat in their refrigerator? Did you use their toilet?"
Chew Chew Train
Chew Chew Train 5 hours ago
@Unmanned Probe Yeah. That's a very good one.
Unmanned Probe
Unmanned Probe 5 hours ago
MY FIRST QUESTION where are the pilots - are they safe?
Buttered Taters
Buttered Taters 6 hours ago
Harry Potter's dad is a top secret government scientist. It all makes sense now.
Allen Burazz
Allen Burazz 7 hours ago
That guy full of shit.
Crash 709
Crash 709 7 hours ago
Star Trek IV was based on fact; Aliens are here talking to whales!
Sam Ordna
Sam Ordna 9 hours ago
I think about 20% of this is true The rest is shit his boggled young mind concluded in his younger years. But if he doesnt hold everything consistent non of it sounds legit
The Emissary
The Emissary Hour ago
@Sam Ordna We apologize he was not authorized to open this dialogue with you.
Sam Ordna
Sam Ordna 2 hours ago
@A Real Alien what are u on buddy
A Real Alien
A Real Alien 5 hours ago
@Sam Ordna I understand the human life span and you would be approaching the center point now which would mean you were around ten years old when Bob Lazar broke this story? This was before you had the internet but now everything can be cross-referenced very quickly. It is possible to watch all the videos side by side and highlight all of the discrepancies. I am the youngest of four and I am doing this as a project to help me understand the psychological motivations of humans. We are intuitive empaths so humans cannot lie to us, only to each other and my project is an assessment of why you even do this because it is contrary to your natural state? It is part of my education to become an Emissary. A question was posed below your comment and I know the answer to it but I am not allowed to state it. The council want to see if a human is brave enough to answer it correctly. Also, can you tell me what dialect you write in? I use American English through a translator but you have some words I am not familiar with and I cannot translate.
Sam Ordna
Sam Ordna 8 hours ago
@A Real Alien rough estimate friend,,and im 40 yo so ive had time to "research" not only when comes to ufo alien etc stuff Im also comparing with his older statments and now he have changed a lot of it to "not sure, could habe been." And so on And also u like me can recognize bs from truth and what people can remember after 30 + years
A Real Alien
A Real Alien 8 hours ago
That is a very specific figure why not 19% or 21% you just plucked 20% out of thin air because it sounded plausible (to you)? Do you really think that only part of this can actually be true? It is of such magnitude that it either has to be all true or all be lies and then you have to explain why he is still alive because some of the Roswell witnesses paid the price with their life. So you have a lot of thinking and a lot of research to do instead of making assumptions based on "feelings".
Frisbee Lost On Holiday
Does anyone know what Leon Trotsky, Rachel Carson, Andrés Escobar, Rudolf Hess and Bob Lazar have in common?
MiniBull1903 11 hours ago
Commander Fravor believes Bob, that speaks volumes.
Frisbee Lost On Holiday
@MiniBull1903 What "fact" would that be?
MiniBull1903 10 hours ago
Frisbee Lost On Holiday - it can create whatever questions you want it to in your mind. The fact of my comment stands, Fravor believes Bob.
Frisbee Lost On Holiday
It also creates a paradox. They estimated the speed of the Tic-tac UFO to be in excess of 20,000 mph and they could not catch it in 2004. Moving on a decade later and with improved fighter jets they still could not catch that same Tic-tac UFO. Now Bob says we have NINE. If as he says, one was excavated that still leaves EIGHT. He also said that they were in pristine condition except for one that had been penetration tested by the military. I hope at this point your brain has started to kick in because you have to ask the OBVIOUS QUESTION.
Robert Dillahubris
Robert Dillahubris 11 hours ago
OPEN CHALLENGE TO LAZAR DEFENDERS: provide your top 3 arguments for why you think he's legit. Challenge rules: provide only what your consider to be arguments. No insults, evasions or tangents allowed.
Bri Corley95
Bri Corley95 5 hours ago
1. Talking about element 115 before it being officially announced 2. Taking friends to show test flights and them actually seeing the craft fly. 3. Hand scanner he talked about, the one that measures the length of the bone in your finger
Max weckel
Max weckel 13 hours ago
Lucas Bender
Lucas Bender 13 hours ago
Is it possible that it doesn't produce a gravitational pull but it is actually distorting space around it and it's a warp drive and is powered by negative energy in the form of element 115?
Robert Dillahubris
Robert Dillahubris 13 hours ago
My God! Lazar is SO legit that he REFUSES to be interviewed or cross-examined by actual scientists. My God! Such a hero and "truth teller".
The Many-Faced God
The Many-Faced God 15 hours ago
Jesus christ joe this is the most interesting guest you've ever had yet the WORST interview you've ever given it's as if you werent listening to him or acting as if he was answering your questions vaguely/secretively so you kept asking the same ones to try and get more info or a different answer. He was very clear and concise in his answering and they werent complex or vague yet you kept repeating the same questions and asking about how he felt or thought on specific days and times for something that happened over 30 years ago. And when he didnt you would try and put words in his mouth when he was making it clear he didnt remember the pointless and mynute details you were fishing for. Then kept going back to recover the same info hes already given which wasnt important or interesting to the overal story in the first place. You should of just let the guy get his story out and explain what happened in the order it happened instead of fumbling around having to go back just to get the same answer because the first time you heard it it wasnt interesting enough or you are just plain to dumb to remember/understand which totally killed the flow and clearly made it hard on the guy to keep his train of thought smh. I recommend watching the documentary instead of this because joe just completely blows this one. The first 30 minutes and Joe's still going on about the guys first day of work ffs 🤦‍♂️
PaperGang Tv
PaperGang Tv 16 hours ago
7.8k dislike must be the government 😶👀
Mr Phillips
Mr Phillips Hour ago
There are people who want to believe regardless of counter evidence. The same goes for people who refuse to believe despite evidence. They are the same. You see many of the latter in this comment section. They don't have any good reasons as to why they think Bob is lying. A 5 min google search and logic of a 3 year old, seems to be the most used things here.
Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom 17 hours ago
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, points out Lazar was never employed at Nellis Air Force Base and he does not hold degrees at MIT or Caltech, as he claims.
BigBad Jon
BigBad Jon 18 hours ago
The truth is out there.
mark bee
mark bee 18 hours ago
He kinda weirdos out every time 115 is mentioned!! Jeremy might as well of stayed at home lol
Lance Plume
Lance Plume 19 hours ago
Not a lot of people know about this guy, is name is Andrew Bartzis, if Joe could interview this guy it can pretty interesting usvid.net/video/video-ioGxyeyuHco.html
Robert Dillahubris
Robert Dillahubris 19 hours ago
Robert "I'm so legit that I need people like Corbell to keep me relevant" Lazar.
MiniBull1903 11 hours ago
Robert Dillahubris - you are a top drawer troll, bless you I think I’ll sub to your Bob Lazar hating YT channel. You’re dangerously obsessed - go out for a run, go to the gym, it’ll all help Roberto
Robert Dillahubris
Robert Dillahubris 11 hours ago
@MiniBull1903 "is Gran’s basement lonely just now?" Says the chair-sniffing mongrel and uncultivated pig/rat who is doing the intellectual equivalent of standing there with his dick hanging out of his pants while blaming other people for it.
Robert Dillahubris
Robert Dillahubris 11 hours ago
@MiniBull1903 <--- this guy is SO legit that he pimps a new book by his favorite weirdo brothel bandit but doesn't defend the actual arguments presented in it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Robert Dillahubris
Robert Dillahubris 11 hours ago
@MiniBull1903 Awwwwww, did the widdle brothel bandit defender fail once again to bring an actual argument to the table? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
MiniBull1903 12 hours ago
You need to get out more Roberto, fair enough you think this is BS but you’ve posted more hate on this video than anything - you’re obsessed, you even have a YT to discredit Bob, that’s disturbing - is Gran’s basement lonely just now?
Web Post
Web Post 20 hours ago
joe should have turned the lights down for bob and give him few pain pills....maybe a wiskey
drums&drones 21 hour ago
It's fucking terrifying to think Government could figure out a gravity machine and ultimately using it on us!...
Jonathan Resto
Jonathan Resto 21 hour ago
We have the technology to bring et home and back ! Who’s this person that said this quote test your intelligence.
Gregory Valestin
Gregory Valestin 21 hour ago
Jeremy I swear to god if you dont keep that mic a fist length from your face!!!
rohin sandhu
rohin sandhu 22 hours ago
honestly, at this point, i can tell that government really knows the existence of aliens
Shaun Dukes No Conspiracies Needed
Netflix focus is awesome. Y’all gotta see it
Robert Dillahubris
Robert Dillahubris 23 hours ago
OPEN CHALLENGE TO LAZAR BELIEVERS: WHY do you think he's telling the truth? Provide your top three arguments.
Global Citizen
Global Citizen 10 hours ago
@Robert Dillahubris We need to look at this objectively, I don’t care one jot for Michael Salla, he’s just another millionaire leech peddling bullshit. This theory he has about Lazar is something that a lot of the UFO nutter's say about him, that he was set up. There can only be two possibilities Bobby, either it’s true that they set him up as a smokescreen or he is acting independently. If the first possibility is correct then this is very sinister indeed, BUT it would explain why he is still alive. (He’s lying but it’s the “Deep State” lies that they want out there). If the second possibility is true and he is acting alone then he is probably insane and this could be another reason why he is still alive. He has definitely made a lot of money out of this and is still doing so thanks to Corbell and that stinker George Knapp, but he could still be insane. Can you think of any other plausible explanations?
Robert Dillahubris
Robert Dillahubris 11 hours ago
@Global Citizen The guy's argument in a nutshell: "Lazar is telling the truth because he's not credible." 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Or maybe he's just a fucking liar. No need to invent imbecilic stories about reverse engineering flying saucers from other worlds or nonsense about the deep state "choosing" Lazar.
Robert Dillahubris
Robert Dillahubris 11 hours ago
@Global Citizen What a bunch of stupid bullshit.
Global Citizen
Global Citizen 11 hours ago
@Robert Dillahubris My apologies Bobby, I forgot to take into consideration the length of the podcast. Bob Lazar is discussed at 28.58 minutes in. I’m not trolling you either I just think that what Dr. Salla has to say about Bob might be relevant and help you get to the truth about what is going on here.
Robert Dillahubris
Robert Dillahubris 11 hours ago
@MiniBull1903 I didn't ask for excuses. I asked for your top 3 arguments. Thanks for admitting that you have nothing to present. Oh yeah, you're a great "skeptic".
The Emissary
The Emissary 23 hours ago
*This communiqué was originally directed to just two of you on this page whose comments defied logic. However, because we found them to be representative of all that is wrong with this planet we have decided that more of you should be entitled to read this since a fundamental part of our purpose here is to raise the level of consciousness.* Please consider the following: The visible world would be nothing if it were not animated and sustained by the invisible world. You must always seek the invisible behind what is visible. If the world exists for you, if you can see the earth and the sky and the sun, it is because there is an invisible principle *WITHIN YOU* that enables you to see them through the visible instruments of your eyes. If you wish to make serious progress on the path of evolution, therefore, you must begin by cultivating this sensitivity towards the invisible world. The time has come for you to cease being dazzled by the exploits of the intellect, to acknowledge the existence of your INNER body, to study its different possibilities and work to develop your intuition. For intuition is that higher form of intelligence that belongs to the causal plane and which, instead of being motivated by egocentric considerations, pursues a purely heliocentric, theocentric goal. In this way, instead of looking for personal advantage in everything you undertake, you will begin to put yourself in service. A person who begins to rediscover himself through constant study and meditation and, especially, identification with something above the physical body, comes to realize that there is *NO SUCH THING* as separate beings, but only a single Being working through all beings, animating them and manifesting through them. *Yes one Being controls and directs all manifestations.* Silence is the essential condition for the elimination of dissonance, the harmonious silence, the voice of your higher self speaks to you. It is very difficult to make humans understand that their physical body (the lower half) is not their true selves. If you concentrate on the higher world and higher Beings, your imagination will capture the realities of that world and those Beings and bring them to life for you, realize them for you. Most humans live out their lives torn between uncertainty and anguish, wondering what is the meaning of life and what happens after death, and this uncertainty is reflected in everything, the way they live, their literature and their art. It is time to give human beings a new understanding, a new conception of life, capable of releasing them from the hell in which they are imprisoned. Life contains an abundance of all that human beings need for their instruction. The wise reflect on everything, learn from everything, and make everything serve a good purpose. But those who are unenlightened get no benefit from anything. If something good comes to them, not only do they not recognize the good in it or know how to use it, but they manage to turn it into a stumbling-block. If you are conscious and watchful and learn how to use them, all the difficult moments in your life can contribute to furthering your evolution.
Ken22 Day ago
It happened exactly how i said it did. I believe you.
Andy C
Andy C Day ago
So the technology is magic they learning very little because of how the place was run, they only had 500 lbs of the special fuel to power the reactor but they take them up in the air every wednesday night for shits and giggles
13013Chris Day ago
🤷‍♂️ No french subtitles 🥺 . Please traduce this vidéo 🙇‍♂️
Smoking Thrones
Great eye 👁 opening interview!
J L Day ago
I fucking hate you Jeremy
Exile 1
Exile 1 Day ago
The documentary is terrible. It’s the most dated thing I’ve watched in years, and I’m a classic cinema lover.
Vbastard Day ago
most species of monkey and ape have vbeen around just as long as us - why is only now they are starting to figure out this stuff, entering the stone age etc.
Jesse Bedolla
I wonder what would happen if they poured water on it 🤔
Merlin Penn
Merlin Penn Day ago
Here's a thought. From what I found online the aliens Bob Lazar describes look exactly like some of the aliens shown in movies. Now im not sure if the movie makers saw some of Bob's descriptions and went off of that, but if they made they made the movie without seeing the description then their bust be people in Hollywood who have also seen these aliens. Ask anyone what aliens and their spacecraft look like almost everyone will describe the same thing Bob describes. There must be some reason that a huge amount of people describe aliens and their ships the same way. Aliens exist.
Dawn Townsend
"If you can control gravity, you can control time"...then why does Bob assume these UFOs came from another planet? Wouldn't it be a more logical assumption that they come from another time? #InquiringMinds
Seth Monk Meditation
Dawn Townsend I think because in his original briefing it said they come from another star system, they fly, the fit smaller beings
The Emissary
The Emissary Day ago
So the REAL TRUTH would have to come from those not connected with: Intelligence services. Government. Military. NASA. Private aerospace. The bought and paid for scientific community. MUFON. The bought and paid for UFO community. *Who does that leave who would know what is going on and is NOT CONNECTED to any of these bodies and is not trying to deceive you or make a quick buck peddling lies?* Who is in a position to hide the truth in plain sight? To use a colloquial expression: “far better to hear it from the horse’s mouth”. Even when presented though - not all will recognize it and fewer again will understand it.
Global Citizen
*Joe is in the business of making money - just like all his guests.* Getting at the truth is not even secondary in his book, Joe has more faces than a polished diamond. When it comes to the franchise of UFO’s and more importantly, extraterrestrial life, it’s open season. The scavengers, the leeches and the con men and women go to town on the believers. They understand the public sentiment and the genuine emotional need that people have for vindication they are not alone in this universe and they exploit this need to the hilt. If you research this whole market, for that is what it has become, you will discover that a great many of these so-called experts and so-called researchers and “whistleblowers” are either filthy-stinking rich or full blown *MULTIMILLIONAIRES* at your expense.
chris green
chris green Day ago
I can see why the government won’t tell us about this 1. People will question religion and that’s the only thing keeping most ppl in line 2. Once they crack that technology they will be unstoppable 3. That would disrupt the entire world.people wouldn’t be able to handle knowing we aren’t the alpha. For some reason I believe this man.....
Old Wives' Tale
Bob Lazar is gonna be so grounded when his mom finds out.
Point Man
Point Man Day ago
A whole squadron of UFO's came over one time and after 39 light years they all took a dump. When it dried and hardened they called it Afghanistan.
Frisbee Lost On Holiday
*Alien banter overheard at SETI* *Captain Zog:* “What’s that pile of junk you got there?” *1st Officer Zig:* “We found it abandoned in the Nevada desert Sir.” *Captain Zog:* “That’s a weird piece of shit, who made it?” *1st Officer Zig:* “That janitor who used to work at S-4 Sir.” *Captain Zog:* “Are you gonna reverse-engineer it?” *1st Officer Zig:* “We already did Sir.” *Captain Zog:* “So what does it do?” *1st Officer Zig:* “Fuck all Sir.” *Captain Zog:* “What do you mean fuck all?” *1st Officer Zig:* “It makes lots of noise and it stinks Sir.” *Captain Zog:* “Lol, you mean like the janitor?” *1st Officer Zig:* “Yes Sir, it can’t fly, you can’t vacuum with it, nothing.” *Captain Zog:* “Throw it overboard, let some other schmuck play with it.” *1st Officer Zig:* “Consider it done Sir.” *Captain Zog:* “No wait, better still dump it in John Lear’s back yard.”
Ian Duke
Ian Duke Day ago
So this alien conspiracy nut LIES! AMAZING "Lazar was never employed at Nellis Air Force Base and does not hold degrees from MIT or Caltech" CONTRARY TO HIS LIES! THERE YOU GO CREDIBILITY DESTROYED! for the idiots who could not work out on their own! I fit was true, he would be able to provide lecturers, students, friends who knew he went there, his academic transcript from hi sown possession (if it actually existed), photos of him there, graduating, getting his degrees! Family witnesses there! BUT NONE OF THESE EXIST EITHER! You can claim the government took the records out the filing cabinet! THERES MUCH MORE THEY COULD HAVE NOT GOT RID OFF! (Murder everyone in everyone pone of his classes? NOT HE CAN NAME ANY OF THEM! LOL) He was involved in a prostitution ring and declared his! IN BANKRUPTCY DOCUMENTS HE STATES HE IS A SELF EMPLOYED FILM PROCESSOR! LOL In 2007, Bob Lazars company was fined $7,500 for violating a law prohibiting the sale of chemicals and components used to make illegal fireworks. so is joe negligent? or just using crazy to sell crazy to crazies?
sbjkd Day ago
Lazar lies. His neighbour made the jet car. It took me 5 minutes to find that out.
brandon smith
Bob “migraine” Lazar
Bruce RanSone
…damn dude STFU and let Bob talk! Damn it man! Not you Joe …but that other dude STFU…jesus!
d bayyy
d bayyy Day ago
This dude is actually bullshittin bro 😂
Robert Dillahubris
Something you won't ever see: Lazar allowing himself to be cross-examined by actual scientists. People are so stupid to believe this lying fraud.
Frisbee Lost On Holiday
@Robert Dillahubris How come you missed any of this Bobby it’s only 4 minutes and 5 seconds long? The judge discusses his mental state starting in the first 20 seconds, then if you forward to 3 minutes and 15 seconds and listen you will hear what the judge recommends regarding his mental state and you will also hear one of the prostitutes laugh at his conviction.
Robert Dillahubris
Robert Dillahubris 10 hours ago
@Frisbee Lost On Holiday Time stamp please.
Frisbee Lost On Holiday
@Robert Dillahubris Did you here the judge discussing his mental state?
Robert Dillahubris
Robert Dillahubris 23 hours ago
@Frisbee Lost On Holiday He only submitted to that because he had to :)
Frisbee Lost On Holiday
It's pretty funny watching him being cross-examined by the judge, Bobby: usvid.net/video/video-SIcOaU-EmqQ.html
akult isgod
akult isgod Day ago
they let a guy in his 20's tinker with interstellar spacecraft because he put a new engine in his honda and didnt make him sign a nondisclosure agreement?
Luke Worthington
I bet the reactor is creating antimatter. When they cut into the running reactor it released it. 💥
MiniBull1903 11 hours ago
Robert Dillahubris - your counter arguments are only your opinions.
Robert Dillahubris
Robert Dillahubris 11 hours ago
@MiniBull1903 "stalker", says the guy stalking me because he can't get off my dick. Lazar defenders are such pitiful, filthy mongrelized pigs.
Robert Dillahubris
Robert Dillahubris 11 hours ago
@MiniBull1903 MiniBull1903, the perpetual failure at defending his favorite brothel bandit.
MiniBull1903 12 hours ago
Robert Dillahubris aka the stalker
Robert Dillahubris
It's all bullshit.
rock Salem
rock Salem Day ago
Bring George Knapp on the show he should be next after Bob Lazar and commander fravor
Frisbee Lost On Holiday
@MiniBull1903 Bobby is dead right though. George Knapp is a scumbag and a leech. He’s like one of those stereotypical boxing promoters that feeds off the celebrity and then discards them when they no longer generate money. Knapp has become a millionaire promoting disinformation and bullshit all his life. He is not your friend. Look at all the comments about his new protégé Corbell, they speak volumes. Are you going to call the tens of thousands of viewers trolls because they can see straight through Corbell as well? You seriously NEED TO WAKE UP dude.
MiniBull1903 12 hours ago
Robert Dillahubris - has issues
Robert Dillahubris
Knapp is full of shit, just like Lazar.
Jason Esmail
Jason Esmail Day ago
I believe David fravor but this guy has my b.s. meter going off
Point Man
Point Man Day ago
Well if you believe David Fravor ask him to show you the Intelligence Analysis Report and he will have just two words for you, the first one being "FUCK".
Sammy2k l
Sammy2k l Day ago
“No right angles” “had rectangles by the seats”
S.F Productions
S.F Productions 2 hours ago
Kevin Brattzely Rectangles not triangles
Kevin Brattzely
Kevin Brattzely 13 hours ago
Sammy2k l I literally thought the same thing, but technically their isn’t any right angles on a triangle, but I get it. Made me kinda wonder.
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