Joe Rogan Experience #1315 - Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell

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Bob Lazar is a physicist who worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, and also on reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology at a site called S-4 near the Area 51 Groom Lake operating location. Jeremy Corbell is a contemporary artist and documentary filmmaker. Watch the documentary "Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers" now streaming on Netflix.

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Jun 21, 2019

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Comments 54 574
Brian Mac
Brian Mac Minute ago
convenient migraine lol, USvid Bob Cooper Fake Alien Invasion #kidshit
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith 8 minutes ago
Dox my comment all you want. But this guy isn't telling the truth. At least the whole truth. Its easy to tell
Austin Moore
Austin Moore 8 minutes ago
Waiting for "Eiffel 65" to join the Area 51 raid so they can have "Blue" as the rally song.
60 below
60 below 13 minutes ago
im getting a migrain just trying to wrap my head around this
A T 15 minutes ago
this is either the epitome of disinformation, or its the epitome of disinformation
Brett Werner
Brett Werner 18 minutes ago
The guy who posted the original facebook page about storming Area 51 actually got the idea from this podcast so you can thank Joe & Bob for the upcoming Alien liberation revolution
rle1020 21 minute ago
Something about Bob Lazar and the way he acts and looks, makes me feel he’s a alien. Maybe he escaped?
Raymond Huffman
Raymond Huffman 24 minutes ago
His story has not changed at all. Amazing every time I see/hear it...
Andrew Ferris
Andrew Ferris 27 minutes ago
Gravity cannot push, it can only pull.
whatisreality01 27 minutes ago
Alot of SHILLS in the comments . Even JR is ALWAYS using the CoNsPiRaCY tHeOrIsTs line . That his MSM PROGRAMIING shining through.
rc121crx 28 minutes ago
Jeremy treat himself to brownies and your stash Joe?
Jason Comtois
Jason Comtois 32 minutes ago
I bet Jeremy enjoys a nice IPA
enfekted13 38 minutes ago
Like I said. You don't hear radio waves? Switch gravity. Pulls it it in..
Giselle Santana
Giselle Santana 39 minutes ago
so no one else is confused af reading these comments first few minutes
Jacob Roberts
Jacob Roberts 39 minutes ago
Rogan put a hat on.
brendan james
brendan james 43 minutes ago
Joe was being a dick towards Jeremy. Jeremy could of said the sky was blue and Joe would of said no.... Way too much effort trying to impress Bob.
A T 48 minutes ago
did this start the area 51 memes?
A T 13 minutes ago
@SyncedHD makes sense if it did
SyncedHD 16 minutes ago
A T yes
Devin Kinney
Devin Kinney 48 minutes ago
Jeremy is annoying AF. Typical conspiracy theory diehard. We’re here for Bob
enfekted13 49 minutes ago
The saucers or craft, makes its own gravity. There's no G- force. The metal being cold is because of the "reactor" you can combine two metal elements to "naturally" cool down. Reactions to heat. Boom!
Roman brown
Roman brown 51 minute ago
Jeremy just sucked your dick like to undo
enfekted13 52 minutes ago
There's another stabilized element that will hyperactive the 115. Half basketball? It's more of a moon shape. Each tip counteracts gravity. It may spin, but can't tell. It looks round, but not. ..
Jack Durden
Jack Durden 59 minutes ago
8:54 Its almost as tho gravity is not what we've been told...
benjamin mott
benjamin mott Hour ago
This type of shit gets me so excited!!👽
Eli C
Eli C Hour ago
Bob has the biggest balls on earth. Thank you, Bob.
Jonathan Landry
1:23:03 when I started having an anxiety attack lol
enfekted13 Hour ago
Reverse gravity... Go from there. 😂 It's simple. Gravity reversed is forward gravity. Mind blown..
coryg121 Hour ago
90% of what Jeremy says just confuses the listener.
Ari Lehtiniemi
If the speed of light really is the maximum speed, then no alien has ever been here, will never be, and we will go nowhere. Ever. End of story. If there even is any intelligent life. Might be, might not. Might be millions. In any case, it makes no difference. We evolved on this planet and this is where our story will end. Yeah, kinda sucks. But... wishing something to be (or not be) true does not make it so. Saying climate change is a hoax does NOT prevent it... nothing does... and we aren't even trying. What will be, will be. You made your bed, now lie in it.
Sphere Being Alliance
So, using your version of logic and your version of grammar and punctuation, saying that “no alien has ever been here, will never be, and will go nowhere. Ever. End of story.” Does not make it so and neither does not make it true! We are here to help you ‘remake the bed’ before you have to lie in it. You can play your part in this or you can keep your head buried in the sand, human.
Elizabeth Hour ago
The moment the world finds out Joe Rogan is responsible for “Storm Area 51” 😂
John Doe
John Doe Hour ago
Scientific Lee has already proven gravity is no more energy flowing through magnetism.. He was ridiculed but now the whole world can see how RIGHT HE WAS. Anyone interested in how it works, go to scientific lee's youtube channel, he explains if it dozens of videos, and demonstrates it in hundreds more.
Denis Foley
Denis Foley Hour ago
Joe ain’t stoned today
Bob captured my attention. Jeremy lost it.
Bob seems like a sane individual with a true story and not a lot of good reasons to tell it. Jeremy seems like a nut who desperately wants to believe in conspiracy theories. I really disliked it every time he spoke.
Kaidan Gundam
Kaidan Gundam Hour ago
This guy Bob not fucking around....... he build a bike with a jet engine
Harambe’s Step Brother
They need to make a movie about this.
SwampFins Hour ago
Is there a mute button for this Jeremy character?
HG shelton
HG shelton Hour ago
Well here I go down a rabbit hole..
dean moses
dean moses Hour ago
Everything he is saying sounds believable but... if he is telling the truth and that everything he says did happened... isn’t is really dangerous for him to tell us everything he knows????
dean moses
dean moses Hour ago
NejiKitty Do you think they would have the right to “make him disappear” if they knew that he is going to say all of that stuff?
NejiKitty Hour ago
He says in the podcast that people in his life were being affected by him speaking of this. I think that if they straight up made him disappear after he'd gone public with this information it'd be even more suspicious. There'd be eyes on the people running the show and they can't have that. So they work to try and discredit everything he says and destroy his life instead.
Dennis Pfeifer
This is entreatingly highly interesting!!! But, I'm gonna stick with my 1949 Farmall M tractor and fuck the rest of high tech BS electronic technology...cause I don't have 10,000 years to figure out the rest of the puzzle....Bob Lazar is apparently not lying, and is giving you what he knows...God Bless Him!!! He's a fine American and thank you USG for not killing him and letting us know!
GetThe MusicOut
1:47:20 - Joe makes a profound comment that we are serving our immediate needs, but what is not explored is how our 'needs' are almost certainly manipulated - and this manipulation of 'need' is crucially ignored, as is the narrative about how we might reflect on this manipulation and start to create real solutions in our lives to counter this. Surely informed choice that we create (free of existential anxiety), is better than choices that are created for us?
Sphere Being Alliance
Truly *informed* action comes from the awareness of the presence within you, choice comes from the egoic mind which is unconscious, limited and erroneous due to its illusory nature. You have an enlightened being among you - Eckhart Tolle - who explains this superbly in the book: “The Power of Now” do not underestimate the profound teaching in this volume, the knowledge of which will help you to contact us.
Brandon pommier
bro. what if this has happened before and it just repeats all the time. like what if hundreds of thousands of years ago the aliens now were us. like what if the monkeys eventually turn into us and see the buildings and wonder like we are wondering how they got there (like the massive churches and shit from thousands of years ago) and we evolve into aliens. bruh
Sphere Being Alliance
I already mentioned that Joe needs to get the former Minister of Defence for Canada on the podcast ASAP. Joe needs to PROVE that he is not a hypocrite in the light of how he has treated Bob in comparison to his snide comments about former Minister Hellyer. Here is his response to Joe’s comments: usvid.net/video/video--0GLxnb2yBw.html Here is former Minister Hellyer’s full indepth disclosure: usvid.net/video/video-3PPDHaIkVYA.html
Ken Hofmann
Ken Hofmann Hour ago
Adm. Wilson Doc, is not how a Navy document would be formated...
lil 3rey
lil 3rey 2 hours ago
To anyone who tries to storm Area 51 your stupid
blastman8888 2 hours ago
After watching the documentary I believe bob is telling the truth the question is should the government come clean with what they have. Think about what could happen other countries like Russia, and China could attack fearful that we now posses this kind of technology.
A WHS 2 hours ago
Nikola Tesla invented stuff like this a 100 years ago. The banks shut him down. This tech has existed a very long time, it's just the banks and governments are the worlds ultimate cock block.
Chongo 2 hours ago
My god Jeremy sucks! I discredit Bob Lazar’s story on the basis Jeremy alone!
LilRedDog 2 hours ago
This guy is crazy convincing!!! As an NLP sophomore he does not leak any deception! -edit-: 54:06 is the fifth time he self-soothes. " I think we took a motorhome out there" and he has started to look up to remember. How is that something he is not sure of??!? It could very well be the migraine. Inconclusive.
Sphere Being Alliance
Paul Hellyer would make for the best interview of all because he is currently the highest placed former Government Minister to speak up about the different ET species (including ours). This is how it all started: usvid.net/video/video-5XTgH7PSHX0.html He is very brave, your President John F. Kennedy was planning to grant you full disclosure.
Anthony Ferretti
Anthony Ferretti 2 hours ago
Jeff at 1:38:08 had a point tho
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