Joe Rogan and Everlast Go DEEP Into Parallel Universe Theories

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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1339 w/Everlast: usvid.net/video/video-p6Dp0KJzMPI.html

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Aug 22, 2019




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Comments 2 382
martin morris
why does the white guy talk like a black guy?
The Italian stalian
this was so deep fried lmfao
CHEM TRAIL 4 days ago
Well of course there are other universes. Why wouldnt there be? Its dumb to dismiss it.
Theta Waves
Theta Waves 5 days ago
Y'all average retarded mind that kid is a fraud do research and you'll see ffs
Alan Garcia Cardenas
Damn... too bad I got here so late. If anyone reads this... WATCH THE MOVIE "COHERENCE" (2013).
Came for the Cookies
I still can't believe that people deny *overpopulation*
Oh Yah
Oh Yah 10 days ago
about 10:00 when Joe's talking, I think we reset. If you've ever done psychedelics you can see something similar. It's probably just variables and adjustments of soooo much info colliding in the universe or harmoniously working together that you can finally see when you break a barrier of sorts. I mean I know people and have personally seen weird anomalies my whole life stone sober and I realized psychedelics replicate them as I got older... I think that's even why Joe "DMT" Rogan just said what he said because he's seen this variable change too. I think it's always gone on but some "reason" is behind it but really it's just variables BUT the kicker is now that we're adding more info to the universe I think it's getting harder for/less background oriented when that variable shift/change happens. I think people are experiencing it more. Look up super position - science even explains it. The point is to be a good person btw, don't too hung up on this stuff.
Mike Awesome
Mike Awesome 10 days ago
I miss the show Sliders.
Alayna Salas
Alayna Salas 10 days ago
I felt it man I think with the whole stranger things y’all went to deep into it but something is different now I got proof
DV Outdoors
DV Outdoors 11 days ago
Everlast looks like drunk Kenny Rogers from Mad TV
ALMIGHTY FLYY 11 days ago
Get Dave Chappelle on here
Derek Vinyard
Derek Vinyard 11 days ago
Yeah same. Shiny forehead gang
Durty Hairy
Durty Hairy 11 days ago
This kid's not as smart as everyone tells him he is. These people telling him that, are functional idiots.
KINGKHALIL 12 days ago
At 10mins .....YO JOE ROGAN fucked me up ....that could be legit
Nik 12 days ago
No y'all got it wrong CERN created a resonance cascade!
lim not
lim not 14 days ago
I think that kid watched too much stein;gates and stranger things.
Charles Dostal
Charles Dostal 14 days ago
Guitar lessons
Ricky Haldaman
Ricky Haldaman 14 days ago
The human brain in modern day society wouldnt be able to handle or comprehend what is right infront of and around us as we speek. Our brains not capable of such mind expansion needed to obtain or process such information, that even if... their are humans with such astronomical capabilities you wouldn't even know unless you where one of them. The modern human brain is not capable of processing such information even if explained to from one witch capable, thus why you would never know any more then what you an earths entire population already know, and no more then whats presented to and portrayed to one, only knowing the beliefs we lived by from day one of existence to now.
Michael Braham
Michael Braham 16 days ago
Joe is tryina figure out how to hook up some AC when it’s so hot everyone else is on fire 😂
Gonk Droid
Gonk Droid 17 days ago
But can you do it in half an A press?
Bryan Mota
Bryan Mota 17 days ago
Conversation reminds me of that meme " what if we made a better cleaner world for nothing!?"
James Bonner
James Bonner 17 days ago
I thought Everlast died in 2014
Derek Stevens
Derek Stevens 17 days ago
What are the benefits to dismissing climate change. let me sit in my natural gas heated home on my computer powered by a coal power plant eating food delivered by a gasoline powered semi truck and think about it
Lagstorm 18 days ago
The mist.
STRETCH 93 18 days ago
Fullmetal alchemist style
Bearded Devildog
Bearded Devildog 19 days ago
What if we are meant to live our full lives BUT when we are killed in between however the case may be, we wake up from a nightmare into another universe.
ACE 19 days ago
I’ve already been on these waves so thank you for this. Glad I’m not crazy.
Cameron Wise
Cameron Wise 19 days ago
If we make fossil fuels illegal then science would make some better shit so fast lol
Elijah Gill
Elijah Gill 19 days ago
0:36 Joe 'I read an article' Rogan :P
D Nisi
D Nisi 19 days ago
The effect people have on the world is nothing compared to natural volcanic eruptions and the fire of the west put up more smog than humans their whole technological existence.
Andre Wallace
Andre Wallace 19 days ago
Dude all the answers 😂 are in the movie water world
AC8 HD 19 days ago
Spoke about it for about 2 minutes
' Bert
' Bert 20 days ago
In our actual universe, Donald Trump never even won the 2016 GOP primary.
Raj Beats
Raj Beats 20 days ago
Speaking of youtube wormholes...
Spotted Exotic
Spotted Exotic 20 days ago
It was Elon Musk who spoke about a boring world plugging in to a simulation to make things more exciting. 🔥
yobardo562 Yobardo562
I love you
Kampsy 20 days ago
His hat lol Now kith
Blue Bankroll Army
Blue Bankroll Army 20 days ago
Climate change isn't the issue or a problem for humans to worry about POLLUTION IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scotty Monochrome
Scotty Monochrome 20 days ago
This is the dawn of our next step of evolution as a species; as climate changes and the Earth itself because more inhospitable, we will inevitably create above-water super-structures to overcome said inevitably out of necessity. Mega-structures are only a small step from there, and then, realistically, what's to stop humanity from transporting/harvesting resources amongst Earth and the local cosmos to construct mega-structures on other planets or across our small pocket of the cosmos? We must adapt
Adrian Vitela
Adrian Vitela 20 days ago
Where do we go when we sleep ?
Matt Cowan
Matt Cowan 18 days ago
To bed
Benjamin Archambo
goni whithewindy
goni whithewindy 21 day ago
2:59 "became president of South Amer..." 😂
J E 21 day ago
It was cool until Joe brought up climate change.
TURKEYonWH3AT 21 day ago
Jesus Christ when did Everlast get so old
Dockomocko Pocko
Dockomocko Pocko 21 day ago
We would all move to Russia and we wouldn’t get along because of religious perspectives and ideology, then we would go to another country to get away from that type of government and there would be war with Russia, ohh shit, I think this has happened before
IbleedINC 22 days ago
I both acknowledge, and accept the theory. Waking up in a different universe each morning, of which is dependent upon your life decisions, and actions that day.... My question is this. Why then, do we stub our toes?
Tom Taggart
Tom Taggart 22 days ago
Honestly I listened to this a few days after it aired while I was driving. And this part is really blew my mind.. even as a self admitted partial case in foil hat wearer and joe organ/ Eddie bravo fanboy. This shit is just too much for me...
American Patriot
American Patriot 22 days ago
Climate change is fucking fake!
Shamek Marshall
Shamek Marshall 22 days ago
A pole shift every 13000 years we're close
IncorporatedOps 22 days ago
His resemblance to Ted Levine is uncanny.
JacE TrckiN
JacE TrckiN 22 days ago
Ur right about the sleep part.people have the whole sleep thing wrong
Jose Dominguez
Jose Dominguez 22 days ago
I found the original video of the kid..look up ( Max Laughan on cern and the Mandela effect ) he is the smartest kid in the world because he invented the device the gives free energy.....the video is 17:15 min long and only has 73k views...find that video...
EspressoShot 22 days ago
haha this guy is tripping out on the "Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon"
michelleaneous 22 days ago
Much prefer this convo than the others with Everlast...
pG Magic
pG Magic 22 days ago
a fear without knowing it's fear can be bad too
Nathan Talamantez
Nathan Talamantez 22 days ago
Joe, you should get that kid on. I know his dad is cringe worthy, and the kid didn't say anything that wasn't on a VSauce, but that's what we need kids that age to aspire to be learning about. I believe the world would be a better place if we made that kid a star.
A B 22 days ago
Climate change is a real phenomena and CO2 is a greenhouse gas, but look at the "official" models used by the U.N. and thus most 1st world governments when putting into place environmental regulations like the carbon tax for example. Those models are NOT accurate. It's not an opinion, it's a fact. We base policy off of incorrect models that do not predict the change in temperature. These models estimated the temperature increases were supposed to be 2 to 6 times higher than they actually were. They aren't scientifically rigorous models. What do you have to gain from denying climate change? How about wealth? Not just for the ultra wealthy, but for everyone. The standard of living in America has historically increased regularly. That's a trend I would like to continue for future generations. Do you not like opportunity, security, and comfort? Extreme environmentalist policy slows down economies. Moderate measures could address the problem in a timely manner, while safeguarding opportunity and prosperity for Americans. What do you have to gain from it? Everything, unless the alarmists are correct, which is not what scientific evidence suggests. It's politics, pure and simple, and it is hurting Americans. If you want to address CO2 emissions responsibly, get rid of the carbon tax and invest a little more money into clean energy research. Solar and fusion power, and possibly hydrogen fuel cells, are the future of power both on Earth and in space.
Johnathan Pieters
Johnathan Pieters 22 days ago
Soo even though we can watch the experiments that have taken place at CERN . He still thinks our universe was destroyed and somehow was thrown into a parallel universe without any consequences..... I think that you can be so smart that you become foolish
hawk rochester
hawk rochester 22 days ago
Alright, Rogan... we have only been recording the climate for 150 years. We truly dont know what climate means. Humans are very stupid. Humans are animals, nomatter what we do on this earth it's meant to happen. We are animals.... there is no proof that humans have any effects on the climate. Although there is proof that the climate is changing, we cant say that's a bad thing...
nacho M
nacho M 22 days ago
Joe "strange times" rogan
mia glossender
mia glossender 22 days ago
How did my dad get a mortgage in Florida 50 years ago ? Do we fk the planet up yes but Climate change ?? The benefits for getting behind Climate Change is about money !!?? Truth has always been compromised it's just they the liars have been exposed !!! Come to Michigan Joe get out of California's bullshit
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