Joe Rogan and Everlast Go DEEP Into Parallel Universe Theories

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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1339 w/Everlast: usvid.net/video/video-p6Dp0KJzMPI.html

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Aug 22, 2019




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EscMind I
EscMind I 2 days ago
I just thought about something, what if deja vu is when the line between two similar realities become paper thin, causing yourself to have a recollection that the thing you just did was something you did before or something you were just doing a second ago.
Caius Postumius Turrinus
usvid.net/video/video-p9f8BZPp8cg.html Joe it's real, the government even admits it, and are not trying to hide it from anybody. Because it's not a big deal to them. They honestly don't care anymore if people know.
Caius Postumius Turrinus
I don't dismiss climate change. It's real. It's just completely man made to be F'd up. Look up geo-engineering.
Anubhav Pathak
Anubhav Pathak 22 days ago
2:58 Mandela got released and became President of South America, yup, that's what I needed to hear in a talk about multiverse ๐Ÿ˜’
Xy Month ago
talk about people who remember everything in their lives perhaps they see or remember something different that they know is completely different from when they experienced it.
Tom Lawrence
Tom Lawrence Month ago
We are not in a alternative universe....just a screwed up one
troy j
troy j Month ago
There is climate change it's just not man's doing it has to do with our bindery solar system NIBIRU IS GETTING CLOSE ! If the government told people the truth it would be total chaos !! Nibiru is coming from the south Antarctica is heating from below the ice and above ! The other planets and the Solar System are also heating up It has nothing to do with Cow farts or man !
Chata valen
Chata valen Month ago
I love Everlast
Jon Gussner
Jon Gussner Month ago
Rick Perry was given the the job of observing our nukes... His qualifications are animal husbandry.... So the person in charge of our nuclear weapons knows how to jack off a horse.
augustus plebeian
I listen to everlast all the time. This guy is a great musician and is very real. / i do not agree with multiverse theory, but i love subjects that question conventional reality.
GAMES AND GUITARS 2 months ago
Cannot find the video of the kid talking about CERN blowing up the universe. Everywhere I looked it seems to have been taken down.
Sucram Dlom
Sucram Dlom 2 months ago
Lets just admit it. EVERYBODY IS FUC!N CONFUSED!
Icy gacha ;-;
Icy gacha ;-; 2 months ago
Climate change or reversal of the poles?
Karatas909090 2 months ago
Suggestion: leo & Joe Discussing climate change
Bert Brown
Bert Brown 2 months ago
Is this the same everlast that Eminem dissed?
Omnipresent One
Omnipresent One 2 months ago
Everything became about the multiverse after that because all of your platforms are intermingled and you agree to it every time you update. It's not supernatural "everlast".
Pedro Casonatti
Pedro Casonatti 2 months ago
โ€œ This is strange things, things are strangeโ€
Kaleb Howell
Kaleb Howell 3 months ago
The way he stares into the camera just speaks to my soul wtf bro
robert rice
robert rice 3 months ago
Why do some argue about climate change? Maybe because some scientists have discovered that perturbations in the sun's orbit are causing the climate anomalies and that the hole in the Earth's ozone is actually closing and should be completely closed by later this century, per Fox News/ Tucker Carlson. I don't think he has an agenda to hasten the Earth's demise. The real truth might just be a leftist power grab and there are lots of indicators. Regarding the Mandela Effect, your guest is associated with this timeline if he remembers Mandela being freed, President, and passing in 2013. The affected such as myself remember him passing in prison and much earlier.I wonder what Mr. Rogan remembers about this. Iconic moments that are set in stone in people's memories like how many people were in the JFK assassination vehicle(4 in my timeline) should be easy enough for most to determine who's from where. Likened in a lesser degree to the number of Marines raising the flag on Mt. Suribachi, either from the photo or Washington statue. In order to analyze and critique the Mandela Effect one must possess a strong memory and a self-assured mind that will, when asked what they remember, not be swayed by the current truth when revealed to them. Consciousness ,imo,(and Planck, et al) consists of sub-atomic particles as nothing physical could make the transit. The conscious mind is the conveyance for the M.E. and transposition. I wonder how the movie 'The Mandela Effect', coming out on Dec.6th 2019, will treat the most fantastic occurrence in humanities existence that no one cares about. I'm in the Cern camp, as this is right where they are dabbling, in the quantum field. And it should be noted that there was a calamitous accident and explosion there in 2008, I believe, that heavily damaged the tunnel and giant two-story magnets.
sam pope
sam pope 3 months ago
The planet not getting warmer the universe is getting colder. ๐Ÿ™ƒ
DANIELlaroqustar 4 months ago
i was thinking more the episode of south park where the scientists open a portal to our imagination and release every character ever invented like Manbearpig ๐Ÿ˜›
Art Fluegge
Art Fluegge 4 months ago
He was about to say president of South America lol
sara haddad
sara haddad 4 months ago
StraightOuttaMoney 4 months ago
What if Mac Miller never died ...
AJ Prasad
AJ Prasad 4 months ago
"Fuckin' Mermaids"
Sammy Sam
Sammy Sam 4 months ago
I commented on a JRE video about taking a lot of shrooms a few years back and I saw myself, but I was separated yet the exact same, we could read each others mind and talk to each other, we showed each other our universe and how exact it was in ways, or similar, and completely different too. How in my other universe, we landed on the Mars not the moon, I showed him we landed on the moon here, we could see our siblings who were the same, but some things are different, like my brother here has a scar on his neck from a Motocross accident and there he didn't, shit like that. We saw each others lives and how they went, like in his, he got married and had two kids, here I've never been married and I don't have kids. So watching this video has my attention and takes me back to myself here and in his universe. It fucked me up psychologically that I have had deja vu once in my life as a teenager and since this trip, I've had deja vu 3 times and it felt like someone else was experiencing it and I was seeing it. Crazy shit
Crypto News & Information Channel
Fact: The only consistent thing in the universe is change, the sun is the main driver of climate. randel Carlson has it explained exactly
Anti-HyperLink 5 months ago
Cheers is not American.
Anti-HyperLink 5 months ago
I have had A LOT of very vivid dreams about where I work in the last while and sometimes I don't remember if I dreamed certain things or if they actually happened. Not crazy dreams, just me at work in a plausible scenario.
Anti-HyperLink 5 months ago
There's no way this kid explained that because two universes merging or our universe moving to another universe is physically impossible. We could've been moved to another earth, but there's be doubles of a lot of people. Where's my doppelganger? Two objects cannot occupy the same space. Do people just not know that? Like really? Has no one seen Fringe? I think there's just some other world that we're at a secret war with. That's the plot of Fringe and Counterpart, but very different. However, there is a lot of stuff that the latter conveniently has in common with the former, including a very important man named Peter. So yeah. Great shows. Although Fringe went downhill after season 3. Then it just got fucked and the continuity errors hurt my brain.
Anti-HyperLink 5 months ago
If our entire universe was moved to another universe, they would both be destroyed. And if we somehow just moved there and nothing was destroyed, nothing would be different. It would just be our earth but not the original universe. What happened to the other versions of all of us in this universe we were moved to? Were we moved to an empty Earth?
Anti-HyperLink 5 months ago
Someone's trying to burn the Amazon? What the fuck? How the fuck did we surpass other animals, apes, and humans but so many people are just garbage? What the fuck? Are they trying to destroy Ayahuasca?
Anti-HyperLink 5 months ago
Holy fuck, the only example anyone can up with for a parallel universe is something that's not a parallel universe from a stupid fucking show. Good job. Not every other universe is opposite land. Fringe, Counterpart, Family Guy (best episodes are with Stewie and Brian), Sliders (from the 90s), etc.
Anti-HyperLink 5 months ago
Most of the Mandela Effect stuff is bullshit. I've seen the Berenstein Bears and the Berenstain Bears on books. I think that's something that people are just too dumb to realize is not crazy. I've seen a photo of a book with the other spelling. I don't know what else is BS off the top of my head, but that one is just nothing. Jiffy and Jif peanut butter. They don't say "of the world" at the end of "we are the champions" (but it's in the song, which is the part that people know, they just think it's the end). And then there's people who think it's "Luke, I am your father" which is not really a Mandela effect thing as people were that dumb before it was a thing. He says "No, /I/ am your father"
martin morris
martin morris 5 months ago
why does the white guy talk like a black guy?
The Italian stalian
The Italian stalian 5 months ago
this was so deep fried lmfao
CHEM TRAIL 5 months ago
Well of course there are other universes. Why wouldnt there be? Its dumb to dismiss it.
Theta Waves
Theta Waves 5 months ago
Y'all average retarded mind that kid is a fraud do research and you'll see ffs
Alan Garcia Cardenas
Damn... too bad I got here so late. If anyone reads this... WATCH THE MOVIE "COHERENCE" (2013).
Came for the Cookies
I still can't believe that people deny *overpopulation*
Oh Yah
Oh Yah 5 months ago
about 10:00 when Joe's talking, I think we reset. If you've ever done psychedelics you can see something similar. It's probably just variables and adjustments of soooo much info colliding in the universe or harmoniously working together that you can finally see when you break a barrier of sorts. I mean I know people and have personally seen weird anomalies my whole life stone sober and I realized psychedelics replicate them as I got older... I think that's even why Joe "DMT" Rogan just said what he said because he's seen this variable change too. I think it's always gone on but some "reason" is behind it but really it's just variables BUT the kicker is now that we're adding more info to the universe I think it's getting harder for/less background oriented when that variable shift/change happens. I think people are experiencing it more. Look up super position - science even explains it. The point is to be a good person btw, don't too hung up on this stuff.
Mike Awesome
Mike Awesome 5 months ago
I miss the show Sliders.
Alayna Salas
Alayna Salas 5 months ago
I felt it man I think with the whole stranger things yโ€™all went to deep into it but something is different now I got proof
DV Outdoors
DV Outdoors 5 months ago
Everlast looks like drunk Kenny Rogers from Mad TV
ALMIGHTY FLYY 5 months ago
Get Dave Chappelle on here
Barry Ryan
Barry Ryan 5 months ago
Yeah same. Shiny forehead gang
Durty Hairy
Durty Hairy 5 months ago
This kid's not as smart as everyone tells him he is. These people telling him that, are functional idiots.
RagnarTheRed 5 months ago
Well, smart enough to be a physicist at 13. Not to mention, one can be smart and still get things wrong. Pretty sure Einstein wasn't right about everything he ever said, specially as a kid.
KINGKHALIL 5 months ago
At 10mins .....YO JOE ROGAN fucked me up ....that could be legit
Nik 5 months ago
No y'all got it wrong CERN created a resonance cascade!
lim not
lim not 5 months ago
I think that kid watched too much stein;gates and stranger things.
Charles Dostal
Charles Dostal 5 months ago
Guitar lessons
Ricky Haldaman
Ricky Haldaman 5 months ago
The human brain in modern day society wouldnt be able to handle or comprehend what is right infront of and around us as we speek. Our brains not capable of such mind expansion needed to obtain or process such information, that even if... their are humans with such astronomical capabilities you wouldn't even know unless you where one of them. The modern human brain is not capable of processing such information even if explained to from one witch capable, thus why you would never know any more then what you an earths entire population already know, and no more then whats presented to and portrayed to one, only knowing the beliefs we lived by from day one of existence to now.
Michael Braham
Michael Braham 5 months ago
Joe is tryina figure out how to hook up some AC when itโ€™s so hot everyone else is on fire ๐Ÿ˜‚
Gonk Droid
Gonk Droid 5 months ago
But can you do it in half an A press?
Bryan Mota
Bryan Mota 5 months ago
Conversation reminds me of that meme " what if we made a better cleaner world for nothing!?"
Sun Wu
Sun Wu 5 months ago
I thought Everlast died in 2014
Derek Stevens
Derek Stevens 5 months ago
What are the benefits to dismissing climate change. let me sit in my natural gas heated home on my computer powered by a coal power plant eating food delivered by a gasoline powered semi truck and think about it
Lagstorm 5 months ago
The mist.
STRETCH93 5 months ago
Fullmetal alchemist style
Emmanuel Ortega
Emmanuel Ortega 5 months ago
What if we are meant to live our full lives BUT when we are killed in between however the case may be, we wake up from a nightmare into another universe.
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