Joe La Puma Tells Never Before Heard Stories and Answers Fans Questions | Sneaker Shopping

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Complex's Joe La Puma sits down with Speedy Morman to answer fans' questions and tell Sneaker Shopping stories that have never been told before.
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Jun 24, 2019

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Comments 1 552
Complex 26 days ago
Who would you like to see on Season 9 of "Sneaker Shopping?"
Bene Schild
Bene Schild 3 days ago
David Beckham
Brett Arnold
Brett Arnold 24 days ago
Curren$y please
Jose Ramos
Jose Ramos 24 days ago
Lebron James
Brennen Cockrell
Brennen Cockrell 24 days ago
WONG DONG 25 days ago
Lewis 9 hours ago
Joe rocking the daybreak undercover..... so glad I copped those bad boys
James Sutton
James Sutton 13 hours ago
jhdz. x
jhdz. x 16 hours ago
Travis the most overrated artist ever
Daniel Munro
Daniel Munro 17 hours ago
Maestro Roshi
Maestro Roshi 18 hours ago
Invita a don cheto
sonny bishop
sonny bishop Day ago
‘’They not already at the criiiiib’’
sonny bishop
sonny bishop Day ago
I want to see Joe la Puma go sneaker shopping and have someone ask him questions about sneakers
Serbia 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
Abdul Babalola
Abdul Babalola 2 days ago
Joe la Puma has the same birthday as me. What is his birthday?
Butumbo 13
Butumbo 13 2 days ago
I want to see joe to go sneaker shopping
Justin Hammer
Justin Hammer 3 days ago
You'd have 50 cent on because that was "a while ago" but not Jim Jones who is waaay funnier and kickstarted this?
Alec Baye
Alec Baye 3 days ago
Very disappointed he didn’t ask about the sneaker shopping parody
Peter Reilly
Peter Reilly 3 days ago
Dog can anybody tell me the name of them royal and yellow new balances imma gonna have to cop
Dan Muoki
Dan Muoki 4 days ago
Yeah Get 50 back on the show
Strahinja Marjanovic
come to serbia this summer 🤪😀
Grand Moff Tarkin
Bring Stephen A Smith on
Alvaro Rasheed Garcia
When will we see JLP hopefully buy some sneakers?
Jason Bassett
Jason Bassett 6 days ago
Was hoping for some stories about bad guests haha. Oh the human in me
Sneakers On Feet
Sneakers On Feet 6 days ago
Love your channel, please like and subscribe to my channel Sneakers on Feet 🦶 🙏
The Juicy Boy
The Juicy Boy 6 days ago
Make the season 9 finale or the first episode of it “Joe La Puma goes sneaker shopping” or we riot.
SINISTER 23 7 days ago
The GOAT needs to be in the show,MICHAEL JORDAN
Santana Sánchez
Santana Sánchez 9 days ago
Great episode! Awesome show! ✌🏼
Stanzin Wangchuk
Stanzin Wangchuk 9 days ago
Should've talked about CR7 too, he was the biggest sportstar to have blessed your show!!!
Stephen Shawa
Stephen Shawa 10 days ago
Jon Bellion
Grant Kim
Grant Kim 11 days ago
Pewdiepie goes sneaker shopping
shankstahh 12 days ago
I think Hasan Minhaj would be a great guest @Complex ! Always on point with his sneakers
Minionsreal 12 days ago
Miky woodz goes sneaker shopping
Fernando Preciado
Fernando Preciado 13 days ago
Kid CuDi
J.H. L
J.H. L 13 days ago
I'm actually annoyed cause y'all know what we wanted and expected from the thumbnail and broken off headline
Kiran Mendez
Kiran Mendez 13 days ago
Do a "Sneaker Shopping" with Drake, Travis Scott, Marcel Ruiz, Mr beast, Floyd Maywearther, or Tyler, The creator or Polo G
Donda Nana
Donda Nana 11 days ago
Mari 13 days ago
Travis Scott.
Dodgers 818
Dodgers 818 13 days ago
Khaled is the GOAT 🐐
Diego Pena
Diego Pena 13 days ago
Barack Obama sneaker shopping
Derrick Vineyard
Derrick Vineyard 14 days ago
Juice world is stupid. Joe shame on you for not showing the flip side for when that dipshit is broke and has nothing to show for it. We call this “nigg*r rich* where i come from.
Derrick Vineyard
Derrick Vineyard 14 days ago
Travis Collabs are fucking trash like his music. Enjoy your 15 minutes kid.
Derrick Vineyard
Derrick Vineyard 14 days ago
Get Red and Meth. Fuck these wack ass lame rappers.
self destruct
self destruct 14 days ago
He’s the narwad of sneaker shopping
Ryan Watts
Ryan Watts 14 days ago
4:20 “not everyone knows sneakers” Bella timely plays in the background 😂
Cringy Kid 09
Cringy Kid 09 14 days ago
this boi has a double chin
J R 14 days ago
Get Betty White on the show!!!
J R 14 days ago
Get Michael Jordan on the show!!!!
Vilder J
Vilder J 14 days ago
Ronaldo is literally the biggest superstar in the world and you were able to get him. 🤷🏽‍♂️ you can get anybody bruv
Alan Martinez
Alan Martinez 17 hours ago
The Crack Addict
Fuck Ronaldo.
Charlie Ravitz
Charlie Ravitz 14 days ago
Do Millie Bobbie brown for stranger things sometime this season
Montford Ekow
Montford Ekow 15 days ago
bring davido
Saladdin Yudono
Saladdin Yudono 15 days ago
Get Michael Jordan.
Wyatt Rozich
Wyatt Rozich 15 days ago
did matt harvey ever get those pantone 11's?
David Olatunji
David Olatunji 15 days ago
"Little Pump"
Jasmine H
Jasmine H 15 days ago
Flyknit 15 days ago
Fast Christian
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