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Jim responds to the feud between Bill Maher and James Corden, and asks the audience to vote in his new segment: Unpopular Opinions.
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Sep 18, 2019




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Comments 1 287
Kayla Svec
Kayla Svec 17 minutes ago
So by your reasoning if we don't have kids and don't plan to have them we can do whatever we damn well please?
plewtz80 7 hours ago
that white people should be shot in the head in front of their families nonsense is so retarded of a suggestion it was funny. how can all of white people be shot in front of their families, when their families whom are also white(most likely) are not being shot? thats an idiotic oxy moron if ive ever seen one. cant say im surprised since it came from the token intern, supposedly...
R Andom
R Andom 17 hours ago
One minor thing you forget in your "every addiction gets shamed and it's a choice" There is no genetic disposition to start smoking or taking drugs (though in rare cases, they can be born with it from addict mom) So please, stop comparing it as if it's the same.
BugRushMedia 20 hours ago
i wish all of them a eating disorder which makes their bodies to overly produce fat layers. Why is no show master able to see all sides of the medal. Everyone of them is too retarded to see all of the topic. Yes, there are people which are eating too much and are being unhealthy. Yes, there are people that have medical conditions so they struggle with their weight even with a healthy and good diet. There is soo extremly much factored in there. I mean, even fucking stress can lead to obesity without a change of eating behaviour. So remember, getting called a fucktard at work can lead to you building up a lot of fat, better hate them for it. If this ain't out of control of an ordinary person I don't know what is.
mehdi fadaei
mehdi fadaei 21 hour ago
Hi jim , like your works , but what you do abute AVI was realy bad move , be Nobel man not duschbag
milad esfandiary
I love the perspective. I don't agree with the solution. shaming an addict makes it harder for them to quit and telling them to just quit won't work either. we should make it harder for addicts (food addicts) to get their drugs and help them find ways to make connections with healthier things and help them find ways to coup with their addiction.
Scott Jenkins
I guess the whole day shaming thing bugs me because I don't really shame people for other habits. I couldn't give two shits about people smoking or drinking.
Adrian! Day ago
ok. Jimbo. I'm subscribed.
Nic Kirito
Nic Kirito Day ago
Boo! Drink and smoke and eat, just don't do too much. I ve seen people who denied theirselves end shivled into skeletons!
Nik J
Nik J Day ago
Jim is back
edgar2prado Day ago
Shame consumes energy, sometimes enormous amounts. I also makes you feel bad, sometimes terrible. Surprise! To do something about your addiction you need energy and to feel sufficiently good about yourself to keep on doing it. Feeling terrible shame about something may make you stop doing it for a while. But if "it" happens to be one of your (however destructive) coping mechanisms your particular flavor(s) of "feeling bad", shame will wear you out until you feel precisely the same way that triggers your addictive behavior. Some of you will counter my argument with anecdotal exceptions where shame broke someone's addictive pattern. I cannot counter-argue those. But they are EXCEPTIONS. Statistically few and far between. If you want to take the time to educate yourselves and listen to someone who offers alternate solutions to USA's disastrous "War on Drugs" listen to this: usvid.net/video/video-CDpjvFn4wgM.html (Joe Rogan Experience #1250 - Johann Hari) The part about drug addiction starts at approximately 10:25
LukeXDNL k
LukeXDNL k Day ago
Fuck you Jim
¡Mucha Lucha!
There are two extremes in this spectrum. On one hand, there's fat shaming. On the other hand, there's fat acceptance. Both are not okay. Ideally, we shouldn't shame each other. Still, we definitely should NOT just "accept" destructive habits like it's all good either.
moose boy
moose boy Day ago
Fat people waist resources.
dankwrasslin Day ago
bill maher doesnt give a fuck about that british dude
yamiah03 Day ago
4:36 😘😘😘😘
pop5678eye 2 days ago
Fun fact: Notre Dame Cathedral is exclusively used by, but NOT owned by the Roman Catholic Church. Under French law it is state property. While that means that the renovations for the building are paid for by taxpayers, all other expenses on upkeep and operations are the responsibility of the Church which in France does NOT get subsidies/tax breaks! In France there are less than one hundred churches with such privileges extended to the Catholic Church. In France all worship places must be open to all the public and has severe restrictions on displays of religion outside them. Basically in France the law is: they'll safeguard your rights to freedom of religion inside the walls of your church as long as you leave the outside world alone!
Muai-aakhu Meskheniten
Some people don't know that being overweight is bad for them
vishi K
vishi K 3 days ago
Man you're so underrated. Wish you a million subscribers. Cheers from India
Notice the results were illustrated with a histogram in favor of a pie chart.
Katelin Nelson
Katelin Nelson 3 days ago
Fuck. I'm doing alot of those things... At once
Aland Gomez
Aland Gomez 3 days ago
Look, I'm not going to shame anybody for being on the bigger side (I actually find bigger girls attractive) but let's not say it's the same as any other addiction. You really can't compare them. On the flip side, I don't give a shit about a pedophile temple burning to the ground lol. You the man Jim!
watwatwat 3 days ago
Wat if u abort a baby?
Zhou Wu
Zhou Wu 3 days ago
The last one........hm........ I can see where the guy is coming from, but it kinda chills my blood to the bone to see it written. Maybe it's a sense of delayed justice or something, but it still seems a bit..... Cold blooded.
xXTheBl4ckC4tXx 3 days ago
Tell that to third wave feminists
Michael McDermott
Just don’t shame “plus size women”. It’s ok to shame “fat guys” or “big and tall” men. We even named the stores that. Imagine a big and tall section for women!!??? Nope. Has to be called “plus size”.. You will see big fat women on covers of magazines all day. They are so beautiful and comfortable in their skin. How amazing and brave of them!!. U will never see a man on the cover of a magazine with a beer belly and man boobs who is proud or accepted. We all know it’s wrong and nobody wants to see that!! Nobody wants to see that fat woman either!!... Being fat is not healthy.
Get rid of churches and golf courses! Throw up some affordable housing for people down on there luck!!
DEATHWISH -CHRIS 13 hours ago
@Sophia Bogard bravo! You caught me. But it's still relevant! George can't anymore! Kudos again!
Sophia Bogard
Sophia Bogard 17 hours ago
Just because Carlin is dead doesn't mean you get to steal his material.
FACTS!!! Evidently it's acceptable to shame things we don't personally do!
chicliac 3 days ago
Addiction is not a free choice. Shaming is pointless as a means to end addiction, in fact it worsens it, read up. Addiction is always a symptom of some other problem, shit life mostly. To fix it, the underlying thing needs to be addressed as well as the destructive behaviour. Otherwise, it will always resurge, being a known solution for other problems in the mind of the addicted.
Ten Dency
Ten Dency 4 days ago
we shouldn'T shame, but we should definetly not celebrate and promote overweight, just so th food industrie can move even more sugars, salts and whatnots.
Uri Blake
Uri Blake 4 days ago
He's right its an addiction. The problem is most of us use the excuse of medical conditions being the reason for their overweight. Imagine if everyone ate healthy, fat shaming would not exist because if you saw a fat person you would immediately know thet they are unhealthy. Unlike now where u cant tell the difference if they are fat because of an illness or they are just fucking food shovelling machines that like the taste of everything deep fried and drenched in sugar
FilK79 4 days ago
Ironically, smoking and taking drugs reduces fat overwelmingly. Also, it is very common for people to start eating as pigs when they leave cigarettes or drugs.
Marcus Middleton
Marcus Middleton 4 days ago
4:36...you’re welcome
Gunsandrosalina Padtwo
As a man who struggles with weight. I agree, don't stop shaming me. It may be the only thing keeping me from earning my own zip code. Generally I prefer missionary. The eye contact, the closeness, It is relatively easy compared to other positions. cow girl is my favorite but it can be more difficult for my partner to O. Reverse cow girl is ....ridiculous. The parts don,t really fit together that way It is a constant balancing act, no eye contact. It is for getting good porn shots. Doggy is ok once in awhile but the risk of a broken dick really isn't worth it. All that other kama-sutra shit is for advanced yogi's. Aside from 69 I don't really think you can call oral a position. Oral is more of a trade agreement. Everything else requires equipment and doesn't count as a position.
Blankey McBlankerson
Salem Andrada
Salem Andrada 5 days ago
...you have a show?
Christopher 6 days ago
Oh Christ! Burn more calories than you take in! That is it! By the way Cordan...take a fucking JOKE you fat fuck. Eat less or exercise more...pick one.
Clay Butte
Clay Butte 7 days ago
Now this is the Jim Jefferies that I know and love! Thought we lost you!
Richard Ball
Richard Ball 7 days ago
"I'd like to weigh in..." 😂😂😂👌
Christian Farmer
Christian Farmer 7 days ago
I'm all for not shaming any addict. For any vice. Drugs, alcohol, smoking, being fat. None of it.
Hary Irfantri
Hary Irfantri 8 days ago
And I eat uncontrollably each day and still fail to gain weight even a single kilogram.
Dead 2 days ago
@Jami guess that's a good thing if you want to stay skinny. It would suck for a bodybuilder though, or someone just trying to stay in shape.
Jami 3 days ago
@Dead Or he can't digest food as well as others. Because I have heard that's a thing
Dead 5 days ago
U must be twitchy as fuck then. That energy must be going somewhere?
kent schulz
kent schulz 8 days ago
Daniel Johnston Tattoo @ 5:57
Quentin Styger
Quentin Styger 9 days ago
Are you fat? Stop eating. #Nostruggle Are you skinny? Eat all you want. #Nostruggle
SonoftheWay35 9 days ago
I have a USvid addiction...
Mario 9 days ago
Does fat shaming work?
Herr Okokt Blomkål
*cough*. 4:35
Dead 9 days ago
Mike Angel
Mike Angel 10 days ago
Fat people are WEAK.
TheLastArkham 10 days ago
5:57 Rest in Peace Daniel Johnston
Pablo Sanz
Pablo Sanz 11 days ago
As a person who's struggled with addiction for 15 years. There are two major factors anyone struggling with any addiction need to grasp. One is Discipline without it you can't control your limits and therefore you can't control your life and two is Balance life is all about balance,you can't just eat fast food and not do anything physical and expect to be as healthy as a person that does. Addiction is very serious and if your struggling with it. Ask for help? There's no shame on asking for help but if you don't want to help yourself nobody else will either.
Kodi Kash
Kodi Kash 11 days ago
Well this is refreshing. Well balanced and easy to listen to
moonlily1 11 days ago
Does he think his mother was never shamed? I'm sure he knows, people said things to her about it, and they weren't kind. She was a teacher and she weighed 400 pounds, you think the kids weren't snickering and giving her nicknames and her peers weren't making passive aggressive remarks? She was shamed on a daily basis, I guarantee it, explicitly and implicitly. Anytime people stared at her on the street, went shopping for clothes, couldn't fit in a chair, watched tv or ate in public, she was shamed. Did it help her problem? Clearly, no, it didn't.
James White
James White 11 days ago
Lol please don't vote
Adam Estrada
Adam Estrada 12 days ago
Nothing makes me laugh harder than a Jim Jeffreys religion rant.
Declan Hargrove
Declan Hargrove 12 days ago
Being fat =\= food addiction Food addiction =\= being fat
won willis
won willis 12 days ago
This is gold.
Ailithic 13 days ago
And Jim, your a dumb c**t. Go back to your own country. *laughtrack
Andreas Zafiropoulos
Gunther died?
Thomas Stecyk
Thomas Stecyk 13 days ago
I have a question. How many people in the US want to be President? Take the first five hundred in any phone book. Or in your audience, and ask them.
Isaac Solis
Isaac Solis 13 days ago
Being skinny, skinny fat, fat, and obese are all choices. It doesn't matter if you're naturally any of these. You choose what you eat and how much. You choose to workout or not workout. People who say they don't have time to workout or eating healthy is expensive are simply full of shit. Take care of yourself, damnit!
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