Jewelry Expert Critiques Rappers' Chains | Fine Points | GQ

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Celebrity jeweler Trax (Maksud Agadjani) is a downright chain expert. Join him as he breaks down and critiques the chains of some of today's biggest rappers, including Quavo, Gucci Mane, Offset, 2 Chainz, Vic Mensa, Lil Pump, Future, Wiz Khalifa, Trippie Redd, Meek Mill, Tyler, The Creator and Lil Uzi Vert.
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Jewelry Expert Critiques Rappers' Chains | Fine Points | GQ


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May 14, 2019




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Comments 4 455
Calicoe 313
Calicoe 313 14 hours ago
Dude if your such a high class Jeweler fix the cap in your top two teeth Damm you looking like a chipmunk.
Thatgirl Brinna
I like future wiz and Tyler
M.A. Jer
M.A. Jer 3 days ago
Very beautiful pieces, I'm a big jewelry fan!!!!! 💖❤💜🧡💛💚💙
Isiac Artison
Isiac Artison 3 days ago
According to Ben Baller Trax is NOT reputable and sells fakes intentionally
Tide AirPods
Tide AirPods 7 days ago
Pshh Gucci man
Emre J.Aydogan
Emre J.Aydogan 7 days ago
I just know he stinks of paco rabanne
Blank Garcia
Blank Garcia 8 days ago
im not amaze with the jewelry they had but im amaze with this guys talking about different kind of jewelry
Theo 8 days ago
Isn’t this the guy who thought he’ll get cloud by beefing with 69 and almost lost his job ?
TraxNYC Diamond Jewelry
Thanks to GQ for the invitation!
Bewildering Truth Seeker
Is it just me, or does offset look similar to 2chainz?
ejs 10 days ago
Wait, lil pump's most expensive is 300k? Ksi's is worth 400k wtf
Bobby Fenris
Bobby Fenris 10 days ago
Give me some stainless with a padlock. I have simple tastes.
Yamari D.H.
Yamari D.H. 11 days ago
He talks like he knows how foolish this all is but cant deny the market that it is apart of the culture
Daniel Baraquiel
Daniel Baraquiel 11 days ago
@benballer where you @
AZ.K 11 days ago
It’s funny how these rappers waste so much money on this nonsense. If I ever saw any of them I’d rob them, sell the Ice and donate the money to people who could actually use it.
Zendrick Nicolas
Zendrick Nicolas 12 days ago
I like 6ix9ine’s own, the Jigsaw pendant that looks pretty dope
Watches Sneakers
Watches Sneakers 13 days ago
Less is more....
Nikolina Milovanović
Baguettes that i can afford are those gluteny ones for a dolla
BIG FRANK 15 days ago
How is riff raff not on here?
Jonathan Gonzalez
Jonathan Gonzalez 17 days ago
Did anyone saw the ea tatto
Trizzy Mayne
Trizzy Mayne 17 days ago
For an expert his got some pretty lame jewelry on himself.. at least in this vid lol prob expensive but lame
Fadey 17 days ago
The only chain i wore was a noose
ARel REal TAlk
ARel REal TAlk 18 days ago
He wishes he was Johnny Damien that’s why he’s just reviewing jewelry that he didn’t do for famous people lmfao 🤣🤣🤣
Trissan Chambers
Trissan Chambers 18 days ago
Lol can't afford none of this chain am too broke
wommohawk 18 days ago
That tyler flower boy chain tho 😍😍😍😍
Jeff N
Jeff N 18 days ago
Whats the beat or song when they talk about Trippie Redd? That was so hard
Paolox Enoc
Paolox Enoc 20 days ago
Watching this video makes me realize how poor am i.
Endedup 14 days ago
alot of these rappers you see are poor to, all this jewlry they got they don't own and have to pay payments
Abdul elloumi
Abdul elloumi 21 day ago
He should've rated ksi beerus chain
dregz rodan
dregz rodan 21 day ago
Funny hearing people call gold teeth “grillz” back in the 80’s early 90’s they was called “fronts” or a bridge. None of these new age rappers started the jewelry trend..Big Daddy Kane,Eric B & Rakim and Biz Markie was the originators..Black Moon started the fronts trend.
Adrian 21 day ago
He is not critiqueing at all
shoogy dawg
shoogy dawg 21 day ago
Bow Wow should a been on here
Shaan Patel
Shaan Patel 23 days ago
he called gucci mane gucci man
Francis Kim
Francis Kim 24 days ago
Ben Baller brought me here
KEEPIN' 24 days ago
RIP Trax
Nitish Gupta
Nitish Gupta 24 days ago
When KSIs Beerus chain costs 200k more than lil pumps pump chain
Michael Salmeron
Michael Salmeron 25 days ago
Trax is one of he most knowledgeable dudes in the game. I've just started investing in fine metals and aspire to become a top tier jeweler. Wish me luck guys, God bless...
Curtis Stapleton
Curtis Stapleton 27 days ago
I'm actually More impressed by this guys Knowledge ... I actually learned on this vid
2 MFS 27 days ago
remember the Gunit spinning pieces, still the best
Ethan james
Ethan james 27 days ago
Only Minecrafters know how expensive these are
Roman Romero
Roman Romero 28 days ago
They spend so much money on their chains why not have used that money and give it to reasonable charities
Ricardo Bram
Ricardo Bram 28 days ago
I swear Quavo got my dream chain pendant. Ah pendant with my own face or body with chains added to it. That has always been my dream chain to have me with real small chains also same with all diamonds. And a big smile on my face with a small pair of grillz.
Ill0m0nat1 xd
Ill0m0nat1 xd 29 days ago
"gucci man"
Leo McGrail
Leo McGrail Month ago
This dude is a chain critic but he has no ice 😂
Nolan Kirkby
Nolan Kirkby Month ago
I hate when people assume that just cause the diamonds are a square shape and it's a tennis chain they immediately assume there baguettes... Smh
Kiomarz Rezai
Kiomarz Rezai Month ago
Isnt that the Guy that 6ix9ine finessed?
Space Clowns
Space Clowns Month ago
Remember Gucci's bart Simpson
radiorakim Month ago
He is wearing wack jewels
11:24 Tooth? thats a pizza
Dre Patterson
Dre Patterson Month ago
Theyvwill tell you Boosie is the "IceMan"🥶☃️💯
YoungCaShFloW Month ago
Gucci man😂 4:57
Real_Lil_ Julian
I like this dude
Hakim Durand
Hakim Durand Month ago
Chris Brown got the best chain and thats the kirby
Flouk TV
Flouk TV Month ago
Isnt this the guy that made 69 a Chain and didnt got paid lol
SkYzOxX GaminG FUN!
Want to see beautiful jewerly and get the best knoledge about it ? Go see TraxNYC USvid channel usvid.net/u-traxnycDOTcom
Dylan Markgraf
Dylan Markgraf Month ago
Lil pump getting booty raped in prison
hunterhawess Month ago
Tyler is the only one with a unique design
Nabeel Masood
Nabeel Masood Month ago
visit www.lavoxx.com for 50% off our first month!
Emmet Rost
Emmet Rost Month ago
He said I actually got the letters dripping 😂😂😂😂😂😂 dude wild
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna Month ago
I was expecting Uzi's Marilyn Manson chain
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