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Celebrity jeweler Trax (Maksud Agadjani) is a downright chain expert. Join him as he breaks down and critiques the chains of some of today's biggest rappers, including Quavo, Gucci Mane, Offset, 2 Chainz, Vic Mensa, Lil Pump, Future, Wiz Khalifa, Trippie Redd, Meek Mill, Tyler, The Creator and Lil Uzi Vert.
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Jewelry Expert Critiques Rappers' Chains | Fine Points | GQ


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May 14, 2019

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Comments 4 253
Schurkk 2 hours ago
Trippie chains fake right?
Mary Herrera
Mary Herrera 2 hours ago
This mans voice so fine, i could hear him talk all day long
RIP X 4 hours ago
6:55 “little pump”
K-pop trash
K-pop trash 5 hours ago
1:50 that plastic?
TJ G 5 hours ago
I wonder if any of these guys are called out for blood diamonds. There is now way they are all conflict free.
TJ G 5 hours ago
These guys have more money around their neck than in their bank!
zebredpooding 7 hours ago
Who cares. They look like douches.
Elite Ninja
Elite Ninja 15 hours ago
He said Gucci man 0_o 4:58
Alyssa's Adventures
Alyssa's Adventures 16 hours ago
That's the guy that scammed 6ix9ine
Orrin Jones
Orrin Jones 17 hours ago
I would never put something that big and ugly around my neck but then again am not an entertainer so
Jon BERTOCCHI 18 hours ago
Isnt this the guy that supposedly lost 25g by allowing snitch 9 keep a bracelet without paying?
mike mikey
mike mikey 18 hours ago
Yo isnt that the dude who was lying to six nine about the bracelet? .. if so , how is this clown representing GQ FOR THIS ??
Looch1717 19 hours ago
Kinda useless video because everyones jewelery hes critiquing are potential customers so ofc he will never be too harsh. "Very nice piece" btw.
SS. Lieben
SS. Lieben 19 hours ago
Offsets chains cost more than most middleclass houses
YaBoyOrange 22 hours ago
What about KSI's 500K Beerus Chain?
lourenco jacome
lourenco jacome 22 hours ago
'' Gucci man''
lourenco jacome
lourenco jacome 22 hours ago
There aren't enough people starving
J Demon N Stuff
J Demon N Stuff 22 hours ago
Who else thinks Gucci isn't Gucci
Jehd Zjdjd
Jehd Zjdjd Day ago
This is probably the first time I enjoyed an expert reacts video
Don't kill me
I thought he was gonna Tyler a hard time but surprised me when he was talkin bout “this piece might end up in a museum”
Ketchup Overdose
5:07 sounds like he’s about to go in hahahaha
Noah Daniels
Noah Daniels Day ago
Call it an investment for after the fifteen minutes.
I'm-A-Filthy Animal
Why is 2 chains name 2 chains when he has like 7 chains ?
Ava Garcia
Ava Garcia 2 days ago
i was ok until vic mensa came up
Dylan Bradley
Dylan Bradley 2 days ago
can tell he's not trying to burn any bridges lol
easy 2 days ago
'Gucci man'
King Khan
King Khan 2 days ago
The only person that thinks those chains are cool is the person wearing them. No one else cares.
Ruby And Vanessa Osorio
how yall forget about youngboy
AcePlays 2 days ago
Imagine spelling jewellery wrong
Collin Daniel
Collin Daniel 2 days ago
Man, trash with money.
Elsie Vohenza
Elsie Vohenza 3 days ago
Female rappers don't wear jewelry??
sacr3d g6om9try
sacr3d g6om9try 3 days ago
Hmmmm maybe i should get into jewelry
Zed Desu
Zed Desu 3 days ago
Bruh that Uka Uka piece on Trippie is tough!!
7:27 wait until they bust out the diamond tester tho
Joseph Gaming0311
Lmao im here flexing my normal gold chain
Don Soprano
Don Soprano 15 hours ago
Joseph Gaming0311 I’m just gonna tuck mine in 🤦‍♂️
Olivia Rose
Olivia Rose 3 days ago
Idk y this guy reminds me of Oscar Issac
Manifest Destiny
Manifest Destiny 3 days ago
This dude is really boring I thought he’d be roasting ppl but he just compliments and rides everyone’s nuts 🥜...
The King
The King 3 days ago
Manifest Destiny that isn’t what these videos are about . Have you watch any of the other videos in this series ?
PatrickAllenNL 3 days ago
How to feel about this?
louis P
louis P 4 days ago
Diamonds... Getting ripped off people!!! There are so many diamonds they should be cheap. There's a monopoly on them, no lie. Look it up before buying diamonds (consider a different stone that is actually rare not just a price to make you think it's rare). Still, I wouldn't say no if anyone's buyin tho.
Dwarf Edward
Dwarf Edward 4 days ago
Why else got gelious
anthony munoz
anthony munoz 4 days ago
No tekashi69? U a hater just like blacks
Clementino Gilbert Tj
Hey.. why is KSI's Beerus diamond chain isn't in this video? Lol
Fuck You
Fuck You 4 days ago
15:17 2 chains? Uhhh yeah 2 lol
Anonymous Brahette
um the raindrop looks like a giant ballsack
Anonymous Brahette
all these hatin comments have me dying, was not expecting that lol
Yung Boi Escobar
Yung Boi Escobar 4 days ago
2 chains but he has 8
Levi Juney
Levi Juney 4 days ago
Very Informative video
james brown
james brown 4 days ago
That beat at 1:00
Felipe Ramirez
Felipe Ramirez 4 days ago
Best for last
Boo Boyce
Boo Boyce 4 days ago
10/10 would love the jeweler forever
Jeff Novak
Jeff Novak 4 days ago
I watched this entire video and just then realized that I don't understand why so many rappers wear diamond anything. Enjoy your sparkly carbon rocks ^_^
Cloak Ghost _
Cloak Ghost _ 4 days ago
This man is a genius
Xenio Oinex
Xenio Oinex 4 days ago
Joshua Omorodion
Joshua Omorodion 4 days ago
where is t grizzly's chain like if u want them to make a video just for his chain
Kyle Rudman
Kyle Rudman 5 days ago
Peep future wearing that Berkeley sweater Go Bears!
Laura Herrera
Laura Herrera 5 days ago
These punks should be ashamed look at all that money on ur necks wrists ears and mouths, look everywhere child hunger poor homeless people etc
Black Water
Black Water 5 days ago
Ben Baller made that Tyler chain. Don't trip foo
MelonHead1848 5 days ago
What man cares so much about jewelry? these rappers are a bunch of little girls
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake 5 days ago
I love the Yoda piece Quavo has.
Alfredo Zertuche
Alfredo Zertuche 5 days ago
"nowadays you can find someone sculpt your face........better then it is in real life". 🤣🤣🤣
MidnightMonster 5 days ago
4:40; it makes me laugh how literal some of their jewelry is. Like, "oh really, I definitely could not tell you were referring to your very popular song." xD
J Tanashi
J Tanashi 5 days ago
When you do money with the dollar sign at the end, you show your ignorance........ Ex: 300,000$
No more Man Dead
No more Man Dead 4 days ago
Nah you're just cringe😂
Dillon Vandervort
I hear a tiny pinch of Donald Trump in this dudes tone of voice and accent. If trump says "Billions and billions" or "China" This dude says "classic"
Firy 6 days ago
BEEF WITH 6ix9ine
Yung Dagger Dick
Yung Dagger Dick 6 days ago
gucci man
Plantoid 6 days ago
Some look really nice though
Plantoid 6 days ago
it makes me sad to see precious materials used for ugly jewellery
Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez 6 days ago
Jewelry is dope but I could care less..not that important, but it is pretty though.
Marty McFly
Marty McFly 6 days ago
What I like most is that they are all done so tastefully simple & not gawdy.
Ivan Stone
Ivan Stone 6 days ago
Hey, you see this one right here? It says “I have no class”. You see this one right here? It says “It matches my face tattoos and I’m an egocentric fool”. Whatever, I guess. Just a commentary
Exotic Jeret101
Exotic Jeret101 6 days ago
I thin, this guy is in a mafia I mean look at him
R Prescott
R Prescott 6 days ago
how tf is riff raff not on here
boss savage cool dude ya death savage 2 channel
This vid made me want to sell my house to buy a 350,000 just like lil pumps
Lil Tumba
Lil Tumba 6 days ago
4:58 i love gucci man
I need a grill any plugs?🔌
Ediz Çağdaş
Ediz Çağdaş 7 days ago
Diamonds are graduating but ı cannot
Im BennyNow
Im BennyNow 7 days ago
he said “gucci man”?
Blazelyyy 7 days ago
10:43 He's saying Lil Uzi Vert perfectly on beat lol
GLITCH 7 days ago
4:57 Gucci man 😂
josh bello
josh bello 7 days ago
“gucci man”
Adam 7 days ago
this is part of why rappers go broke...
Andre Baptiste
Andre Baptiste 7 days ago
So sad that when these rappers die they don’t take any of their clothes, jewelry,shoes and cars in the grave with them so sad
Kayak Uprising
Kayak Uprising 7 days ago
I LOL at these guys. I hope for their sake they have some actual investments getting 8%-12% return, or else they're going to go through that money like MC Hammer.
Ben calderon
Ben calderon 7 days ago
Mr. T started the chain game...
Tyler Don Dada
Tyler Don Dada 7 days ago
*_Should have featured MR. GUWOP's collection._* *_"I got an iced out Bart where my heart used to be"_*
Mr. Wilson
Mr. Wilson 7 days ago
His face is so sneaky and annoying
ismael dukuray
ismael dukuray 8 days ago
"Might be"
Alejandro Ortiz Martínez 10A
4:03 WTF 😂😂😂😂😂
mike212916 8 days ago
in 20 years every single one of these people will wish they bought a house or some investment options instead of those chains.
boss Evans
boss Evans 8 days ago
Ksi's Chain
mybikiniarea 8 days ago
quavo's chains got chains
Hugh Tahoob
Hugh Tahoob 8 days ago
id get a John McEnroe medallion on a tennis chain with a *"You Cant Be Serious!* word bubble lol
PhootPhetishPhilip !
id get a Stanley Cup medallion diamond chain that be sweet
Gunnar A
Gunnar A 8 days ago
how does he know its a megalodon tooth? could be a great white tooth
formless 8 days ago
He cant even pronounces jewelry properly...
Northerner 8 days ago
Isn't this the guy that 69 robbed? lol
JC 8 days ago
Worst video on USvid
Michael Watts
Michael Watts 8 days ago
11:20 thought that was a pizza. Still do.
Gordo Papí
Gordo Papí 8 days ago
New slaves...
Big Travis
Big Travis 8 days ago
Gucci was smart to get his logo on the chain for tax write offs
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