Jennifer Garner Says 'Yes' to All of Ellen's Dares

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Jennifer Garner told Ellen about how she has one day with her three kids when she has to say "yes" to everything they ask her to do, so Ellen challenged the actress to do the same with her crazy dares, all to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, thanks to Ulta Beauty.


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Oct 8, 2018




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Josh Cuthbert
I want to take a long tongue swipe from her arse hole to her front bottom...and back again And id hazard a guess ellen wants to do the same
Sin X
Sin X 2 days ago
She's BATMAN'S SWEETHEART. She's definitely gonna be strong. And batsy still loves her
shivanshu mishra
shivanshu mishra 6 days ago
Jennifer garner is very beautiful women.
Punita Iyengar
Punita Iyengar 6 days ago
Newfound respect for Garner, though I’ve always liked her! 😲 🙏🏼
Catalina Guzman
Catalina Guzman 9 days ago
Love her
Katie Daniels
Katie Daniels 10 days ago
Jennifer Garner is such a good sport she did all of Ellen's Dares knowing that the money was going to charity great job Jennifer
Bobby joe
Bobby joe 11 days ago
I liked her in the movie Electra. She was hot. Still is.
FreeStYLeMInd 12 days ago
👸 Jenn
colaboytje 12 days ago
Let's put an ad on the screen.
Ananya Sarkar
Ananya Sarkar 12 days ago
Jennifer's such a sport! Love her personality!!!
ray lamar
ray lamar 13 days ago
How dare you tell Ellen that she's out of time on her show. Lol
Anthony Aponte
Anthony Aponte 13 days ago
So. Beautiful Jennifer is.Awesone Shape.strong women..
Miss Crystal
Miss Crystal 14 days ago
She's so awesome!
WatchMeForFree 15 days ago
4:18 my sleep paralysis demon playing with my phone while i sleep
Riz HRD 15 days ago
So beautiful & hilarious JG. Same beauty when she was doing "Alias" I love her even in her tv show then "Alias" Perfect body very well toned muscles 🤜🤛 ❣️😂🌷👍💓
Adedayo Jenny.
Adedayo Jenny. 16 days ago
Jennifer Garner is very strong and beautiful.
kiwi kiwi
kiwi kiwi 16 days ago
Jennifer Garner is so dreamy
Miriah Clark
Miriah Clark 18 days ago
i can’t even do 4 push-ups
Applejuice1952 18 days ago
She's so great! Ben's an idiot!
Rubén Santana
Rubén Santana 19 days ago
She’s simply adorable !!!💙💙💙
wombat stew
wombat stew 21 day ago
Ellen loves pulling her hair lol
The Kykling
The Kykling 23 days ago
Its so living to see him dance in the way to protect the fish. Respect💪🏻
fatima adreeta
fatima adreeta 23 days ago
That double chin comes to me naturally 😄😄😄
Saurabh Joshi
Saurabh Joshi 23 days ago
She is in ELECTRA Movie...
nuffflavor 25 days ago
OMG ! She is actually doing a full push up !!!! Very rare.
MattDP 25 days ago
They like to ask you to buy them vbucks for 100 bucks
maldita_chinita 26 days ago
Atta girl!
Lonely Monster
Lonely Monster 26 days ago
Her arms are PHEWWWW💦🔥
Dara Gakhal
Dara Gakhal 27 days ago
She is so gorgeous 😍❤️❤️😍
Sasa Chin
Sasa Chin 27 days ago
I just love this woman !
ItsBlueberri 28 days ago
oh wow most of the comments have at least 100 likes 😲
dream boy
dream boy 28 days ago
Cree Nation
Cree Nation 28 days ago
She is so "Down to Earth" What a Gorgeous woman. Everything about her, is jaw dropping!!
Mackenzie Thompson
Mackenzie Thompson 28 days ago
Did anyone else notice her last picture before she took it tho😂😂
Indu Rana
Indu Rana 28 days ago
Is Ellen lady or gent?
Tasha Novak
Tasha Novak 28 days ago
You should have Yes Theory come on your show. They are a USvid group here (called Yes Theory) whose channel revolves around getting out of theirs (and random strangers) comfort zones
Mike Bevacqua
Mike Bevacqua 29 days ago
Hot celebrity: eats mashed potatoes while doing push ups Audience: Woooooooooo
Numba Juan
Numba Juan Month ago
Possibly the best person in the world.
Francis W
Francis W Month ago
Snuck is a word
cutiepie 15
cutiepie 15 Month ago
I would have fallen face first into those mashed potatoes 😂
Brewely Month ago
“Pony tail holder” LOL.
Kaitlynn Elaine Chaffee
I love Jennifer Garner! She such a pretty and sweet lady!
Tushar Pawar
Tushar Pawar Month ago
She did not do push ups correctly
Jeffrey Dempster
She’s a good person
Adria MacDonald
Adria MacDonald Month ago
Jennifer Garner is such a good sport, and a serious goofball. Knew I liked her for a reason!
Susan Ch
Susan Ch Month ago
Luv her.
Swag Tube
Swag Tube Month ago
Yes theory is proud
Mary Tieger
Mary Tieger Month ago
Shes strong bc shes a dude
Lee Alforque
Lee Alforque Month ago
She is strong because thats elektra
Susan Cook
Susan Cook Month ago
Ah Ellen! I just love watching you torture celebrities and give money to well deserving people. It's what you're all about. 🤪
takoua kharroubi
4:15 who is that man on ellen's phone
Henrietta Jones
Henrietta Jones Month ago
Jennifer is an amazing sport!!!
Kim Horton
Kim Horton Month ago
What a hero! Love this woman
Yudhveer Singh
Yudhveer Singh Month ago
She was my childhood crush. Now also 😊
StoneColdT Month ago
That moment when you realize JG can do more pushups than your self.
Valbona Cerra
Valbona Cerra Month ago
Omg I ❤️ JG.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Scarlett Blincow
She ages like wine
J Rey
J Rey Month ago
Jennifer is so sweet and sexy. What a great girlfriend, wife and mom she must be. What you see is what you get. A truly genuine person 😍
Punam Subba
Punam Subba Month ago
I love you ellen...
Rocky Ranjan
Rocky Ranjan Month ago
Ye ulta ulta kaun sa brand hai? India me ye nhi chalega 😁
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