Jeffree Star Responds to Speculation Over Cancelled Tour

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Jeffree Star responded to speculation about his cancelled makeup tour in Europe, and says his break up isn't entirely to blame.


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Jan 15, 2020




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Elizabeth Martinez
Elizabeth Martinez 16 days ago
Don't worry Babes things would get Easier with time. Don't worry Baby Girl you Got This....
Donnamarie Delana
Donnamarie Delana 26 days ago
Hang Tuff !! Donna 🌼👋
Donnamarie Delana
Donnamarie Delana 26 days ago
Sending a hug too you Jeffree 🌹
C.David80 29 days ago
🤨🙄🙄....it's a man who looks like a woman telling women what to do with makeup. Also so much drama in the Male dominated makeup business.
Ari R.
Ari R. 29 days ago
JS: if you wanna see if I’m vegan.. swipe up..💧💧 💧
Marie Scott
Marie Scott Month ago
Oh Jeffrey. U are so sweeet
Detroit Soloist
Detroit Soloist Month ago
Thanks for Saying it's Ok,To not be Ok!! I needed to be Reminded of it's Really Ok💖
Gabriel Delt
Gabriel Delt Month ago
Why is this news
MUSIC LOVER 29 days ago
Because he's one of the biggest influencers in THE WORLD and his fans are interested.
CTM Month ago
Oh my odd we broke up, he left me. I bought him a Aston Martin, a Ferrari, a BMW, a Bentley and he still left me. I even bought a 12,000 sq ft home for $16 million and he left me? Oh my odd oh my odd. USvid pays me $18 million a year and he left me, of my odd of my odd. Life is so hard, oh my odd of my odd
Sorta Cinderella
I have grown to really like Jeffree and the saddest part of this is that he fell in love with a straight man. No one is really talking about that aspect. I do think Nate didn't want to be in the limelight but more so- I think the issue is that he just isn't gay, maybe not even bisexual. It's sad. I hope Jeffree finds a good, gay man to love and be loved by, once he has healed from this.
Elizabeth 17 days ago
LaRae McAlister for real you’re that simple minded that you can’t grasp the concept of gender being a fluid spectrum. Please educate yourself fully with facts before trying to make a stupid ass point
LaRae McAlister
LaRae McAlister 26 days ago
@Sean Yates he has a penis, he is a man. Period!!!!
Dunning Kruger
Dunning Kruger Month ago
Sean Yates this. So much this. Nate identified as straight but loved Jeffree anyway. Both were also attracted to women (per Jeffree’s videos) so they had threesomes with women. Sexuality isn’t as black and white as people make it out to be.
Dunning Kruger
Dunning Kruger Month ago
Sorta Cinderella Jeffree said himself in the video that he had $500 to his name when he met Nathan though. Fame doesn’t mean money.
Sean Yates
Sean Yates Month ago
Let’s set the record straight.. no pun intended.. First and Foremost, Jeffree is Non Binary. He doesn’t have a fixed gender identity. Sexuality wise, Jeffree has always been attracted to men who are attracted to women or female presenting persons. Nathan identifies as Heterosexual. Jeffree was the one and only non Cis gendered person he’s been involved with. Sexuality is fluid, lots of Gay identifying males and females have dated people of the opposite sex. Nathan has continued to have 3somes with only women. Their relationship was never about their identities but eventually people get older and identities become a core value. Nathan loved Jeffree but.. he wasn’t committed to a monogamous life with him. Their love was not lifetime love it was momentary love. It was beautiful while it lasted and that is all it needs to be. It’s beautiful to see people who get each other so well that they understand what they have it’s not romantic or intimate love anymore and they can try to be okay with that.
sierra lynn
sierra lynn Month ago
.....racist clown.
Big Mama N KC
Big Mama N KC Month ago
In my ♥️and on my mind. Wishing you Peaceful Feelings from Your Friend in Kansas City 😜🙏 Let’s Get It On ‼️🔥
WETDREAM Month ago
To be real, jefree needs to upgrade, his man is a twig
MovieFreak78 Month ago
you have a business, ppl paid money for this work shop some even might have gotten hotels and shit, they refunded the workshop money what about other money ppl spent, and he is so flippant about it. like whoops couldnt go dont care you spent money, cause that is all her cares about money since he loves to show off and flaunt everything
Donnamarie Delana
Donnamarie Delana 26 days ago
MovieFreak78 if your not interested why are you even commenting??? Worry about yourself .
clorox bleach
clorox bleach Month ago
Kathlyn Contreras he’s a millionaire and doesn’t really do anything besides YT and running his cosmetics company. He could have at the very least rescheduled it.
MovieFreak78 Month ago
@NUR AIN I'm in Australia. I would not go to anything run by him.
NUR AIN Month ago
MovieFreak78 funny...you arent one of them, who are you to get so triggered??
@Melissa Johnson Very good point
murr cyril
murr cyril Month ago
it just seems so fake, now we are hearing excuses after excuses i mean take a break put your babes in the care of someone your trust then get on with life, business etc...after a break up of course one would take a break from the ordeal. I still dont believe Nathan left jeff at all...there is no evidence of a empty closet or Nathan's toys have left the house. something fishy is going on at that house, its like a the biggest front that held from the public. Jeff should have went to the tour despite the break up.
NUR AIN Month ago
And to have break down at his tour? Did you even know what is "mental health"? btw, if it's true they didnt break up, im happy and gonna cry😭
Kathlyn Contreras
Give him a break. You're not on his shoes to decide what's good for him.
T C Month ago
cici tran
cici tran 29 days ago
He should make a video music and a song about him. The Title is..." Me, me and myself..." LMAOOOOO 🤬🤬🤣🤣🐷🐖🔥🔥🍸🍹🐺🦍
George Schirra
George Schirra Month ago
Lorna B
Lorna B Month ago
Thinking of you Jeffrey! Things always get better with time.
OG scotty Blynx2
Why do people .... justice why
Lana Month ago
Lost my love too, people just change. :(
Benilde Moreno
Benilde Moreno Month ago
Drama, Diva, Delicious and D'Vinci are his accesoiries, Nat's his pet and this is only just one more of his marketing strategies to boost his Spring launch. Why did he cancelled the tour? Because he just moved with his rented cars to his next scenario.
ShesReady2Live Month ago
Stfu if you have nothing good to say
A M Month ago
NUR AIN Month ago
A M gurl...i tell you, this benilde is famous as JS's anti.💆 he will write his own narrative funfic story about js in DCs.
A M Month ago
Watch his video he states his grandmother isn't doing well and there's some other stuff going on
NUR AIN Month ago
Benildo...the infamous jeffree star's hater and failed fanfic writer is here😂
Kay K
Kay K Month ago
pr stunt? seems like most celebs do these stunts for entertainment reasons , usually b4 they release a project etc, i love jeff so no hate here for him just wondering ....:)
Aqua Juwel
Aqua Juwel Month ago
I bet it’s all a publicity stunt. He loves drama, he loves that people talk about him. And he is a good businessman, drama= views and money. And that’s all he cares about....
cici tran
cici tran 29 days ago
Amen. ..LMAOOOOO 🤬🤣🐷🐖🐺🦍🍸🍹
adrian martinez
adrian martinez Month ago
@Sheba Cat 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🦇
Sheba Cat
Sheba Cat Month ago
Aqua Juwel thank you I think that’s all he cares about money
SilverFoxUchiha Month ago
No one cares!
SilverFoxUchiha Month ago
@000 0 It came up in my recommendations. I have no idea why: I don’t care. And nobody cares! Who the heck is this dude? Don’t answer because I don’t care wtf
joey luckey
joey luckey Month ago
@000 0 I just didn't mean to
000 0
000 0 Month ago
You clicked on this video. CHECKMATE.....
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