James Harden would get my MVP vote over Giannis - Stephen A. | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith gives James Harden his NBA MVP vote after his 57-point performance in the Houston Rockets' overtime loss vs. the Memphis Grizzlies, but Max Kellerman sees it as a tight race between Harden and the Milwaukee Bucks' Giannis Antetokounmpo.
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Published on


Mar 21, 2019




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Comments 1 656
leon sinik
leon sinik 21 day ago
Giannis is better all around player. Plus Giannis from the beginning of the season has been putting up MVP he is leading his team to more wins than anybody predicted they whould have going into this season yes he has 9 points less than Harden but believe me he could have score 9 more points per game if he likes but whats the value would have been if the team lost; plus he plays 5 min less per game than harden
Johnny Nosike
Johnny Nosike 27 days ago
These are not experts, just guys in suits talking. Giannis is the experts' choice.
Christian Kamrath
Christian Kamrath 28 days ago
ESPN is trying so hard to push Harden.
Brett Paltzer
Brett Paltzer 29 days ago
Whose team is better
Juelz Romeo Glenn
YO..James Harden has only Offense..No defense he can no way be Most Valuable Player with a one sided Game.. Experts !!!tzzzzzz
Skills of Aesthetics
This steven dude its proven he talks nonsense all the time not surprised now
matthew Month ago
Sorry harden is the MVP in my books without discussion
SNAKE Month ago
Stephen a is so biased man😂😂I agree he’s mvp but to say it’s not even close is just the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard😂😂😂
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro Month ago
umm Harden played in overtime to get 58 vs Grizzlies, Giannis got 52 vs 76ers in normal play
Harsha Rudra999
Harsha Rudra999 Month ago
This will go down to the first round performance. Harden has a problem with the western con. finals almost always. I want to give it to giannis but USA just wants to an american player because that is how today's USA is.
Sir oliver Jone
Sir oliver Jone Month ago
for all of you idiot greek freak idiots. put them on each other’s teams do y’all really believe greek freak could carry the rockets without chris paul, clint capela, and eric gordon for 75% of the season? yeah...aight
Matthew Vaughan
Matthew Vaughan Month ago
West is much tougher than east, so I would say Harden right now. West is loaded with good teams, so hard to win every night
mm mm
mm mm Month ago
will see in playoffs. finals MVP is more important
Ish Smith
Ish Smith Month ago
Harden in 2017 said winning games should be a big factor, bucks have the best record lead by giannas soo
LoopDreamer Month ago
Vishnu Prakash
Vishnu Prakash Month ago
Didn't giannis drop 52 on the sixers?!?!?
Darrell Williams
I guess defense means absolutely nothing 🙄 can we just have a offensive player of the year award instead since defense is never took into consideration in mvp debates
Stephon Morris
Stephon Morris Month ago
He’s not getting it
Mitch Mckay
Mitch Mckay Month ago
Beard can't play defence greek freak is way better. Giannis would send hardens step back into the tenth row
Carlton Vincent
Carlton Vincent Month ago
That was funny James Harden got Stephen A Smith on the court shooting blanks.
Hector samaniego
Having said all that yea it was having said that 😂
Inquisitve m
Inquisitve m Month ago
unfortunately for harden, SAS and Kellerman don't get to vote for MVP
Mac Burnett
Mac Burnett Month ago
Harden is mvp no doubt
Jerry Beloin
Jerry Beloin Month ago
Its so true both deserve to win mvp ugh id say harden by closest race ever though carried that team all year and even his defense is way up tied for league lead in steals 36.5 ppg and almost 8 assists come on damm
dr billcat
dr billcat Month ago
Did Paul George die??
AMN Fragz
AMN Fragz Month ago
his team did
Arturo Llanderal
Harden mvp
Ethan Snyder
Ethan Snyder Month ago
I mean Hardens game was amazing. But it’s against the Grizzlies and they lost. Granted I’ve been pro Giannis all year but whoever wins, it’ll be a close race.
Khadim Sabara
Khadim Sabara Month ago
American mentality 😏 bcoz giannis is Greek, that’s how you always stand against the rest of the world lol (SUPERIORITY) !!! Harden is amazing, an all time great but the team with the best record suppose to have the mvp, in 2006 kobe didn’t win the mvp when he averaged 35pts per game (harder bcoz nba rules now penalize defenders, you can’t touch the offensive player anymore) 81pts in a single game (his record), why we have to change the rules today c’mon !!! Harden taking 35FGA 20FTA or more (per game) and shooting 43% worst from any superstars in the league google it or go to NBA ESPN etc... lebron KD steph AD kawhi embiid giannis will average more taking that !!!
NTG 13
NTG 13 Month ago
Its time to bring the most points, high scores what ever you want to call it award in the NBA. its another thing to just score points and another to be the Most Valiable Player in your team and all of the other !!! Harden is just a gifted scorer!!!!! YOU CANT BE CALLED MVP without giving some defensive numbers to your team!!!! The game is not only points!!!!Finally NBA bring a most points in the seasson award and lets get over stupid reasons to say that someone is better just because he scores 50 points!!!!!
Yanis Xantopulos
Who is the real MVP. For these 23 or 24 weeks Giannis have 11 weeks as number 1 and Harden have 6.... Soo Giannis is MVP
PandaLegionz Month ago
Serinox29 Month ago
Giannis leading his team with the best record and James Harden gets the vote of Stephen A Smith? Come on man, you're literally disrespecting Giannis. I mean we should take into account the MVP's work for the whole season, not for what he's historically doing the past few months. I mean the Rockets sucked the first few months of the season while the Bucks was in the fore front from the start til now. Lots of these media gets entranced in the moment. Harden is great, I get it. But you should give it to the guy who basically lead the team with the best record in the NBA right now. Oh btw, Giannis is only with one other all star so that counts as basically doing so much for your team if people are going to argue for KD's case. No hate on KD but he has it easy with 3 other All Stars and 2 former All stars with him.
StormPower1295 Month ago
*Your taking too much WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDUH. MVP is to the right of you.*
Deont6y Wild9r
Deont6y Wild9r Month ago
Y'all changed your mind, d*** riders. I told y'all so...................................... James Harden MVP, not Giannis, not PG13.
Caleb Oviawe
Caleb Oviawe Month ago
Giannis drops 52, loses to 3rd seed Phili, not a sound from the media Harden drops 57, loses to 13th seed Memphis, "He's one of the greats"-media Smh. Giannis for MVP
Caleb Oviawe
Caleb Oviawe Month ago
+cN9 Tkenchi you have a point there i was just tryna shine a light on how the media seems quite bias in this MVP race. theyre both having amazing years but giannis gets my vote
cN9 Tkenchi
cN9 Tkenchi Month ago
and his doing all this at the western conference, where all the teams are literally better than the east.
cN9 Tkenchi
cN9 Tkenchi Month ago
its cause his been consistent whilst having a busy schedule.. 4 games in 6 days, and another 61 points against spurs last game. HARDEN MVP.
Todo Williams
Todo Williams Month ago
This guys not a journalist, just a clickbite machine. Numbers dont lie, wins dont lie...
Ranier Holmes
Ranier Holmes Month ago
Stephen A is an idiot Lebron got injured that’s why lakers are not in the playoffs if lebron got injured with cleveland they would be out too
Brian O'Donnell
Brian O'Donnell Month ago
Seriously there's a reason the mvp winners over the last 5 years are in the west. It's because outside of this year the east has been a joke*. If the Rockets where in the east wilt's records would have been broke. In the last 10 years there has been 7 western nba championships. The other 3 eastern winners? LeBron freaking James. If he wasn't the challenger it would have been 10 for 10.
Chris Tapia
Chris Tapia Month ago
harden the best ball hog ever😈
Ant Don J
Ant Don J Month ago
I Agree With...Max...for a change!
Bevan Butler
Bevan Butler Month ago
Welcome to the light Max,,... Harden for #mvp
Md Abidullah
Md Abidullah Month ago
Shepdoggaming Month ago
He burning his self out. He dont how to pace his self.
Qobiii Month ago
Steven Truong
Steven Truong Month ago
Harden literally put the whole team on his back and brought them from 14th seed to now the 3rd seed. Putting up INSANE numbers, & getting them WINS. Yes a lot of people don't like his methods to the way he plays but he gets it done. I might not like his methods but you can't say that's not impressive what he's been doing all season up until now. Ppl love to nitpick nowadays. Y'all say Harden choked in the playoffs, yes he has against SA, but against GS I'd say no. CP went out and he was the glue that held the Rockets together. Then y'all expect Harden to carry the load against a stacked ass team which everybody knows is too OP to win it over them? GTFOH. The coach was to blame more than the players when the shots weren't falling. He should've called timeout and regroup and get his team back on track but he didn't. Learn to appreciate Harden's greatness and give credit where it's due cause we might not see much of it in the future.
Romanian Shadow
Romanian Shadow Month ago
I don't like giannis game I think he needs to develop a jump shot because when he goes to the cup over time his body will get banged up and injured
Fernando Morales
With James u can feel he wants the mvp award. He deserves it. Best player in the game but no one wants to say it
Quinton Onezine
Quinton Onezine Month ago
Then James harden back tho and scored 62 last night...I say harden for mvp
ruben p
ruben p Month ago
Y’all about to rob Giannis for a bum ass harden to choke in the playoffs
Noah Gore Hoe
Noah Gore Hoe Month ago
Gustavo Garcia
Gustavo Garcia Month ago
remake this after 61pts against Spurs .
Godfrey Raphael
Godfrey Raphael Month ago
I'm not surprised for Steve A to say this as well know who his favorite players are..I mean come on man, Guannis is doing it at both ends of the floor and he is guiding his team to the best record so far, it's not just about scoring 50, 60 then play no defense, it's about overall game and it's not even close between the two.Giannis is a clear favorite..Stop hating..😀😀
Wane Smith
Wane Smith Month ago
The cheater gets the MVP. Giannas does not get to walk on every other play.
Clarkyowns You
Clarkyowns You Month ago
I’m amazed at how stupid some people are though. Is harden having an amazing year? Sure, but Lebron literally just had his best season of his career last year, beating Harden in EVERY stat including FG % and 3PT % and did he win MVP? No. Why? Cause harden was the best player on the team with the best record and he had some decent stats, literally the very same thing that Giannis is doing. But where are those harden fans at saying? “Oh but look at Hardens stats and how good of a scorer he is”. You’re right, he IS a great scorer, hence why he’s getting a scoring title 🤷🏻‍♂️ scoring title SHOULD NOT also mean you get given the MVP, if stats mean more than team wins, then make harden give Lebron his mvp from last year 🤷🏻‍♂️ Giannis deserves MVP, simple as that, no debate 🤦🏻‍♂️
chukwuma otuata Otuata
Who is hear after james harden 61 point's agaist san Antonio 9th 50+game this season .
Boruto Uzumaki
Boruto Uzumaki Month ago
Tevin Prejean
Tevin Prejean Month ago
James harden is the most hated player in the league which what comes with greatness but these folks out here that’s always doubting him in the playoffs are in for a huge surprise because we going to the nba finals this is our year 🚀🚀🚀🚀
In Zamasu We Trust
Greek freak has the best record in basketball by himself. I dont care how many free throws harden shoot. And he's playing with a first ballot hofer
João Victor Couceiro
And a 61 versus Spurs. He's MVP, no doubt.
Anthony Bonifas
Anthony Bonifas Month ago
Giannis Antetokounmpo is definitely MVP. Has the dominance of Shaq with the ability to take long strides like Dr J. Cant guard that. Not even playing at his peak either. If he continues to hit the gym, hes gonna make Wilt Chamberlin look small
iniohos2 Month ago
Tight MVP race?? WTF?? Does Harden need to drop 100s for that clown Max to say he is the unquestionable MVP??
Grady McKinney
Grady McKinney Month ago
Nigga dropped 61 tonight after two 50s lol
Fran Month ago
dude just dropped another 61 casually
Ricky Sikes
Ricky Sikes Month ago
Let's see what they say tomorrow after hardens 61 point game against the Spurs tonight
all this hype about MvP,,,until the golden state activates the playoff mode
Adam Abdelghani
Adam Abdelghani Month ago
*Drops 61 next Day
Matze LeckMich
Matze LeckMich Month ago
Lmao we already know you hate giannis
shannon wilson
shannon wilson Month ago
So watching someone shoot 15 free throws a game is good at least giannis is entertaining
Sotero Mares
Sotero Mares Month ago
Giannis and Harden are both balling. There’s no denying it. What separates the 2 is the individuality. Harden himself was able to lead a team without Capela and CP3 from the 12th to the 3rd seed. Giannis without Middleton or Brogdon would be a lottery team.
KWJ Month ago
People that say harden takes too many shots act like he isn’t nearly averaging 8 assist a game 🤦🏽‍♂️ and it’s not like he has all star caliber players around him that can average 20 ppg
I would sniff the bottom of molly qerim feet any damn day of the week but I would also like to duck tape that cunts mouth all through out this show!
NBFS TV Month ago
Lebron James MVP
Siam Month ago
i freaking love giannis. but harden has to win this MVP or it will be robery
Mitch S
Mitch S Month ago
Add a women to every sports cast. Nothing comes from it.
Gio Music
Gio Music Month ago
The Beast From The East
Chief So
Chief So Month ago
Does the FT at the top right stand for First Take or Free Throw 😂
J S Month ago
This was a fluke. It’s not like he’s gonna go off against San Antonio on Friday night.. Giannis MVP easily
Ahmed Thasleem
Ahmed Thasleem Month ago
J S Haha.This comment didnt age well.
caca yang
caca yang Month ago
LOL D'antoni does have a system. Harden brings up the ball and he shoots it...everyone else play defense.
Jf Ru
Jf Ru Month ago
caca yang obviously u re a salty ass bitch...harden’s defense has gotten way better,so stop hating nd appreciate talent...fucking scrub
cear fer
cear fer Month ago
Harden just dropped 61 on the spurs today
MiketheYung God
MiketheYung God Month ago
being the MVP means how much would a team fall if that player left. If Harden leaves, the Rockets would fall farther than any other team that loses a player.
Imleocalm Month ago
Giannis is the BEST PLAYER ON THE BEST TEAM! yall drunk
Jf Ru
Jf Ru Month ago
Imleocalm lmao the best team???the best record doesn’t necessarily mean best team
Thomas forde
Thomas forde Month ago
What are you talking about max?!?! Giannis had 52 against the 76ers ffs he dominated that game for the bucks if they had hit even league average from 3 it would have been a landslide victory
Vasilis Tsaousis
how can u say that Giannis does not deserve the MVP? Not only is he putting up monstrous stats of 27, 12 and 6 but also is a candidate for DPOY and his team has the best record in the NBA. NO DEBATE
0OKERUI i Month ago
smith got u bad kellyman😂
Sebas Month ago
Jokic, he’s the only player on the nuggets but his presence alone means they’re second grappling for first in the West
Samuel Mahmud
Samuel Mahmud Month ago
Harden deserves it! He's playing lights out all year long!
Eric Towns
Eric Towns Month ago
Harden MVP resume - First player ever w/ 30+ points vs. all 29 teams in a season - Second player ever w/ 30+ points in 32 straight games - Potentially first player ever to average 35 points + 7 assists - Top 3 seed w/ CP3+Capela injuries Giannis MVP resume - Team has best record in weak east. Thats it -Rob Kimbell
Jack McCoy
Jack McCoy Month ago
Giannis MVP case- 27-10-6 on 58% only Oscar has scored 25+ on that effiency. DPOY canidate plays 5 less minutes takes 10 less shots than Harden, his team leads the league in point Differential 1st in rebounding and Net ratting. Best recored vs teams 500
Victor Flowers
Victor Flowers Month ago
That’s the smartest thing he ever said this year
Sac Kings
Sac Kings Month ago
Harden or Giannis ?
DEZ of HELLBORN Month ago
Sac Kings harden mvp over man maybe next year Giannis
kou moua
kou moua Month ago
Mvps do it on both ends and are elite on both ends. Sorry harden.
Michael Dunnom
Michael Dunnom Month ago
He's second in steals lmfaooooooo
Will Jordan
Will Jordan Month ago
Y’all forget giannis is only 24. He’s gonna have way more chances to win this
Eddie terrell
Eddie terrell Month ago
Harden had all his starters wayyy longer
Christos Papadimitriou
Yeah...if I had 40 (!) shots in a game like Harden did, I would have scored at least 45 points...Giannis is here to take over American basketball and I so enjoy it when you try to ignore or disrespect him but the stats and the facts don't let you...You know, all you Harden fans that deep inside you know for real that Giannis IS and WILL BE the best player in the entire world but still you try so desperate to prove this wrong, you make all of us laugh and enjoy it so much! Stephen A...I will love to see your face when finally you will admit that Giannis is the real deal..(you already know it in you but you hate the fact that he is non American)
jeff perez
jeff perez Month ago
So James harden only plays for mvps instead of NBA titles 🤔
Kenyon Guillory
Kenyon Guillory Month ago
He plays for championships, but no team is beating GS. Why should his greatness be diminished because there is 4,5 all star team in the league? Harden has been the only all star on Houston since the 2015 season.
Hitto Month ago
Bro sas been hating smh. Listen, I acknowledge harden has been GREAT, but giannis on the bucks has the 1st place team, and is averaging 27 and 13 on great splits. The rockets have had some ups downs, and Giannis has been more consistent, so I'm giving it to giannis.
Litty Oof
Litty Oof Month ago
Hitto Just because Giannis has been more consistent doesn’t mean he deserves MVP
Deleon Benson
Deleon Benson Month ago
If he wins mvp it's bs the bucks have the best record in the league
Deleon Benson
Deleon Benson 27 days ago
+Litty Oof u telling me the best team in the east would be 4th in the west cut it out they have the number 1 seed for a reason they would be 2nd or 3rd probably
Litty Oof
Litty Oof Month ago
Deleon Benson It’s not bs. The eastern conference is so much easier than the western conference. i bet you if you put giannis and the bucks in the western conference then they wouldn’t even be top 3 seed. James Harden has singlehandedly carried his whole team (without his top 3 best players on his team) and carried them 14th seed all the way to 3rd seed. He has had a historic season. 8 games this season with 50+ points and 3 games with 60+ points. You can’t doubt James Harden’s greatness. He’s the MVP
Steve  Bhikh
Steve Bhikh Month ago
Molly stfu. Jesus
black sheep 1411
Whoever doesn't vote for James Harden dosen't no basketball
black sheep 1411
You are trash
kobe Bryant
kobe Bryant Month ago
Who does vote for him dont know basketball
Macadelic Miller
Harden MVP. !!! Point blank period Fuck what anybody gotta say Nobody is doing what harden is doing. Respect Houston. 🤘🚀
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