Jalen Rose hopes Russell Westbrook joins Jimmy Butler on the Heat | Get Up

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Jalen Rose and Seth Greenberg weigh in on the best destinations for Russell Westbrook following reports that the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Miami Heat are engaged in trade talks for the former MVP.
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Jul 11, 2019

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Comments 514
Heinz tee
Heinz tee Month ago
Man..jalen is killin these white dudes..bald dude got killed with his comment.
spam free
spam free Month ago
Jrose got too much personality for these two.
ko o
ko o Month ago
That's why Miami can't make the playoffs Since the king left F your by pat
Golazo Highlights
And once again he’s wrong 😂
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith Month ago
They got your dumbass lost too. Can you say Houston
Kritikal H
Kritikal H Month ago
Why are players so reluctant of going to the east?
YTEuropeHD Gaming
Jalen Rose:"I hope Russell Westbrook joins the Heat" Rockets:"NO..."
R Wae
R Wae Month ago
Dannon Green
Dannon Green Month ago
Wrong again...
blacktop_21 Month ago
How nice would it be to get paid millions to makes sounds from your mouth & be wrong about everything all the time!
Tiger Hoods
Tiger Hoods Month ago
Lol who else is here after the Westbrook trade to the rockets.
André Maldonado
Guess what Jalen,he is going to Houston,you are 100% incorrect at all times brother
KOW DA KING Month ago
houston is not a good fit for him but
Gara Pata
Gara Pata Month ago
Westbrook just joined Harden in Rockets..You are wrong again Jalen Rose 😂
CeeWorld Month ago
Jalen is just wrong on EVERY prediction he makes I see 😂😂🤣🤦🏾‍♂️
Young Kagae
Young Kagae Month ago
Houston Rockets nigga!!!!!
LaVerite124 Month ago
Another duo? Harden 1st and 3rd qtrs . Westbrook 2nd qtr, team 4th
JZAITZ Month ago
Jevaughn Hernandez
Can't wait to see what Jalen says tomorrow with Russ in Houston loooooooooool!
Droptheat Month ago
This didn’t age well
The ManDragon
The ManDragon Month ago
Wrong again rose... you should “switch gears” with your sources.
supremo shaider
supremo shaider Month ago
Jalen carried today's show.
V Cox
V Cox Month ago
Wrong again Jalen🙄
Lame ass Willie
Lame ass Willie Month ago
Westbrook will sign with rockets by Thursday night - My sources tell me
215 B
215 B Month ago
Westbrook to rockets
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez Month ago
Smh Jalen
Don Mega
Don Mega Month ago
Russell Westbrook is going to get traded to Houston
Tommy Nguyen
Tommy Nguyen Month ago
bruh Westbrook to Houston I'm shook
Jada Cooke
Jada Cooke Month ago
Welp...Too bad Russ went to the Rockets
dfm_gmoney Month ago
No sir he’s on the rockets 🚀 the Brodie’s have reunited 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾
WATERR Month ago
How bout James harden??
Cool Dude
Cool Dude Month ago
Well this didn't age well
P H Month ago
Westbrook signed with Houston
Was traded*
Ken Ko
Ken Ko Month ago
Nope he’s going to the rockets 😂
LaVerite124 Month ago
Hahaha Rose wrong again
Jackson Stevens
Jackson Stevens Month ago
Who here after Russ trade👀
I heard he's on the rockets (Got traded for Chris Paul)
Joseph A
Joseph A Month ago
He got traded to the rockets
maddenchamp06 destroyer
The OKC Thunder have just officially agreed to trade Russell Westbrook to the Rockets for Chris Paul and future picks
Ballers TV
Ballers TV Month ago
Well hes on the rockets now so.
ahmad10174 Month ago
Russel going to Huston
A. Villares
A. Villares Month ago
Rockets got Westbrook
InternetThug. Month ago
Just trade Russ to rockets for CP3
DaRk_Avocado Month ago
InternetThug. OMG THEY DID
Mario R
Mario R Month ago
Jalen will forever be remembered as 99% sure Kawhi will return to Raptors...
These two can't carry teams anymore.... Jimmy Butler has never been able to carry a team, he's a number 2 and a championship team and Westbrook is a very good number 2 also but u can't gut your team and ask him to be your franchise with butler!!!
stargladiatorx Month ago
I don't want Westbrook traded to the Heat we got a great draft pick that's showing flashes and a diamond in the rough big man. We can't mortgage our future for just a late in the career Westbrook.
Jomaru Jostar
Jomaru Jostar Month ago
I swear Jay Williams struggles on teleprompter lines at the end guy has no chill and looks pained 😂
Quinton Alford
Quinton Alford Month ago
Rather see Westbrook on the spurs or bucks. Miami will go nowhere
Claude Crevecoeur
Miami is not the right fit for Wesbrook also he's contract is the biggest obstacle
Terrence Cheek
Terrence Cheek Month ago
The Knicks are already preparing for twenty-twenty-one, aha-ha aha-ha-ha! 🏀👀👂🏻☕️❤️👍🏻🛎‼️
RamblinSteve Month ago
Welcome to Miami Russ!!! Its going to be fascinating year!!
tdrlsb Month ago
GSHeverything _27
The HEAT in the news, WOW it must be snowing here in Florida.
Nicky D
Nicky D Month ago
Westbrook could end up on the Rockets
Kobe Jamez
Kobe Jamez Month ago
Damn my guy lebron getn old lol
Keke*from* Shh-cago
I kinda like the duo on teams rather a 5 man all star line up. It’s better for the game, it’s leveled competition and every year we don’t know who will win like the last decade 🙄
Ignite J
Ignite J Month ago
Westbrook is a great regular season player but that's it
Recon Andinos
Recon Andinos Month ago
Those triple doubles are overrated. Steven Adams deferred to Westbrook and lets him gave those rebounds.
Supreme Tech69
Supreme Tech69 Month ago
Westbrook to the bucks
Richard Collins
Richard Collins Month ago
As a Thunder Fan i dont want him going to Heat. We have 2 of their 1st from the George trade Russ goes there those picks lose value. I do want him im the East though better chance at winning for him. so Pistons with Griffin would work.
Hams Nassr
Hams Nassr Month ago
Idont know why they praise Russel Westbrook and give him credit for the trippel double the last 3seasons it is an over rated stats unless you win title in reality so far hedidnt win a thing therefore it's meaningless and worthless and I am sure a lot of people agree with me
Finally some people who have knowledge talking about the game and players.. otherwise ESPN is crap that includes SAS.
David Cervantes
David Cervantes Month ago
RW didn't fall off.... everyone just realizee that he's overrated lol
courtney gates
courtney gates Month ago
Westbrook teaming with Butler will be the same scenario in OKC. Small forward and a point guard. Different team same stroke
Dildo bagtits
Dildo bagtits Month ago
There are a few analysts who actually understand the game. Jalen, stax, and T Mac
Goat Herder
Goat Herder Month ago
Jalen "Sources" Rose was 81% sure that Kawhi would be joining the Lakers.
AlkamistStar Month ago
I'm a Miami Heat fan down to my license plate...keep your toxic ass the hell away from my team Russ 😑 If he does join though...welcome home, ugh 😒
Kareem ————
Why wouldn’t he want him to go to the Pistons,his home team???
Jd Jones
Jd Jones Month ago
Thank you Jalen
karen Gaffney
karen Gaffney Month ago
no russell westbrook gotta stay if he leaves okc will be a trash team let russ stay
Jah Jah
Jah Jah Month ago
3rd straight year , these media pundits are wylinnn
Christopher Pacheco
Still wondering why Seattle didn't run the ball
Nooks187 !
Nooks187 ! Month ago
As a Heat fan I’d HATE to see the heat trade for Westbrook, Winslow’s already shown he could run point showed improvement in his 3 point shot and is still pretty young I’d run PG Winslow SG Herro SF Butler PF Johnson C Bam 6th man Dragic DJJ, Dion, Olynyk, Meyers leoanard coming off the bench I could see this team fighting for a 3rd seed Riley would be stupid to give this up for a 30 year old Westbrook with that contract smh media needs to stop hyping this up
Mark Evans
Mark Evans Month ago
Mia would be a great look for Russ...
Ayub A
Ayub A Month ago
Imagine Kemba and Gordon Hayward bring a championship to Boston just a thought 🧐
Ayub A
Ayub A Month ago
The rockets and sixers and jazz all have dous too 🥶
Tc Grant
Tc Grant Month ago
His stats never fall off but the team playoff runs fall off in the 1st round anybody else thinks if one thing changes another one will
PRIS Month ago
Ok but no one is talking about how the Heat are gonna trade for Russell
mc333 Month ago
thunder fan here and as much as I dont want to see russ in another jersey if it had to happen, him lighting it up with jimmy in those vice jerseys is the way to go
Marcelo Serrano
Marcelo Serrano Month ago
Heat would be a beast of the east... just one of the new guys to step up. Bam or Winslow and you have a three headed monster
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