Jalen agrees with Coach K: Zion shouldn’t have played in summer league | Jalen & Jacoby

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Jalen Rose isn’t worried about Zion Williamson long term, but he does agree with Coach K saying the rookie shouldn’t have played summer league.
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Jul 12, 2019

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Comments 257
jim boukis
jim boukis Month ago
please he is a fat bum and this really makes coach k look REALLY BAD, then his fat ass shouldnt of got drafted but once again $$ $$ $$ is all, PATHETIC!
johnathan sanford
There trying to set zion up trust me
Tim Sports Expert
ESPN sucks period! They have too many dumbass talk show!
smyzo Month ago
The same Coach K that rushed Harry Giles back and played him while not 100% healthy?
smyzo Month ago
@algrolls Oh, so Harry Giles played his rookie season and wasn't held out? Everything about Duke is fake as fuck including all those Nike paid for recruits.
algrolls Month ago
@smyzo Wrong again.
smyzo Month ago
@algrolls Duke enablers are funny. You can't actually defend your position si you just say false. Funny how he played at Duke but the next season Sacramento sat him the entire year to allow him to get healthy. But sure... false. Coach K is trash and are the fake ass bandwagon Duke fans that defend him.
algrolls Month ago
John Rayez
John Rayez Month ago
Just because he's was the #1 pick doesn't mean he shouldn't work like everyone else.
CheddarBoy Gaming
Blah blah blah he Hasn't Done more than others before he got drafted.. That nigga need to lose weight that's it!!! He physically needs to get right he's really big And it's a Long season.
Jae- jin
Jae- jin Month ago
He is getting closed to the bennet or oden.
QuEsT X. BoXiNg
QuEsT X. BoXiNg Month ago
Yet didn't jalen Just say he was worried himself ??? Ohhhhhh I see what Jalen is about when is going to come to Zion lol he gonna be on that shannon SHARPE lebron man love stuff 🤣🤣🤣🤣
rambo the best
rambo the best Month ago
every prospect should be in shape and ready for summer league, it's their first taste of the League. If he can't even stay healty 10 minutes playing with kids, he is gonna struggle mightly during the regular season. the Pelicans still have a great duo in Ball & Ingram tho, they gonna run the show if Zion still isn't ready when the season begins
Luis Meza
Luis Meza Month ago
Coach K is a hypocrite, Zion should play for the team that’s paying him? I’m sure coach k was happy Zion came back to play for duke after his shoe incident. Zion was risking more playing for duke. Summer league is part of him getting in shape and working on his game.
Jay Emm
Jay Emm Month ago
Its all good zion handle your business you cant go to new orleans and be on diet wtf!? 🐟🍤😂😂
Toddy Kwest
Toddy Kwest Month ago
So, he plays 9 minutes in summer league gets injured, but a full season in college nothin but hype
faxhandle Month ago
He played like 19 minutes. Come on! Even the annointed one Lebron played in the summer league. I don’t know how many minutes, but he did play. At some point, you have to play some games, exhibition or otherwise.
Siddiq Ahmad
Siddiq Ahmad Month ago
That kid needs to drop some pounds; more than a few. If he dropped some of that baby fat and muscled up, he'd be ferocious.
Michael Roman
Michael Roman Month ago
He's going to be a bust. I can see it now. He's 18. He shouldn't have a problem playing basketball.
Nick King Televised
LeBron is old enough to be Zion or Lonzo's Dad. He's literally twice Zion's age, he declared for the NBA before Zion was born. LeBron is an All-Time great, probably #2 ever...but he's turning 35 years old. He's in his twilight years and the Lakers gave away the Future to team him up with AD one year early. AD could have came for free next year, and they would have had Ball, Ingram, Kuzma, and all their picks to keep\trade to build a team long term.
newvillagefilms Month ago
He ate the entire world is his oyster! 😂😜
Tater Tot
Tater Tot Month ago
At 18 you couldn't keep me outta the gym. So it amazes me that a #1 pick wouldn't stay in shape. Award shows an all I woulda found some way to get some shots up
R D Month ago
Everyone had a piece of Z, including coach K 🤔
Jack Slo
Jack Slo Month ago
Luka Doncic > Zion
Recency Bias Radio
Now the media is straight coddling a guy THEY HYPED as the "next LeBron" smh man could've stayed in shape but he didn't & now y'all making excuses for him.
Lanre Akerele
Lanre Akerele Month ago
Like Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James, I hope New Orleans Pelicans would be an icon to Zion Williamson and make the team to win a championship for his talents.
Dickson Seals
Dickson Seals Month ago
Ole boy needs to go jogging in the sun with some sweats on rocky style and get down to a less injury prone weight.
Troy Jackson
Troy Jackson Month ago
Bruised knee , gtfoh your 18 y old , should play 40 minutes at that age. Should play every game so he can get seasoned. Load management all ready after 9 minutes LOL
pirkkala Month ago
he didnt have a bruised knee. I saw him playing topgolf on someones instagram story like 2-3 days later.
Young Freeman
Young Freeman Month ago
Guess what Zion didn’t make that decision David Griffin did
emielaen Month ago
and if he didn't play, y'all would've speculated that something was wrong with him and he wasn't ready to play in the NBA cause y'all weird as fuck
N. M. E
N. M. E Month ago
Wtf ESPN please don't baby players. Everyone and they mama play in SL but all of a sudden Zion shouldn't play. I don't like where this is leading. Players are being more and more enabled and they starting to show out. Case in point Marcus morris.
Byron Da Lord
Byron Da Lord Month ago
2:16 lmao did not expect to see Ariel show up 😂😂😂🤣🤣
CPM Music
CPM Music Month ago
LeBron played summer league....
DillyJ Month ago
This mans outro is absolutely horrible. Stick to the script scrub
Rebelheir Month ago
Out of the league in 6 years
Jay Month ago
He will be fine
Marcel DeSouza
Marcel DeSouza Month ago
Jalen has really become a personality.
yo corny dilly yo
shut up hater, no one was watching that bullcrap if it wasn't for zion!
realtv101 Month ago
Zion should not have played in the preseason... Zion should not have played college...Zion should not have been at the espy's... Zion should not have went to the bathroom... gat damn if your going to get injured it don't matter where you play! If he out of shape he should play in summer league duh! Hello if you didn't know Zion always carried a lot of weight he will be fine damn!
Coach E
Coach E Month ago
I agree ...should have spent the summer conditioning himself ... he is overweight and physically out of shape
Jim Davis
Jim Davis Month ago
LeBron played summer league, killed it, became a superstar. Zion played, sucked, and he shouldn’t have played... Jalen, your analysis sucks.
pirkkala Month ago
Zion was awesome that one half he played, the fuck are you smoking homie
Mungu Umeme
Mungu Umeme Month ago
Jalen sounds like another fatherless hater. Zion Williamson: ( 9 minutes) 11 points, 4-of-9, 3 rebounds, 1 steal RJ Barrett: 10 points,4-of-18, 5 rebounds, 1 assist . Fuck is you talking about Jalen? why yall attacking this young man stock? Coach K jealous the gravy train not staying with the lacrosse rapist atmosphere of devils. I give criticism to Zion's Mom for kidnapping but Zion is polished with His articulation. Coach K don't think Black Men are in shape mentally unless they give Duke and NCAA billions of dollars in leverage for 4 years. How is he out of shape snatching rebounds after grown men are in clear possession? If He jumps to the ceiling on dunks then stephen a will say he a accident waiting to happen. Zion crash the boards on they ass to get your points if Alvin slacking on correct play calling from jealousy of assuming you will leave N.O.and you will be 1st team all defense. fuck coach K and Jalen Rose. Detroit shaking they ( their) head at Him.
Randall Madison
Randall Madison Month ago
It is professional now. Get paid to play. His game is not NBA ready. His athleticism is unbelievable but he has no shot and goes left 90% of time. Is Summer League goofy? Argument can be made it is. And argument can be made that it is your job now and you have to work in game setting to get better. He has lots to work on.
JaH Worthy
JaH Worthy Month ago
If that’s the case... he shouldn’t have played at Duke either... should have been able to come straight out of HS
Terry Smith
Terry Smith Month ago
Zion doesn't need to play in Summer League. He is as advertised, so far. Heal up and get ready for October when it counts.
JusSick24 Month ago
This is y'all's new "King"?
maaly8111 Month ago
STOP IT! Then Zion shouldn't play no more, shouldn't have played at Duke, Shouldn't have eaten that taco....I mean stop it.
Bug Shelton
Bug Shelton Month ago
I see a bust coming.he is going to eat himself out the league
Isiah Nunn
Isiah Nunn Month ago
oh give me a break. this is a 19 year old kid, he SHOULD play and NEEDS to play. Pelicans Hid him, they didn't want him to look bad as the number 1 pick not being in shape. Zion going to have to get to work after all these award shows, media tour, interviews, commercials! He has a lot to prove his rookie year.
Red Neck
Red Neck Month ago
the Pelicans payed him Millions of dollars, it is Zion's job to play and get his body right, what's missing in pro-basketball is professionalism!
Tony MoSo
Tony MoSo Month ago
Say what mr. Rose? "He deserve to be celebrating for all Hes achieve" ............................... And what He achieve mr Rose ????? He have more Hype than whole Kardashian family, but for now hes only no. 1 drafted "9 min summer league" NBA prospect nothing more. And coach K words is not "good press" for sure.
keema315 Month ago
Lmfaoooo idek what to say to this..this legit blows my mind..he shouldnt have played cuz he not in shape!?! WHO FAULT IS THAT?????
Sean Clarke
Sean Clarke Month ago
No excuse. As a professional athlete, he should always be conditioned and ready to play
Apxthetic Month ago
@Jonathan turner his own fault
De’Aaron Rose
De’Aaron Rose Month ago
Sean Clarke ITS SUMMER LEAGUE. He’s 19 gtfoh. When the actually season start he’ll be in playing shape. No nba player in the summer is in playing shape. That’s what training camp is for. Not the summer league
Jonathan turner
Jonathan turner Month ago
Sean Clarke he was never conditioned.. he been over weight and out of shape
white sox pride
white sox pride Month ago
They have trainers he will be fine...
MVRTS Month ago
Hes an overweight SF with hops
Just a number
Just a number Month ago
How old is this guy? 18? Not in game shape? C'mon. If he's hurt, or just being cautionary, that's one thing, but if he can't maintain game shape at 18 then he's gonna have some problems.
keema315 Month ago
Gilberto Dejesus
The coach is basically saying that his emotions might get the best of him amd he might get hurt !!!
jimbosjams21 Month ago
Dude has to lose atleast 80 lbs if not more.
Henrique Graça
Henrique Graça Month ago
He did the 360 dunk on the summer league warmup
GNB Month ago
Zion was limping before the game even stated in the layup line I’m sure the pelicans are hiding an injury like the warriors
The kid 93
The kid 93 Month ago
I don’t agree wit this at all Lebron had a crazy buzz when he got drafted and played in summer league, west make Zion so special he gotta put his work in in the nba
TaureanKing Month ago
Whats next? "Coaches and analyst say Zion shouldn't have played 1 game in the NBA"
Ryuko Nai
Ryuko Nai Month ago
Totally unrelated.
Munchie Month ago
TaureanKing Lol
IGetSuper-Dome 504
Sitting out summer league games is not a big deal. He has over 3 months to get into playing shape. Risking injury trying to prove something in the summer league, now that’s what’s stupid. David Griffin proved he’s competent and knows what’s he’s doing. So you keyboard basketball gurus, stfu
mrgetitdone85 Month ago
Coach k is absolutely right.. Zion clearly hasn’t been in the gym since the elite 8.. he needs to get in shape first
smyzo Month ago
What kind if Hooper gets out of shape in the middle of summer?
He hasn't been in the gym, but his ass sho has been a more than regular presence at the table.
TricksTV Month ago
A bruised knee, how the fuck can u bruise your knee without falling
Earline Reed
Earline Reed Month ago
Agree Agree Agree!!! Zion needs time to get in shape and to adapt to being a professional player Give him time to develop 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jon Jones fan
Jon Jones fan Month ago
Shouldn’t professional athletes be in shape always? I understand boxers and mma fighters because they have months to rest after at least for mid to top class fighters do.
Shame on you. You're just saying this because you're a racist. It's obvious you don't like black people. You're just jealous because he's rich now. It's not his fault. It's all those cracka ass Whiteys running the Pelicans that got Zion injured.
Mike Bryant
Mike Bryant Month ago
Rest him during the regular season while you're at it...
Ramessu Month ago
a #1 pick babied and over weight...sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.
Westside Buddy
Westside Buddy Month ago
Jalen is becoming more and more corny
keef davis
keef davis Month ago
When he starts running with Zo, he's gonna be lean and mean. Nevalost!
Hotwire Month ago
Zion gotta hit the threadmill.
Atomatic Games
Atomatic Games Month ago
He is a Pro athlete that is paid to play basketball. Any player can get hurt at any time. He could twist his ankle walking down the stairs. He needs to keep playing, and hopefully lose some weight. Are we just going to wrap players in bubble wrap now and not play them because people are terrified of injuries?
Camehere Justtowatch
Whatever!!!! .... if you a NUMBER 1 PICK in the NBA, you should be ready to lace them up at ANYTIME!!!
Akmakinal Prak
Akmakinal Prak Month ago
I don't see where Zion bump knee ?? Why don't they show in the Summer league ?
Joseph Month ago
Lebron never had this issue and he came straight outta high school. Zion gonna be the next bust
504 Gully
504 Gully Month ago
@Somregularguy I'm from New Orleans Asswipe...Take your regular ass on somewhere. Probably smoke regular weed too..Zion will be just fine...Worry about your garbage ass teams in New York. I mean ALL of the teams up there are SAD...but like I said at least y'all still have Eli.
Cel Williams
Cel Williams Month ago
Somregularguy how is he out of shape he was still doin 360 windmills and had 10 in the first quarter , and got injured with that nigga from niggas tried to jump with him and he his knee hit Zion knee he was goin end the game with 25+ if that didn’t happened and we both know it . He came in to duke lookin like that and 2 weeks later he look like the hulk
Somregularguy Month ago
504 Gully nah you just sound like a retarded bandwagon that follows the hype, it’s completely reasonable to be worried about his weight
Somregularguy Month ago
Cel Williams and? There’s no reason to defend an athlete for allowing himself to get so out of shape, if Zion doesn’t lose some weight right now he could have a a career ending injury
504 Gully
504 Gully Month ago
@Cel WilliamsWe will get him in shape...but what your'e saying is FACTS for now!!
Raj Papineni
Raj Papineni Month ago
Hindsight is 20/20
CheezuS Month ago
Wtf is playing shape? He’s an athlete who’s been playing for years. He has youthful energy, he has to play! Don’t start the diva thing at this stage. These are just excuses.
bemolable Month ago
He might be right. Give it to him a week before putting the kid on court. He might need to focus on basketball more rather than social media.
Trenesha Clark
Trenesha Clark Month ago
So Coach K is saying, Williamson is doing things surrounding basketball vices the preparations for basketball games? Gotcha. He has to step on the floor in the NBA to wow me, personally. Love college ball, but it's the big boy leagues. They will minutes restrict him neginnign of the season. Unfortunately, his premier is about establishing his brand and getting the franchise back in good spirits. But this is about the game, he needs reps now.
uAGroupie Month ago
I feel u everybody wanted too see him tho should’ve just been the first game only but he got hurt now
MrShanester117 Month ago
Zion about to be a bust....
XX_Sauceboy brand
I hate how Jalen Rose says "Zion".
bacon not cripy
bacon not cripy Month ago
Zion willl be the biggest bust in nba history due to injury
MrEnglewood78 Month ago
Damn shame, Zion already walks like he pulled a double shift at a Ford plant back in 1969, he needs a 24 hour nutritionist.
Byron Da Lord
Byron Da Lord Month ago
He needs to go on that boogie diet
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