Jaime Munguia Greatest Knockouts - (New Mexican CHAMPION)

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Jaime Munguia Greatest Knockouts New Mexican CHAMPION
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May 14, 2018




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Comments 938
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JulianCM Month ago
steve adoki ahre también quiero saber eso
steve adoki ahre
steve adoki ahre 6 months ago
Cual es el remix que suena de fondo?
MrErnieHanks 10 months ago
That white dude beat Mungias ass. Robbery
showlogicprod Year ago
WTF with the stupid assed excuse for music, DA? And just how many replays? Geez, go find another pasttime, clown.
Aves Hernandez
Aves Hernandez 13 days ago
Mini Mexican Mike Tyson!puro paisa power Viva mi Raza!!!
Martin Campos
Martin Campos 29 days ago
Quita el puto cancion no chingues
KV51M Month ago
What’s the song at the start
Dennis Lazarte
Dennis Lazarte Month ago
He cannot survive on the 1st round vs Ramirez
Thedren Kemp
Thedren Kemp Month ago
Erickson lubin would destroy this boi. Canelo would finish him in the 3 round.
KARA MUWDA Month ago
Donde puedo encontrar este instrumental
listen learn
listen learn Month ago
My New Favorite Mexican Boxer.
jesus carlos rueda garcia
La rola está bien culera
ronald williams
ronald williams Month ago
Lol dude got hit in the ear and start holding his shit lmao
Бекзат Қуанышбек
Please say music name
Ivan Iñiguez
Ivan Iñiguez Month ago
Peleas muy atravancado y esto es con puro tronco ya que pele con peleadores elites se le dificultaría tiene que cambiar su estrategia
jdmontheway Month ago
Eyy King G intro
Marianne Justol
Marianne Justol Month ago
He cannot beat canelo or GGG,
JulianCM Month ago
ESE DOPE Month ago
Munguia reminds me of Arturo gatti
ken the truth
ken the truth Month ago
Irish and Like spike and his gym.. but seen this I dnt hold much optimism for the spike this wend..sent to the slaughter..do hope hes going to earn well for this kid as hes going to need rest after this..sorry spike..😱
Jorge Rojas
Jorge Rojas Month ago
Munguía has a great base with his power and volume punching. But his defense/technique is way to sloppy to fight against GGG/Canelo atm. Only a year or 2 from reaching that lvl tho
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez Month ago
Profiboxing Page
Hepimiz Kobay
Hepimiz Kobay Month ago
Music ?
Michael Johnny Ringo
Niners gang
Venga pa que se entretenga
Mario Salazar
Mario Salazar Month ago
Me encanta este morro como pelea mis respetos tiene un gran futuro
Big O
Big O 2 months ago
He has that Mike Tyson flow , he gona be beast!! # puro MileHigh!!!
IsmokeHiphop Live
IsmokeHiphop Live 2 months ago
Efren Cisneros Jr
Efren Cisneros Jr 2 months ago
King lil g trash
Gabe Chinchilla
Gabe Chinchilla 2 months ago
Munguia hubiera matado Ryan Garcia
M Lopez
M Lopez 2 months ago
trash rapper
Huss Husstling
Huss Husstling 3 months ago
What's the name of the song playing through out the highlights ?
Huss Husstling
Huss Husstling 3 months ago
Respect all the way from 🇦🇺🇱🇧🇲🇽
Sergio S
Sergio S 3 months ago
Mala música para este video.
Peyman Sadri
Peyman Sadri 3 months ago
Music name ?
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez 3 months ago
IsmokeHipHoplive .. how do I get this song?
Ivan Riveramrtinez
Ivan Riveramrtinez 4 months ago
Puro costalitos le ponen jejeje
Jose Fuentes
Jose Fuentes 4 months ago
What corrido is it
Bobby Castro
Bobby Castro 5 months ago
What a star
Arturo Martinez
Arturo Martinez 5 months ago
No era necesaria la música fea..!
internet tough guy
internet tough guy 5 months ago
This guy is a fucking beast
Pedro Caballero
Pedro Caballero 5 months ago
Es todo jaime munguia arriva TIJUANA !
Liam gael Velazquez jimenez
Audio pésimo del video nisiquiera se le entiende 👎
aequitas1976 5 months ago
Pinche canción
marti rendon
marti rendon 5 months ago
Mungia vs canelo
B1ODIN 5 months ago
Lol Ryan Garcia will KO this guy in like 1-2 rounds
Juann Barrera
Juann Barrera 5 months ago
B1ODIN You’re crazy
Axel AP
Axel AP 5 months ago
Puta música de fondo jajaja
x Cortez
x Cortez 5 months ago
Si el puede aprender mover mas la cabeza y la cintura nadie lo va parar.
mami haythem
mami haythem 5 months ago
i wanna know the title of the song
Romel Rodriguez
Romel Rodriguez 6 months ago
El canelo no le sirbe ni para el arranque
Paulos Kidane
Paulos Kidane 6 months ago
As always Mexicans hyping up their prospect to be the greatest ever
Nacho Laborin
Nacho Laborin 6 months ago
ELL 6 months ago
Sik ass beat
ELL 6 months ago
Name of song ?
Alejandro Davila
Alejandro Davila 6 months ago
Chávez jr vs Munguía
Zeynep'in Oyun Dünyası
trigre basurto
trigre basurto 6 months ago
este gallo anda matando al canelo de un golpe bien puesto,este si representa a México con honor orgullo mexicano valiente como los las leyendas del box Méxicano honorable muchacho
GON 7 months ago
Sacarias Amor
Sacarias Amor 7 months ago
Esta bien ,pero que le pongan uno del mismo tamaño por que simpre ba a tener ventaja como lo quieran ver
Ojos Tristes
Ojos Tristes 7 months ago
Todo muy bien buen video solo k la música nada k ver
Angel Ramos
Angel Ramos 7 months ago
Ya dijo el "Cesar" hay k pulirlo....Ya tiene lo k no se compra, es un diamante en bruto, Muy Mexicano
God Only
God Only 7 months ago
GGG will beat this guy ass stop the bullshit
Alex Reeves
Alex Reeves 7 months ago
Hard to say against what appears to be limited opponents. Good work rate but very unpolished. Time will tell.
Vatti 7 months ago
No pos si está perro
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