J Alvarez Brings The Money Gang To Icebox!

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Javid David Álvarez Fernández known artistically as J Alvarez is a Puerto Rican reggaeton singer, best known for hit singles such as "Junto Al Amanecer", "La Pregunta", and "Esa Boquita".
Alvarez was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. His mother and father are both from the Dominican Republic. When Alvarez was 12 years old he sang in front of several of his classmates and teachers, his first ever song "Lo Que Ella Trae" (What She Brings). He listened to many artists from the reggaeton genre, and paid much respect to artist Tego Calderon and Benji Gonzalez. Then, through his cousin, he met with DJ Nelson, and a working chemistry soon emerged between the two. He was then signed to Flow Music in 2009. Later that year, his debut album El Dueño Del Sistema was released.
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Feb 11, 2019




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Icebox 6 months ago
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El Gizzy
El Gizzy 5 months ago
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El Gizzy
El Gizzy 5 months ago
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Keith Jackson
Keith Jackson 5 months ago
@trvp_jay if i can make 6 fig a year, I deserve a nice watch. If I want it. I'm gonna get it.. 7-8k is a fair price for a watch & I might get my girl a necklace
Keith Jackson
Keith Jackson 5 months ago
Why didn't I shop from here before & I need a new watch
trvp_jay 6 months ago
God damn know i can't afford that shit even the cheapest thing from ice box i still cant afford
Mr. 12A
Mr. 12A 5 days ago
662 grams time $40 a gram comes out to $26,480 plus the stones maybe 10k more that's 37,000 plus the icebox logo gonna cost u another 50k they be taxing the shit outta these rappers
Faze Hauz3r
Faze Hauz3r 11 days ago
I straight up thought it was loveliveserve 😂😂😂😂
Jean Itacy
Jean Itacy 12 days ago
I hate when people ask you where you from it comes off as if you only wanta deal with your own kind,money in hand i'll do business with you..
Abe Andrade
Abe Andrade 16 days ago
I just want to know the name of the song if he actually released the track or even record it
Julian Vazquez
Julian Vazquez 17 days ago
Boricua papi🇵🇷
Victorjrkingi Sanchez
That sales man sucks 😂
Ken Schäfer
Ken Schäfer Month ago
😂🤣💀he didn’t even leave a dollar in the store just got the free case even he ain’t really famous he just a sucka nobody cares but him and y’all suck his dig like wtf !? Y’all really lame Johnny dang is way way better
Jerrod Martinez
Jerrod Martinez Month ago
He the type of nigga who ask to try it on and run out the mall
The Creppypaster HDZ
Yo no sabia que hablaban español Loool
Donald Blunt
Donald Blunt 2 months ago
He was feeling homegirl doing the molds 😝
SOSA 7180
SOSA 7180 2 months ago
Krystin Grant
Krystin Grant 12 days ago
Ben Gordan
Ben Gordan 2 months ago
Ice box is ok but johnny dang is the king of bling
Craig Default
Craig Default 2 months ago
This the first guy i see on icebox who didnt get finnessed 😂
Azr Kaa
Azr Kaa 2 months ago
Rappers act rich but they ask for lower price ... that's not rich
Alex Clarke
Alex Clarke 3 months ago
And Mase was there
Zabieru McCloud
Zabieru McCloud 3 months ago
That's some Ma$e shit right there. Chilling in a fucking Jewelry store wearing an ocean blue suede jacket.
Zabieru McCloud
Zabieru McCloud 3 months ago
That's some Ma$e shit right there. Chilling in a fucking Jewelry store wearing an ocean blue suede jacket.
S. Pirzada
S. Pirzada 3 months ago
pakistanis in the spitod
Jake Thomas
Jake Thomas 3 months ago
14:55 “we could use this on our shirts and everything” they came for a free logo design too not just the case and cleaning, all with 0 spent. These guys are smart.
Minty Promo
Minty Promo 3 months ago
this salesman way better
Roger Robeson
Roger Robeson 3 months ago
I got 2.50 and a jaw breaker.what can I get.
90061GOD 3 months ago
Joseph Diaz
Joseph Diaz 3 months ago
What the he'll it's so weird to watch this cuz j alvarez lives in my neighborhood
Unloaded ¿¿¿
Unloaded ¿¿¿ 3 months ago
He is lowkey cringy af
Max Carter
Max Carter 3 months ago
Mase been secretly getting ICED OUT
Dj Erk
Dj Erk 3 months ago
He's so high lol
Daw Martin
Daw Martin 3 months ago
shout out to Skylar, Ivan & Ell, keep up the good work
Sal 3 months ago
Nas was like, leave me the fuck alone dude.
Jose Trujillo
Jose Trujillo 3 months ago
Jajajaj fue de visita y no compro ni vergas
ZAICEL 3 months ago
Quien español broths😂😎😈
Omar Fuentes
Omar Fuentes 3 months ago
Deja el fronte bobolon fantasmeando y no comprana el logo ponle 💰 i need pelaoo si sales con el alpha el jefe te la monta pelaoo
Le36on Blames
Le36on Blames 4 months ago
If he is smart and knows what's up why tf did he stay and wasted everybody's time...smh...what an idiot...came for the free cleaning and box...he's not coming back to buy something...
Pablo Naranjo
Pablo Naranjo 4 months ago
Lol 😂 a la cara el j Álvarez,compra algo men,tan siquiera un arete lol 😂 y con un bulto de gente atra,pa q?? Pa q cuiden el dinero????hahaha
Justin Flores
Justin Flores 4 months ago
That fool didnt spend 1 dollar oh broke azz I would of bought something
Mario Antonioni
Mario Antonioni 4 months ago
The refugees owners of Jewelry shops, Pakistani, WTH! OHHH the demoncraps bringing millionaire refugees, hahahahahhahah !!
MrAuto727 4 months ago
On a serious tip that guy wasn't going to spend money and he knew it before he even got to the jewelry store. I guess you just felt like going outside that day lol
Rey Felipe VI
Rey Felipe VI 4 months ago
Can I get a discount?
Slick Beats
Slick Beats 4 months ago
Yall really got Rhino from LLS
Germain Khan
Germain Khan 4 months ago
this Alvarez apparently knows his crap what he said about offset was spot on for me and dipping into old music and knowing mase
always change
always change 4 months ago
The Money Gang Came in Broke too The Ice Box 😂🤣.. #BrokeMoneyGang Instead
Angel Montes Ambriz
You joking? Cuz he definitely has millions in the bank he just doesn't feel like paying 3x the amount over retail. Icebox is a rip you just pay for their name
Marcos Martínez
Marcos Martínez 4 months ago
window shopping at its finest 😂
sohaib ahmed
sohaib ahmed 4 months ago
Nothing wrong with that haha
Marcos Martínez
Marcos Martínez 4 months ago
this guy is wack af
tam phan
tam phan 4 months ago
Thought money gang was taken
Robin García
Robin García 4 months ago
Latino Gang gang 🤘🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hugo Alvarado
Hugo Alvarado 4 months ago
Puro bla bla y el maricon con la jacket the millones 🤥
Matty 100%X35
Matty 100%X35 4 months ago
J Alvarez ain’t got the money for the ice box lmao
Rideordie 817
Rideordie 817 4 months ago
Didn’t buy anything. Window shopper
Dmac 740
Dmac 740 4 months ago
They smart giving out those cases would make you want to fill it.
Jorge Mendez
Jorge Mendez 4 months ago
Compra algo cabron, das pena ajena😂🤣
Luis Torres
Luis Torres 4 months ago
Tanto fronteo y no compro naahhhh Mamauuu
Luis Perez
Luis Perez 4 months ago
He smashing the clerk n the 3D lady easy . 🍆💪
Manny Cat
Manny Cat 4 months ago
Millwr Smith
Millwr Smith 4 months ago
Man that diamond rope got mad neck grease on it😂
Texas Hernandez
Texas Hernandez 4 months ago
Daniel Carcamo
Daniel Carcamo 4 months ago
Juan Chavez
Juan Chavez 4 months ago
money gang...real original 😂😂
Alejandro Garcia
Alejandro Garcia 4 months ago
Who the fook is this?
jorge lizarraga
jorge lizarraga 5 months ago
a latino bn a latino smart shopper haha
LilAkyx 52442
LilAkyx 52442 5 months ago
I love how their a lot of Latinos working here ❤️
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