It's Time To Move On...

Dolan Twins
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Thank you, we'll see you guys soon.
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Oct 8, 2019




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Comments 63 512
Lola CRUCES 9 hours ago
I´m really proud of you guys. I´m happy you were able to make this step because its something yo need. I will miss you every Tuesday after school
O Undowsfb
O Undowsfb 9 hours ago
Keep your head up guysss we luv each and one of you twins ❤️😭
O Undowsfb
O Undowsfb 9 hours ago
Keep your head up guysss we luv each and one of you twins ❤️😭
Brooke Yates
Brooke Yates 9 hours ago
I thought they were gonna say they are gay 🤣💀💀💀
Catie Cheek
Catie Cheek 9 hours ago
Shane is the dad of USvid. You can’t tell me otherwise.
Xaviera Boyce
Xaviera Boyce 9 hours ago
So they skipped a Tuesday to tell us we not having Dolan twins Tuesday anymore..... the trickery 😂😭
Naiomi Rose
Naiomi Rose 9 hours ago
you guys should make a video just destroying your film room! on to new and better things! imagine the release from destroying all of it! besides the neon sign!
rachael hauer
rachael hauer 9 hours ago
i have never heard of you or watched your videos but let me just say: i loved what i just watched. seeing you two being so real and raw about these topics IS what we want. i would love to keep watching your videos and keep seeing real raw emotion discussing videos. no man EVER does this especially on youtube. you now have a new fan!
Miranda Rivera
Miranda Rivera 9 hours ago
its kinda sad that ppl are making jokes with all this
IbKinHaan 9 hours ago
Sorry to hear your loss. I didn't know you guys were so young, going through this hard time. Give yourselves time to mourn and heal within.
Idalia De la rosa
Idalia De la rosa 9 hours ago
Be happy do what you both want, us the subscribers if we are really supporters we are going to support you through whatever you decide... that’s my opinion ❤️
Hevin Kacar
Hevin Kacar 9 hours ago
my heart dude it broke
kathy rodriguez
kathy rodriguez 9 hours ago
the twins will forever have a special place in my heart. i wish them the best. and i know the future will be amazing♥️
Victoria Holmer
Victoria Holmer 9 hours ago
Greatest DT video I've ever seen! So excited for your guys future
Savana Saab
Savana Saab 9 hours ago
im actually trying not tot cry.
marwuhh xxx
marwuhh xxx 9 hours ago
love u ❤️
Rhianna Arris
Rhianna Arris 9 hours ago
I think you should only post videos when u think of a enjoyable video. Don’t just post for the sake of it because as a viewer it’s not the same honestly. The rest of the time, until u think of a enjoyable video idea live ur life, go visit ur family, go out and make new friends. You don’t want to look back on your teenage years n just remember the stress. I hope that makes sense and I hope u see this. Is so please like and let me know. Xx love u guys xx
Turtle in a Fedora
Turtle in a Fedora 9 hours ago
I don't know if you guys are ever going to see this but. I lost my mom when I was very young at 11 years old. And its been so hard trying to teach myself how to be a woman on my own. I would start going to a therapist if I were you guys, because its impossible to deal with this on your own. Keep your friends close, keep ypur family close, take some time off to grieve.
PianoCat7744 9 hours ago
Wait a second I’m still really confused are you not uploading again ever or when you feel like it cause I’m going to miss you making me smile I love you guys so much and you have all my love and support you always make my Tuesday and if I’ve had and awful day I always look forward to watching your content cause you can always make me laugh ❤️💕x
Púxta bítch
Púxta bítch 10 hours ago
Oh their gonna blow up after this
Púxta bítch
Púxta bítch 10 hours ago
Y so many jokes under this video? This is serious to them...
I_love_the_ beach
I_love_the_ beach 10 hours ago
I feel bad that you guys went through all of this but we understand and we are all so excited to see what you come out with in the future!
Púxta bítch
Púxta bítch 10 hours ago
You did change my life, u helped me through so much and u guys were my first social media crush 😂 but you guys need to be happy in order for us to be happy. Focus on yourself, PUT YOURSELFS FIRST. Please... I don’t wanna see u guys fail... you guys are amazing people and, honestly, just fuck all the videos, I rlly just want to see YOU GUYS truly fucking happy. 💜
AmvReverdedStudios 10 hours ago
Just to let you guys know.. Watching you guys have this real adult conversation, got this 25 year old to subscribe. Adult shit is cool too! I love real, expansive, deep conversations on real life and real topics too! Yes I come to USvid to laugh my butt off, and distract myself from the work day. But I also love and get inspired by vlog style videos, Q&A stuff, life updates, just relatable, down to earth, REAL stuff. It can be quirky and funny and awkward, because that's life. Gabbie Hanna said something similar about allowing your own like younger USvid persona to stick around longer, like how the age you get famous is the age you stay at mentally. I think it's extremely healthy to explore other options in life, hobbies, side jobs, music, who knows. The list is endless. Do what you love while you love it. But do not drain yourself trying to please other's. That's exactly how you lose everything. Like Shane said, grow with the audience.
Carina Alvarez
Carina Alvarez 10 hours ago
Also I love the Dolan twins but they should keep in mind that we all have a ton of hw all the time and personally I can’t even watch their videos until 1 or 2 weeks after. So they shouldn’t have had to stress about making one every Tuesday.
Katlyn Ferguson
Katlyn Ferguson 10 hours ago
is this a joke?
I_love_the_ beach
I_love_the_ beach 10 hours ago
14:01 when you go to high school
Camilla Høgvard
Camilla Høgvard 10 hours ago
I love this. I'm so excited and happy for you guys. Do what you love and love what you do. No matter what, you have to put yourself first. We understand, and we always will
Carina Alvarez
Carina Alvarez 10 hours ago
Just because their you tubers doesn’t mean their any less human than we are we all go through things and all though we look up to them for things just remember were all the same
Leslie Gallegos
Leslie Gallegos 10 hours ago
I’m proud of you guys, please take care of yourselves 💕
ItsNat 10 hours ago
As someone who worked from home for two years, I think this will be good for you. For me it was exceptionally hard because I didn't have a home office so my work station was right next to my bed. Horrible idea. I just couldn't relax. Due to the overwhelming stress I had so many physical health issues. Cheers to new beginnings for you two. Much love ❤️
Karen Curtis
Karen Curtis 10 hours ago
Twins you don't have any idea the impact this video will . I'm so proud you got to the point where you were brave enough to ask for help! Before your mental health, your youth , your lives of next Tuesday ended badly. I'm crazy excited to see what the new year brings, take as much time as you need have an extended November, December Holiday , enjoy being with your family xx It may sound crazy but .... internet is available probably where your mum lives. You guys are going to have an amazing life . Go Live It .... great name for merch xx. Take care everyone 😉
Coco Charney
Coco Charney 10 hours ago
I get it, but also... it’s a job. Every other adult in the world works 5 days a week, at least a 1/3 of their day... So 1 video once a week just doesn’t seem like that much work. Sorry 😐
fr3dricks0n 10 hours ago
shane should do a talk show. he would shit on kris jenner lol
I_love_the_ beach
I_love_the_ beach 10 hours ago
Shane is everybody's dad lol
Aleisha carmichael
Aleisha carmichael 10 hours ago
AYYE that's vince tatting him i used to watch his younow's way back now he's doing amazing !!!!
hennessy martinéz
hennessy martinéz 10 hours ago
when grayson said “when you need help reach out for it” that hit hard. i don’t like taking about my feelings and how i feel but that hit hard.
DarkBlueBubble 10 hours ago
Shane fixing the USvid community
Petra M
Petra M 10 hours ago
Ur 19 just have fun guys ❣️❣️
BBSWAG THE WEIRD 10 hours ago
I lost my dad when I was 4. If anyone needs to talk I'm here
Jennifer Coleman
Jennifer Coleman 10 hours ago
I've seen a lot of comments like this but I lost my mother at 19 (it was my birthday) I know how heart breaking it is and in time you will numb in a sense. But I'm sure you will grow and learn. I'm 23 now and it still hits hard sometimes. If you would like to take please contact me. I'm currently deployed but I will always be an ear for you or anyone you needs a friend or family
millx Syer
millx Syer 10 hours ago
Why do they look like super cute here 🤣🤣🤣
Lindsay B
Lindsay B 10 hours ago
I’ve been subscribed for a while now. I’ve always looked forward to Tuesday’s and would literally watch their videos the minute it came out, even in class sometimes. I felt like for the past 6 months, their videos seemed odd. They were always really funny and I felt like they started to kinda lose their spark. I still love the twins so much, and will always, but I wasn’t excited anymore. There’s literally videos where I still haven’t even watched them. Shane literally said that people will notice and stop watching, and he’s right. I noticed that something was different and stopped watching majority of their videos, when I used to spend hours watching their old videos. Gray, E, I want you to take as much time as needed to process your life, because you need it. I’m so excited for your next videos in the future. I haven’t felt that way in almost 6 months. I wish I could just talk to you guys in person because you mean so much to me, and I want you to enjoy your life. I’m sure there’s many people who feel the same way. I hope you read this, because we all just want you to be happy.
millx Syer
millx Syer 10 hours ago
The second they left Shane the next scene was just so pure. Lovit
Taylor snow
Taylor snow 10 hours ago
I'm not crying you are...
millx Syer
millx Syer 10 hours ago
Use the like button as a aww counter
millx Syer
millx Syer 10 hours ago
When they lost they're dad I thaught by myself, my biggest dream is to see them cry... Okay hear me out. I wanted to see them cry because I wanted to know that they fully just let go and cry and break and build up and fully get over it. Because I always felt like they just tried wayyyy to hard to swipe it aside and sweep it under the carpet. But now I need them to grow and shine and glow and be amazing to be young and live life to the fullest. I am proud to be a fan. X
Rahnee Patrick
Rahnee Patrick 10 hours ago
One match @ a time. - Dad Dolan
Nikki Newsom
Nikki Newsom 10 hours ago
I jus want to say I only subscribed after your Jeffery star makeover when I saw how genuine and unmaterialistic you two seemed so despite all the sad aspects of this video I still feel so extremely proud of you two for being raw and real and knowing what you need in your life for your mental state your family and your ability to continue to grow into incredible young men with important values and priorities I have no doubt you are going to do amazing things ❤
jill i
jill i 10 hours ago
y’all need to join the vlog squad 😂 no cap 💀🚫🧢
Břeđa MçIņeřnëy
jill i they’ll fuck em up, I think it’s better if they stay away from those ppl
millx Syer
millx Syer 10 hours ago
Wtf gave this a thumbsdown
Josie Grace Black
Josie Grace Black 10 hours ago
Does anyone else feel like something lifted off of them? Like you just leave this video with a smile, a full heart, and hope for the future :)
Tia Safira
Tia Safira 10 hours ago
yess ! Please enjoy your life 🙏🏼
Jane Falvey
Jane Falvey 11 hours ago
Hearing Ethan actually say f*cking is so weird bc he always bleeps it out
Lana Lana
Lana Lana 11 hours ago
I respect the Dolan twins so so so much more from this video. This really is helping so many people. Take all the time you need, your well-being is way more important. Wishing you both the best ✨
Jane Falvey
Jane Falvey 11 hours ago
261 Tuesdays in 5 years
ruby dyett
ruby dyett 11 hours ago
You two are my favourite youtubers and as much as I will miss the weekly videos and the see you next Tuesday outro I know that this change is the best thing to do for you and all your supporters. If you have more time to plan, edit and enjoy your USvid videos everyone will to. Don't be afraid to be real with us because we will totally understand and definitely wouldn't think that you guys are looking for sympathy. I will %100 percent enjoy your USvid videos more when you take your time and you are proud of what you made. And like Ethan said do crazy stuff because you can not little things because you have to. I am so exited about your next video hopefully you are to. Just enjoy your life online and your real self and I hope this message helped. From Ruby
maartina ritsa
maartina ritsa 11 hours ago
Dude i dont get it.... Are they quitting USvid?
Shane Dawson
Shane Dawson 11 hours ago
The Dolan twins need to talk to Garrett about their posting issues 😂
R3STLESSx 11 hours ago
I usually don't watch them, but.. why would you dislike this? Like, c'mon
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