It's Always Sunny: Weaponizing the Status Quo

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has become one of the longest-running sitcoms of all time, releasing its 14th season this month. To celebrate, I want to discuss why it's lasted so long and how it's used the tropes of long-lasting sitcoms to better represent its themes and purposes.
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Sep 14, 2019




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Emily Nelson
Emily Nelson 8 hours ago
On the note of Charlie's increasing stupidity, I find that within the storyline of the show, it is directly due to the gang's influence. Charlie's constant consumption of poison as well as his status as low man on the totem pole at the bar are surely fucking him up. Not to mention in the first episode of season 2 when Dennis runs him over with his car inflicting body and head trauma?????
Phil Kin
Phil Kin 9 hours ago
I'm on my 7th time watching all of the 13 seasons start to finish, yes I have watched each episode at least 7 times, in less than 2 years. My problem is explaining it to people as us Irish kinda don't take to American sit coms with canned laugh which this isn't. I'm particularly fascinated with Danny (Frank) as I find myself staring at him off script but left in the frame, for example, look at him in the scene with pondy sitting on the bed in the episode Dee gives Birth, Bill Pondy pulls out a bag of coke while being questioned he puts it back away but like a true fiend Frank doesn't let it out of his mind, playing with his gums, mouth and glancing at Pony's pocket until Pondy pulls it back out to which Frank nearly dives on it, from there Pondy and Frank are best pal's and Frank even Sponsors him and gets up to all sorts in later episodes. Also if you notice Frank never connects on a hi 5 or fist bump, its all down to the amazing writing and acting that puts this show up there as one of the best ever.
CJ 16 hours ago
The guy who plays Dennis is anti vax just so you know
Toomany .Toastuhs
Fun fact: Dating a trans girl was how I figured out I'm bisexual, favoring men. Sparing the details, her primary masculine features were what attracted me to her. It ended up making her very uncomfortable the first time we had an intimate encounter and I felt terrible. We talked it through to each other and it just clicked with me then and there. So it's definitely a thing that happens with some people. I don't necessarily think the episode where Mac dates a trans woman is problematic within context. Especially seeing as the woman wasn't portrayed in a negative or mean way. And the joke wasn't that she is trans, but fear of the others being stupid and terrible because she's trans.
Ben Balko
Ben Balko 3 days ago
Charlie is the best character, he’s a good person who’s just not the brightest
karicherrycola 3 days ago
I've never watched a full episode of It's Always Sunny but I could listen to video essays about it forever. I guess maybe I should go watch it now.
John Wayne
John Wayne 5 days ago
You haven't thought of the smell YOU BITCH!
Prince Ali
Prince Ali 5 days ago
The Sun always shines on Charlie
Demiglitch 8 days ago
Frankly, fucking up tweens makes them redeemable characters after the forty seasons it’s been aired.
Rose Erin
Rose Erin 8 days ago
thank god- youve decided to make a good video.
Anon 9 days ago
Trans "women"
Chance Evans
Chance Evans 9 days ago
fix your audio chief
Cristina R
Cristina R 10 days ago
Josh Lyons
Josh Lyons 10 days ago
I see sunny as more of a de-evolition of the main characters and the ones around them as opposed to how the characters stpry archs in standard sitcoms evolve slowly over time. In sunny you can see the effects of their tom foolery as the seasons go on for an example just look at mathew "rickety cricket" maura started as a man of the cloth and ended up dirty street rat suck boy....also i think dennis is the scranton strangler
TheMixedMaster 11 days ago
Danny DeVito isn’t THAT old. He’s not even 80 yet.
Dakota Delong
Dakota Delong 12 days ago
"The filthy Frank affect" what a good way to put it.
Scruffy Looking Brantforder
The camera switching back to Charlie mouthing the words to the speech he wrote for Dennis is so perfect it gets me every time.
Edgar Allen Pwned
Edgar Allen Pwned 13 days ago
Why are you going over the entire show of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia like nobody's ever heard of it before? Weird channel
OsKarMike1306 13 days ago
They'll never go right out and say that Dennis is a serial killer because it wouldn't as funny as...the implication
nonamerequired123 14 days ago
So in essence, the show is Seinfeld set in Philly with a bar rather than a cafe.
travis98761 15 days ago
Dennis is one of the best character's on TV lol
EARLthePEARL 15 days ago
Man as a fan of the show since it premiered, this was really well done Quinton. I’d love to see you analyze Letterkenny
scampoli25 15 days ago
How did you manage to make a 26 minute video and make no definitive points or back up statements with anything more than "Just trust me on this"? It's ironic how you take so much time to make these videos about how people like things for the wrong reasons when your whole channel is fueled by people who passively watch your videos regardless of quality.
Conspiracy Theories with Tea
A content warning which doesnt explain what subjects will be addressed is nearly useless. Appreciate the attempt, but maybe a go little more specific next time :P
Sea Gang
Sea Gang 16 days ago
Always Sunny is edgy humor done right
wildarmor 17 days ago
Fun fact: that guy at 11:37 is the same one on the youtube channels Internet Comment Ettiquette and letsgotoclass. He has excellent videos, and he's really fucking funny.
Ryan McDonald
Ryan McDonald 18 days ago
If you have reverb on your voice, it has too much decay or release.
Terry Lewis
Terry Lewis 18 days ago
Its the "implication" that Dennis could be a serial killer.
Cait C
Cait C 18 days ago
what a great thumbnail
Hash Vendetta
Hash Vendetta 18 days ago
You don't have friends who try to "conquer women" like Dennis. Please stop, dipshit.
quantumperception 19 days ago
I have watched every episode multiple times, but there are some scenes in this video that I don't recall from the show. Starting around 21:22, with them sitting around a conference table (which looks somewhat like the one from the "Hero or Hate Crime" episode, but with a woman who wasn't a moderator in the episode), to Mac and Charlie wearing weird hats at a fair (?), to them playing laser tag, to them having some sorts of pumpkin (?) in a safe, to Dee choking at a restaurant, to Frank antagonizing a gorilla. Did I miss some episodes? Were there previews of the new season that I missed?
quantumperception 19 days ago
It is dark and raunchy, but anyone who thinks it is offensive is an idiot. I heard people complain about them doing stuff like black face or using words like fa**ot and ni**er, and anyone who watches the show knows that those offended obviously either never actually watched the show (and just heard about those incidents), or didn't get the joke. For instance, them doing black face wasn't making fun of black people, it was making fun of people who think black face is okay. And any time they use offensive words it is in the context of either talking about how they aren't okay to use, or using them in a way to make fun of those who use them. The characters do offensive things, but the whole point is how horrible they are as people, and they are making fun of people who actually do those horrible things. It isn't an endorsement of those offensive things, it is always making fun of people who do those things. It is like when the Colbert Report would have the host do/say offensive or stupid things- the whole point was to mock people like that. The few times I have heard people say that Always Sunny is offensive, it was clear that they were just looking for a topic to blog about- my friends and I are progressives and we have never been offended by the show. The fans know that they are doing racist, homophobic, etc. stuff to show what idiots those people are.
mrbforshorter 19 days ago
I can't help but feel like you're trying to discuss a very smart show while being a person who isn't particularly capable in doing so.
Scape Goatee
Scape Goatee 20 days ago
It's Always Sunny is essentially the 2000's version of Married With Children.
Asphalt - Cowboy94
Asphalt - Cowboy94 20 days ago
100% one of the best shows ever made.
Meme Iselfaneye
Meme Iselfaneye 20 days ago
I remember just randomly stumbling on it on "the Gang Solves the Gas Crisis," and was hooked from the start, so many great gags in just that one episode. Like "New plan, we're going to the Hospital," an actually prudent thing to do, but..."Actually bro, I think we're gonna be done with your plans for a little while." WILDCARD, BITCHES! YEEEEEEHAAAAW!
wh at
wh at 21 day ago
Your voice sounds like a sober version of Charlie
Adam Warlock
Adam Warlock 21 day ago
britta is the best, how dare you :P
linus lexy
linus lexy 21 day ago
Whoa! Did you just imply that Mac and Charlie are stupid because they grew up poor? I will smash your face into a jelly!
Ether Jumper
Ether Jumper 22 days ago
Rob Michaelaney
Gateaux Q
Gateaux Q 22 days ago
I feel like you missed an opportunity to mention that Danny Devito is married to Rhea Perlman who was on Cheers. With the comparisons to other sitcoms I think this may not have been completely coincidental (even though Danny was hired as the ‘star power’ to try and ensure the investment into the show was lucrative. Thanks capitalism...?)
Just making one thing clear, Dennis is not a serial killer, his speeches are always bordeline and hilarious but they are never suppose to be taken literally, he is not keeping skins in his closet and most likely hasn't murdered anyone.
Snorpax 23 days ago
explaining jokes, epic
Coolbean94vevo 23 days ago
In the season 2 episode “Hundred Dollar Baby”, Mac and Dennis train Charlie to become a cage fighter by smashing objects on his head. Every episode after that, he’s illiterate. Mac and Dennis gave his brain damage
Rafael E
Rafael E 24 days ago
Another example of flanderization is Bob from 'That 70's show'
CarloTheImmortal 13 days ago
Care to break it down? Lol
Deadland Placebo
Deadland Placebo 24 days ago
Me and my friends am I right, I'm right arnt I. Oh god I'm a terrible person
Doctor Dungus
Doctor Dungus 24 days ago
I have to disagree about Dennis changing. The show has gotten much worse now that Dennis is just an outright sociopath; it ruins the feeling of the show, making it impossible to believe that these people could all be friends and hang out together. The show really lost its mystique around Season 10, and it's been downhill from there. It feels more like Looney Tunes now than a sitcom. You can do the same de-evolution of the characters in a subtle way that is actually funny to watch.
Ty Lindamood
Ty Lindamood 24 days ago
it was so wierd seeing cricket look normal
Lucia Dakin
Lucia Dakin 24 days ago
this video slaps
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown 24 days ago
For me.. there is nothing better than the Dennis system lol
Chris Brinkley
Chris Brinkley 24 days ago
When talking about the plot point of Mac coming out, should have mentioned that he only came out (“hero or hate crime?”) because he wanted to win the full amount of winnings in an unscratched lotto ticket in an arbitration. Not because he felt unsure of himself, or that he felt his friends would make fun of him over it, but because frank called him fa**ot to save his life and get the money he could potentially win.
vanna kinder
vanna kinder 25 days ago
cricket and mac's mom are my favorite minor characters. Best scenes are the coach scene/ golden god car scene/mac's mom just responding yeah when dennis calls her ugly.
Bitch Bob
Bitch Bob 25 days ago
Sven K
Sven K 25 days ago
s13e1 hurt to watch, i respect that they would wanna show change but it was just downright unfunny and cindy didn't fit the shows humour at all in my mind.
Kidd Famous
Kidd Famous 25 days ago
do the office
at toshe station getting power converters
the fact that dennis becomes more and more unhinged just makes it even more hilarious that mac keeps falling more and more in love with him
burningmisery 25 days ago
IASIP should have won an award for that last episode of the season. That entire scene at the end made me weep. Completely unpretentious yet very touching.
Coffee Drinker
Coffee Drinker 26 days ago
misery loves company lol
Aggro Morality
Aggro Morality 26 days ago
*rubs hand sanitizer on body* *_I J U S T W A N T T O B E P U R E_*
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