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It All Comes Down to This! (Browns vs. Ravens Mic'd Up) | NFL Films

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The Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens mic'd up Week 17 of the 2018 NFL Season.
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Jan 3, 2019

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Comments 865
Atomic Frags
Atomic Frags 2 days ago
3:46 He just kicked that man 🤣
Pie 4 Life
Pie 4 Life 3 days ago
5:29 about that
dbag0584 3 days ago
The hay is in the barn!
Mark Bryant
Mark Bryant 5 days ago
Just look at all the Ravens Rookies and the one's we drafted this year looking good can't wait
Oliver Hostert
Oliver Hostert 6 days ago
Anyone 2020
Steven Pellegrino
Steven Pellegrino 10 days ago
Was baker feeling dangerous???🤔 He should try feeling like a winner!!! And win some games. Will all the diva's. Drama will keep them at 8-8 here in clown-town! I might live in Cleveland. But I'm a cowboy baa bee!👍💪🤠
TheLinkremmy 10 days ago
2:38 if the ball crosses the plane it doesn't matter if they hit it out right? its already a td so why even pull back?
CJ Raven23
CJ Raven23 12 days ago
It was short lived, but boy was it a memorable time that I'll never forget
wayne merritt
wayne merritt 14 days ago
Refs blew whistle on a fumble that could have been returned for a TD by the Browns. Whole game right there. But one and done in playoffs for Ravens is karma.
Patrick Outen
Patrick Outen 18 days ago
but we couldn't line up quick enough Baker was a rookie tho lol why did he say that lol
From The Westside With Love
It was true
UnoHightimes 23 days ago
Everyone talking about Browns, but are sleeping on Ravens pick ups, draft & if they can land McCoy.. whewww
Popular D
Popular D 25 days ago
I Ate my wife’s , and mine Nails
Dylan Prewett
Dylan Prewett 25 days ago
They robbed us on that goal line qb sneak by the Ravens, that was a touchdown for the brownies
Andrik Vasquez
Andrik Vasquez 5 days ago
Yeah the refs did
dshew d
dshew d 28 days ago
That's Baker's karma for acting like an egomaniac and horse's ass the whole season
Jeremiah Seavey
Jeremiah Seavey Month ago
Guess who wins
Torrey Brown
Torrey Brown Month ago
AFC NORTH is going to be TOUGH!!
Jeremy Alarid
Jeremy Alarid Month ago
3:27 Jarvis laundry sounds like xxxtentecion who else agrees??
I don’t have any
Anyone notice how perriman could catch all the sudden when he on the browns, like this PISSED me off so much
Cruddy Reek
Cruddy Reek Month ago
This game was more entertaining then the super bowl
poppyhimbo Month ago
Lamar should never have pulled the ball back when diving into endzone! once he would have broke the plane (another 3 inches) they could have knocked the ball out and it wouldnt have mattered!! he will learn....
imaczech Month ago
2:59 Joe Flacco awkwardly sits in between....it's like keep talking and I don't care...
bubbadelux Month ago
He fumbles the ball ,Cleveland picks it up. ...running down the field for an easy 6points ! NOOO, we'll call it back & place it on the 7yrd line when it was a TD ????? Still lost on that call
Sbrabson04 Month ago
No it wasn’t recovered at the 7 yard line, it was a damn TD.
Troy Tv
Troy Tv Month ago
😂😂😂 you notice #23 at 01:29 & 01:44 he came up with nothing but air twice
RaPiiDz _Yt
RaPiiDz _Yt 2 months ago
I was at that game
Jd Hall
Jd Hall 2 months ago
It was a good game.
FreshjOsh 2 months ago
I Was Thier !!!!!!
Vance ProductionsTM 2
I cried
A J Creedon Sr
A J Creedon Sr 2 months ago
MAYFIELD TO MOSLEY ! 😈 And the Brownies 💩 curse continues ! 🤣
R L 4 days ago
A 7 win improvement buddy. Could have been more , easily.
T T Moore
T T Moore 2 months ago
Lamar said, "I saw them helmets rush me @ the goal line & I pulled the rock back." 😂😂😂
Isaiah Singletary
Isaiah Singletary 2 months ago
I was at this game 😍
Jack Finegold
Jack Finegold 2 months ago
That goal line Lamar fumble was a live ball and should have been a Brown’s touchdown
From The Westside With Love
@Are Seelmfaooo
Are See
Are See 2 months ago
And I should have been King of Bohemia. Didn't happen.
Emzee Three
Emzee Three 2 months ago
#RavensFlock who else is ready for this season giphy.com/explore/baltimore-ravens
Cameron Allen
Cameron Allen 2 months ago
Lamar jack son hogs
Saul Rasco
Saul Rasco 2 months ago
Browns ain't got nothing on us RAVENSSSSSS
Timothy Martin
Timothy Martin Month ago
Yes we do we have a quarterback
starwarsfanforlife 2 months ago
You can’t help but root for the Browns to do better. Maybe this year they will win their division? Time will tell....
Dunkmanvlogs 2 months ago
Jackson is not a qb he’s a running back
Chase Krajcsir
Chase Krajcsir 2 months ago
What would happen if the Browns were in the playoffs?? 🤔
branden8045 theultramangofighter
0:06 ass smack
Blazen FPV
Blazen FPV 3 months ago
We should have paid CJ
Chris Conforto
Chris Conforto 3 months ago
3:06 what a camera view 😱😱🔥
Maliek Jackson
Maliek Jackson 3 months ago
As long as he protect himself while running and improve his passing, then he'll be alright.
Nate C
Nate C 3 months ago
Jabril Peppers knew he was getting traded. Suggs knee he was leaving after the season
Destiny Kane
Destiny Kane 3 months ago
I'm going miss everyone on bmore thank you for this game
From The Westside With Love
What's good? You live in bmore?
the voice of reason
the voice of reason 3 months ago
Lamar almost had 4 rushing touchdowns
Many Etier
Many Etier 3 months ago
Browns got robbed of a touchdown
Fresh Productions
Fresh Productions 3 months ago
This will be a great rivalry for years to come. Especially Baker vs Jackson 🏈
Jacob Haight élève
watta game to be at..
Lewis Ivory
Lewis Ivory 3 months ago
Lamar can’t throw
Thad Radcliffe
Thad Radcliffe 2 months ago
Your mother cant either
Bruce Glover
Bruce Glover 4 months ago
Terrell Suggs and The Ravens made it to the playoffs.
Nacho Gonzaga
Nacho Gonzaga 4 months ago
Lamar is not a QB we all know that
Andrew Peña
Andrew Peña 4 months ago
If the broncos were against the ravens the Steelers would’ve been to the playoffs
Timothy Martin
Timothy Martin Month ago
Plus the Browns beat the Broncos
Are See
Are See 2 months ago
Ravens already beat the Broncos earlier in the season. The Steelers couldn't. C'est la guerre, as they say in South Baltimore.
jordan5221 5 months ago
too bad it only lasted a week, Ravens being back in the tournament that is.
Damonte Smith
Damonte Smith 5 months ago
Go cowboys good luck on the playoff
James Hale
James Hale 5 months ago
My favorite moment was seeing Marshal Yanda come over and give some veteran advice to his young QB. Great to be able to see that support and mentorship on the sideline.
BIG Wayne Gee
BIG Wayne Gee 5 months ago
...and............................ Ravens are One and Done ---
Stephen Cooper
Stephen Cooper 5 months ago
Then they try the same thing against the Colts and got STUFFED. Ravens fans booing their own QB coming on for the 4th quarter cause they wanted someone who can throw lmao.
chadbailey30 5 months ago
Sucks Browns lost but hell at the beginning of the year we where just hoping to break open the coolers for that 1st win. The fact that the Browns where actually relevant was a win...
Apotheosis 5 months ago
As a Giants fan I want to see the Browns win a super bowl before I die. I’m 28. Come on Cleveland, do it.
JP_ KingSlayer
JP_ KingSlayer 5 months ago
With the Steelers declining the best rivalry in the AFC north is gonna be the Browns Vs Ravens!
Brown boy
Brown boy 5 months ago
2:10 Kodak 🔥
Ryan Lengacher
Ryan Lengacher 5 months ago
But then you lost to the Chargers and your season is over goodbye ravens 👋🏻 go colts !!!
Make America Great Again
Derrick Nichols
Derrick Nichols 5 months ago
I hope my Ravens progress Lamar passing skills besides his running skills
Paul H. Kircher III
Paul H. Kircher III 5 months ago
Kevin Ross' minuet wasn't pretend.
tazon neal
tazon neal 5 months ago
Ravens lost to Chargers in playoffs
Evangelos 5 months ago
whats it matter if you go to the playoffs and loose the first game haha
Timothy Martin
Timothy Martin Month ago
It's like not being there
Nick Ferritto
Nick Ferritto 5 months ago
2:26 The refs were doing the bird box challenge and cost the browns a touchdown
gamejr84 5 months ago
Browns shoulda won.. but they blew the play dead when Jackson tried getting in.
Ed Smith
Ed Smith 5 months ago
Yahweh to go Browns now the Steelers can't play in the playoffs I am I really appreciate it could you at least beat them want that one game come on
Joshua Long
Joshua Long 5 months ago
The Browns are no longer a wash team.... They will be a SB Championship team very very soon... Good Job Baker and crew
Kaum Muas
Kaum Muas 5 months ago
Lamar’s gonna end up like RG3 and Baker’ gonna end up like Johnny Manziel!!
Lurking 5 months ago
The Browns had such a great season. I cannot wait till next year. Us Ohioans have a team to watch now.
541PrimeTime 5 months ago
Why I hear a Marcus Mariota cadence???
TotallyNotASeaOtter 5 months ago
Mayfield is a god.
NewWorld 5 months ago
Lamar Jackson is trash.
Andrew Ocean
Andrew Ocean 5 months ago
Josiah Connell
Josiah Connell 5 months ago
This was so sad too see Baker and the Browns come so close to the playoffs. Even though they couldn’t make it, they’ve done amazing and have come a long way
Mike Stories
Mike Stories 5 months ago
gg bois
King Na’im
King Na’im 5 months ago
android boi
android boi 5 months ago
forget ya'll, steelers for life.
Sneeky Snake
Sneeky Snake 5 months ago
Is this a rugby game? Its not footbal so what is it ? Please help me
John Smith
John Smith 5 months ago
John Smith
John Smith 5 months ago
At 230 that was a Browns td
sean im
sean im 5 months ago
1:53 respect
AdamTheTiger 5 months ago
If you are reading this, YOU ARE AWESOME 😎 don’t let anyone tell you otherwise 😊 your friend AdamTheTiger 🐯
Tyler Wolf
Tyler Wolf 5 months ago
Browns fan here as much as I would love for us to win every game I'm glad they didn't win this one!! Keep Steelers down! Baltimore and Cleveland will run this division!
EG Productions
EG Productions 5 months ago
Don't get mad at me for this. Sub me and I'll sub back Just trying to help
manman lee
manman lee 5 months ago
We cant line up quick enough huh? Looks like to me we did and 3 picks to add lol
kyle sullivan
kyle sullivan 5 months ago
Lamar Jackson thinks he’s michael Vick. Who didn’t last in the nfl.
Your Average Strategy Gamer
Browns have improved SOOO much damn..
wikedwun 5 months ago
Ravens got exposed. Chargers will win the rematch
swimmy41 5 months ago
As a Bengals fan, this made me sad, but let’s be real what doesn’t
Why the Race Card is Played
Love both those qbs
OP Nigga
OP Nigga 5 months ago
I wish they had Anthony Levine mic up during the pass break up on 1st down
pyramid architect
pyramid architect 5 months ago
Baker threw the game losing interception in the biggest moment in college and in the biggest game of his NFL career 3 of them to be exact this is Baker Mayfield.
Malik Lesane
Malik Lesane 5 months ago
I see what y’all did there as soon as he was about to say the s word you put Baker snap for the same affect
Walter Brown
Walter Brown 5 months ago
The AFC North division RED BLACK And BLUE Or Blood sweat And tears !
Jetemiah Ballard
Jetemiah Ballard 5 months ago
Get off trending. Really USvid?
Mateo Roldan Raymond
damn. we we're so close to go the playoffs.
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