Is Pokimane Asian? I take a DNA test!

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So many people ask me all the time about my race, ethnicity, or nationality; I decided to finally take a DNA test and check out my Ancestry! 😄 Time to see if i'm actually Asian or not 😳 Join me as I check the results! ❤Expand me❤
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Comments 100
Pokimane 6 days ago
Thank you all so much for watching
xx LLAMAZ YT xx 19 hours ago
Team francais on est la
Ahmad_ Gamez
Ahmad_ Gamez Day ago
At least you are arabian like me
Elisa Hoerth
Elisa Hoerth 3 days ago
Pokimane I thought you were Asian🤨🤨
SANDY 5 days ago
Can you add me on fortnite my fortnite name is Green stiven
Premunera På Pewdiepie
Whoaaat you speak frensh?
LordRainMan666 l
Diglett= located on your stomach so alot of guys dig you
LordRainMan666 l
Magickarp=your right arm must be flimsy
F3AR IV ツ Hour ago
Guess wat tfue is sueing faze
LordRainMan666 l
LordRainMan666 l
Pikachu=you must be a good dancer funny its on your right hip
LordRainMan666 l
The arm Plusle's on is your strongest funny that your holding your phone up with it
detadeee gillette
If you had merch I would buy
Riku Hour ago
6:43 is when it actually start
Delfim Inácio Felismino Antônio
je t´aime ausi !
Jeffrey Peacock
Can you trust some Arabic that would be interesting since you're Moroccan. Not to sound defensive at all but you look like you're typical white woman. My buddy Muhammad said how in the actual lots of bad curse words is she Moroccan
Jake - Tofu and Kimchi
6:21 is it just me or is pokis arm weirdly side crooked or something???
Taeshon Sims
Taeshon Sims Hour ago
when you poki said this is futer poki i was abou to rewind my video back
LordRainMan666 l
Phanphy 1st evo so little jelly rolls
LordRainMan666 l
Ditto can transform into magikarp so i get the best of both worlds if you know what i mean
LordRainMan666 l
Bulbasaur=you smell nooooice
LordRainMan666 l
You have cute collar bones=one fire ones water damn girl you fine
Ultimate Memz
Ultimate Memz Hour ago
“It ain’t black” **Proceeds to point at black hair**
LordRainMan666 l
My diglett on yo stomach
LordRainMan666 l
Both dem thangs are skitties
Qr gaming
Qr gaming Hour ago
You are egypain
LordRainMan666 l
Got your head on a spinda
IIZOZEX - زوزكس
Wow Poki is 80% Arab u know can i teach u arabic?
Harvath W
Harvath W 2 hours ago
Is sisrers anoing
Harvath W
Harvath W 2 hours ago
You do great videos
Fortnite Dreamer
Fortnite Dreamer 2 hours ago
Your guite
Godz-Critical ops master Master
What’s. Language was her mom and poki speaking
vαмρɪяє нυиτєя ツ
Half Arab and half European, I thought you were Asian (>_
MonKeYZz 2 hours ago
Elle parle français ! Like si tu parle français ou québécois
pink guy
pink guy 2 hours ago
Poki, why were you surprised that you're almost 10 percent Spanish? Morocco and spain were in war a long time ago and they raped them soooo..
pink guy
pink guy 2 hours ago
Wait, she's from Morocco? I have something to be proud of 😩🇲🇦
naviddd 2 hours ago
Wtf i didn’t know u spoke another language
Rigoberto Araujo
Rigoberto Araujo 2 hours ago
8:26 she said a bad word
Edward Tucker
Edward Tucker 3 hours ago
You're African
Oversight 3 hours ago
You may be 85% African, but you're 100% THICC
Oversight 3 hours ago
8:27-8:31. Someone make a meme out of that.
fortnitedoom 2006
fortnitedoom 2006 3 hours ago
Damn girl you speak Portuguese
Simularbre 3 hours ago
Je savais pas que Poki parlait le français 🤣
NerdySword 3 hours ago
joli t-shirt j'aime les pokemons
GWA 3 hours ago
Omg you speak French, I live in France I love you even more
胡维清 4 hours ago
U R Adopted
MeNoThePuppy 10
MeNoThePuppy 10 4 hours ago
I am half Asian :) I also love you 💕
mushroom _
mushroom _ 4 hours ago
I love you poki you videos is good
Alnick 182
Alnick 182 4 hours ago
Flourish Iyahen
Flourish Iyahen 4 hours ago
Bruh Why didn't u believe me Poki u owe everyone a apology 0.1 percent btw
ARNATER DOWERS 5 hours ago
more irl videos please
V ShinUchiha
V ShinUchiha 5 hours ago
Ppl think I'm Asian to bc my eyes but I'm not I'm Mexican Italian and jamican but I don't mind ppl calling me Asian it type funny bc of how imachore I am😂😂
mohammed alabdullatif
I am arabian!!
alex dunn
alex dunn 5 hours ago
Love the shirt
MainlyXin 5 hours ago
Pokimane, you should use the app called "Duolingo" so you can learn spanish
Super Sycnix6
Super Sycnix6 5 hours ago
Wat religion r u I'm curious
Amirreza aliakbariyan
I’m from 2049 your not right
Daniel Campbell
Daniel Campbell 6 hours ago
Pokis arm is wierd
Ralph Bou Chahine
Ralph Bou Chahine 6 hours ago
I know how to speak french english and arabic
Someone Somewwhere
Someone Somewwhere 7 hours ago
Don't watch with auto gen english captions. :D 3:42
xd rexy
xd rexy 7 hours ago
Faze Jarvis has a crush on you
uit88 7 hours ago
She's talking French!
Aliciajo Osorio
Aliciajo Osorio 7 hours ago
Where can I take this DNA test?
Mr. Azertico
Mr. Azertico 7 hours ago
Im from portugal 😎 Are you single
Potato Fries
Potato Fries 7 hours ago
Poki: Hey n*gg*s!! As you know i can also say the n word lol hahaha
LAST IMPACT 8 hours ago
Guys just to Correct She's 85% Wakandan #wakandaforevrer
Ali .H
Ali .H 8 hours ago
We Arab are different then everyone
HeyItsMeAayan Fortnite
Are you french pokimane ?
sdik boudar
sdik boudar 8 hours ago
Any Moroccan here 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦✌️
samaless 8 hours ago
you look like arab
samaless 8 hours ago
so much cringe
ItzAlicia M8
ItzAlicia M8 8 hours ago
Wait what you morrocon
ItzAlicia M8
ItzAlicia M8 8 hours ago
Poke: Am I adopted or no *laughs* Mom: *laughs* Mom: If your adopted its cool *laughs* Mom: Your adopted Poke: *stops laughing* Poke D:
unkown gaming23145
unkown gaming23145 8 hours ago
Are you Muslim no offence
Starfield 9 hours ago
your such a sweet little girl poki. too cute awwwww
Tine Steiner
Tine Steiner 9 hours ago
Fak you
Futanari Ahri
Futanari Ahri 9 hours ago
No matter what the dna test says, you are still asian to me
The Legend Shadow
The Legend Shadow 10 hours ago
ll stylish is algerian and you're morrocan what's happening
FitzFlaw 21
FitzFlaw 21 10 hours ago
Speak Tagalog pls PokiMane Pweaty Pls 3
Black Shadow
Black Shadow 10 hours ago
Idea for next video : My boyfriend DNA 😊
ANIMEO 10 hours ago
You look like TbnrFrags no cap but like a girl virsion
Pixel Reaper
Pixel Reaper 10 hours ago
Y Ng tho??? Hmmmmm
Aline Hayek
Aline Hayek 10 hours ago
I just knew that you know french i was like what?!?!?!?!? En tout cas je parle trois langue Languages: arabic french english Lebanese arabic
hen ko
hen ko 10 hours ago
6:39 DNA Results
Knock 10 hours ago
I'm Italian too!😂
Dark Calab
Dark Calab 10 hours ago
Poki, you Black girl 😂😂😂🍑
Abdulla Sarwani
Abdulla Sarwani 10 hours ago
I wounder if she speaks arabic, since she is partially arab... hmmmmmmmmm
Black Shadow
Black Shadow 10 hours ago
You speak english,People think that ur from asia but ur from morocco butttt u speak franch with ur mom 😖 brain ded boom 😵😱
Pandaairways Youtube
i took a dna tes. im 100% fan of you
Chea VoanrotDavid77
Chea VoanrotDavid77 10 hours ago
I understand french no need sub
Nikola Veskovic
Nikola Veskovic 10 hours ago
She’s so cute
Samuel Yanke
Samuel Yanke 10 hours ago
ancestry.com is not accurate.
David Ouellette
David Ouellette 11 hours ago
LOL 8.3 percent
Synapse 11 hours ago
1.1 % sudanese
Synapse 11 hours ago
She’s mine
Lukas A.
Lukas A. 11 hours ago
Or she was born in Alabama
It’s Yuzzy
It’s Yuzzy 11 hours ago
I’m half French half Asian
Pro PulseFire
Pro PulseFire 11 hours ago
Poki are u Asian??( prank)
Pro PulseFire
Pro PulseFire 11 hours ago
I watching your stream and a think you are a Chinese but now i know you are African (Asian XD)
Mickaël Chatry
Mickaël Chatry 11 hours ago
I'm morrocan too this is one of my origin and my sister is look like an asian too 😂 the chelha (region of morroco) people is look like's asian especially the girl's in this region of morroco
Maicol Sabe
Maicol Sabe 11 hours ago
Hi,Im chilean I do not know how ti speak English
Pavle Pavlovic
Pavle Pavlovic 11 hours ago
-Synk2K- 11 hours ago
Portuguese here!
Elie Malaab
Elie Malaab 12 hours ago
Are you arab
Galaxy_World 12 hours ago
6:39 DNA Results
Pro Gaming
Pro Gaming 12 hours ago
you are my favourat streamer
Harry Xiang
Harry Xiang 12 hours ago
What laptop is this?
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