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"I think this should be shown in sex ed classes!"
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Big Mouth is a coming-of-age Netflix comedy series tackling issues around the subject of puberty. It has been well received by critics and fans. This was filmed while the second season was in production. With the release of Big Mouth Season 2, we thought we'd show you our Tryers' down to the first episode of Big Mouth Season 1!
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Oct 3, 2018




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Comments 422
Ultimate Decks
Ultimate Decks 20 days ago
I’m Irish too.
Amy Stone
Amy Stone Month ago
Big mouth is fekkin brilliant!!
batdad beyond
batdad beyond 2 months ago
wow what a nasty cartoon and worst you all was laughing it was disgusting this is why the world is the way it is
J Valdes
J Valdes 2 months ago
Season 3 was fuckin weird but good tho
Prophet of Greyism
Prophet of Greyism 2 months ago
The joy it brought me to see y’all react to this. You can’t even comprehend 🤯
Michael Pascucci
Michael Pascucci 2 months ago
Girls laugh at 2:32 sounded like a damn clown horn.
Barry B. Benson
Barry B. Benson 2 months ago
Gia Thompson
Gia Thompson 3 months ago
the girl laughs like a sim
Caitlin McCann
Caitlin McCann 3 months ago
Irish people love big mouth, trust me, I’m Irish
Raul Quezada
Raul Quezada 3 months ago
I love how everyone says ‘mouth’ they all sound different
ponyboyuk01 3 months ago
When you feel like you shouldn't be critical of someone because you're worried about being perceived as racist and you totally know it's only your problem
Andrea Walker
Andrea Walker 3 months ago
Can someone please explain all these "Irish people doing things" videos?
INDIA BALL 3 months ago
Why is there a nigga in Ireland? Just asking
Belks Buy
Belks Buy 3 months ago
Joshua Youngs
Joshua Youngs 3 months ago
Awwww you skipped over the Statue of Liberty!!! 😭😭😭😭😭
titibaba Titibaba
titibaba Titibaba 3 months ago
i dont understand the joke
Samantha O'Brien
Samantha O'Brien 3 months ago
I looooove me some big mouth
M knight
M knight 3 months ago
Seems like girls like this show a lot
FabulousKilljoy917 3 months ago
Big Mouth is THE GREATEST! Just finished Season 3 and I’m already dying or what’s next. 😂😂ITS’S SO GOOD! I’m 23 & it still feels relatable, like life but just turned up for cartoons
Marsha Q
Marsha Q 3 months ago
Whoever the guy was who said they're being edgy just to be edgy I mean dude get a clue kids are having sex at like 12 nowadays it's good to have a show that talks about how you're feeling your hormones all that f***** up so we all forgot about long time ago and how it felt to be a teenager a preteen even
Eric Kelly
Eric Kelly 3 months ago
I agree with Joes' analysis of the show. I watched the first episode and din't laugh at all. I thought that it was just trying to be edge-y for the sake of it.
j rok
j rok 3 months ago
yeah i dont fuck with people that think this is an accurate description. I was a fucking fiend when I discovered beating my shit. But I NEVER jerked off in a sleeping bag feet away from my buddy. None of my friends growing up were like this. We were doing deplorable things but we had some fucking couth about it lmfao.
Tim Pop
Tim Pop 3 months ago
Irish people are so boring when they react to these things
Ashley Giron
Ashley Giron 3 months ago
I love big mouth like a lot I finish all the season in 3 days
Sharon McComb
Sharon McComb 3 months ago
My fave it's so funny
James Conway
James Conway 4 months ago
season 3 drops october 4th
Dolly Dream
Dolly Dream 4 months ago
I like how it tries to relate to puberty but other things in the show are so out there though XD do any guys relate to Jay fucking talking pillows? Or have experienced your crotch talking back to you? XD like whaaaat??
Blue Shell
Blue Shell 5 months ago
I dont know how people stomach this shit. It looks absolutely awful and is just not entertaining unless you're fucking slamming it with hate.
Tami Ramos
Tami Ramos 5 months ago
Yu guys should watch a "It only hurts when I laugh" vine.
D Regg
D Regg 6 months ago
The shame wizard 🧙‍♂️
David Kutschke
David Kutschke 7 months ago
"I was not truthful about beating the buzzer". Once of the best lines from that episode.
Harry Byrne
Harry Byrne 7 months ago
4kitties 7 months ago
You guys might like this: usvid.net/video/video-v3gNQ2KYCb4.html
LowHat 8 months ago
2:30 that laugh tho 😂 adorable
shafiek johns
shafiek johns 8 months ago
You guys need to react to Mr. Pickles.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 8 months ago
Cant help but laugh at all the incredibly repressed people who hate the show :D
DopeManDopeMan YeathatsMe!
Have them watch F is for Family
magus9130 9 months ago
I dont even plan on havin kids but, "I approve this message".
FlowingDown 9 months ago
They should react to the "I love my body" song from Season 2, some people find it too much but it has a good message.
Brandon Harlow
Brandon Harlow 9 months ago
More like “watch Irish people talk over big mouth” lol
Scorpion Braid
Scorpion Braid 10 months ago
Is it bad that when she punched that kid in the throat, I clapped?
Danidiva21 Lovernotafighter
Scorpion Braid nope
Patrick morris
Patrick morris 10 months ago
Big Mouth is not as funny as Paradise PD or Enchantment but still like it.
chezz_rayrayy 10 months ago
Davey looks like Niall’s dangerous brother
God DOGE 10 months ago
Oh girls like dick pics ok something new to learn
Joshua YT
Joshua YT 10 months ago
to be honest i actually have a hormone monster i image at school and at home and yeah
PyroPlayz - Gaming
PyroPlayz - Gaming 10 months ago
This is awesome I subbed for just this video
Necrobadger 10 months ago
I've never had an issue with women being on their period, even with my first girlfriend. I learned QUICK that literally being ok with whatever they wanted to do sexually during that time helped them out. I earned my red wings at 17. (I think that's what it's called? Oral while she's on period, whatever the new phrase for that it.)
Mole Hansman
Mole Hansman 3 months ago
That's fucking weird mate
Tochi Chikwendu
Tochi Chikwendu 4 months ago
Jon Targaryen
Jon Targaryen 5 months ago
okay, thats gross lol. but to each there own i guess
Dakota C
Dakota C 11 months ago
Big Mouth is the best teen/adult cartoon show since family guy. It should be shown in sex ed classes.
somebrowngirlonline 11 months ago
I want Lolsy to be my best friend 💜💜💜
Grzegorz Gazdzicki
Grzegorz Gazdzicki 11 months ago
I love big mouth Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Kim Peek
Kim Peek 11 months ago
Love Big Mouth!!!!
Kira Pökelmann
Kira Pökelmann 11 months ago
please can you stream the whole episode or something? watch the valentines special!
McBenMan 1
McBenMan 1 11 months ago
Big mouth should have a movie
I regret my life choices
I literally binge watched both seasons a couple days ago and i'm obsessed. Anyway Matthew is the best character imo.
SuperbKirb 11 months ago
Yay,am I the only one who ships Jay and Matthew together Really Big Mouth? A tampon?
Hallie Galloway
Hallie Galloway 11 months ago
I'm autistic. that autistic character was perfect. loves it. 😘🌺
Alyssa's Vlogs
Alyssa's Vlogs 11 months ago
I’ve been turned off from Big Mouth because the art style as well as some clips I’ve seen, but watching it with these guys has me curious now
BiddNo Ro
BiddNo Ro Year ago
“IM GOING THROUGH CHANGES!”I was blessed to see that man. Epic entertainer. Love this show.
V M Year ago
Trying to be edgy??! Try real! Go back to the priesthood buddy... or... maybe not...
ques1134 Year ago
Can we get a viewing of paradise pd
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