iPhone 11 Pro Review: For the Love of Cameras!

Marques Brownlee
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There's really only 1 reason I'm upgrading to the iPhone 11 Pro Max.
Unboxing every green iPhone: usvid.net/video/video-QK8Se8CvyHc.html
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Sep 20, 2019




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Comments 16 233
Connor Burke
Connor Burke 17 hours ago
1:52 "Glass is glass, and glass will break"
bm x
bm x 18 hours ago
2020: iPhone 11 pro max 2021: iPhone 12 pro XS max 2022: iPhone 13 Pro lite max XS fitness 13 2023: iPhone 14 XS pro max lite version s quad camera 3062: iPhone 3... They just ran out of ideas.
Atasha 23 hours ago
went from a 5s to an 11 pro today
Aditya R. Goyal
Is the iPhone same in all countries or is there any difference in the quality between the iPhone sold in us and other countries?
7LY Day ago
Julian Haddad
I swear this guy works for Apple or is sponsored by them or something.
Petar Kandic
Petar Kandic Day ago
Holy Bible My Shepherd ☧ ☧ ☧ ☧ ☧ ☧ ☧ This is how God sees us We were all made in his image, write it: 1) I am dressed in a robe reaching down to my feet with a golden sash around my chest. -Matthew The Angel 2) The hair on my head is white like wool, as white as snow, and my eyes are like blazing fire. -Mark The Lion 3) My feet are like bronze burning in a furnace and my voice is like the sound of rushing waters. -Luke The Bull 4) In my right hand are seven stars and coming out of my mouth is a sharp, double-edged sword, my face is like the sun shining in all it’s brilliance. -John The Eagle ☧ ☧ ☧ ☧ ☧ ☧ ☧ Holy Bible My Shepherd
Chirag Kamde
Chirag Kamde 2 days ago
Plz give me iPhone 11 pro max
Dragonfly Gaming 101
Got the iPhone 11 to give away??
Leonardo Datore
Leonardo Datore 2 days ago
I've still got the 6s. It's honestly still a great phone. 4-5 hours of battery if using constantly. Doesn't overheat. Buttons and speakers work fine. It's a bit slow in some places but apart from that, it's great. Only problem is that Apple are stopping updates, so it's going to fairly useless soon.
Mohammed Affaan Mansoori
2:52 the scratches on that glass Discomforting
YDT qeRo
YDT qeRo 3 days ago
The intro tho ‼️ 🔥🔥🔥
jafni faizal
jafni faizal 4 days ago
Maybe less talk. More results? Yess
Z O 4 days ago
Where can I find that wallpaper? :)
Johnny Rocketz
Johnny Rocketz 4 days ago
My soul: iPhone 11 Pro My heart: iPhone 11 My wallet: Samsung galaxy A10e
Bee 5 days ago
“An Apple a year puts you in arrears”
Nahwin Rajan
Nahwin Rajan 5 days ago
How is he finding all that good wallpaper ?
oran stanisic
oran stanisic 6 days ago
Wauu,look how cuuuute that dog is- he poses when u pont the camera at him,he got use to it,so adooorableeeee!
Free Fire Furious
Sir...I am iphone lover ... but I have no money to buy a iphone .....pzzzz give a iphone...
Free Fire Furious
Sir...I am iphone lover ... but I have no money to buy a iphone .....pzzzz give a iphone...
Free Fire Furious
Sir...I am iphone lover ... but I have no money to buy a iphone .....pzzzz give a iphone...
Free Fire Furious
Sir...I am iphone lover ... but I have no money to buy a iphone .....pzzzz give a iphone...
Halo1840 6 days ago
Him: Talks about the phone being just like the others Me: Never had one and doesn't really care but likes watching the comparisons
Black Bird Noodle
Is it worth an upgrade from samsung note 8 to 11 or 11 pro?
Divine Shots
Divine Shots 7 days ago
May I ask why it does not support 4k Time-Lapse videos?
jusTOOfresh 7 days ago
Don’t like the matte finish
Genevieve Villanueva
I wish i have one i like one
arben bytyqi
arben bytyqi 7 days ago
Notch is the issue and as long Apple will not do nothing about that I will spend money on diff phone design, I do work for 🍎 and I don't use apple products
patrick jackson
patrick jackson 7 days ago
Too bad the front camera is garbage and night mode doesn't even work on the front facing camera like the pixel. Apple is doing everything half baked these days.
Kabeer Khosla
Kabeer Khosla 8 days ago
What is this wallpaper? I want this wallpaper 🤣
Vasco Ngonga
Vasco Ngonga 8 days ago
Iphone 11 or XS MAX? Which one would you recommend?
anderson martinez
Pro crap ishit
Spooked 9 days ago
Marques’ screen time: “1h 48” Every teenager: *pathetic*
AOJ Booker
AOJ Booker 10 days ago
I could tell the difference in brightness.....it was very obvious for me
B.F.D.IFan289019 11 days ago
Intro Track for those who don’t read the description Intro Track: AllttA by AllttA
Eraser 11 days ago
Apple fined $40 million over software that deliberately slowed old iPhones. I already knew they did that years ago.
Ankur Sharma
Ankur Sharma 11 days ago
Here is a thought .... imagine having all flagships in a non glass-back version. You would not have wireless charging but breaking the back glass won’t be an issue. One less glass to worry about apart from the screen. Having that option would be awesome
samin ahmed
samin ahmed 12 days ago
@mkbhd can u pls let us knw about the wallpaper??
Arnav Borah
Arnav Borah 12 days ago
Parisa tumi
Jubayer Murad Himel
Twitch Forgitty
Twitch Forgitty 13 days ago
Hi to the doggy down there 😍
Akarsh Chauhan
Akarsh Chauhan 13 days ago
I would rather buy an 70-80k worth dslr and a one plus or samsung, rather than this 1.5lac notch crap!
slendershoe5756 Caponegro
i have a iphone X would you recommend me buy an 11 pro? Please comment
MyVideoMix 13 days ago
I can’t afford one, but the design IS beautiful. I’m sure industrial design blogs are saying it’s a nice design.
Ahmed Nazmy
Ahmed Nazmy 13 days ago
5:25 Need that wallpaper
wow, been watching ur vids for past 2 months, youve earned a subscriber now
fresher steam
fresher steam 14 days ago
chen qiushi has lost
Jake Short
Jake Short 14 days ago
2:48 what did you do to your screen?? 😵
Your Best Friend Spinel
I have a REVVL 2 It takes 2 1/2 hours to charge And 1 hour to die Does anybody else feel my pain?
Mars 14 days ago
I can’t wait to get this,I’m gonna have it soon ong
itsnicoletiana 16 days ago
i have the iphone xr after coming from the 8+. both two amazing phones. i want to upgrade to the either white or gold iphone 11 pro 😍
AntyVirusUK 16 days ago
Anyone got the wallpaper?
not CELESTIAL 16 days ago
Well, are you stupid enough to think that a camera that is not facing you gonna sense your face and unlock ! I dont think you are that dumb ! If thats the case you should look for a phone with a periscopic camera ! 😑😑
not CELESTIAL 16 days ago
And angles mentioned here is the face tilt angle ! Not hiding from camera !
he always calls me poor in so many languages
DuSk[Reverend] 18 days ago
Phone I'll be never able to afford it..
Tyler Russell
Tyler Russell 19 days ago
When did not having a bezel become a big deal?
muhammad shahbaz
muhammad shahbaz 19 days ago
Michael Amoabeng
Michael Amoabeng 20 days ago
Awesome review
Nosson Oirich
Nosson Oirich 20 days ago
What if you want to take burst photos. How do you do that?
Abhinav Sharma
Abhinav Sharma 21 day ago
did anyone find the wallpaper link?
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