iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. Galaxy Note 10+ Drop Test

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Drop test between Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to see which phone is more durable. Apple claims the iPhone 11 is using the toughest glass in any smartphone.
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iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. Note 10 Drop Test
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Sep 21, 2019




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Comments 5 438
Milad Arvin
Milad Arvin 6 hours ago
Best work i really like it
Alejandro Montalvo
Alejandro Montalvo 6 hours ago
Iphone:hahaha Samsung I have the strongest screen Samsung:you have the new power of breaking your face EASILY
Titus Mckissick
Titus Mckissick 6 hours ago
The galaxys class is curved more on th edges and on th flat drop the galaxy hit its corner
Ashok Gneknarayan
Ashok Gneknarayan 6 hours ago
Sir gift me iPhone 11 pro please
Suri Bros
Suri Bros 6 hours ago
You could’ve done a giveaway rather than smashing good phones
AKM MUSIC 7 hours ago
IPhone is heavier.
fhamideas 7 hours ago
Before Steve Job died Apple employees: Just tell them lies about its features, they gonna buy our iphone anyway. CEO: NO!!! YOU GUYS SO FUCKING LAME & LACK OF IDEA, CREATIVITY - HERE CATCH THIS IPHONE!!! FIX IT AND I WANT IT TODAY!! After Steve Job died Apple employees: Just tell them lies about its features, they gonna buy our iphone anyway. CEO: Hell yes! Thats our powerful marketing and don't forget to check our competitors, tell people we have more, bigger than that. The more lies, the better. Oh btw, make the price double, as u wish.
Listowell Bornwell
Listowell Bornwell 7 hours ago
iPhone is the dumbest phone ever ...
Infamous Ctown
Infamous Ctown 7 hours ago
I believe this video is culturally biased to the phones....
Shorty 8 hours ago
Can you please do a drop test onto my hands
Eric Galarza
Eric Galarza 8 hours ago
Yeah iPhones suck
Cheddahcheeze 10 hours ago
Why is it so hard for apple to get better glass
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez 11 hours ago
Something fishy about phonebuffs test. Every other youtuber had to drop the 11 pro over 9 times and much higher to get it to break. And has only broken in 10 feet drops. This guy breaks it in one drop in only 3 feet lol both phones are stronger and I think he’s just promoting his protective case here.
matt indahat
matt indahat 11 hours ago
Drop original iPhone and the screen shatters drop iPhone 11 and the whole phone shatters, hmmmm are we moving forwards or backwards.
Armaan Maharaj
Armaan Maharaj 12 hours ago
This is the thing with modern phones😩🤦🏻‍♂️...they aren’t durable...I remember my first Nokia was the strongest phone I’ve ever had lasted 6 years
itssaul Good man
itssaul Good man 12 hours ago
I feel like more people buy iPhones for reviews and tests than people actually buy to use them lol
FireFlacon 3.
FireFlacon 3. 12 hours ago
Samsung is better
Both still cant compare to Razer😎
Falcio-_- '_'
Falcio-_- '_' 12 hours ago
I phone is shit. Is my opinion
Kian Azad
Kian Azad 13 hours ago
Hi come now to my USvid Chanel and you See my cool Musik 🎵🎵🎵🎷🎵🎵🎵🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷🎵
Umaer Shah
Umaer Shah 13 hours ago
Tor heda, try nokia 1600
ErenTubeHD 13 hours ago
Both phones are INSANELY GOOD but everyone has there own opinion ( I like iPhone better)
Raja Bhatt
Raja Bhatt 13 hours ago
Are bhai glass ko koe bacch nhe sakta vo to gira to tut he jata hai 100000 itne ka bhe lo
Samisai 14 hours ago
Buys case
jatkins47 14 hours ago
The Samsung phone bounced every time.Why? Was the machine that was the machine that was dropping them programmed differently?
Manuela Ovalle puy
Manuela Ovalle puy 14 hours ago
Eso me dolió
The squeezer LTD.
The squeezer LTD. 15 hours ago
How? 🙂 U don't give value to this phones. When U won't have one . Then will understand and won't break it. 🙂
Prince Kumar
Prince Kumar 15 hours ago
Please give me one of these phone as i am using a 2 year old vivo y53 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 you will be like a god for me
Alexis hee hee
Alexis hee hee 15 hours ago
WHYYYYYYYYYYY? don’t hurt them
S. Y
S. Y 16 hours ago
Me: I really do like iPhone. After watching video: urg! What is this?! I hate iPhone! All that matters me was selfies!!!
Wizard On sticks
Wizard On sticks 16 hours ago
I already have a defense shield case
Huzaifa Ali
Huzaifa Ali 16 hours ago
Well Iphone main selling point is thier camera right now which after test is not working well why would people waste more than 1000$ to buy it only to use it camera functions instead if they like to take pics or make vlogs or videos why not a buy specific camera products half of iphone11 pro price and use the rest money buy an other latest flagship model of other company @_@
Lolomesol G
Lolomesol G 16 hours ago
Note 10 here I come cause I can't take care of sh*t
Michaela Marzullo
Michaela Marzullo 17 hours ago
Just some Random kid
I drope my phone alot i have neither of these no screen saver still not broken my mom got a phone dropped it the day she got and it broke
Nikitha Bostwick :}
Nikitha Bostwick :} 17 hours ago
The Samsung looks good but iPhone works much better
Bilal Zaheer
Bilal Zaheer 17 hours ago
Can u give me a iphone 11pro max pakistan pangab susiety 2nd house a free iphone 11pro please
DuckiePlayz 18 hours ago
Your just wasting money buyinng phones
Mo_half Gaming
Mo_half Gaming 18 hours ago
Subscribe to me
Yuthika Bhatt
Yuthika Bhatt 19 hours ago
Ahh 😬 that hurts me 🙋. Seriously I can't drop it. My phone my life .
YoshiBroccoli 19 hours ago
Not to be mean but samsung acceled after steve jobs died and apple kind of dropped in quality
Tony animation
Tony animation 19 hours ago
Where fanboys at
•Zainab Ali HD•
•Zainab Ali HD• 19 hours ago
Why would you drop it!?!?!?!
maagii mrgd
maagii mrgd 20 hours ago
Do you know samsung 10+ iphone11 are expensive ?? Edit :thanks for the likes you are cool
z xc
z xc 20 hours ago
Don’t break the phones just give it to me the phone!
Lili 1234
Lili 1234 21 hour ago
Why you broke it 😔😑 There's to much people want a iPhone 11 And you still broke the phone
Tejas dhaliwal
Tejas dhaliwal 22 hours ago
Are u serious..both of them scattered in round 1st round ..cant believe...earlier phones were much stronger like iphone 6 or s6 edge
òňê ğàməŕ jàãť
Pleas give me
Omg You could give them to me
Pak Army
Pak Army Day ago
Note 10 is best
Parag Patel
Parag Patel Day ago
I wish they used new phones to test each type of drop. LOL!
Dimapuro gil Wacal
SAMSUNG: like IPHONE: Comment
Janloyd Besanes
you are rich
Janloyd Besanes
you are tich boy you can give me some phone
Yuli Pluie
Yuli Pluie Day ago
I thinks this test conclusing nothing because the test is make for 1 IPhone And 1 Samsung. And when we see the video when he fall we see the impact is not the same. For a good test they need minimum 10 IPhone and 10 Samsung.
Vammanen Läski
Samsung is better
Pallav Kant
Pallav Kant Day ago
6:15 ... Literally my phone everytime i try to do something important on it
deeW ekomS Gaming
iPhone won
deeW ekomS Gaming
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